The Billionaire's Enchantments

The billionaire enchantment episode 17 – 18

( His Unsophisticated Girlie… )


By, Summer Gold R.



Birdie opened her eyes slowly and the brightness of the room hit her face,she almost closed her eyes again when suddenly she gasp and sat up instantly. She looked around the room,there’s no sign of Noah .

“Where did he go to?” Birdie said softly and got down from the bed,she removed her hoodie and tied it around her waist,leaving just her blouse,as she walked past the mirror she turned again to check her face. She removed her hair tie and brushed gently with her fingers,after that she tied it back again.

She made to leave and found Noah standing just by the door,she flinched in shock and moved back before touching her chest.

“You scared me” She muttered,looking at him.

“Do I look scary?” Noah asked.

“No,that’s not it. I just…..wasn’t expecting you to be behind me” Birdie explained.

“Shouldn’t you leave?” Noah asked.

“Ah….” Birdie checked the time and then looked at him again.

“Do you feel better? I was worried last night” She said.

“Did Axel really called you?” Noah asked and Birdie nodded.

“How did you leave your house that late? What if something happened to you?” Noah snapped.

‘Gosh he didn’t complain last night’ Birdie said inwardly but didn’t speak up.

Noah moved closer to her and held her hand,he placed some dollars in her palm and Birdie looked up in confusion.

“Thank you” He muttered as if he was forced to say it.

“No,I ……….”

“Go,your granny will be worried already” Noah said and Birdie bite her lips.

“Do you think I’m doing this because of money?” She suddenly asked and Noah raised his brows.


“Why are you giving me money? So I can stay away from you? To get rid of me? Are you trying to tell me…’re paying me because I came here last night and slept over,you think this is all about money?” Birdie asked hurtfully.

“Geez,such a child” Noah scoffed.

“I hate it when you call me a child or a kid too…..”

“Then what are you? An old woman?” Noah asked in a mocking voice.

“If you’re not a child,what the héll do you think the money is for? It’s for transport of course” Noah said and Birdie looked at her hand,the money was too much to be called a transport fee.

She removed just one of the 100 dollars notes,she grabbed his hand and put the rest in it.

“This one is enough for my Transport in two months and even three,from my house to the restaurant is just two dollars” Birdie muttered.

“Then why can’t you just take all and keep it somewhere safe?” Noah asked in confusion

“Because I want to keep coming here,i’m afraid you might ask me to stay away from you if I take all” Birdie replied and Noah groaned,he roughed his hair and looked at her.

“You’re such a drama princess” He said and Birdie frowned.

“It’s supposed to be drama queen not princess” She said.

“You’re not old enough to be a queen,manage that for now” Noah replied and Birdie frowned.

“Stop delaying and leave” Noah dropped the money on the nearest shelf and walked away.

Birdie also went out of the house.

“How can he give me such amount of money for transport? I didn’t even ask him for money did I?” She scoffed.



Hailey came in and met Winona looking so worried,she had called Hailey on the phone asking about Birdie when she couldn’t find her in the room early in the morning.

“Granny,,what do you mean by Birdie is not home?” Hailey asked also looking confused.

“I don’t think she slept in this house,I’ve been awake since day break and I didn’t hear anything like her leaving,I decided to check her room only to find it empty,I’m so worried” Winona said,,almost tearing up.

“Granny it’s okay,I’m sure she didn’t go far. She will definitely be back,,she have never done that before” Hailey said and Winona nodded.

“I want to believe that,I want to” She sat down.

“That brat” Hailey mumbled and dialed Birdie’s number but almost immediately the door opened and Birdie came in. Winona immediately stood up and ran to her

“Where are you coming from?! Are you okay?! Did anyone hurt you?” She asked impatiently.

“I’m sorry Granny,I didn’t tell you before I left the house” Birdie muttered and Winona sighed.

“You should tell me before leaving the house,I was worried”

“I’m sorry” Birdie muttered and the granny nodded.

Birdie faced Hailey who went straight into Birdie’s room,she followed her and closed the door.

“So now you’ve started sneaking out?” Hailey asked.

“It was an emergency” Birdie replied.

“Noah again?” Hailey asked and Birdie nodded.

Hailey groaned.

“Seriously,do you think granny will be happy if she found out you spent the night with a man who’s almost eight years older than you?” Hailey asked.

“It’s seven not right” Birdie muttered.

