The Girl With The Mark

THE CHOCOLATE LOVERS episode 16 – 17


Episode 16👈🎉🎉
💓✌Be my friend✌
I just told Anna I would like her to be my friend and she just kept on looking at me, she didn’t reply me “Anna, why’re you not answering me?”
“Uh” She still looked dazed, I guess she’s surprised well I am too, cause this is the first time I’m asking a girl to be my friend.

“Uhm Bryan, did you just say that you like me?”
What!!! ! ! !.. No, no,no no:, no wonder she was dazed and surprised. she has got it all wrong
“No its not that Anna……….. I mean I don’t like you”.
Disappointment was written all over her face and she looked hurt which surprisingly hurt me too…… I wonder where that came from, its just that I don’t like seeing her hurt
“So you don’t like me?” She asked
“No ! ! ! ! ! ! I mean yes I like you. . . . . . . No I mean” gosh? I’m so confused right now, she looked like she’s about to cry, her eyes were already filled with tears. “I got it Bryan,you don’t like me” She stoop up and she was about to go but I held her hand preventing her from leaving.
“Its not that Anna, I mean you are getting it all wrong, what I was trying to say is that I would likes us to be friends. . . . . . . that’s all” she looked at me trying to comprehend what I said then she blinked twice and said an “Oh h h I didn’t know that” and I see that her tears has vanished wait. . . . . . Where’s the Anna that was about to cry now, wow this is surprising. I checked my watch and its way past ten in the morning and we are still here
“Time to go” as if on cue, her phone rang, she looked at the screen then at me before answering
“Yes mom” She listened intently for a little while before saying “okay mum,will take care of myself so see you when you got back next week. . . . . . . . OK bye”
she looked at me before saying “that’s my mom, will be travelling till next week so I’ve got the wh0le house to myself” she giggled and smile a little but why do I feel like there’s something wrong somewhere. . . . . . . . . She dropped her phone in her bag before standing up
“OK Bryan, time to go”
“Whoa wait, did you just call me Bryan”
She looked at me struggled “Yh so what?”
I chuckled and blinked twice before she said “and besides we are now friends so your name is Ryan from now on” She said before going out of the shop. It still sound absurd, I mean she just called me Ryan instead of Bryan well I guess I’ve got to find a name for her too yh that’ll be my assignment. . . . . . . yes a name for my friend.

I just called Bryan the name I’ve been dying to call him ever since I met him and I’m glad I did although I was a little disappointed when he said he doesn’t like me but still he wants to be my friends with me. . . . . . . .
I came out of the coffee feeling so good.
“Hmm m m mm” I breathed in the focal scent from the flower shop by the left hand side of the busy road before looking over at my now friend
“Ryan . . . . . . . . . hurry up, we are extremely late already ” He looked at me, smile a little before jogging to my side and we both walked into the chocolate house conversing like old time friends.

General POV.
Its been three days since Anna and Bryan became friends. The others were surprised but they were both happy that the two enemies have finally become friends. Greg was happy but the way Anna and Bryan talks and hold hands. Beatrice has not been coming to the chocolate house regularly so no one finds it weird. Anna has been enjoying her home alone day who knows when it will end although she misses her mum but she’s happy she’s also not around.

It’s been way past the one week Edna said she’ll be back, Beatrice also no where to be seen. . . . . . . . . Anna was walking back home with Bryan after trying her moms phone that still kept on saying “switched off” Strange but Anna struggled it off. You can hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to his story room to enjoy more from there.
I was walking Anna home after the days work,she looks so worried about her mom but I calmed her down. I’m also worried about my mom but I’m sure she can take care of herself. Anna and I have became extremely close over the last few weeks and I finally got a name for her. . . . . . . . . . . . yh. . . . . . Sound cute for her.
“We are here ” She announced
I looked at the house, well this is not the first time I’ll be walking her home but today feels different . . . . . . . cause I don’t wanna let her go. . . . . . ” . . . . . . take care of yourself” I said intertwining our hands together. She blushed and looked at our linked hands. Is it strange that I don’t wanna let her go . . . . . . . . I looked at her intently and I couldn’t resist the urge to k-ss her. I bent to k-ss her when her phone rang. . . . .she picked it without checking the caller I’d “hello” I saw her face expression changed “I’ll be right there” She dropped the call and she answered my Unasked question “Its my mom”. . . . . .

