The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard – Episode 17

The Bodyguard – Episode 17

By Tisa Phiri

I woke up in the hospital bed, moving as I felt my head pounding like I was hit to the wall. I slowly blinked and opened my eyes, setting my eyes on the white ceiling board. The bulb light touching my eyes making my eyes blink in seconds before they could settle in.

“Hey Paula..!” I heard dad’s voice, “welcome back” he smiled coming closer to my side. He held my forehead and smiled in relief.

” I was so worried my baby, how are you feeling? ” he asked

“Where am I dad?” I asked instead.. “what happened?”

“You are in the hospital Paula, you had an accident two days ago. I was so worried, thank God you are finally awake ” he added.

“The doctor said you sustained minor injuries and a blow to your head, but you will soon be okey there is no major damage on your body.”

I right that moment remembered, the last time i saw Ackim and the accident.

“what happened to Ackim dad.. how is he?” I asked clearing my voice.

He moved closer to me and tried to say something but i could read it before he did. I knew my father and he always failed to hide things from me. I definately knew something was wrong and I feared for the worst.

“Tell me dad” I said trying to sit up.

“Calm down Paula” he told me concerned..

“No No No, please dad Dont tell me to calm down. what happened to Ackim? ”

“Am so sorry to tell you this my daughter, but Ackim didn’t make it, the vehicle was burnt to ashes. He somehow saved you before it blew. There’s no way he could have survived, the police are still looking into it to find out what happened that day and I promise to do all i can to get to the bottom of this” he added..

I didn’t hear the rest of his explaination my heart felt like it was slowly stopping. I was loosing my breath..

” it can’t be” I whispered with the little strength that I was left with.

“no he can’t die on me like that dad, he can’t. He told me he would protect me, he just cant back out when I just started living my life with him..” i cried..

My father looked at me. I could see he was also feeeling bad, but for me my Ackim wasn’t just a body guard. He was the man of my heart, the one who changed my life in minutes.

I recalled his words in the bushes.. “I will protect you with my life and would fight in the war front for you my Paula”

“no!” i shook my heard as I sat down my vision blurred from the tears.

My father tried to comfort me but that wasn’t the time.

“please leave me alone for some time dad” i told him as a river of tears rolled down my cheeks. He patted my back and slowly walked out.

“You can’t do this to me Ackim” I cried.

” you didn’t just come into my life, make me feel like a queen for a day and leave me. how dare you!” i scre-med in the pillow held in my face, everything around me seemed to be falling apart.

I cried for almost 2 hours my eyes were puffed, the memory of him pushing me out of the car so vivid it blocked my breathing.

“He died trying to save my life” I thought, as I looked outside the window from the room I was at the hospital.

I looked at some couple seated on the bench outside watching their baby girl play around with some flowers.

“You could have at least given me a chance to have a family with the man I love my God” I whispered..

“what reason do you have for giving me so much love in a short time and grab it before I could even enjoy it further?”

I was devasted I crawled back to the bed and cried until my strength was gone. My tears had dried at that moment but the pain in my heart was so gigantic. I even wished I could shed more tears because they gave me some kind of relief..


A few days later, I was discharged and was taken home. I hærdly spoke, only when dad asked something and it was mostly one word answers.

Upon entering the house I walked to Ackim’s room, he’s bed was neatly done. The blue bed covers looking so clean and neat like he had not used them before.

I sat on his bed and remembered the days I saw him in his room.

One day I had walked in while he was just from taking his bath. He sat on the edge of the bed with a towel wrapped around his wa-ist. I walked in without knocking..

“Hey !” He called out when he saw me turning to leave after I realised my mistake of not knocking.

“Am sorry I didnt know you are not dressed” I told him.

He had smiled showing his bare muscline chest move up and relax. I swallowed hærd, just the sight of him like that made me want to jump on him.

“Oh my God how do I forget him?” I shed some tears

“it’s so hærd.” I slowly walked to his closet looked at a small photo he had put on top of a file. He was smiling wearing his Zambian army combat. He was a slightly younger but as handsome as I saw him last.

I held the photo to my chest.

“I miss you my body guard, please come back home please.” I sniffed as i broke down again.

Walking out, i took my dad’s car keys before dad could notice and drove out. Straight away I went to the site of the accident.

My stomac felt empty at the site of the burnt car. One couldn’t even recognise the range rover, it was all ashes and the remains were only a frame which too was black and covered in ashes.

I sat down besides the road and mourned my lovely Ackim for hours. I couldn’t even say good bye.

“I am not ready to let you go yet my love” I whispered as I touched the ashes..

“am still waiting, just in case you decide to come back to me…”

I later decided to drive back to the city. I couldn’t get myself to go home yet so I thought of driving around.

At some drinking place I saw a group of guys and one of them looked familiar. Slowly, I drove by observing them it was him, the guy who had kidnapped me


I looked at him for another minute, being sure it was trully him. Remembering what Ackim had explained about him, I knew for sure he had something to do with what happened..

I increased the speed as I passed the place. Driving back home, ireached home in minutes, walked in,side like a mad woman and went straight to get a gun from my dad’s office.

I saw him in his study and tip toed outside, the gun hidden in my hand bag.

“It is time to stand and fight back Paula” I whispered to myself as I placed the key in the ignition.

“For Ackim and for all this pain, I will fight back!..”

To be continued

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