The Billionaire's Enchantments

The Billionaire’s Enchantments episode 21 – 22

( His Unsophisticated Girlie… )


By, Summer Gold R.


“Have you had your first kiss yet?” He asked and Birdie’s eyes widened.

“Huh….huh??” She asked in shock.

Noah let out a corny smile and moved away from her.

“Why is your heart beating so fast? You think I’m gonna kiss you?” He asked.

“No!” Birdie said loudly and touched her chest,Noah chuckled.

“Move” he muttered and Birdie did,he took the plates by himself.

“You look cute when you smile” Birdie said and Noah looked at her,he honestly didn’t realize he’s been smiling.

“I don’t like looking cute tho” Noah said and Birdie smiled.

“Fried Rice? Why?” He raised his head.

“You ordered this yourself,and chicken” Birdie replied.

“Seriously? I did?” Noah muttered.

“Of course,I wouldn’t bring what you didn’t order” Birdie said and Noah nodded.

“You should take enough for yourself,I’m not really hungry” He said.

“But…’s getting late” Birdie mumbled.

“Don’t worry about that and just eat” Noah sat down on the tall seat right opposite Birdie.

“Thanks for the food” Birdie said and Noah nodded,he watched her as she started eating,he didn’t touch his until Birdie looked up.

“Why are you not eating?” She asked.

“Worry about yourself spy kid” Noah said and Birdie groaned.

“I’m not a spy,how many times do I have to tell you?” She asked.

“So what should I call you? Kiddo?” Noah grinned.

“I don’t want anything kid,call me my name” Birdie said.

“What’s your name?” Noah asked and Birdie’s spoon dropped.

“You….you don’t know my name?” She asked.

“You never introduced yourself to me,but Spy kid sounds cool” Noah said,finally eating a spoonful of rice.

“My name is Birdie”

“I don’t like that name” Noah said instantly and Birdie sighed.


“I just don’t like it,but since you don’t want spy kid,I will give you something else” Noah said and dropped the cutleries.

Birdie stared at him as he thought deeply.

“Shortie?” Noah grinned and Birdie frowned.

“I can’t believe I was expecting something nice” She scoff.

“Something nice? Aren’t you short? You don’t even reach my shoulder at all” Noah said.

“That’s because you’re a giant! It’s not that I’m short,you’re just too tall!” Birdie shouted.

“That makes you short of course,a lady should at least reach a man’s shoulder level,oh sorry I forgot you’re not a lady yet,my bad” Noah said and Birdie dropped her spoon angrily,she got down from the seat

“Hey hey” Noah rushed to her.

“I’m going home,leave me alone” Birdie said.

“Are you angry because I said you’re not a lady?” Noah asked.

“Yes I am! I told you I hate it when you talk about me like I’m a child” Birdie snapped.

“You’re a girl not a child,but a lady? You’re not” Noah shook his head.

Birdie glared at him.

“Okay fine,I won’t say a word again,you should finish your food” Noah said.

“I don’t want to eat again” Birdie muttered.

“How about a cute nickname this time? Like….Bug?” Noah asked and Birdie glared.

“Bug? I’m a bug to you?” She asked.

“Cute Bug…something like that” Noah said and Birdie scoffed.

“Now I see why you don’t have a girlfriend,what is cute bug?” She asked,sitting down again.

“Hey,who said that’s the reason why I don’t have a girlfriend? I just don’t want one,if I want to have ten girlfriends today,I’m sure gonna get them” Noah said.

“I know” Birdie muttered.

“But I think bug sounds more like you though” Noah said.

“Anyhow,Anaconda” Birdie scoffed and Noah sighed.

“Why Anaconda of all names?”

“Your face is always like that,scary” She said…”but handsome” She muttered lowly that Noah didn’t hear her.


“Are you taking me home?” Birdie asked happily as she walked out of the house with Noah.

“Do I look like Waylon or something?” He scoffed and Birdie pouted.

“Stop giving me that face spy….I mean Bug” He pushed her forehead.

“Boss,are you going somewhere?” Some guards asked.

“No,take her home” Noah said and Birdie immediately looked at him.

“I….don’t even know them” she said.

“It’s more safe than taking a taxi,stop making noise and go home” Noah said and Birdie followed the guards.

They opened the car door for her and she entered,she wanted to wave at Noah but he already went in.

Seconds later,the car drove out of the island.

Noah went to the kitchen and opened the fridge,he took one of the strawberry milk Vivian got and closed it back,he decided to check the messages on his phone and one caught his attention.


Noah closed the app with a straight face and went upstairs.



Arya came downstairs,Jenny was in the living room,she ignored her and went into the kitchen. She returned with a bottle of water in her hand and almost went back upstairs.

“Stop” Jenny ordered and Arya turned back.

“What is it?” She asked.

“Is there something wrong I don’t know about?” Jenny asked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Arya muttered.

