The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard – Episode 22

The Bodyguard – Episode 22

By Tisa Phiri


After some minutes of silence I looked at George and his mother they wore this look that gave me goose bumps.

George let a small smile

“well can you now tell me why you wanted to see?” he said his voice at high pitch making me startle a bit as I realised I had been dumbfounded for a while. Thinking of the posibilty of Ackim being alive really shocked me. I didn’t know weather to believe George’s statement or not.

It didn’t make sense for me.

“how possible is it that the man who claimed to love me was alive and still let me believe he was dead.” I thought to myself,

Without answering him I stood up. but before I could walk out George’s Mother quickly stood up.

“where do you think you are going ?” She asked challengingly..

“Excuse me, I need to go” I said calmly holding my phone I walked out without another word. I could feel my temper rising and I wasn’t ready to face them yet all I could think of was Ackim.

George rushed past me and as I opened the car door he stood before me and held his hand on the door.

“Hey you brat , let me warn you, am not going to rest until I get what belongs to me” he snapped in my face

“am older than you and deserve better you and me were born from the same father I too deserve more than the change he has been giving me.”

“Look here you jerk” l told him feeling irritated.

” that wealthy you think you deserve isn’t yours. I have worked hærd to get my father’s investments this far and my mother left me a lot of money that is included in the businesses so you might as well forget it.”

He let a weaked smile,

” we will see” he said daring me.

“stop blocking my way George and if anything happens to me, i can promise you the law will catch up with you. I know about all your schemes, stay away from me.!” I shouted pushing him away.

I drove out furious, I knew that was bound to happen but what disturbed me the most was the news of Ackim.

“How could he do this to me ? ” I thought..

“he’s alive and couldn’t even make an effort to come to me.” I couldn’t understand why would he even forget me in such a short period.

Tears formed in my eyes as I drove. i had mourned him and now I have to live knowing he abandoned me.

I was lost in thoughts as I drove to join the main road without noticing a truck coming from the opposite direction.

” pooooh ! Poooooooh !” I heard the truck hooting. With a start I pressed the emergency brakes and my car stopped with tires screeching the truck missed my car with an inch as it swayed slightly.

I looked around in shock as people watched, others holding their heads..

I was so puzzled that I didn’t hear the driver of the truck shouting.

Opening the car door I stepped out..

“Hey lady you want to kill us this afternoon? can’t you watch were you are going!” he scre-med.

“Am sorry ” I apologised…

I stood for another minute composing myself my heart was pumping so fast and I felt like it would come out of my chest.

Driving slowly, I parked at some hotel in Chingola town. I couldn’t get myself to drive to Solwezi. I called my father to let him know i wasn’t going back.

” am seeing a friend” I told him when he called to ask why I wasn’t going back.

I booked in a room later. Sitting on the bed, i cried aloud holding the pillow in my face to avoid being heard outside.

“Why won’t you see me Ackim?” I cried..

Later on I calm down…

“maybe he wants to fight and protect me behind my back I thought.” The thought comforted me and I felt relaxed, though it didn’t make much sense I still hoped he didn’t just abandon me.

In the evening I walked around the small town and got myself some clothings from some boutique. I needed some clothes to change into the following day.

Crossing over to some restaurant I sat and ate quitely as I browsed through some sites on my phone.

“Excuse me” I heard a voice call to me..

“hey !” I smilled at a girl standing next to me.

“You are so beautiful ” she told me with her lovely puppy eyes..

” I want you to be my uncle’s girlfriend” she said smilling widely.

“Well thank you sweety” I answered.

“what’s your name ? ” i asked looking at her..

“Maya” she said with a grinn.

“well how do you know your uncle will like me ? ” I asked..

I heard her mother call her before she could answer..

“come on Maya come eat your food and stop troubling that poor lady” she told her.

I looked at their direction it was a family of 4, including Maya .

“It’s okey mam” I told the woman.. “she’s a cheerful girl l like her.” Maya smiled at her mother.

“I know he will like you” she answered my question.

“he’s very handsome too” she added looking straight at me.

“Okay let’s do this sweety, when we meet again then l will definately become your aunty .” I laughed softly making her smile widely..

“we will meet again you will see she ” shrugged with so much enthusiasm and walked back to her table.

I glanced at them and couldn’t help admire the small family. It reminded me of my mother.

Thoughts of her almost made me shed tears. she was always there for me she put us all together and I knew if she was alive she could have made me feel at ease on the situations I was going through.

Over the years I had dedicated my life to help dad. He had requested me to help him when mom died. we both were still mourning and I couldn’t turn down his request. I felt he needed me close so I put aside my designing shop, hiring someone to help me run it.

