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The changing tides episode 17


The changing tides episode 17

Maria tried to wake up but her body felt so heavy and her eyes weak to open. She struggled

wanting to move but she couldn’t.

In her struggle she raised her eyes a bit and saw two men standing next to her. Their images

blurred she couldn’t recognise them.

“Please let me go!” she screamed but only a whisper came out. Maria was so confused her mind

couldn’t think clearly. She couldn’t remember getting in the room she was being held.

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She felt a chill on her body and when she tried to move again she realised she was completely

nude. Realising someone was doing something to harm her Maria panicked inside.

All she could see was some flashes from the camera pointing at her. She tried to move but she

couldn’t progress.

Whatever they had given her was so strong. The other guy removed his clothes and went on top

of Maria’ s [email protected] body, Maria tried to scream and lift her hands to push him away but the hands

just fall back down on the man’s back. As the other one worked with his camera getting a video.

When they were satisfied, the guys threw some cover on Maria and walked out leaving her laying

there hopelessly. They didn’t rape her but got a caption of exactly what they planned.

Later the following day Maria felt a bit of strength and she tried to stand staggering in the process.

She was about to look around through the window of the room she was being held trying to get a

glimpse of where she was but immediately she heard voices hearding her way. Standing frozen,

she saw the man she saw in town with another one she couldn’t identify walk in with some clothes

in their hands. .

“Why are you doing this?” Maria cried as they grabbed her forcing her in the tight clothes. Theyhelped each other to dress her as she tried to fight her way out.

Placing a wig on her hair, they beat her up and threatened to kill her if she didn’t do as told. Maria

was grabbed to some crowded night club and was made to sit.

She was still feeling the weakness from the drugs they had injected in her so she sat put and

looked around wondering what was really going on.

Paul watched as two men held Maria each by the hand into the place he was told he would find

her. he had received a video of Maria indicating Maria was having s£x with another man.

Paul had panicked not believing what he was seeing. He ignored the clip in his phone and threw

the phone on the bed furious.

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“No this can’t be real,” he told himself rubbing his eyes.

“Maria can’t do this to me again. She told me she loves me and we were happy the past months

how can she go back to that Kind of life?” He whispered to himself.

Grabbing the phone again Paul watched the whole video clip when he saw Maria wrapping her

hands around the man, he’s strength finished.

He tried to call the number that the video came from and a man’s voice spoke up.

“Who are you and what are you doing with Maria?” he asked his voice so deep with fury.

He heard the other person laughing..

“oh now this is funny huh? I know you are playing games with me and i can assure you it wont

work. Just bring back Maria wherever you holding her before I call the police on you.” He snapped

The guy laughed again making Paul more upset.

“Well it seems you have no brains to reason. Let me help you man, that girl is a prostitute,it’s what

she does. Get it through you head,” the voice told Paul. “If you think someone is forcing her to do

things go to the address I will text you and you will see for yourself.”

Paul almost said something but the line was cut and when he tried to call back it was off.

“No this can’t be” Paul cried.

“She can’t do this to me again, my God what is going on? Please let me wake up from this dream”

he whispered.

Jumping into the vehicle Paul looked at the text showing a name of Some night club and drove

there his mind wondering as he drove.

He went to sit in a chair and waited to see any signs of Maria. He had been seated for more than

30 minutes and when he was almost starting off he saw her walk in with some guys Holding her

both sides.

“What?” Paul shook his head not believing what he was seeing.

“Maria? No way” he thought walking towards the table she sat on just to confirm he was not right.


Getting closer, Paul stood near the table Maria sat on and called her name.Paul” Maria answered looking surprised.

” Honey what is going on? What are you doing here and what are these men doing to me ?” she

asked honestly.

Paul shook his head his eyes tearly.

” No Maria, you won’t do this to me again. Tell me this is not happening” Paul shed tears.

” I won’t take this anymore Maria I won’t.” He shouted stepping back.

Maria tried to stand to follow him but she staggered as the effect of the drugs ran her down again.

“Please honey I didn’t do anything, take me out of this place I love you Paul and I can’t go back to

my old life I promised us to stop and believe me I have no idea how I got here.these men just

forced me to come, he………”

She couldn’t finish her sentence and Paul stepped forward giving her a big slap.

