The Billionaire's Enchantments

The Billionaire’s Enchantments episode 19 – 20

( His Unsophisticated Girlie… )


By, Summer Gold R.


“Hey,follow me” He said and Birdie tried moving but Waylon grabbed her hand and pulled her back to his side.

Noah frowned and looked at him,Waylon glared at him in return.

Birdie swallowed hard in total confusion.

‘What the héll is going on?’ She thought.

Noah scoffed seeing how tight Waylon was holding Birdie,he rolled his eyes and turned away,he opened his car door and entered,Birdie stared at the car as he drove off.

“Let’s go” Waylon smiled at Birdie and she nodded.

He opened the car for her.

“Thank you” Birdie uttered before she entered,Waylon closed the door and he also entered.

Vivian came out after Waylon’s car left,she was actually watching the whole drama secretly.

“Seriously” She scoffed.

After some seconds,she also drove out her car.



“Thank you Waylon” Birdie smiled at him when he finally stopped in front of her house.

“Wait” Waylon called her back as she made to open the door.

“Huh?” Birdie faced him again.

“Are you close with him?” Waylon asked.

“Noah?” Birdie asked and Waylon nodded.

“Or,have I asked this before? I’m just curious” Waylon said and Birdie giggles cutely.

“We are not that close” She muttered and paused for a second.

“But he’s….nice?” She said and Waylon chuckled.

“That sounds like a question” He muttered and Birdie bit her lips.

“That means he’s not nice” Waylon added.

“No,he is. But not every time” Birdie said and Waylon nodded.

“He careful,you can call me whenever you need anything okay?”

Birdie smiled and nodded.

“Thank you” She said and opened the door.

“I hope to see you tomorrow” Waylon said and Birdie waved at him.

“Goodnight” She said and went in.

Winona was in the living room waiting for her return,her face brightened up immediately she saw Birdie.

“How are you doing grandma” Birdie smiled as she hugged her.

“I’m fine child,you should go wash up,I prepared dinner already” Winona said.

“I will eat later granny,I’m not that hungry for now” Birdie said and Winona nodded.

“Suit yourself,but don’t sleep without eating” She said.

“You know I won’t ever sleep hungry” Birdie said and Winona smiled.

Birdie went inside her room and her mind went to Hailey,after the Saturday’s conversation in her room,she haven’t set her eyes on Hailey,more like she’s still not ready to talk to her.

“Is she mad at me?” Birdie sighed and started undressing,she finished and entered the bathroom. After taking a warm bath,she put on her pajamas and left her room.

Winona was still in the living room watching the news.

“I will be back granny,I’m going to meet Hailey” Birdie announced.


Birdie left their apartment and went straight to Hailey’s,getting there she met Hailey in her bedroom,she was getting ready for bed already,she met her drying her hair.

Hailey said nothing when Birdie entered.

“I’m here” Birdie said,sitting on the bed.

“I can see you” Hailey muttered,touching to see if there are any other wet place left in her hair.

“Are you…..mad at me?” Birdie asked in a soft voice.

“Why would I be mad at you?” Hailey asked and Birdie sighed.

“You haven’t seen me,and you didn’t call me either,I missed you” Birdie mumbled.

“That’s new” Hailey said.

“C’mon Hailey,I’m sorry if I made you mad,you can’t keep ignoring me this way,hmm?” Birdie pouted.

“Not when you’re this cute,stop bribing me with that face” Hailey smiled and Birdie rushed to hug her.

“I’m sorry okay? I promise I won’t sneak out to meet Noah again…..”

“Any guy,not just him” Hailey cut in and Birdie nodded.

“Have you eaten? I was planning on cooking some chicken noodles soup” Hailey said.

“Yeah!!!! I’m eating that” Birdie said excitedly.

“Great,let’s go” Hailey winked and they both walked out of her room.



Noah left his suite,he actually heard the sound of the entrance door opened,he wasn’t expecting anyone anyway. He was shirtless,he was only wearing joggers and a pair of flip flops,his hair was messy but he was looking hot as always.

He was still climbing down the staircase when Vivian appeared,he stopped on the stair,Vivian swallowed,staring at him.

“What are you doing here Vivian” Noah asked.

“Oh…sorry I didn’t tell you. I brought dinner,come down” Vivian said.

“I can’t remember asking you to do that” Noah said bluntly.

“You don’t really have to tell me before I know what time do” Vivian said.

Noah scoffed and went downstairs,he followed her into the kitchen.

“You’re not really thinking of buying foodstuffs and getting a maid are you?”

“I don’t need a maid” Noah muttered,opening the fridge,he suddenly stopped when he saw numbers of strawberry milk inside,he turned back and faced Vivian.


“Why,you might crave for it at home also” Vivian said and Noah sighed,he took a bottle water and closed the fridge again.

“What did you get?” He asked her as she began dishing the food out.

“Just a light food you love,beef pasta and some drumsticks” She said and Noah nodded.

“I will do that” He said when Vivian was ready to carry the tray of food.

“Thanks” She smiled and followed him,they got to the dinning room and sat down together.

Vivian stared at him as he had his first.

“What do you think?” She asked.

“Good” Noah muttered and continue eating,Vivian smiled and also started eating.


They finished eating and Vivian cleared the table,she returned to the dinning room and met Noah standing up.

“I will send some money to your…..”

“No,it’s on me,don’t bother” Vivian cut in immediately and Noah looked at her.

“Please let me do this for once,I really wanted to cook for you at least but you refused so let me just do this” Vivian said in a pleading voice.

“You should go home before it gets too late,goodnight” Noah muttered and sent upstairs.

Vivian bite her lips,she was hoping he will allow her stay for the night at least.

