Love or Revenge


The weather was as treacherous as a typical Lagos runs babe. Thunder arrogantly announced itself; the moon receded immediately as though it had been frightened by the vociferous grumble of thunder. A luminous whip of lightning lashed periodically across the grey sky. Torrents of heavy downpour cascaded violently on roofing sheets.
”God will punish Sandra” i cursed under my breath,as the unconcerned rain descended on me without pity. I shot a quick glance at my water resistant watch, it was 7:35pm,i had to be home before my martinet dad rounded up from his favourite beer joint. I plodded awkwardly along the des**ted streets of Dolphin estate. My phone suddenly rang, it was Muftar.His voice was drenched in feminity,which i thought was a contradiction to the nature of his herculean physique.
”O boy how did it go? ‘He enquired, i hissed.
‘‘That babe na serious mumu,can you imagine, the spoilt brat abandoned me at the fast food joint just because i couldn’t buy her shawarma” i replied.
He let out a paroxysm of wild laughter ”don’t worry bro,i go arrange another sweet one for you” he mumbled amidst fists of laughter.
I hung up,i didn’t care.All i needed at that instant was to get home before my dad. The rain subsided;the custodians of nature were indeed merciful i thought.I was a few blocks away from my house,the misty smell of rainwater floated through space.My street was empty, NEPA struck. ”Imbeciles!” i muttered. They’d jeopardized my “Butterfly Effect” the interesting movie i hoped to settle down with the moment i got home.My house was in sight,i could perceive the delectable aroma of fresh fish pepper soup as it wafted into my nose,it was definitely from mum’s kitchen.My assumption was gluttonous.
A feeble voice suddenly called out,”uncle, please help me” i paused and listened closely. ‘help me sir’ came the voice again. i moved closer to the child curled up beside a brown wooden kiosk close to my house. ‘What is it” i enquired, ‘where is your house’ ‘But he remained mute, ‘help me’ he whispered. I was moved;the helplessness that trailed his voice overwhelmed me.I moved closer and made an attempt to raise his head. ”Chineke!” i exclaimed and scampered backwards,a cloud of numbness hovered above me like a swarm of houseflies around the head of a fish avalanche of Goose bumps invaded my body.
The child had the face of a very ugly old woman,and had a pair of what seemed like goat horns,he smiled at me,his teeth were all gone but for two pairs of buck teeth jutting out viciously from his wide mouth.From which drips of slimy mucus also fell out generously.He staggered towards me like an imbecile;i stumbled backwards and ran as fast as my ski-ny legs could carry.I hurriedly opened the door that led to my sitting room and slammed it shut with all the might my fidgety hands could muster.
The sitting room was drowning in pepper soup aroma; i hurried into the kitchen to meet my mum. ‘Dozie where have you been,and why are you breathing like a she goat in labour?’ she queried.
She asked without turning to look at me.
”Hmmm mummy you won’t believe what i saw beside Iya Kudirat’s kiosk just now.”
‘‘What was it?” she responded calmly, ”did it look like this” she turned to face me.
”Jesus!” i exclaimed and stormed out of the house like a banshee.
Written by EdozienSley.

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