The billionaire surrogate episode 7





i ran in fearfully and tiredly in,side the shop ,I saw Emelia serving people and I ignore her and rush in,side the inner room breathing heavily .

that mother f×¢ker how dare that brat ,he should be lucky I didn’t drink early morning coffee today if not who is he ? who born him ! I s¢ræmed mentally tapping my legs repeatedly on the ground .

I look at the babies and realized they were both staring at me ,I frown but quickly flash them a fake smile , and they both giggle

ill ! I exclaimed inwardly so annoying I frown and look away ,still eyeing the kids who’s look ,seem like they are both mocking me .

what the hell ! I thought ”

****few minutes later ****

Emelia Walked in and stopped in front of me putting her two hands on her w–st .

fatima ,what is it again ? who made you angry , and where is the car ? I look around ,everywhere outside I couldn’t see any car ,she ask

you won’t believe it Emelia ,that idiot I sca……I quickly shut up and bit my l-ips damn me ,just like reporting a side chick Actitude to your wife ,I thought mentally”

what sca ? she said staring at me

I mean those scorpions ,are wicked they said I should come back tomorrow that the car is on the way , I lied .

I look at Emelia and noticed she didn’t believe my lies because she was staring at me somehow .

hey don’t give me that look I have decided to go to another company tommorow .I announced ”

just leave that car thing and help me with the coffee business tommorow ,this kids disturbed me alot ,I will be serving customer’s and at the same time attending to them ,they are alot of customers today , and they won’t stop crying ,Emelia complained ”

fine then ,maybe on Sunday we get the car and drive round the town .I concluded ”

but wait ,this your ,drive round the town fatima do you know how to drive ? Emelia ask ”

sure I once served a rich man and drive him around ,I said as if is nothing .

okay then ,I learnt it back down from Maria a head maid I know ,she taught me alot ,Emelia said with a smile while I nodded.

hey go serve the customers ,Emelia said pointing at people that just walk in

but I …..

go go go ,she said pulling me up ,I need to rest she muttered and face her babies while I sigh .

just go attend to them I’m coming Emelia said while I nodded ,I stood up and went outside the open place where the person was sitting

sir good day , please what should I get for you I ask “.

I want coffee ,he said looking up while I frown immediately I saw who is it .

what are you doing here I yelled ”

babe is that how you serve your customers ,he ask”

shut up .I yell I land a very big slap on his face while his guards try to hold me .

don’t you dare touch me .I s¢ræm angrily

while Emelia rush out of the shop ,I guess the noise attracted her .

fatima what’s going on,she ask ”

hello sir ,is everything alright ,she ask referring to Evan ,well Evan was my ex boyfriend I never knew he was a playboy ,he played my but luckily I wasn’t too loose and I found out.

I didn’t even know he was rich it was at last I found out who he really was ,his dad was one of the richest man in mexico .

Emelia tell him to leave,I muttered ”

but why fatima he is our customer ,infact go in,side I will serve him .she said”

don’t worry I will leave , he said and stare at me before walking out with his guards.

fatima what was that for ? Emelia ask with a glare .

you won’t understand ,I mumbled ”

then make me understand ,she yell ”

hey don’t yell at me ,you aren’t my mom ,I scoff and walk away , going in,side to lay my head and rest actually today have been a hectic day for me ,I thought .

sorry Emelia .I yelled at you because I’m down ,emotionally I thought .



what the hell is wrong with this fatima ,I scoff mentally ”

she is beginning to irritate me I think I have to look for an apartment and move out with my kids ,I can’t take it ,I honestly do not want troubles .

what exactly did I do now that makes her to tell at me like am her maid or some kids I don’t know .

hmmmm ,I scoff and and sat down looking at the the sunny sky .


