The Cold Female

The Cold Female – Episode 31

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The Cold Female – Episode 31

© Bunmi B Gabriel

#Theme : this is my mate


#Authoress ‘s standpoint

Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

Icy paced the hall of her throne room recklessly. She was running out of time, she needed the full powers of the witch before death finds her. She couldn’t find the switch anywhere, it was she was covered by a strong force. The witch was alive, she could feel it but couldn’t just find it.

She sighed and gasped

Why didn’t she think about it before? The solution was right there all along. Unlike every other witch, she had a double, a brother. Frost. All she needed to do was get him and she will come out

‘Lucas!!!!! Veblen!!!!!!’ She yelled happily. They ran in few minutes later and bowed. ‘Have the new leader of the rogues arrive yet?’

‘No milady’

‘Immediately he does, tell him to get his army ready. We are going to visit some old friends’ she said with a devilish smile

#Lyn ‘s standpoint

I paced around impatiently in front of the manor. The workers who passed bowed and greeted as well as the guards. I was waiting for Krystal. She promised she would come the previous day to see my dad about the Beverly hill princess thingy but didn’t and till the next day, I never left the porch, hoping she would come

It sounds crazy to say I stood there for 24hours waiting for my boss lady

I smiled as I remembered the princess girl. She’s so beautiful with a nice body that will go well with my bed

‘Lyn’ Flynn snapped. Yes no admiring girls. You love Krystal

You love Krystal so you must not

You love Krystal so you must not

You love Krystal so you must not

You love Krystal so you must not

You love Krystal so you must not

I chanted that as I hit my head hard. It’s not easy keeping to myself. Have you ever notice that when you decide go stop something, that’s when that thing comes around stronger? Hot girls from heavens no where kept coming to me, girls I never knew could exist. Big ass, big b00bs, tall and well formed. Girls of different types and colors

I almost gorged out my own eyes in order to stop myself from lusting over them. Then I remembered that I’ll be useless without them

Worst of all! She put me on s£x restriction. She never let me touch her again and she called it libido control training

It was driving me mad!

Flynn was the lucky one. Krystal’s stupid wolf made sure he had a good time while I suffer. How on earth is this a good training! I frowned when I sensed her coming. No one can feel her escape Frost and I. She’s like a ghost.

‘Looking for me?’ She said cockily behind me. I sighed

‘More like waiting for you. It’s been twenty four hours’ I sighed looking at her over my shoulder. Why! She’s always looking so hot and tempting but I was under restriction. I whimpered and turned. ‘My love’ I cooed hugging her. She stiffened

‘What did e discuss about you hugging me?’

‘Don’t show me compassion all the time. That sh*t sucks’ I repeated her words still hugging her. ‘But you are my girlfriend. There are some certain things you can’t restrict me from which includes this’ I whispered and kissed her. She sighed on my lips. ‘Don’t be difficult love, don’t you love me?’ I asked poutingly. She smiled and wrapped her hands around my neck

‘If I didn’t love you, you wouldn’t have been my first man’ she whispered glancing at something behind me. ‘Let’s go inside, the stares are to much’

‘I haven’t gotten my kiss yet’ I whined

‘If I scale thru today, you’ll get more than a kiss’ she promised pulling me inside by my bicep. I gasped happily


‘Yup! You successfully went through two weeks without s£x and didn’t cheat. I’m proud of you’ I squealed happily jumping as I followed her. She laughed. ‘Cute’


‘And then I’ll work through three weeks?’

‘One month’ my happiness dropped. ‘Come on, you can do it’

‘I’ll rip out my groins’ she laughed


what you said you would last time but yet you survived’ she smiled. We arrived at the living room. How she knew it? She knows. The guards open the door and all attention turned to us

The Beverly hill princess girl was a tall oyster skinned girl with ginger and blue hair and blue eyes. She close to b***h while dad just stared at nothing. Not until they looked my way.

‘You came’ b***h said disappointedly

‘Ah! So this is my son’s m…hold on’ dad changed his words scrutinizing her face. She packed her hair into a braid-ponytail hybrid. It’s her favorite hairstyle. I know so much about her and I’m so proud of myself. Anyways, she wore her mask. ‘Why are you wearing a mask?’

‘I’m a killer. If you see my face, I’ll have to kill you’ she replied with a creepy smile. ‘Don’t interfere’ she told me telepathically

‘I should have known. A arrogant b***h gifted to my rude bas***d son’ he smiled

‘Then your sperm must be cursed because you bore the bas***d’ Krystal said calmly. b***h scoffed

‘You are talking to a Alpha. The strongest of…’

‘Lyn is the strongest so far, or isn’t he?’ She asks smirkingly folding her arms. I sat down and watched her reply my dad the way I like. Dad scoffed again

‘He’s filling your head with trash’

‘I don’t need to be filled, I know’

‘You are in our boundary and talking to a Alpha, speak with respect’ b***h yelled angrily

‘I’m my own Alpha. I am a queen and I do not take orders from anyone’

‘I love this girl!’ Emma exclaimed excitedly. May waved at her. Krystal smiled nervously, she’s not god with kids. ‘Hi in-law! We’ve been waiting for you. Lyn talks about you everyday and night and how you keep him on libido control lessons. Even though I don’t know what that means and smart ass Ella won’t tell me and I’m too lazy to open a dictionary, I still think that’s cool’ Emma chirped rushing to her. Krystal laughed nervously and stepped back. The rest surrounded and bombarded her with questions


she cried

‘Carry me please’ May begged with her irresistible puppy eyes. Krystal reluctantly carried her but kept her distance away from her body like May was covered with poo. ‘I knew it! You suck at this’

‘Lyn already told us dummy’ Emma whispered. ‘Don’t worry. You will get use to us by fire or water’ she declared. Krystal smiled. She likes smart and fierce people.