Episode 17👈💓💓

💗💖Grief,pain and jealousy💖💗

Beatrice called me telling me my mom is in the hospital, I and Bryan both ran into the hospital after the taxi dropped us off. I saw miss* Beatrice looking agitated and I ran over to her “Ma’ am pls tell me, what’s wrong with my mom” she looked at me and Bryan before she answered with a sad expression “The surgery was not successful”
“What” I crumbled on the floor, its impossible, shook my disbelieving what I just heard “its impossible, my mom can’t be undergoing surgery, its just impossible”
I stood and I noticed Ma’ma Beatrice weeping quietly and just then the doctor came out. I ran straight to him “pls tell me my mom is not dead” I cloud the tears on my face and fold my hand begging “pls doc,tell me she’s not dead”. The doctor looked at me and shook his head……..
“I’m sorry we lost her”
“No o o o oo” I scre-med so loud and I felt my body going down and I left myself in Bryan arm… . . . . . . …. . . . . before I finally passed out.. . . . . . . ..

I carried Anna’s limp body into a ward. The doctor and nurse rushed into the ward ti attend to her. I went out to give them chance to do their work. I asked my mom for the details and she told me how miss Edna was diagnosed with cancer and how she tried to undergo the surgery without letting Anna know. I also go out to know that she has been in the hospital since so weeks ago.
“but mom,how do you expect Anna to love, her mom is her life”
“I know son” she looked at me before continuing
“You asked me what’s in the letter Anna gave to me that day”
“I looked at her what’s she driving at so I nodded in the affirmative “Yes I did”
“Edna told me about her illness in the letter and how she want me to Anna under my wing and care for her. So we’ve both been in the hospital since she told Anna, she’ll be going on a vocation and now this is the end for her”.
I was speechless beyond words, I sat on the chair, waiting for the doctor attending to Beauty to come out. After a while the doctor came out. I and mom rushed to him…… . . . . “how’s she”my mum asked. The doctor smiled “she’s okay ma’am, she just fainted due to the shock” I have a sign of relief before asking “can I see her now?” The doctor smiled and noddle. I went into her ward and saw sleeping peacefully on the bed. she looks like an angel…………. . . .
I walked to her and set beside her bed. I held her hands for some minutes. After a while her beautiful eyelids fluttered opened she looked at me sadly and it at my heart to see her to sad
“Beatrice ! ! !
“Ryan? tell me my mum is not gone” she said with silent tears coming out of her eyes
“Beauty I’m so sorry” she closed her eyes and wept quietly… . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I gathered her into my chest with her head resting on my chest and I soothed her back with my hands. its OK beauty, don’t worry, you’ve got me here …. . . . . . Mom is also here, ee will both take care of you .. . . . . . . Please don’t cry Beauty, it hurts to see you cry”. . . . . . .

After a while, she was able to calm down. Mom and I made preparations for Miss Edna’s burial. She was buried after a week but my beauty still looks sad..

Two weeks has gone by since I saw my beauty face, I missed her a lot which is wired so I decided to look for her. Due to my rush to go to her, I didn’t even wait to bade mom bye. . .. . . So I just ran as if my life depend on it well it seems so for now cause Beauty seems to be my antidote now. I was almost at her place when I saw something that stopped me in my tracks. Greg and Anna no o oo oo my beauty k-ssing! ! ! ! ! ! ! !….. Impossible. . . . . . . no it can’t be. . . . . . . . I turned back and ran straight to the chocolate house. . . . . . . . Many thoughts was going through my mind. . . . . . . . I really feel so jealous right now but come to think if it, Beauty is not my girlfriend she’s just a friend but why do I feel so hurt. It hurts much more than when Brenda left me. I quid drank some water from the bottle . . . . . . . . . I feel so dizzy and it do w n e d on me “I like her “Oh no, I covered my mouth with my hands . . . . . . . how . . . . impossible. . . . . . I was pacing the chocolate house . . . . . . . . . I’m not ready to accept the truth “No! No!! No!!!….. I was still doubting when I heard a voice behind me.. . . . . . “Hello”. . . . . . I breathed in before turning “I’m so sorry WO are cle. . . . . . . . . . I winked my eyes and the person in front of me looks like her “YOU”. .you can hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to his story room to enjoy more exciting stories from the group.
👓👓 I’m so sorry I couldn’t post, like I said I’m so busy and I’m still busy but I’m trying very hard to meet up so here’s episode 17 and I want you thought on it. . . . . . . .

I posted the last time that Bryan wants to give a name to Anna and I was able to get a suggestion so note that in Bryan’s P.O.V, he used Beauty Instead of Anna so make no mistake Anna is Beauty and Beauty is Anna. .


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