“You’re so quiet these days,you hardly talk and you keep skipping meals,Tell me what’s going on……”

“You expect me to be happy? I’m supposed to be getting ready for college already!” Arya shouted in tears and Jenny stood up,she walked over to her.

“You know your father is trying hard…..”

“Trying hard? You call that trying hard? Going to uncle Noah to ask for money is trying hard?! After everything you made him go through?!! It’s all because of you! I can’t even face him knowing fully well that I have him but just because of you and dad’s wickedness and greediness!!……”

Jenny slapped her.

“How dare you say that to me!!” Jenny yelled.

Tears rolled down Arya’s eyes,she smashed the bottle water in her hand on the wall and the water burst out,Arya ran out of the house.

“Arya!!! Come back here you brat!!” Jenny shouted but Arya ignored her calls,she opened the gate and ran out in tears.

She ran straight to the nearest playground in the street but then stopped when she saw a guy sitting on a bench there,she almost turned to leave.

“Are you scared?” Adam asked,facing her.

Arya wiped her tears and went to sit down,leaving enough space between them.

“Here” Adam offered her his handkerchief.

“Thanks” Arya said,taking the handkerchief with shaking hand,she wiped her tears.

“Why are you here this late?” Arya asked.

“Because…..I hate my house” Adam muttered and faced her.


“I hate myself” Arya said.

“Why?” Adam asked.

“I just hate myself a lot,I wish I can turn back time” Arya muttered and Adam sighed.

“You look quite young to be saying that” He said.

“I’m not a child tho,I’m close to seventeen” Arya said.

“Oh” Adam muttered.

“It’s my first time seeing you here” Arya said and Adam nodded.

“It’s my first time here” He said.


“Thank you for walking me home” Arya said to Adam and he nodded.

“You’re welcome” He said and Arya smiled.

She waved at him before going in. Adam also went his own way.

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Adam climbed down the stairs,he was almost surprised to see his mom just coming out of the dinning room.

“Morning son” Mrs Levi said,smiling.

“What are you doing here?” Adam asked.


“Call me my name” Adam cut her off.

“I know you’re mad at me….”

“That’s what you always tell me every f**king time!! I can really count how many times I’ve seen you since I turned ten! I wonder what you’re still doing here,I’ve been telling people I don’t have parents….”


“There’s no difference between me and those who have no parents anyway,so find your son somewhere else” Adam said and walked out of the house,closing the door loudly.

Mrs Levi sighed out loudly and sat down on the couch weakly.

*I’ve been telling people I don’t have parents* The statement rang in her head and she sighed out.

She just found out recently that Adam withdraw from college,that’s why she’s home,she didn’t know her son left school for two years already, because she’s hardly in the country. She’s a single mom,her husband died when Adam was still a child and she had to work so hard,but maybe it’s too much,she doesn’t even have time for her only child.

“I’m so sorry son,I’m sorry” She muttered in tears.


Adam walked to the bus stop,even though there are countless cars in the house,he doesn’t even use any of them.

As he approached the bus stop,he saw Birdie sitting and a smile appeared on his lips,he walked more faster and touched her from the back,Birdie immediately turned and her eyes brightened when she saw him.

“Panda” She called

“Morning” Adam said.

“Are you okay?” Birdie asked.


“You look kind of…sad?”

“Oh,I’m fine” Adam said and Birdie smiled.

“It’s so good seeing you this morning” She said.

“Me too” Adam muttered.

The bus stopped in front of them and they immediately moved to it,Adam allowed Birdie enter first and he followed

“No,I will pay for us” He stopped Birdie before she could pay.

“Oh..thanks” Birdie muttered.

Adam used his card and they went to sit down together.

“Thank you….”

“It’s nothing,stop embarrassing me” Adam cut in an Biride chuckled.



Evelyn knocked on the door to Axel’s room gently,she’s his maid,the only maid in the mansion to be precised.

“Come in” Evelyn heard the voice of a lady,probably another bítch he brought home last night.

She swallowed and entered with the tray of food in her hand.

She met the girl on the bed,she was wearing Axel’s shirt.

“Place it right here” She said,pointing at the stool next to her.

Evelyn placed the tray on the stool and the lady took the tea mug,she sipped from it.

“Ahh!!” She screamed and dropped it immediately as the tea burn her tongue.

“Are you crazy?!! Why didn’t you tell me it’s so hot?!” She yelled and stood up.

“You asked for a hot tea……” Befure Evelyn could finish,she slapped her and Evelyn fell on the floor.

“How dare a maid like you talk back at me?!”

The door opened and Axel came in,he was actually getting ready for work.

“What’s going on?” He asked and saw Evelyn holding her face in tears.

“She allowed me burn my tongue because of the stupid hot tea she made”

“You can go” Axel said to Evelyn,she stood up and immediately ran out of the room.

“Hey sweetie……” The lady tried touching Axel

“Get out” he snapped at her angrily and she frowned.


“Who gave you the audacity to touch her? Who do you think you are?” Axel asked.