“What’s the difference?! For heaven sake your major concern now should be how to return to school not following a man around!” Hailey snapped .

“I’m not following him around,I just couldn’t ignore….”

“Then learn how to ignore sometimes,you really think he will ever fall in love with you and date you? He probably see you as a child,if you keep acting this way,he might use you and dump you for someone more mature and up to his status,stop dreaming and focus on yourself” Hailey said and walked out of the room.

Birdie bite her lips and sat down on the bed.

“Does she have to sound so harsh? I only helped” Birdie muttered and fell on her back on the bed.

**if you keep acting this way,he might use you and dump you for someone more mature and up to his status**

She shook her head and couldn’t help but remember how he use to call her a kid every opportunity he gets.

“It’s not like I control my heart,I would have done that if I can.” She sighed.



“Hey Birdie” One of the waitresses came to call Birdie as she left the restroom.


“Someone is here for you” she sounded so excited that Birdie became curious.

“Who?” She asked.

“I think he came from NH,He’s so handsome”

‘Adam’ Birdie said inwardly and went out.

Getting to the room,she was right. Adam was sitting down,he waved at her the moment he saw her. Birdie smiled and walked over to meet him.

“Hey” Adam smiled.

“Why calling for me when you can just order what you want?” Birdie asked.

“Why should I do that when I came here because of you?” Adam asked and Birdie chuckled.

She sat down opposite him.

“You look tired” She said.

“You too,and I think mine is better,at least I’m not going for delivery” Adam said.

“Hey” Birdie glared jokingly and Adam laughed.

“Just kidding” He said.

“Do you want chicken?” Birdie asked.

“You want to give me for free?” Adam asked.

“Don’t be such a stingy guy” Birdie groaned.

“Hey,so you can’t buy for me? Fine I will pay on my own if you eat with me” Adam said.

“What if my boss appear all of a sudden?” Birdie asked.

“So you’re saying your boss doesn’t eat and he doesn’t want his workers to eat either?” Adam asked and Birdie chuckled.

“I will be back” She said and Adam nodded,his eyes followed her as she walked away,he saw the other waitresses staring at him and he immediately looked away,about their eyes.

‘Why are they staring?’ Adam scoffed,pressing his phone.

***** Love impossible episode 23 – 26


Noah jolted his head as soon as the door to his office opened,to see the so called guest looking for him. At first when he saw Reagan,he didn’t recognize her,until she entered fully and smiled.

“Hi Noah,or Mr Chris” She said,still having the flirty smile on her face.

“You may sit” Noah said.

“Thank you” Reagan said and immediately sat down.

“How may I help you? Miss…..”

“Just call me Reagan” Reagan immediately said.

“How may I help you?” Noah asked calmly.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment like forever Noah,I’m a biggest fan and I want to be a friend” Reagan said.

“You mean you’re here for tell me this?” Noah asked.

“I think it worth it” Reagan muttered.

“No,you’re acting dumb,this is my office,meaning…business only. Who the héll come here to perform such stupidity?” Noah asked looking so pissed.

“I don’t really care if you’re angry with me okay? I like you….”

“You should go now” Noah muttered and Reagan sighed.

“Are you seriously chasing me away?” She asked.

“No,but I have a lot of things to do with my precious time as you can see Miss Reagan” Noah said,using his glasses.

‘F**k,he look even more hotter in that’ Reagan thought and bit her lips while staring at him,she was becoming wet just by that.

She just want to eat him up,she want to know how it feels like with him inside her.

Noah looked up again and found her still sitting,

“Aren’t you leaving?” He asked.

“I guess you’re really busy” She muttered and stood up.

Noah rolled his eyes and didn’t spare her another glance as she went out.

Reagan looked down at her opened cleavages,she’s still confused how he didn’t even stare at her talk more of her exposed boobs.

“Is he an alien or something? Does he have feelings at all?” She scoffed.

‘I’m going to get him no matter what’ she said inwardly and walked away.

She saw Vivian on her way and they both exchange hateful glares as usual.



Birdie held the nylon in her hand tightly,a box of fried chicken with strawberry milk inside,It was ordered by Noah himself,unusually.

As she approached Noah’s office,Vivian appeared right before her.

“What are you doing Here?” She asked.

“To deliver this” Birdie raised what’s in her hand.

“You can go,I will take it to him” Vivian said but Birdie shook her head,making Vivian frown.

