The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard – Episode 30

The Bodyguard – Episode 30

By Tisa Phiri


“Meet me at the usual place” I told Paula on the phone. I had just seen George and overheard him plan to attack that night. He was instructing some guys on how to capture her from the hotel.

“I don’t want any mistakes this time around” he told them.

“luck for us that idiot lost his memory. we have to act before he can remember who we are.” George explained as they sat at some drinking place. I wore a hood and some black sheds as a cover. They did not noticed I followed them to their meeting.

One thing puzzled me the most. The woman I saw at Georges house who introduced herself as his mother was the one pushing his son to kill Paula. I clearly head heŕ insist that that day they should make sure Paula was dead.

“listen up guys, George went on, should that soldier show up anywhere we all should not hesistate to take him down, this time for good” he added as they all nodded in agreement..

They were 6 in total, one of them apart from George looked familiar but unfortunately I couldn’t remember who he was.

Sudenly I saw them leave and I followed them, unknown to me one one them saw me as I made the call to Paula. I had taken off the hood thinking they all left. I had planned on warning her and get her out of the hotel before they did.

I cut the line as they came menacingly and surrounded me. George had left and now I had to face 4 guys.

“Well, well look who decides to stick his nose in our business again” they shouted, one of them wagging a belt made of a strong rubber.

I knew I had to fight them or I would die. As they charged towards me, I grabed one of them and hit him hærd on his face and he staggered backwards. I fought two other guys and when they noticed I was defeating them as individuals. They all charged forward at once, hitting and punching me from all directions.

My furry rose as I fought back making sure my blows left a great impact on them. Grabbing the rubber belt from the tall guy who had it, I wh¡pped them so hærd and they stood a step away. I went wild hitting and slashing as I over powered them.

It was surprising even for myself the way I fought then. I noticed one of them was the guy who had wanted to break in at Dr Mwaba’s house.

I followed him first and gave him blows before the others could stand to fight back. It was almost 18 and getting dark, the people at the bar ran in all directions as the fight heated up, I was like a mad dog kicking and fighting with all I had.

With a crack I twisted the guy I identified and he fall down lifeless. I was still on him when I felt a sharp cut in my head and before I turned to look at where it came from, I blacked out.

When I woke up, I was tied to some pole in an abandoned warehouse. I tried to loosen up but the idiots did their job well.

The guy with a funny hair cut came forward and led others as they all hit me so hærd I felt powerless. I spat blood and went dark again.

The time I came to, I saw George and his crew walk in.

He clapped his hands amazed,

“well now.. this is more like it.. the wounded buffalo has been tarmed ” he teased placing his foot on my chest.

“You have to kill me first you fool!” I shouted..

“because if you don’t, I swear to God I will cut off your head.”

“Let’s see how you do that soldier !’ he shouted back..

“you are useless tied up. Besides, am now going to invite your pretty girl so she watches you die before I kill her myself” he added and started laughing loudly. I wondered what was him with his stupid laughter, it so much for to my nerves.

“I guess you have watched too much movies uh? You want to be the bad ass guy who threatens everyone and do all sorts of crazy things ” I mocked him..

“but if you paid attention, you would notice the bad guys like you never make it to the end alive” I added sarcastically.

He came forward and slaped my face.

“you are dead meat my friend” he whispered near my face.

“say all you can cause today is the last of your miserable life” he spat looking straight at me.

Some other guy came and whispered some thing to him and I saw him smile happily.

“oh well today is indeed my day” he said as he went out side.

He came back a few minutes later with Paula held by two of his boys.

I shouted for him to leave her alone but he mocked me, saying she was the reason we both were there.

I felt bad and useless being tied up. my heart ached as i watched them tie her across where I was.

“I swear they will pay” I thought to myself. I wasnt going to let them harm her, not when I was still alive. I started looking around for something to help me loose myself.

George started explaining what he was calling the begining of the story….

“I lived a poor life with my mother and my elder brother” he started.. “that was some years back. our mother told us we both were born from different father’s. My brother who is supposed to be your real step brother” he said looking at Paula.

“he’s name is or can I say was? Gerrad” he went on..

“What are you saying you fool ?” Paula answered.

” you mean you are not even my brother?” She asked surprised..

“Yes actually” he responded folding his hands..

“You see i had to kill that fool cause he always thought he was more intelligent and clever. When our mother told us about who the father to Gerrad was. That is your father Paula,” he paused.

” I knew if he was to find his father before me he would become rich over night as we all knew he had lots of money. Anyway, to cut the story short, i wanted his inherritance and i killed him but my mother thinks it was an accident.

I later on convinced mom to go confront Mr Benson and tell him I was his son. Since she also needed the money she agreed and we brided some doctor to forge a DNA test and blah! Am your brother!” he said rising his hands as he stood before us looking at our surprised faces.

“You are evil George” Paula snapped.

” your greedy is so vast it will lead you to your grave.”

I watched him in silence my head was cracking with pain. I was almost scre-ming in pain but I couldnt show weakness at the moment.

“So now what followed?” He asked himself as he walked to and from.

“yeah I remember, then I started my plot to kill you. my only mistake was I wanted some quick cash so I damanded a ransom for your release when I sent some guys to kidnap you” he let a laugh..

“Mmmmhm it was wonderful how I used your workers to get to you. Remember Simon? And Shila? ” he looked at Paula

I saw Paula’s face frown

“what? You used those two?” she asked.

unfortuately for me everything was news cause I couldn’t remember the people in question.

“Yes, yes” he agreed smiling

“Shila is my girlfriend and shes the one who drugged your drink before we got you then and she was my eyes there. Simon may he rest in peace, was my cousin and he did lots for me, for instance kill the guys this jerk left to guard my right hand man Kakoma after he kidnapped him, remember soldier?” He teased me popping his eyes at me, Istayed silent.

“Am sorry I have to kill you Ackim, It’s nothing personal but you spoiled everything for me when you decided to play hero. A guy like you would save me better but since you are on the wrong team, guess I have no option.”

He went on bragging about how he squandered the money he was always demanding, he mentioned his plans of taking over from Paula’s father. Surely one could tell he was a lost cause, he harboured pure hatred towards Paula and her father.

He stepped out with his group later after he was done narrating his story. Some guy told him the police just past by the main road.

I took the opportunity to speak to Paula.

” i will get you out of here I swear on my life!” I assured her..

“Don’t do anything stupid Ackim please ” she told me crying.

” you are hurt and this maniac won’t hesitate to kill you.”

“if I don’t do anything we are both dead” I whispered to her.

“this person is sick in the head.” I shook my head.

“Ackim!” She called me..

“I love you” she told me without warning.

“You and i where were more than friends we both loved each other before the accident”

I smiled weakly.

” wow that’s the best thing I have heard in this horrible day” I told her trying to smile widely..

“whatever the case, I have fallen for you all over again. I love you now Paula, am not sure about the past cause I can’t remember but I know I love you still” I added with a smile..

I saw her cry and I was devastated. “am sorry we will never get to be together” she smiled whilst crying.

“No don’t say that, we have not come all this way just to die like this, i will get us out of here.” I said looking around. I needed a plan and I had to act fast.

To be continued

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