The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard – Episode 21

The Bodyguard – Episode 21

By Tisa Phiri

…. Paula…

I looked outside the side window as I drove the car. I had to take on the journey and confront my so-called Brother. It had been months since I last discovered he existed.

My father insisted he would take it up and make sure George, the name he told me this brother was called was stopped. He tried following him up but he was no where to be seen.

I knew my father had somehow a soft s₱0t for him, his intentions were not to really put him in prison. I noticed all he talked about was reprimanding him.

“Dad” I scolded him as he told me that.

“you mean that your son should live freely after what he has done? ” I asked furious that he wasn’t taking the issue as serious as he should.

“I know Paula” he responded..

” but understand he’s my son and the mother will be all alone. She depends on him, besides we are not really sure it was him who planned all this cause he denied it when i asked him.”

“Well dad, I see you have grown so fond of this your son and is willing to forgive him, for your own information I believe it was him and I don’t care if he is my half brother or not. He’s a criminal and will pay for killing the man I loved and making my life a living hell. so I will personally gather evidence and put him in prison!” I shouted leaving his study room before he could utter another word.

I had taken time to org-nise myself. I needed to be prepared for the worst. So here i am heading to chingola. I had become less scared since Ackim died. I made avenging his death my mission. I still missed him so much and for some reason didn’t want to accept he was dead. Everytime a man approached me I remembered his words.

“no man will ever make you feel the way I make you”

He was right, it was like he had put a curse on me and all I did was think of him. Just thoughts of him as I continued driving made me shed tears.

I wiped the tears as I approach the road block at the police check point. I was almost in Chingola.

“Good morning officer?” I greeted the policeman at the check point.

“Morning lady” he smiled at me. “going far ?” he asked leaning on my window..

“not really” I responded irritated he was trying to flirt with me.

“Am seeing a relative in Chingola” I added with a fake smile. He indicated for me to go on.

My heart pumped fast as I drove to river side an address I was given. I was told George and his mother lived there. I didn’t know what to expect or how to start explaining myself. I pushed back the urge to drive back.

“I can’t be afraid now” I whispered to myself.

” it’s now or never.” I assured myself as I walked looking for the address.

A boy of about 12 showed me the place I was looking for and I thanked him as I turned to the direction he was pointing at.

A short woman wearing a floral blouse and a black long skirt walked out of the flat at the end. I looked around the place, a three by three well built flat.

Indeed George was ungrateful I thought to myself. My father had built a good investment for him plus other monies given to him but he still wanted everything to himself. I felt a bit of jealousy.

I had been working for my father for over 8 years, but he had never given me a piece of land even though i knew I would inherit some of his wealthy, sometimes I wished I had lived my own life and did my own things especially designing which I loved so much.

I was brought back to my senses when The woman before me extended her hand to greet me.

“come on in.” she said with a smile ..

“Thank you mam” I said following her to the house. I made sure I dressed casually. A pair of jeans and a sleevelesss blouse which slightly showed off the black b-ra I was wearing in,side and some cream white pumps.

I sat down on the couch taking in the brown furninture in the room matched with some white and brown curtains hanging on some side windows.

” am sorry mam I have not introduced myself, am Paula.” I couldn’t get to finish my introduction when she chirped in.

“I know who you are my dear” she nodded

“you are Benson’s daughter” she added.

“I have seen you before though not in person. Benson told us about you and have watched some of your presentations on the media for the mine.”

“Well then” I sighed not knowing whether to be glad or worried they knew so much about me.

“I came to see your son. I have something important to discuss with him” I added calmly.

“What about?” she asked almost sounding upset..

“you and your father have everything and you have always had what you always wanted but my poor George has lived in poverty. it’s not fair that he gets peanuts from him while you enjoy all his money.” She bursts out angrily.

I looked at her shocked. I had no idea the woman before me held such bitterness. It was more like she was waiting for me to show up and then pour her heart out.

“Yes,” she continued as I listened in quitely .

“He’s the first born he was supposed to be working in those positions you a woman is working and not you. look at you” she added raising her hand to point at my body..

“You look like a model from the magazine and driving expensive cars, but my son has to continue working like a slave. He thinks these flats will give him a life he deserves?..”

I couldn’t take her words anymore, she was getting to my nerves..

“Look here mam” I spoke up sternly.

” I didn’t come here for your sermons. I dont know what your issues with dad are and I don’t really care. I just learnt he had a son and honestly that’s none of my business.”

“Yes!” She stood up scre-ming like we were quarreling.

“it’s your business and I will not rest until my son gets what he wants!”

I could not get myself to answer her back when George walked in.

” wow wow! Guess who decided to grace us with her presence” he shouted clapping his hands scarstically.

“the might Paula! I gues your resurrected boyfriend told you about me huh?” he teased.

I stood straight facing him my temper rising

” you son of the devil! i scre-med ignoring his mother. You killed Ackim and you dare make funny of me? you will pay for this you fool!” I scolded him angrly.

He laughed out making me feel like nothing.

“Don’t pretend with me You brat, your stupid bodygaurd dared to show his face here a week ago and you think I will buy the story of him being dead? Did he send you here huh? Did he?” He murmered close to my face..

I sat back down my strenght drained.

“what? You mean, he… he came here?” I asked almost in a whisper.

To be continued

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