The billionaire surrogate episode 8






since we returned Emelia have been nagging , avoiding and snubbing me ,I’m really getting tired and I know it’s my fault gosh what do I do

I look over at the couch she was br×ast feeding one of the baby while the other was laying down on the bed staring at what stars know what ,

Emelia this your baby is really going to s×¢k your br×ast out one day .I tease but after some seconds she didn’t even look my way nor reply me

I see she is really very angry .

Emelia !!! I called ” but she ignores me .

please listen I want to tell you something ,that guy you saw was my ex he raped me Emelia ,he disv×rgiπed me he made me fall in love with him and raped me mercilessly I cried for help Emelia ,but no one was there for me it’s only me please I’m really sorry for shouting and yelling at you at all times am just real use to people asking and caring about me please found it in your heart to forgive me I’m really sorry . I explained with tears in my eyes I look up to her directions and notice she wasn’t looking at me I hurt you that much I thought ” and with that I stood up fastly and dash into my room ,I closed the door and rush to my bed to cry my eyes out.

I loved you evan ,you promised me everything even ,you promised never to leave ,break or make me cry evan ,but you are exactly the reason for my everyday nightmare ,how you raped me mercilessly without no remorse , and now you showed up in front of my shop to blab ,evan you will suffer ,I curse you .I cry sorrowful as tears flood a river in my cloth ,my heart breaks

I hate you evan ,I s¢ræmed and cried louder , suddenly there was a knock on the door but ignored that and continue crying and sobbing.

please Fatima open the door it’s Emelia ,she said ”

leave I don’t want to see you ,I thought you do not care leave me alone,I cried ”

please Fatima I didn’t ignore you for a purpose I was just hurt and too ashamed as well because I didn’t ask my own sister why she acted that way ,she said ”

and with the way she said sister I feel my heart beat better ,I want to open the door but I can’t please leave Emelia I will talk to you later I want to be alone .I said ”

fatima open the door please or else I will leave with my kids she threatening ”

hmm ,I kept quiet for some minutes ,I didn’t hear any words again,I thought she left .

I stood up and open the door and boom she appeared right in front of me .

I told you to go to your room why are you still here ,I said as I walk to my bed sitting on it roughly

fatima , please calm down I understand your pain,I know what it feels like to be heartbroken and Alone please pardon me for getting angry she pleaded”

Emelia you won’t understand ,I suffered alone ,I cried Alone I do everything alone ,till I met him ,he showed me love and I thanked God thinking I met the right person not knowing he was actually a nightmare to my innocent soul Lia he raped me ,I begged him Lia I cried out loud not been able to hold back my tears ,

Emelia hugged me to herself and pat my back

please stop crying ,I understand she said with a crack voice .

I guess she is holding back her tears ,very emotionally person just like me I thought ”

please forgive me fatima ,she apologized ”

imterupting my thoughts ”

I forgive you Emelia ,you don’t have to apologise you did nothing wrong ,I suppose to be the one begging you .I said frankly and that’s the true .

common ,so my boss lady is crying shame shame shame shame ,she sings clapping ”

hahahaha ,I laughed out loud on how funny she look while singing that .

this is hilarious ,how can a person , your own friend be crying and you are mocking her ,I’m reporting you to Christiane And christiana I said dramatically ”

oooh mum please don’t do that I beg you ,don’t report to them ,they are going to spank me ,she said joining my act oooh good actress indeed I thought as she knee down begging me .

no baby girl I can’t forgive that you dare tease me huh ?I will report to them and they would punish you ,I said looking away while she continue begging

hahahaha ,I suddenly bursted into laughter you are actually a good actress .I recommended ”

thank you ! she smiled standing up sitting beside me.

I don’t mind being one you know ,she said flashing me a smile.

you are crazy ,I said giving her a playful glare .

ooh really mum than I took after you then because you are more crazy and dramatic than me ,she said and pouted ”

you look cute ,I said ”

thank you mummy I took after you because you are really simple and beautiful ,she replied back.

drama doll ,I said and we both laughed ”

so you forgive me right ,we both chroused ”

oooh my God that was unexpected,she said ,”

we said that together that’s crazy .I added

I know right ,.

Hmmm go and rest Emelia you have a tiring day and another one to face tommorow so sleep you know you are taking care of two kids and you need alot of rest , and the worst path you are br×astfeeding them so rest ,I said ”

no I want to stay with you to make sure you are happy and not gonna cry again ,she said “.

awwwn I blushed ” thanks baby I promise you I won’t cry so leave ,I said pointing at the down.

no I won’t she muttered stubbornly ”

hmm. okay then I said ,I stood up and push her out before locking the door ,I heard her say

is totally unfair fatima ,I will spank you tommorow ,

lolz that’s funny is she kidding ,I thought and shook my head

Hmmm what a day ,we all call it .I said bouncing back on the bed to sleep .



Genevieve walk into her husband’s company gracefully as ever ,

good day ma’am ,you look so beautiful ,the staffs commented ”

thank you ,she said with a smile and walk away

she entered into her husband’s office and catwalked majestically

babe . donald call happily giving her a hug

hahahaha ,you are suffocating me , darling do you miss me that much ? genevieve ask smiling at her husband who arleady stopped hugging her .

are you kidding ? what kind of question is that ? ofcourse baby I miss you I miss you so much I miss you ,donald said childishly ”

genevieve smiled and gave him a deep k×ss ,which donald returned immediately making it a rough one .

after some seconds both of them was breathing heavily

gosh darling that was hot ! genevieve said taking a sit on the nearest Available couch , while donald join her .

just like you , donald said ”

what ! genevieve ask ”

you said that was so hot and I said hot like you ! donald said

awwn , genevieve blushed as she finally understood what he meant .

so what do you bring for me . donald ask excitingly ”

nothing ! genevieve snapped ”

kidding ,I know right donald ask with a friend and pout .

common I was just teasing you ,here genevieve said handing over a food flask to him, that’s your lunch I know you love marie good so much so I ordered her to make something for you while I go to the photo studio with my son,
you know I missed it because of business so today I decided to go ,when we were done for the photo I drove home and collected your lunch ,I hand the baby over to Maria and drove all the way to this place . genevieve explained ”

thank you baby I love you so much ,donald said handing genevieve hand while she smile .

I love you so much babe I can’t trade you for anything ,I promise to always be there for you ,donald say sweetly while genevieve smiled and peck his l-ips .

eat baby don’t be so dramatic , genevieve said smiling .

can I see the baby pictures ? donald requested munching slowly in his food .
sure here , genevieve said handing over the pictures to her.

awwwn his so cute and handsome just like me , donald said and they both laughed

just like you ,they chroused ”


how dare that stinky brat ! ,trevor yell banging his hands on the desk .

he challenge me ,he dare start a fight ,he dares kill my surbodinates ,he should get ready inform him to prepare for his burial, trevor yell .

gather the men I want to talk to them because He won’t live to tell the story , trevor shouted and walk away angrily .


fatima and Emelia awwn 🚶❗

genevieve and Donald awwn too ❗

Trevor who made you angry ❓