I returned back from the united States of American and my main aim is to win back my ex heart back ,

back then fatima was my girlfriend ,she loves and care for me ,but I was just playing her ,I never allowed her to know that I was rich because back then Brenda made me do it ,

she dares me to make her fall in love with me ,rape and dump her . and me that was my kind of life ,I regret every bite of it .

that day I invited her to the fake apartment I rented claiming I live alone ,I forced her and have my way with her ,she s¢ræmed and cried but I’m more stronger I ended up raping her mercilessly and left with the few things I have in that apartment ,I disv×rgiπed her and my conscience won’t stop blaming me ,I can’t stop feeling the guilt .

I pray she forgives me ,I love her I really do but I was just blinded with some crazy dares I f×¢ked up I thought as I drink up a whole bottle of acholic wine .

She was so beautiful and innocent back then ,so naive but I was so selfish stupid and senseless ,arrrg I s¢ræmed ”

★IN LONDON : 4 pm
Marie ! I called walking in after a very tiring day

yes ma’am ,she answered carrying the baby who was crying .

is he crying ! didn’t you give him the br×ast milk I left for him ,I ask ”

I did ma’am Is normal for every new born baby to cry ,she explained while I nodded ”

I can see that my husband is not yet back right ? I ask

yes ma’am .

what about grandma is she back I ask “looking around .

not yet ma’am ,she is not yet back but I believe she would be back soon .she said ”

give the baby to me .I requested ”

okay ,she handed the baby over to me , while I carried him gently and pat him,I stare at the baby and smile and he stop crying and giggle

my christian ,I called ” touching his chubby cheeks and he smile

what are we having for dinner maria .I ask

Emmm I prepared spaghetti with turkey and eggs and I also added liver .

Hmmm okay that’s good ,I will be upstairs with the baby seems like ,he prefers to be with his mummy ,I said happily walking away with the baby while marie bow .

I walked upstairs straight to my room with Christian in my hands ,

I lay him on the bed and flash him a smile which he returned and clapped with his tiny hands .

christ an baby ! christ my baby . I sing”

while he won’t stop giggling .

you are so handsome ,just like your daddy ,I clapped and peck his cheeks .

guess what baby ,I got some beautiful clothes for you and we are going to the studio tommorow ,to take a photo you ! so get ready my love we would be there tomorrow , and when you grow up you will see your childhood pictures .I said ” while he just stare at me .

baby Chris an mummy loves you so much ,I can do anything for you !

let me take a shower please don’t cry okay ,I said and went in,side the bathroom.



hey whatsup man ,

I’m good best friend ,how have you been donald what about my Lia ,calvin ask

well calvin is my best friend , and he knows everything about the surrogacy .

hey buddy I don’t want to talk about that girl ,she left with her girls I don’t even know where she is . I answered nonchalantly ”

what ! calvin glared …..don’t let it be true how can you say that ,

so because genevieve gave birth to a male child and Emelia gave you twins girls ,atleast you should accept the babies ,do you think your mother would be happy where she is now ! calvin yelled ”

Hmmm is not my fault Grandma doesn’t want her so ,I don’t think I need her I love my wife anyways ,I scoff ”

you are senseless ,I swear you are really senseless and stupid ,so because that old thing said you would obey it ,listen guy those babies you sent away are your kids , your blood ,if your parents abondoned you as you abondoned them would you be happy ,calvin ask staring angrily at me .

calvin just stop ! stop messing with my brains ,I don’t understand whatever your aim is ,I said looking away .

you won’t understand it because you are dumb.
clap for yourself a father as rich as you are abondoned his kids ,he glares

whatever ! I muttered ”

I sent enough money to Emelia account that would be able to take care of them ,I said infact enough of me how are you ? you been out of the country for a while now ,I said looking at him but he just scoff and drink from his cup before looking away .

common let’s talk or else I’m leaving ,I threatening .

who cares ,he snapped and look away .

wow he is really angry with me I thought and bit my lower l-ips , enjoying the cool bit from the pub .


I pity fatima ❗

evan is wicked ooh❗🚶

Emelia allow her to explain don’t conclude yet.

genevieve loves her child 🚶

calvin is a real friend guys ❗

what do you guys think about this donald ❓