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The Chocolate lovers episode 14 – 15

Chocolate lovers

Episode 14💕💕
💜Late again💜
I was overwhelmed by what mum told me, who could have know that Anna was her best friend’s daughter, although I am grateful to Anna’s mom for not giving up on my mom but still that doesn’t justify the fact that Anna should should be working at chocolate house…… I mean what’s in the latter, there must be something there “Uhmm Mom?”
“Yes son”, I looked at her more intently noticing the slight wrinkle and tiredness etched on her face “Mom, what’s in the latter Anna gave you on her first day here”. She smiled a little, and stood on her feet “its a story for another day”
“But mom” I tried persuading her that’s enough son, I’m dead tired” she picked up her clutch bag before heading to her room.
“Sleep well son”
“Good night mom”

The next day👈
My alarm sounded so loud “Grrr,grrr,grrr…….” I took it and threw it at the wall.
I heard it smash on the floor and I smiled to myself “Time to enjoy my beautiful sleep”..

I slept some more and when I finally woke up its 7:15 “shit, shit,shit,shit, I’m late” I said rushing out off bed, I rushed into the shower, brushed my teeth and washed my face “when I get back, I’ll take my bath yhh this will do for now” I said staring at my dressed self in the mirror before rushing downstairs “mom I’m awake” hmm m that’s weird, my mom is always at the kitchen by these time but now no where to be seen. I scanned the house for some minutes “well maybe she has an important meeting somewhere” I went to the table and saw my breakfast and a note I ignored the latter first and concentrate on my breakfast.
I checked the time after for minute and it’d 7:45 am “shit,I’m seriously late, Bryna is so gonna be pissed off” I shifted my remaining bacon into my mouth and ran out of the house shutting the door firmly.
I didn’t bother to greet anybody as my normal routine, I just did what I would have hate if someone suggest it to me. I can yhhh…. I ran for se minutes before getting to the cafe 8:15 “Phew, I’m still a little early, right?” I peeped through the glass doors and I can see the other guys “uhh where’s Bryna “I was scanning through when I heard a small cough followed with the voice” .
I can never forget “what do you think you are doing” I turned back and our eyes made contact and I murmur “Holy shit, I’m so dead”……………..

Episode 15🎍🎆
🎉💖👉He likes me

After yesternight discussion, I decided to be nice to Anna uh….. I’ll try. I got to the chocolate house quiet late and I found a Peiping Anna. I smiled within myself…………gosh this sight is so hilarious. I tiptoed quietly behind her and I heard her say “uhh where’s Bryna?” I smiled a little I guess she’s hiding from me so I cleared my throat to gain her attention before asking “what do you think you are doing?” she looked at me with her huge eyes and I swear she looks so cute, I hid my laughter, I wanted her to fret a little well I’m also just coming but she does not have to know that ……..

“Holy shit, I’m so dead?” she said after making eyes contact with me. I smiled before saying “You are late Anna” I said without breaking eyes contact with her, I can see beads of sweet on her forehead guess she has been running. she was also picking at her nails, I noticed she does that anytime she’s nervous.
“Uhm Bryna, you see, I…….,I…….,I……. uhm……….

I kinda woke up late” she said looking at her toes
I smiled gosh I’ve been smiling since I saw her this morning……… I can’t let her know I’m enjoying her troubled stated. After a while she looked up at me God she has to quit looking at me like that or else I might end up calling her beautiful again.
“Uhm Bryna??”
“Yes Anna”
“Its getting late, can I go in” she said looking at me as if she’s waiting for my go a heed so instead I took her hands and dragged her along with me.
“C’mon Anna,the coffee shop over there is opened, let’s have some coffee”
I didn’t wait for her response before I dragged her into the coffee shop.

I saw Anna peeping in from outside, I smiled to myself, I swiftly answered the customer in front of me. After answering the customer, I was on my way to Anna when I saw Bryan watching her and smiling to himself, he looks happy. I watched the both of them for a while and I saw him drag her off. I felt jealousy coursing through my body. This is the first time I’ve felt like this. I really felt like hitting Bryan for touching or holding her…….. well if that happens, I’m sure the guys would be surprised ooooooo dang it.
“Greg a customer is waiting for her order” I heard Anthony shout from the counter ……unnm well its time to get back to work

I’m here drinking coffee with Bryan oh! my!! Gosh!!! did I just say Bryan?
“Yes you just did, idiot”;I replied myself before mentally slapping myself. I didn’t planned today like this ………… I had pictured me getting shouted at or bullied but this is totally different yhh totally………….
“Uhn Anna?”
He called name so beautiful, I liked the way my name sounded when he calls it. I looked up to see him staring very hard at me then I realised he’s waiting for me to respond
“Yes Bryan?”
He sipped his coffee before dropping it down. Well I’ve never seen Bryan so nervous, ever,looks like he wanna say something important. The day already staring nice, I hope it doesn’t end badly like yesternight’s Cause that’s one of the reason I was late today. I glanced at him and this time around, he was looking at his coffee, okay this is serious

“What’s going on Bryan”
He looked over at me and we made eyes contact. Wait!!! ! ! !!….. the way he’s looking at me is he about to say he loves me or what!!!!! My heartbeat pick up pace like a train going at its fastest……….
“I like you Anna”
My heartbeat just stopped, am I hearing what I think he said then I looked at him and I see the way he’s looking at me………. Oh my gosh he likes
Unknown pou
I watched as Bryan dragged a beautiful girl to a coffee shop opposite their cafe….. its been long I see him smile and the girl with him seems nervous. I watched from Afar. Truth be told. I’ve been here since morning watching the both of them and the urge to run over to hug him was so o o strong but first things first, I need to make him understand that I’m back for good and no one is taking my Bryan from me.💁….


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