Now that years had gone by l was now thinking of starting my life all over again. I felt like I had to live for myself too. I made a mental note to persue my dream and probably go back to Australia when all the drama was over and run my designing business.

I had obtained a first degree in management so I had enough knowledge to help run the business for my father. From the time we came to Zambia i had put my life on hold.

I felt bad a person like George would just think of wasting the things that he had never worked for. To him i was this spoiled girl who was just enjoying my father’s wealthy.

The following day, I drove back home. I went straight to the office. I had to get myself busy.

I was flipping through the files, when dad walked in.

“Paula, why didn’t you tell me you were going to face George..?” He asked standing in front of my table.

“Well dad, someone needs to do something unlike you am not going to let that fool get away with the crimes he’s commited” I told him straight up.

“Am more worried about you my daughter” he sighed sitting in the chair..

“No dad you have a soft s₱0t for him and i will not let him kill us both while I fold my hands. remember he killed Ackim” I added..

Dad shook his head.

“Am sorry to tell you this but I had followed the police reports, there is a chance Ackim is alive ”

“What ?” I answered suprised.

Him confirming the news about Ackim puzzled me. I had not told him what George told me.

“Yes my dear,” he continued

“The reports show that there were no human remains in the car, but again there’s a possibility he died some place away from the accident scene. No wonder the people who picked you to the hospital didn’t find him.”

“Oh dad ..why didn’t you ever tell me? I mourned a man who is still alive.”

“I didn’t want to give you false hope my Paula. I saw the way you suffered, besides I don’t understand why he hasn’t come back after all this time. Maybe he is not alive after all” he told me calmly.

“He’s alive dad” I whispered.

“He has to be and he’s somewhere out there”

“Take it easy my Dear. let’s just be patient and see how it goes, otherwise I don’t want you confronting your brother. If he’s the one behind all this you will end up putting yourself in danger.” My father stated worried.

“Don’t worry dad, I can take care of myself.” I smiled at him before he could walk out.

I stood by the window as dad went out, looked outside and watched some mine vehicle move things from one point to another..

“Be alive my bodyguard” I whispered amid the noise coming from outside.

“Please come back to me.”



I was released from the police custody the following day with the help of Dr Mwaba’ s husband.

The fact that the police found the guy I shoot dead and the one that they captured alive both belonged to some gang they had been Hunting for years. All charges where dropped as the case was considered self defence.

I didn’t have an identification but thankfully the police in charge was a Friend to James, Dr Mwaba’s husband. He let me go after I explained the situation of my memory.

I was taken back home and the family wellcomed me with joy.

“I missed you uncle Will” Maya hugged me.

“gues what? ” She told me as she led me to the dinning table.

“Tell me dear am all ears” I smiled. The girl just had a way of making things seem easy. She made everyone smile and had that sense of serenity. The fact that I was always tolerant with her and paid attention to her talks, made her like me very much.

“Tell me Maya” I reminded her as we sat to eat. Dr Mwaba and Mwamba started laughing. I saw James shake his head too.

“What is it guys ? ” I asked surprised because everyone was smilling.

“Well Maya, tell him” Mwamba spoke up.

“Excuse me people give me a chance” she chuckled.

“ahaa ! now uncle let me explain,

Remember the other day we went for dinner ?” she started ,

“yeah clearly” I told her..

“how can I forget am just coming from the cells for killing a thief” I answered her..

“Sure..anyway that aside” she smiled.

” l have good news for you, we found this beautiful coloured woman at the restaurant , she’s gorgeous.”

“Mmmmmmh” I murmured with food in my mouth not really intrested in her story but I had to pretend I was listening.

“I asked her to be your girfriend uncle Will” she added

I was startled..

“what ?” I almost chocking with the food. I had not thought of that and I didn’t see it coming. since I came out of the hospital all l could think of was recovering my memory. I didn’t even know if I was married or had any relationsh¡p with a woman in my past.

Maya went on to praise my supposedly new found girlfriend.

“Promise you will like her uncle.” she said with pleading eyes.

“at least meet her and tell me if am lying ” she added while everyone broke down laughing.

“You are in for trouble my dear Will.” James told me as he poured some water in a glass cup.

I nodded my head.

“true l’m” I responded.

“So now does this beautiful woman know me ?” I asked her jokingly.

“Leave that to me, all you guys need is to meet each other” she said cheerfully.

“I know you will like each other.”

“Well then,” I told her.

” let’s see this wonder woman, maybe you can be the knife girl at our wedding” I teased as we all giggled happily.

To be continued

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