The Bodyguard Reloaded

The Bodyguard Reloaded – Episode 7

The Bodyguard Reloaded – Episode 7

© Tisa Phiri


I let Chikola lead the way to the next room . She knocked and when the man in,side answered I warned her not to do anything funny .

It’s me she responded as he opened the door to let her in , I pushed it open and grabbed the man before he could grab the gun he had placed on the small table in the room . I took it quickly and hit him on the head before he could fight me back .

Looking around l saw the twins laying in the bed , two feeding bottles besides them . I wondered what their plan was . I was assuming Chikola a woman was to be with them . I then realised that they planned to guard the kids and that it was probably easy to let them be with one with strength to fight back .

I rushed to them checking if they were okey . The kids were fast asleep , I was carried away inspecting the babies and didn’t notice Chikola coming to hit me with a stool . I luckily grabbed it from her and pushed her down . Her accomplice come to me and charged forward . He hit me hærd and as I staggard towards the Wall he come with full force punching me .

As We engaged into a fight I saw Chikola grab one of the babies and started heading out .

My attention shifted to saving my baby and the guy took advantage punching me , he grabbed the stool thrown down and lashed it on my head sending me down in an instance .

I shook to stand up and shouted noo ! Bring back the boy I scre-med powerless . She ignored my scre-m and headed right to the door .

I lifted myself grabbing back the stool and pushed the guy to the Wall with the strength I remained with .

I was not going to let them take one of the twins away and the mission of the guy fighting me was clear . He wanted to delay me to let Chikola escape .

I struggled to keep him to the wall his height advantage over mine making it a challenge .

I heard someone walk in the room and saw Chikola coming back in , Jim pointing a gun at her. Gaining momentum I lashed at the guy hiting him with the other hand as he was still pinned to the wall .

His mouth was filled with blood and I noticed he was weak . I felt the rage for all the trouble I had been , the pain I saw in Paula’s eyes with my hands I continued hitting even when I saw he was not moving .

Stop, that’s enough man . Jim pushed me back , I tried going back to finish him but Jim held me so tight not letting me go .

Think of your kids man , he shouted . Let me finish him Jim I snapped feeling my anger not quenched .

Chikola tried to escape but I ran to her holding her by her dress before she could leave the door . I slapped her hærd sending her to the floor .

Calm down Ackim , Jim held my hand as I went to hit her again .

I sighed and walked to the twins . Kim was just waking up his brother fast asleep .

Hey sonny I smiled wipping the blood from my hand , it’s dad , you okay ? I asked lifting him up . I got Paul on the other hand and slowly walked out .

In the corridor I met the police officers . Hold it ! They shouted at me , don’t move .

Am not a criminal officer I told them . I just came to get kids they were kidnapped last night . The culprits are in that room I said Indicating with my head .

They passed me as I walked on , I saw the lady at the reception stand in the corner with the guard . I looked at them both , thank you I told them with a weak smile . I got what I came for . The lady nodded her head and wiped a tear from her eye . l hope all goes well for you sir she told me .

Thank you l let a smile as I walked out , my babies held tight in my arms .

I took them to the car and one of the police officers outside asked me to go to the station to go and give my statement .

I gave them details and even reported Jane who was taken in together with Chikola and the other guy who they put on a stretcher . He was still breathing but his face was dismantled .

Come on man let’s take you to your wife , Jim said patting my back .

I got in the back seat with the boys as he drove us . Thank you man I told Jim .

You came right on time and you have really been great . I owe you one man I added .

That’s what mates are for dont mention it , you would do the same for me .

Yeah I nodded as I lifted Paul who I had put down on the seat as Kim s-cked his finger laying in my laps .

Yes my love , yeah am okey and the babies too I answered as I talked to Paula . I called her to let her know we were safe .

Oh my God am so happy you guys are okey she shouted , tell me how far you are from getting home and can’t wait .

Soon , we are just from giving reports at the police station now we are on our way back .

Paula and her father waited for us and ran to welcome us as we turned to the yard , she ran to hug and k-ssed me tears in her eyes . Thank you for bringing back the boys and yourself my love , she touched the twins one after the other as she checked them .

Oh I missed you two she cried as she took them in the house .

Come here I clear your face she told me after she went to put the kids in their room after changing and feeding them .

I had stayed talking and giving the details to her father . Am so proud of you Ackim , he told me. You have always put your life on the line for my daughter and I know you won’t let me down ever . You are the strongest and most courageous and braviest man I know soldier , your heart is exceptional too .

I appreciate it Sir , I told him honestly .

Paula grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom where she had prepared a first aid box and some warm water for me to clean up .

I winced as she wipped the small cut on my head , you need to go to the hospital babe , she told me , there are more than two cuts in your head .

No forget it love . Am not going anywhere just do what you can do I will be fine .

She shrugged and shook her head , you are stubborn Ackim .

I won’t leave your side and the kids I told her .

It was already 6 hours by the time I finished bathing and Paula stitched my wounds . I felt so tired I had to retire to bed after taking some strong pain killers , go on and rest Paula’s father told me when l went to check on the kids . Am here nothing will happen to any of them , they are safe he emphasized . Paula stayed back in the twins room as I went to bed .

I fall asleep almost immediately l lay down .

I woke up 4 hours later . Hey handsome Paula called me , she came to sit next to me .

How are the boys I asked her ? They are okey I called the Doctor to check on them , everything is okey . They are both so much asleep she added .

You are our hero babe she told me , what would I have done without you ?

I smiled at her , maybe gotten a life with that American I saw at the reception . I saw the way he looked at you Paula , tell me who that man is ?

She looked down and I knew my suspicions were right . I suspected the two of them had a past .

Forget it Paual , all I want to know is that you two are nothing more than just people with some history .

I love you Ackim and I can never do anything to break your heart she told me . Am sorry I didn’t tell you he was coming , I was caught by surprise as well . Serah invited him over and I didn’t get to understand why .

Umm that friend of yours I don’t trust her I said plainly . I know I have no right to chose friends for you but I don’t like that one .

Ackim can we stop discussing other people that don’t matter , come here she said extending her hands . I missed you so much she smiled and I love you . My friend and my past are just that , you are the one that matter to me .

I put my head on her chest as she talked brushing her hand in my head . I love you so much my woman I just hope someone will not make me want to kill them over you .

She ignored my statement and went on pulling me closer before k-ssing me passionately .

We made love and she sighed holding my face . Am yours and yours only , believe that okey she whispered seriously .

Just then her friend walked in without knocking , Oh am sorry guys I thought you are alone Paula she smiled looking at me and I knew she was trouble . Someone is asking for you , they said they are from Solwezi? Something to do with the mine she added .

Oh yeah Paula asnwered , sorry babe I need to sign some doc-ments before we leave for our honeymoon .

Yeah I nodded and lay back down as she quickly dressed and headed out .

A few minutes later I stood to go and take another bath , turning I saw Serah standing by the door her tongue out .

what the hell , I scre-med grabing a sheet to cover myself .

Wow ! She exclaimed biting her lip , I see why Paula is all over you , you are a true defination of a man  Ackim .

Get out of my room I scre-med pushing her out , what is wrong with you , are you are sick in the head…..

To be continued

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