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The Bodyguard – Episode 31

By Tisa Phiri

George and his gang came in and they got some bags from the corner in a rush.

” hey you remain here and watch them” he spoke to one of the guys.

“we have to distract the cops and make sure they dont find this place. I will be back soon” he added as they ran out.

I looked at Paula and then the guy on guard, she shook her head in fear as I pushed myself up the pole.

The man guarding us turned towards me and came shouting.

“sit down!” But I stood straight without moving.

He came closer to hit me but this time he got it wrong I was ready for him. I kicked him on his groins and he fall down wincing in pain.

With another kick I hit him again and he stood staggering, the third hit took him down and he was silent in seconds. He was one of the people I fought earlier so he aleady had some planted blows in him.

I moved down a bit and grabbed him with my legs, my hands still tied up. He had a dagga which was still in his hand as he lay there motionless. I had to be fast before he woke up.

With so much force I pulled the dagga towards myself and lifted it with my shoes, the hærd part was getting it to cut my hands.

“Paula!” I called her out she was looking at the guy her eyes wide open.

“Come on, I need your help” I told her.

“your hands are tied around that metal but the good part is it’s moveable I want you to try pushing yourself towards me so I cut loose your hands” I instructed.

She moved a bit but stopped.

“I can’t it’s heavy” she cried..

“Yes you can Paula, please try h-rder” I encouraged.

After so much effort the wrecked part moved a bit forward. I had to extend my legs further my tied hands made it difficult to move freely.

Finally I was close enough and I started moving the dagga cutting her ropes loose, after I warned her to stay still. we heard foot steps as soon as she was loose.

Quickly she came behind me and cut off the ropes around my hands. “let’s go!” I took her hand as we ran back to the metals piled across.

We hid as George and his crew rushed in.

“Damn you!” he cursed kicking the guy who was just waking up from his unconcious.

” where are they? I need them dead before the police get here.”

The guy just looked about lost.

They scattered around the warehouse searching. I had to find us a way out. Paula was shaking in fear and I had to let her stay back down. Slowly, I walked out and grabbed the guy who was coming my direction holding a gun before he could see me.

I turned it and shot him in his leg. George ran to us and before he could realise it was me who shot, I fired at him the bullet heading right on his shoulder. I surely had a good aim and if I had wanted to I could have killed the idiot. But no way. I thought death would be too easy the purnishment for him he was to save a jail sentence .

Other guys ran out as They saw their boss fall. I ran after them like a mad person. I needed all of them down. Paula ran after me..

“Ackim stop!” she scre-med

“don’t go out there they are many ” she cried out.

“Stay back I will be okey!” I shouted without stopping as I pursued the thugs.

I ran faster and flashes of my memory started coming, With every step I remembered my wh0le life in seconds up to the time of the accident.

I recalled the vehicle banging from behind and as I turned to look at what was happening I saw a large tin of petrol thrown at us followed by a tong of fire.

I pushed Paula out of the car as it over turned before the blast which blackened my sight. I remembered jumping out heading to the slope.

In confusion, I crawed farther away from the burning car. I managed to stand as i saw blood all over my legs, part of my clothes were burning. I managed to wipe the flames from my shirt and ran as fast as i could but I wasn’t myself after covering some meters. my vision blurred and I fall down. The rest was dark until I woke up in the hospital.

All this recovery happened as I ran after some guy. I fired a gun in his leg and he fall down with a loud shout.

My strenght was gone as I felt a light head. I held my head as the pain worsened with the coming of the memory. Struggling to keep balance as the images before me became blurry. Luckil, Paula was there right before I could fall to the ground. She must have held me before I could get to the ground.

I moved some minutes later and the wh0le place was crowded with police officers with their flash lights. It was dark outside but some light in,side the warehouse lit the area around.

George and the guys I gunned down were all hand cuffed and covered in blood.

“Well done soldier!” I heard someone say. I looked at the direction of the voice, it was Paula’s father..

“Mr Benson” I called out.

“good to see you.” I tried to smile.

“What?” Paula asked, she was holding me on her laps.

” you remember him? ”

“Yes my Paula” I smiled at her ” i remember everything now. It’s all back my love, I missed you.”

“Wow! ” she scre-med her eyes tearly .

” oh my God, this is so wonderful am so overwhelmed with joy right now” she chuckled holding me tighter being so close to her felt so good. But the pains in my body were great too I winced in pain she quickly loosened her grip.

They put me on the vehicle to the hospital as the officer in charge told me I had to give my statement after I was attended to. Paula stayed close to me and k-ssed my l-ips lightly as the vehicles moved back to the city..

“Am glad to have you back my soldier” she k-ssed my hands.

” I really missed you” she added happily.


Days latter i was well, my mother was treated as well and she went back to the farm. We took her there and she invited all my siblings and we had a happy reunion. I was glad to see everyone though my father was no more.

Mr Benson approved our relationsh¡p and offered me some of his businesses that I ran them. Partly as appreciation for what I did to save him and his daughters life. I agreed to take over the running of the lodges all over copperbelt.

Dr Mwaba and her family remained close to us and I considered them part of my family. I had found another part to my family and I could not appreciate them more for what they did for me. Maya’s dream was fulfilled I was with Paula, she told me so.

Shila was reported killed at some bar. rummor had it she was caught with another man by George and was stabbed to death.

I managed to report back at the barracks and was told the government would take up the issue as it involved two states and caught the attention of the top guys in the government. I was told months later that the air force took out general Loco’s hide out in the forests of Congo and the rebel group was no more.


“My bodyguard! ” Paula called me out, I sat on the bench near the dams at Nsobe Camp. She always wanted us to go there once in a while and she was right, the place was wonderful and serene.

She was heavily pregnant with our twins then and everyday that past I fall in love with her. She was everything and more than I ever dreamed of her being.

“Yes my love” i answered smiling at her as she dragged herself towards me.

I stood and held her wa-ist gently. “you look cute with this bump” I teased, k-ssing her neck .

She shivered slightly, I smiled my mouth still planted on her neck.

“Am glad I still make you shiver” I whispered in her ears.

“Yeah unfortunately for me” she joked holding my hands.

“Tou always get the best of my body Ackim.”

“Yeah, its because I love you so much” I acknowledged…

“And I want to marry you as soon as our boys are out of you, you are too heavy for me to lift in a wedding dress.” I teased her further.

She held my neck and k-ssed me passionately.

“I accept your proposal my body guard” she whispered..

“anytime, anywhere.”

I was so gone. She made my blood run . I always wanted more and more of her sweetnesss. She was the one for me and my body could not resist her.

“Well, let the honey moon begin then.” I smiled lifting her to our Chalet.

“I can still go in,side you before these guys come out” I teased her laying her on the bed and brushing her hair from her face with my fingers

” I love you Paula” I told her as I lifted her on top of myself.

“I will live to love you and protect you till my last breath”

She closed her eyes and mo-ned in pleasure driving me insane with passion.

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