“You have just killed what I ever felt for you Maria. I want you this time out of my life and my son’s

life too .

Just go and never come back!” Paul added and stormed out leaving Maria slowly falling back to

the chair realizing what just happened.

“Oh no Not again!” Maria whispered tears falling her face.

“Please not again” she cried looking around.

“Oh no !” she screamed holding her mouth as she saw the men who had her leave the club


She quickly stood up to follow Paul outside and she saw his car just leaving the parking lot and

she fall down crying like a baby.

“Why this again when I was just beginning to be happy?” Maria cried

She almost crawled to the taxi and asked the driver to take her to Paul’s house.

He was seated by the step at the entrance taking a bottle of beer when Maria walked out of the

vehicle and asked the driver to wait for his money.

She walked to Paul and knelt down to beg him to listen.

” Paul you have to believe me. I have no idea how those men got me and how they took me to

that place. Am innocent please believe me Paul.” She wept her tears falling on his feet.

Paul stood up leaving her fall to the ground.

“I thought you trully changed and that our lives will be better now. I thought for the sake of the

love you claimed to have for me could make you do the right thing, how wrong I was. You know

Tasha and Grace were right about you. You have never changed and you won’t. It’s like you are

cursed for sure like you said yourself.

After eveything I did for you? Here I was thinking I was to blame for what you did in the past. But

now I know street life got to your head and you will never make any sense out of your poor life.

Leave my house right this moment and never think of ever coming back. It’s over, we are done

and you will never see your son again ” Paul added walking inside.

Maria felt the deep cut in her heart, Paul’s words her very soul.”Am sorry mama but I have to get going now, please give me my fare” the taxi driver spoke to her

calmly feeling compassion on her. He could see how broken she was.

Maria looked at him and tried to stand but fall back down.

“Am sorry please call for me the maid. I can’t stand” she told him sitting down.

Chanda came and knelt before Maria, “aunty what happened to you?” she asked her.

“You don’t look so well what is wrong?”

Maria sighed sadly,

“I don’t know Chanda, please get my hand bag from the bed I used to sleep in before and put in

any dress that you will find and some slippers.” She sniffed crying as she spoke

“But aunty where are you going? it seems you can’t move. Why won’t you get inside.?”

Maria looked at her tears falling,

“I can’t chanda please just do as I have told you” she whispered.

Chanda brought her the bag where all her docvments and the money she had was. She got the

dress on the other hand changed into some slippers and slowly walked towards the taxi as the

driver walked behind her.

“Take care of my son will you? I cant ask to see him because I won’t bare looking in his face.”

She looked at Chanda who remained behind watching her.

“I will, ” Chanda answered crying at the sight of the woman she had come to love.

Maria was always good to her and treated her like a sister. She would get her clothes and the two

always told stories and laughed together.

Chanda had no idea what was going on but she knew from the look she saw earlier from Paul’s

face that something was terribly wrong.

Maria wept all the way as she was being taken to the only person she could talk to, Doro.

“Let’s talk to my new boyfriend, the guy is a mafia and he can help you get those guys and maybe

make them tell who sent them,” Doro spoke up after Maria was done explaining to her what


“No my friend, it’s okey, there’s no need for the trouble. There are only two people that can do that

and I won’t try to prove myself. You know what hurt the most?” She asked crying her voice

almost in a whisper.

“The words that Paul told me today.

It was like i was looking at a whole different Paul, that calm man, the one i have been with the last

month’s wasn’t the one i just saw today.

He called me “cursed” she cried her voice out. Imagine Paul thinks I am a curse and don’t

derseve him or my child now. Him that always stood by me today he won’t believe every word I

say. When I went wild I didn’t do it in hiding Doro, he knew what was going on. If he didn’t think Ihave changed, why did he stay with me and promised me a life that I always dream of?

I can’t do this anymore my friend, am finished and i don’t think there’s ever a coming back for us.

You shoud have seen his face when he asked me never to return. He scared me so much I had

shivers. I love him I swear to God I wouldn’t have given him any reason to doubt me again. I gave

myself for him and I was working to better my life not just for myself but for him and my son too.

