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The changing tides episode 16


The changing tides episode 16

She woke up that morning to the sight of Paul, he’s hands still wrapped around her. Maria, smiled

to herself recalling every moment they had the previous day. Paul was crazy, he had made love to

her almost the whole night and she felt so tired.

She placed her head on his torsos and closed her eyes taking in the scent of perfume on Paul’s

body. She wondered what kind of perfume was that strong that would still be on him from the

previous day.

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Maria and Paul spent half the day together. They had a great time and as they left hand in hand

towards the vehicle Maria couldn’t help feel proud of her man.

“Aren’t you going for work today?” She had asked Paul earlier.

“No, this day is off for me. I can’t just get enough of you and am sure work will always be there,”

he told her with a laugh. ..

“So tell me what you and my sister where talking about yersterday” Paul asked as they joined the

main road heading back home.

“Well, I went to ask her to give me a job” she responded.

” I thought of starting school and I had to find some income so I can pay for my clases.”

“What? Why would you want to ask my sister for that, like I can’t do that for you ?” Paul asked

somehow shocked.

Maria looked at him,

” that’s the thing Paul, I don’t want to spend my whole life depending on you entirely, I have to

learn to work for myself as well. Selling in a shop is not bad at all. I can do this Paul, you have

already done enough for me and I don’t want to put more pressure on you. Please let me do this”

she pleaded holding his shoulder. .

Paul looked at her and sighed,

” I don’t like this, Maria, honestly. It’s not a bother to help you to do what you want come on.”

“Please honey, let me do this for me. I have to. Understand me and just support me on this. It’s not

that bad. Please I know you can do it but know me to do this for me”

Paul sighed,

” Well I guess I have to let you do what you want. Just make sure you do the right thing and work

hard to pass your exams.”

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“Thanks” she smiled looking at him but he shook his head looking ahead.They got home. After the maid told them Paul was taking a nap, Maria went in to have a change

of clothes and prepared to go and register for grade 10 at the nearby school.

She walked to Paul’s room to go and tell him she was done as they had agreed to go together. To

her shock, she found Tasha in her panties holding and kissing Paul on the bed.

She for a second thought she was imagining things but when she stood there numb she noticed

how Paul was fighting to get out of the hands of Tasha.

She felt the urge to run so that She can avoid seeing what was happening but her inner instincts

told her to be there and support her man. Knowing so well the intentions of Tasha, even though

she didn’t understand how she got inside since the maid never told them anything about her

coming the time they got home.

She cleared her throat,

Paul, pushed Tasha aside and opened his mouth to talk as Tasha smiled wickedly.

“What’s going on here?” Maria asked calmly.

“What do you think you slut ?” Tasha shouted walking closer to paul.

Paul went to Maria’s side instead.

“My love its not what you think” Paul figited.

Maria smiled at him.

“Yes honey, it’s exactly what am thinking.”

Paul looked at her desperately…

“please don’t.. ”

Maria raised her hand,

“yes I know what is going on here, Tasha,” she started looking at her.

” You want Paul so much that You would do any stupid thing to be with him. And you Paul, you are

so blind you have not seen how a snake this girl is.

But I want you to say this in both our presence so that from now on this issue will be settled.

Tell us both who you want and stop this craziness once ans for all” she added looking at Paul.

Paul looked at Maria and felt proud. Her maturity in handing the issue amazed him and he was


“Wow, I would confess i didn’t expect that my love” he smiled holding her shoulder as Tasha

watched, her face furious.

“You are just a prostitute who wants his money, a good for nothing slut” Tasha spat.

” You thought you could just get my man without shame? You are so mistaken”

Paul shook his head,

“Tasha call her that again and you will be out of my house without clothes on. Grow up, I told you I

love Maria and no matter what, I will always choose her. You are a good woman dear, go on and

find love somewhere else. Maria is mine and that is not changing any time soon” he added firmly.

” I choose her and will choose her over and over again.” He smiled kissing Maria on the forehead.

Maria walked towards Tasha smiling, “well that’s your problem Tasha, you think you have it all, aleast I accept who I am and have learnt to live my life through it all. What about you?

Tell me what good is about hiding behind a mask and Chase after a man that doesnt love you.?


Maria walked to the closet and got Tasha’s clothes and threw them on her. “Get dressed and

leave already,” she spat.

“Honey let’s go we will be late” she said holding Paul’s waist as they walked out to the door.

“By the way” she turned back,

“your body isn’t that attractive learn to cover it up” she shouted and went on.

Paul stoped in the way to the kitchen and hugged Maria tightly.

“Am proud of you love, thanks for that ” he kissed her.

Maria smiled,

” well someone had to do something and I won’t let you go after last night ” she laughed.

Tasha walked around the room still [email protected] The rage in her heart. She couldn’t believe what just

happened and the embarrassment she just had. Her plan was to make Maria see her and Paul

together and probably run away or have a fight with Paul. The response Maria gave her left her

powerless she couldn’t Get herself together. Grabbing her dress which Maria had thrown on the

bed, she quickly dressed up and walked out without turning back.

Days and weeks went by and Maria and Paul got closer, she had started school and was now

working at Margrets shop.

One day, She walked out and waited for the other worker to lock the doors up that afternoon so

she could go with the keys.

Grabbing the phone from the hand bag, Maria called Paul.

“Am done honey, you still working I go right ahead?” She asked him.

” I have a class at exactly 17.”

“I am a few minutes away, just wait I drop you at school,” Paul had responded.

Maria stood by the raod side waiting for Paul when she saw a guy she couldn’t recognise walking

towards her, she stepped aside to give him passage but to her surprise the man stopped in front of


“The person you are waiting for is calling for you” the guy told her, Maria looked at him. Thinking it

was Paul that had come. She looked at where she stood.

“Maybe he found a parking slot on the other side” she thought as she followed the man.

She looked around for any signs of Paul across the road and when she couldn’t see his car, she

turned to look at the man next to her who pushed her into another vehicle and immediately she

was inside her nose was covered with a cloth and she went dark.

Paul drove to the shop a few minutes later and he was surprised Maria wasn’t there but the shop

was closed. He tried to call her to ask maybe she stepped away a bit but her phone wentunanswered.

Getting out of the car, Paul walked to the shop and asked the guys who were seated outside the

door chatting.

“Have you seen that lady who is the cashier for this shop?” He asked pointing at his sisters shop.

One of them told him they saw her follow a man she was seen talking to and that they crossed to

the other side. Paul crossed the road but there was no sign of Maria.

He tried to call her again and nothing, the phone was off.

Paul felt a grip of worry as he sat back in the vehicle waiting, in the hope that maria could have left

to get something and would be back soon. He looked at his watch and it was almost 18.

“Maria knows she is late for class” he whispered to himself.

“Where could she be? with her phone off.?”

After waiting for another 30 minutes Paul drove away hoping to find Maria at her school but to his

shock her She wasnt there.

He waited for her at home pacing around the house his phone in his hands but hours went by

and there was nothing.

Paul refused to think the worst so he decided to calm himself and wait some more falling asleep in the couch… 

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