“I just……”

He threw two bundles on money on her and packed her clothes on the floor,he threw it on her and pushed her out of the room.

“Do something good with the money” He said and closed his door back.

“What a crazy bítch,is she trying to act like my girlfriend? Geez,girls can be funny” He scoffed,walking back into the dressing room.



As soon as Noah entered,came murmurs from different angles.

👥 Oh my gosh,it’s Chris Noah

👥 I can’t believe I’m seeing him!

👥 He’s even more handsome than seeing him on TVs

“Hey” Axel raised his hand from his table and Noah walked over to him.

“What’s this? A date?” He asked and Axel smiled

“Maybe” he said and immediately a waiter came to get their orders.

“I missed you” Axel said and Noah scoffed.

“After yelling at me on the phone?” He asked.

“That wasn’t even a yell….”

“You didn’t answer my call the first time,what if I died?” Noah asked and Axel sighed.

“Noah,I didn’t even know it was raining here,I was out of the town and it wasn’t raining where I was. You should know I will never ignore your call,I would have called you first” Axel said.

“Whatever” Noah rolled his eyes

“Hey,I’m sorry okay?” Axel said.

“Not like I’m angry,I deserve it” Noah said.

“Stop it,you don’t deserve it. It was an honest mistake,stop making me feel like a bad person” Axel said and Noah scoffed.

“I love you” Axel said and Noah glared at him.

“Stop It” he immediately said and Axel chuckled.


Birdie walked out of NH sadly,she came to see Noah but he’s not there,she doesn’t even know why she came but the thing is,while serving a customer,she got a coffee stain on her clothes and she had to go back home to change.

‘Why did I put on this dress?’ She asked herself.

And now she’s here because she wanted Noah to see her in the dress.

It’s a white short gown,but it’s a really pretty one,different from the one she’s used to. It was part of the dresses Hailey got her but she never wore,but whatever came over her to wear it,she doesn’t know,but the truth is,she’s looking hot.

The gown got her perfect slim figure giving her the model look,her long hair which dropped freely behind her making it more sexier,since Noah said ponytail doesn’t look good enough,she didn’t tie up her hair either.

She was walking to the bus stop already when suddenly a car horn beside her and she immediately looked up to see Noah but instead it was Waylon.

“Hi” she managed to smile.

“Going home already?” Waylon came down from the car.

“Yes” Birdie replied.

“Oh…I was thinking….would you have dinner with me?” Waylon asked and Birdie bite her lips.

“Not my house, a restaurant” Waylon said.

“Oh” Birdie muttered.

“Don’t worry,we won’t take too long,I promise” Waylon said and Birdie nodded. Waylon smiled.

“Thanks” He opened the car for her and she entered,he also joined her .



“So what are you planning to do about Santiago?” Axel asked as they ate.

“I’m not planning to do anything” Noah muttered.

“He’s more crazier than I thought” Axel chuckled.

Just then, Waylon came in with Birdie,Axel was the first to see them since he’s the one facing the entrance.

“Oh…is that not your cutie and Waylon?” He smiled and Noah raised his brows but he didn’t look back and soon,Waylon and Birdie walked past them to a table

“Honestly,they look good together,and the cutie is looking hot today,did they plan a date?” Axel grinned,staring at Noah who scoffed and continue eating without saying a word.

“You’re not gonna talk?” Axel asked.

“What do you expect me to say?” Noah asked and Axel chuckled.

Birdie was becoming uncomfortable seeing Noah but she had to calm herself down,still she couldn’t help but to think.

‘What if he misunderstand again?’

‘I should have decline’



Birdie sighed out loudly after washing her face,she stared at herself in the mirror and her mind went to Noah again,she ignored it and opened the door.

“Ahh!” She screamed when she saw Noah standing right there,she was shocked.

Noah was leaning on the wall,his two hands in the pocket,his eyes on her.

“Hi” Birdie muttered.

Noah stared at her from her face down and then back again before scoffing.

“Did you dress up because of him or something?” He asked.


“It’s not pretty” Noah cut in and Birdie frowned.

“Why? Because it’s Waylon? Just the way you said my hair wasn’t pretty,now my dress isn’t pretty? You really like making me feel bad,well as long as Waylon like my dress,I don’t care whatever you say” Birdie said and made to leave.

Noah grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

“You forgot something” He said.

“What” Birdie muttered.

“Your hair should be in a ponytail,isn’t that what he likes?” Noah asked bluntly and Birdie looked at him.

She was about talking when Waylon appeared.

“Birdie” He called and glared at Noah before grabbing Birdie’s hand.

“Are you okay?” He asked and Birdie nodded.

Waylon took her away and Noah let out a fake chuckle.

“Seriously?” He muttered and went back into the restaurant

“Hey,where are you coming from…” Axel asked.

“Goodnight” Noah said and took his car key.

His eyes fell on Waylon and Birdie again before finally walking out of the restaurant.


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