I wanted to complete secondary school Doro,” she paused wiping the tears that fall from her eyes


” I wanted to do a teaching course,” she smiled amid tears.

“I wanted to make a difference in society and maybe build an ophanage to help the street kids out

of the streets. Look at me now, though it hurts so much, Paul is right. There’s no good that will

come out of me my friend. It’s like for sure am cursed. Maybe this is my karma, paying me back

for my mistakes.” Maria lamented as her friend cried with her too.

“Please that’s enough Maria,” Doro sniffed her tears in.

“Please don’t say that about yourself. It’s just unfortunate Paul didnt believe you but I promise you

I do understand you and I know you changed for sure.

Get yourself together and I will try talk to Paul tommorow. He will have to hear me out. This is not

fair that you are judged for things you didn’t even do.”

Paul spent almost the night drinking in his bedroom. He had not even gone out to see his son and

when Jake came over to talk to him he had to knock several times on his door before he could

open up.

“What is going on Uncle Paul ?” Jake asked.

“The maid just told me Maria left last night. And you are locked up in here the whole day.”

Paul looked at Jake.

“Well, am done loving her Jake , I gave her everything, my whole being and I was willing to spend

my whole life with her but what does she do, she goes back to prostitution.” Paul explained

“What? No way uncle, that’s not possible you have been with Maria almost all the time. You pick

her from the shop and take her to school and then home, when did she start doing that again? It’s

not true whoever told you ” Jake scolded angrily.

“Come on don’t tell me you are giving up on her just because someone lied to you uncle.”

“Jake ,I thought so as well but when I saw that, he said handing him the video clip. And later on I

saw it with my own eyes. Maria was so drunk she couldn’t stand straight. I was left speechless .

That girl has got the last of me and I am tired of all this. Just how far can a man be pushed to the

wall?” Paul asked shaking his head.

“No way Jake I can’t go on anymore am done.”

Jake shook his head after seeing the video.

“If it was only the video I wouldn’t have believe this but the fact that you saw her too that’s

something uncle and am sorry you have to go through this again” Jake added sitting down.

“Well its the last thing am gonna go through for her, when am up from here am not looking back and she will never come near my son again. Let her kill herself for all I care, this time she’s all

alone. ” he scoffed angrily.

Doro’s visit was fruitless as Paul didnt even give her the chance to talk to him. He threw it in her

face that she was the one that introduced Maria into prostitution and she had no right to defend

her. Without a word Doro left.

“Am sorry Maria, Paul wouldn’t even listen to me. You were right it’s like he’s a different man all

together I didn’t understand. You know what though,? just take it easy and am sure one day he

will come to realise how wrong he is ” she ecouraged her as Maria lay down in the bed tears

falling like water from her eyes. .

“Well atleast you tried and there’s nothing else we can do. Let him be my friend. I just hope he will

allow me to see my son one day. He can’t deny me that right I gave birth to that boy. ”

“Yeah sure thing my friend. So what now?” Doro asked.

“Well, I don’t want to go down the wrong path again. Only this time am not staying in Lusaka. Am

going to the copperbelt and start afresh there.

Thankfully I still have some money saved up from my salary and I can pick it up from there.

Maybe start school again and if am lucky do some small business during the day. I promise

You I will make it and all this pain will one day be history. God saved my life for a reason and that I

will live and strive to achieve” Maria said wiping the tears from her face.

Doro smiled tears in her eyes too.

” Do that girlfriend and make me proud I love you..”

“I love you too Doro ,you are my only family. I will never forget you and I wish you went with me

too” . She answered with a weak smile.

Doro shook her head.

“No. I have a boyfriend even though he’s a mafia he helps me and now am not going out anymore.

I can do just fine. Go and find yourself friend and when you are okey come back and show me

what God can do.” She smiled rubbing Maria’s hand.

“You know my life is like a river, it has these tides that keep on changing and most of them have

been so painful leaving me broken. But you know what?

Am taking charge of my boat now and the changing tides will not change my course at all, am

getting hold of my life and God help me through” she smiled tearly putting her head down on the pillow.

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