“Gosh” Vivian ruffled her hair and carried her bag before walking out.

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Waylon sighed out loudly,staring at his phone screen,He’s been ignoring his father’s call because he knew exactly what the call is about.

The phone rang again and he gently answered the call.

“How dare you ignore my calls!!” Kay yelled over the phone and Waylon sighed.

“I was busy dad,I was in an important meeting” He replied.

“Have you called Mateo?” Kay asked.

“I was just about to” Waylon replied.

“I don’t understand why you’re so slow about it,you think you can ever beat Noah if you don’t follow my lead?! Call him right away!!” Kay yelled and hung up.

Waylon dropped his phone and run his hand through his soft hair.


Waylon stared as Kay slurp down his wine.

“Why am I here dad?” He asked.

“The award night is coming soon” Kay replied.

“That’s right” Waylon muttered.

“Here” Kay shifted a written down number on a paper to him.

“What…number is this?” Waylon asked.

“Mateo” Kay replied and Waylon raised his brows.

“Who’s that?”

“He’s the CEO and the one in charge of choosing who to give the awards to,he decides that every year” Kay replied.

“Then,why am I getting his number?”

“Send him some money of course,don’t act dumb. You have to get that award this year If you don’t want to loose your position in my company” Kay threatened.


Waylon sighed out loudly and finally dialed Mateo’s number.


“Oh…this is Waylon”

“Mr Kay’s son? I just spoke to your dad” Mateo replied and Waylon gulped.



“That will be all for today,or is there anything else?” Noah asked after the meeting.

The staffs all glanced at each other to see if anyone would speak up.

“CEO award night is coming soon Sir,but I’m confident anyway” A lady smiled.

“Don’t be so confident about things like that” Noah stood up.

They all bowed as he went out,Vivian followed him instantly.

“Are you okay? You look tired,you should take a rest” Vivian said beside him.

“I always look this way,I’m not tired” Noah muttered and Vivian smiled.

Noah suddenly saw Birdie on the other side of the hallway,she must have came over to deliver to other staffs,their eyes met and Noah looked away,turning toward the route to his office,Vivian also followed beside him with her heels making sounds.

They entered Noah’s office and immediately he tried taking off his tie….

“I will help with that” Vivian immediately rushed to him,Noah dropped his hand and allowed her,she gently untied it and then raised her head to stare at him closely. Her eyes fell straight on his lips.

“Move” Noah said,bringing her back to reality

“Oh,I’m sorry” She immediately moved back.

“You can go,I will call you when I need you again” Noah said,sitting down.

Vivian bowed and left the office.


Birdie couldn’t help but think about Noah as she walked out of the company looking sad,how he had ignored her earlier worries her alot. Is he angry that she followed Waylon last night.

“But he left by himself right? I never wanted to follow Waylon” Birdie sighed out.

She suddenly caught a glimpse of a teenage girl who was looking at the company building,but before she could get closer,the girl walked away.

“She looked sad,who’s she?” Birdie wondered and also went her way.



Birdie pressed the door bell again with an impatient silent groan,and finally opened revealing Noah.

“Sorry I’m a little bit late,I just……”

Noah took the packages from her and closed the door before she could finish.

Birdie bit her bottom lip but she didn’t move away from the door.

“You can just tell me if you’re mad at me! It’s annoying if you keep ignoring me!” She said loudly and the door opened again,she immediately looked up.

“Who said I’m mad at you?” Noah asked.

“Your attitude shows that” Birdie replied.

“What else was supposed to happen?” Noah asked and Birdie pouted.

“Can I come in?” She asked.

Noah opened the door widely and she immediately smiled and entered,he closed the door and turned to Birdie who was already busy admiring the house.

“I didn’t get to check it out the last time” Birdie said and faced him. She immediately collected the packages from him.

“I will help with that,where’s your kitchen?” She asked and Noah led the way.

‘I’m not really hungry,why did I order the food?” Noah asked himself and touched his hair.

“Whoa!” Birdie exclaimed when they entered the kitchen.

“It’s so big and beautiful” she muttered and Noah scoffed.

She placed the meals on the table.

“It’s like you don’t cook at all” Birdie muttered,still looking around.

“Someone was here last night?” She asked,seeing a customized nylon in the wastebin.

“Vivian” Noah muttered.

“Huh. She slept over?” She immediately asked without thinking and Noah looked at her.

“I just….want to know” She muttered.

“No one have ever slept over in my house” Noah said and Birdie’s eyes widened.

“Does that mean….I’m the first?” She asked.

“You should finish up and leave before it gets too late” Noah said and Birdie smiled.

“Can’t you take me home?…..”

“You can call Waylon” Noah cut in and Birdie took her lips in.

She looked around and found where the plates are.

Noah lean on the pillar watching her tryna jump to pick up the plates.

“Ah!” Birdie groaned as she was unable to even touch any of the plates.

“Who told you ponytails look good on you?” Noah asked.

“Huh?” Birdie faced him.

“You heard me” Noah said.

“Oh…someone said it looks pretty on me….”

“It’s ugly” Noah snapped and Birdie said nothing.

She turned back to continue getting the plate,but she was hurt that he said her hair looks ugly.

She suddenly felt someone behind her,before she could turn,her hair tie was removed and her long hair fell freely down making her gasp,she turned immediately and her head hit Noah’s chest.

“Ouch!” She quickly moved back and looked up,their eyes met.

Noah placed his hands on the wall,caging her.

“Your hair looks pretty when down” he said.

Birdie swallowed when her eyes fell on his lips,she took her lips in and looked down,avoiding staring at him.

“Hey spy kid” Noah called and she looked up again.

“Have you had your first kiss yet?” He asked and Birdie’s eyes widened.


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