“I will do it myself” Birdie said and Vivian scoffed.

“Are you really talking back now?” She asked.

“No,it’s my job to deliver to whoever order from us,I don’t understand why you’re stopping me from doing my job” Birdie said and Vivian moved closer ready to smack her face but…..

“Why are you Standing here with my food?” Noah’s voice came from the back and Vivian turned to see Noah standing,his two hands inside his pocket.

“Bring it” Noah muttered and left again,Birdie immediately followed. She entered his office and met him standing.

“Good evening” She muttered with a bow before dropping the chicken on his table.

Noah sat down

“Won’t you open it? I paid for it anyway” He said and Birdie smiled.

“I thought you were going to tell me to leave” She said and Noah scoffed.

Birdie opened the chicken box and Noah took one. He bite from it and Birdie bit her lips.

Noah frowned and looked at her.

“Am I the one eating or you?” He asked and Birdie frowned.

“I’m not taking it from you,I just…..”

“You bit your lips” Noah complained and Birdie sighed.

“I won’t do it again” She mumbled and Noah scoffed.

He continue eating and tapped the drink.

“What” Birdie asked.

“Open for me of course” Noah said.


“Who else?” Noah asked.

Birdie sighed.

“Stop making that face,I paid for this” Noah said.

“You paid for the chicken and drink….”

“And the delivery fee too,it’s just five minutes from your restaurant to this place,you can give me back my money if you can’t open it for me” Noah snapped.

“You’re like a poor billionaire at this moment” Birdie said.

“Huh? What?? Poor billionaire?” Noah asked in shock.

“Of course,you’re using me just because you paid for the delivery? Should I give you money?” Birdie asked.

“Yes give me money since you said I am poor” Noah said.

“Of course I will give you money,I still have the change from the hundred dollars you gave me” Birdie said and Noah stopped chewing.

“What” Birdie asked.

“Are you seriously keeping the change?” He asked.

“I told you……”

“She’s dumb for real” Noah mumbled and dropped the chicken bone.

“I’m dumb because I didn’t spend the money?” Birdie asked.

“Of course you’re dumb,every other girls I know will do something better with the money….”

“You said it’s for transport,what else am I going to do with it…….”

“Buy yourself something cute of course,why would you reject money?”

“Something cute like what?”

“Pretty dresses and shoes dummy,gosh what is this?” Noah groaned and stood up.

“You can have the others,I lost my appetite” He said.

“You ate just one out of five” Birdie said.

“You can eat it,you look hungry…….”


“Hey? Me?” Noah looked at him.

“Yes you,who said I look hungry? I’m naturally slim,what are you saying?” Birdie asked.

“Look at the way you’re talking kid,do you know my age? You’re young enough to be my sister……”

“But sorry I’m not your sister so deal with it” Birdie scoffed.

“Whoa,just because I promised I won’t be mean and harsh anymore doesn’t mean I can’t break my promise anytime” Noah said.

“I don’t care!” Birdie snapped.

“Then you can go” Noah said and Birdie immediately looked at him with a cute puppy face.

“I didn’t mean that” She pouted and Noah bit his lips,trying not to laugh.

He took his car key and briefcase

“You’re going home?” Birdie asked.

Noah said nothing and went out of the office,Birdie ran after him.

“Anaconda wait” She called.

“Don’t call me that name In public place spy kid” Noah said without looking back.

They finally got outside the company only to find someone waiting,they both stopped.

Waylon turned and Birdie gasped.

“Waylon” She called and he smiled at her.

“I went to the restaurant and I was told you’re here” Waylon said and Birdie nodded,she moved closer to him.

“Do you want me to do anything for you?” She asked.

“No,I want to take you home” Waylon said and Birdie smiled.

“Thank you” She said excited.

“Hey Spy Kid” Noah called as he walked toward his car and Birdie turned.

“Get in,I’m taking you home” Noah said and Waylon looked at him

“Huh?” Birdie asked in surprise.

“What are you waiting for?” Noah asked again and Birdie looked at Waylon.

“I’m sorry but I think I should…”

“No,I asked first,you’re coming with me not him” Waylon said and Noah scoffed.

“Hey,follow me” He said and Birdie tried moving but Waylon grabbed her hand and pulled her back to his side.

Noah frowned and looked at him,Waylon glared at him in return.

Birdie swallowed hard in total confusion.

‘What the héll is going on?’ She thought.


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