The Bodyguard Reloaded

The Bodyguard Reloaded – Episode 19

The Bodyguard Reloaded – Episode 19

© Tisa Phiri


Days went by and I was getting really worried.. days after Ackim went away, he had not called nor text.. I tried his line everyday but nothing..

….Babe I hope you are okay.. please call me whenever you can, I text him… hoping he would respond but nothing ..

I guesed he was busy and by all means i avoided thinking negatively..

Ackim’s sister Had come back and told me he had gone by his mother’s place before heading to Lusaka.. what is there ? She had asked as we sat in the sitting room watching TV..

He’s just gone for a job and will be back any day I told her.. I couldn’t get to tell her the details..

She was good with the twins so I felt at peace leaving them and going for work.. the nanny was okay too but I felt comforted someone related to Ackim was around.. even when she was just staying for days I knew I could at least keep busy for the days she was around and avoid thinking so much about Ackim.. I missed him a lot and it hurt ..

Leaving Ackim’s sister with the twins I went to the bedroom and lay back my face up high the ceiling.. I imagined Ackim calling me and telling me all was well..

I recalled the day he left.. he had not really promised returning and his luck of that assurance really got me worried.. of all his jobs this one really got to him and i felt bad.. I prayed silently that he would return..

My God save his life, he derseves to have a better and normal life after everything he’s been through.. I love him and i cut loose him I prayed tears running down my eyes..

I was lost in thoughts when my phone rang and I jumped quickly grabbing the phone from the table..

Helo! I answered without looking at the caller id …

Hey my love, I heard him respond.. I jumped up from the bed..

Babe.. wow! Am um .. how are you love? I stammered excited to hear his voice..

Am okey love, I just miss you a lot he added his deep voice getting to me and making me so excited I couldn’t get to sit back down.I moved to the mirrow watching myself as I talked to him..

I miss you a lot Ackim I said at last.. please come back already i can’t take this anymore I whispered twisting my hair as I looked at the mirrow…

I know love… am coming back soon this is almost over.. we succeeded thank God and what is remaining is just finishing up he explained.. how are the boys ? I miss being around them…

They are good babe and am sure they miss you too.. we can’t wait to see you back home..

Are you sure you are okey ? I asked..again.. he sounded a little down and I couldn’t help worry..

Am okey love just tired we have been working out the past week and the job wasn’t easy.. he assured me..

We talked for almost half an hour and I was still feeling he was not so okey.. I wish he was not hurt I thought to myself.. he didn’t really say when he was going to be back.. but the fact that he was okay really made me happy..

Dad is coming back home! I shouted to the twins as they played with their toys.. sitting in their baby chairs in front of the TV..

The twins had turned 4 Months old and they had started sitting without support.. I couldn’t help love them… being around the babies really gave me the joy and helped me have hope of seeing Ackim again safe and sound..

now that I knew he was coming back i went on to prepare to shift to our new home..

I wanted him to find us there.. so I told the maid to help me find a vehicle to move a few of our things..since the furniture in the house was for the apartment..

Moving was a bit tiring that weekend.. it had been 4 days since Ackim called me after a long week of silence.. even if he wasn’t back yet.. it was comforting because we always talked on phone..

He had called the day he was starting off and I prepared the house… ensuring everything was in order.. i wasnt good with cooking but I hired a chef to prepare the traditional foods Ackim loved.. I wanted him to feel how special he was..

Am done here and we are leaving..the chef called me out as I was dressing up.. okey! Thank you so much guys if the table is set you can leave I shouted from the bedroom.. the house was quite big as compared to the apartment so the dinning room was not so close to the bedroom.. I had to raise my voice a bit..

It was almost 18 hours by the time I finished dressing up..

I sprinkled rose petals the wh0le bed and the floor.. lighting some candles ensuring the bedroom environment was so calm and rom-ntic..

Welcome back my love i wrote on a piece of paper and placed it on the middle of the bed..

I looked at the watch on the side table.. he must be in any minute I thought to myself.. taking a last look at the mirrow.. I loved the look.. a jean bum short and bare back red top giving me a s€×y look.. I put on red heels and let my hair loose… ensuring my make up was vivid and the l-ips deep red..

I sighed, I couldn’t believe I was actually nervous .. oh Puala come on.. it’s not like you are meeting him for the first time I whispered to myself.. I couldn’t help wonder why I stil felt like I had to do everything to be perfect for him.. I love the man so much I sometimes felt I wasn’t enough for him..

That feeling you love someone that you fear you will make a mistake and lose them.. it was awkward…

Walking out to the living room I sat down trying to stay calm as my heart beat increased with every passing minute..

Come on Paula, I heard Shila say behind my back.. why are you so nerbious like you are meeting a man for the first time.. I can’t believe this, she laughed clapping her hands.. Ackim is your husband and not boyfriend she added between laughs..

stop teasing me Shila.. I can’t wait anymore…Am not at ease until I see him step into this house i told her standing up and going to the window drawing the curtain a bit to check for any signs of a car outside..

Wait, I sighed with a frown… did I tell him we shifted? Maybe hes gone to the apartment Shila ..

Yeah you did actually last night remember? She said making a funny face.. don’t tell me you have forgotten ? She asked folding her hands..

She sat next to me and asked.. tell me sister in law, how is it like being in love with my brother?

Well I sighed sitting up.. how do I put it? Ackim is amazing… there’s something about him which makes me fall in love with him every time I am around him.. he’s so caring, he’s got a big heart I sometimes wonder how he manages to be so good to people.. he’s got this thing that pulls everyone close to him and sometimes I can’t help feel jealousy..

I cant describe it in words Shila, I sighed with a smile.. I just know that I love that man and I have all the reasons to.. hes the braveiest, strongest and most passionate and loving man i have ever known.. he’s almost perfect if not for his temper I added with a chuckle.. the thing is I just love him and it’s hærd to explain why and how.. he’s just perfect for me sister, I added patting her hand as she looked at me with a smile, leaning her head on her knees..

I really admire you Paula, she said giggling..

I always wish i could feel all that for somebody and have them love me back…

You know what Ackim told me the last time we talked? She asked me leaning back on the couch..

No, tell me I responded…turning to look at her.. her long face with a smooth dark tone lightened with a wide smile.. her smile reminding me of the love of my life.. i felt myself smile too…

He said, she’s perfect for me.. she is an amazing woman who gives everything she has for me.. I love her with my wh0le being Shila… my greatest achievement of my life was finding that woman.. she helps me forget my night mares… she keeps me sane and every time am with her I feel like the luckiest man there is… Am nothing but she makes me feel like a king. … it sometimes pains that am in love with her.. this feeling I have for Paula is both my strenght and my weakness.. he told me…

Wow! He said all that? I looked at Shila tears falling down my face.. I couldn’t help cry.. i knew he loved me.. but to the extent of expressing it to someone else that intensily left me speechless…

Yeah he did… I know the two of you are so much in love and I cant help wish I was in your shoes she laughed slightly….

Thank you Shila, honestly you and your family are great people and I could have not asked for any better sister in law… you are amazing I told her pulling her to a hug…as i sniffed pushing back my emotions…

We were still talking when I heart the car hoot outside…

He’s here! I scre-med standing and running to the gate. …

Open the gate Shila I shouted…. heading outside…. yeah I know…. she teased running to open the gate…

To be continued

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