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The Clash of Interest – episode 1



Hi guys, I’m  Jack by name and that’s all you got to know for now. This is my story. 

* * * * * * * 
Jack woke up from sleep with the speed of lightening, it was a very slight noise that can’t be deduced by a lay man even, when wide awake, but for an agent who has been in close call with death, most at times it was already matters arising. He rolled away from the bed and dived straight for his armor box, the armor box had shielded him a countless times from receiving the full blast of a slug on his thick skull. From there, he could make out three approaching figures from the window, as he made to look more closely, he quickly hit the ground immediately as hell was let loose. He deeped his head deeper unto the hard surface floor, as bullet whizzed pass him. He remained behind the armor box until their magazines where spent. As he was trying to raise his head a little to view the happenings in the room, he was forced to have a rethink, when he felt the full weight of a boot on his back, but was fast enough to dodge the punch that accompanied the kick , as he tried to maintain a balanced position, a torch light from an unknown source flashed at him in the room, making him momentarily fazed and a sweep kick sent, Jack rolling on the terrace floor, he felt a hand grab at his neck and was at the point of strangling him when, Jack wrestled himself free from the man’s grip and kicked him squarely in the jaw, the man stumbled and crashed to the ground in a heap. Jack sprinted towards the switch and switched on the light and saw three men clad in a black tux, with their face covered with a hoodie. The first two were standing, while the other was still on the ground wincing in pain, the man rose to his feet and looked at Jack with eyes filled with hate and said. “you are gonna pay for this man.” “on the contrary you guys are gonna get your ass, that’s if you son of a bitch, lives to tell the tales” Jack said. “hey man you don’t have a say, are out numbered” one of the men said. “im not fvckingly freaked out by such scrap. You guys are already mince meat for barging in on me.” he retorted in an unconcealed, killing intent. “hey asshole away with the banter. Why don’t we finish off this psychic and go have a nice rest.” one said referring to others. Jack smiled. He had been spoiling for a fight and here is providence bringing one himself. All this while , he had been taking his time as a deadly guy to ascertain their structure, as that has been his modus operandi, since time immemorial. One was tall, slim and with an athletic build, the other was short with a compact body and a panther like hands, the other was just like any man you can see out there, but experience had thought him never to underate or overate any agent irrespective of size. “why don’t we get down to work or are you already flinching like a coward that you are. Do away with it, i badly need a rest to awaken my weak nerves” “when we are through with you will be needing the sleep badly”. The man said and they rushed towards Jack in a semi circle formation. . . 


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