I improved, right?

I’m getting good at the whole boyfriend thing

Krystal dropped her and smiled sweetly while the girls went to sit

‘Can I sit?’ She asked with a cute tone. I chuckled

‘Come’ I smiled stretching my hand to her. She took it and I pulled her to sit on my laps

‘Isn’t there enough chairs to sit’ Beverly hill scoffed

‘I love this seat sweetie, it’s the best’ Krystal said with a wink. I chuckled and turned her head for a kiss. She happily kissed me back, curling her legs around me. Beverly hill grunted. We stopped kissing

‘So your name is?’ Dad asked with a smile

‘Krystal Stones’ Krystal chirped. ‘Daughter of no one but Queen of something’ they all stared at her confusedly. ‘Don’t crack pretty brains loves. You won’t understand’

‘Cool’ dad murmured. Unusual

‘What exactly do you want from him?’ Beverly hill asked irritably. ‘You must be a gild digger trying to get the title of Luna of the strongest pack’

‘Is that so? If I remember correctly, I’m the one who’s mated to him and you’re just a rejected piece of chaff being forced into usefulness’

‘Ow!’ Emma mocked. Dad laughed a little before stylishly changing it to a cough

‘How dare you talk to a princess of Beveron like this!!! I can have your head for this insolent! I’ll report you to my father’ she yelled. ‘I’m t…’

‘Shhhhh. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. You have five noble sisters who are engaged to wealthy and honorable men and five married ones of elegance but you my dear are the only worthless and always rejected one. Who do you think is a gold digger here? The one who’s trying to make a name for herself by becoming the Luna of THE most powerful wolf pack or the s£xy b***h chosen for him by the goddess?’


did you…’

‘I know you got dumped and disgraced by a stupid Prince and that’s why your family thought it best to push you to somewhere no one will know about the deeds you did….’ Krystal stood up. ‘Getting engaged to the Prince and having an affair with his younger brothers and personal guard. Lying and almost tearing the entire family apart and having an abortion because your driver got you pregnant. You don’t belong here, your father want to use this miserable Alpha whose sperm formed my mate to get rid of you. You’re am overdressed monkey b***h trying to be in where you don’t belong’ she was in front of the princess now

‘She’s lying Alpha, I will never do such. I’m a princess’ she yelled distraughtly. Krystal grabbed her jaw and turned it forcefully to look at her. ‘Let go’

‘Look into my eyes and lie to my face that all I’m saying is false. I dare you and see what will happen next’ I couldn’t see Krystal’s face but the princess looked terrified as her eyes met Krystal’s. ‘Say it’ Krystal yelled

‘Leave me alone’

‘I will not let any whore come in here and take my mate away from me. Do you know what I did to the girls that tried that?’ Beverly hill whimpered. ‘I froze the first one’s heart and threw her into a volcano. The second got her frozen body shattered to pieces and the third was fed to lions. Now I’m seeing a fourth being chopped into tiny dice meat and fed to starving bears or better, burnt alive. Do you want to try that?’ White haze fell out of her hand in a fairy blue dust. Thin cold lines popped up in Beverly’s veins

‘Krystal please’ I begged standing up

‘No! I will not let anyone insult me by trying to take what’s mine’ she yellow angrily. I hugged her from behind and kissed her cheek

‘Please for my sake, show mercy’ I whispered. She scoffed. ‘You know we are raffishly in love’

‘That makes no sense’ she chuckled letting Beverly hill go. I smiled. ‘You are a cute idiot’

‘And you love this idiot so much like he loves you’ I whispered stepping back slowly with her.

‘Your Majesty, I got harassed on your territory and you do nothing’ Beverly hill cried. Dad scoffed

‘Go to your room. I’ll talk to your father about this revelation’


‘To your room’ dad flared. She flinched and scurried away. I smiled. ‘Thank you Krystal but do you have to insult my sperm?’

‘What do you think?’

Dad laughed. This is weird

‘Come here sweetie’ Krystal pulled away from me and went to him. ‘Welcome to the family. I like fierce women’

‘Yet you marrier a fool’ I scoffed. b***h glared at me

‘You are a fool mom, manage it’ Emma said nonchalantly with a shrug. Dad chuckled and stood up

‘I’ll show you around’ he said with a flirtatious smoke. Is he being serious! He held her waist and she let him. ‘I’ll borrow your mate for a while’ dad said with a mocking wink. He took her out.

dad is capable of stealing her

‘She’s Krystal’ my subconscious reminded. I nodded but still remained scared. b***h was sobbing already. I turned and followed them, entering my shadow when out if sight. He took her to the garden

‘You do know I’m your son’s mate and I can kill you, right?’ She asked coldly

‘I didn’t bring you out here for that’ what he did next made my jaw fall out. Dad knelt in front of her. Dad f****ng knelt! He has never done that to anyone but his father before

‘Are you proposing to me?’

‘I’m begging you’


‘To help me talk to him. It’s obvious he loves you and listen to your every words. I’ve made a lot of mistake, so much that all my children hate me with passion. Even my six years olds! I need help, I wanna change and win then back and it seems you are the only one that can help me. If Lyn can forgive me, the others will. I really need your help’ he sobbed. ‘I hurt his mother so much, I killed my own mate. In very sorry and need his forgiveness, it’s the only thing left I can do so please help me’

Dad was seriously crying on her feet. Unbelievable!

She looked at me smilingly, she could see me. I scoffed and came out

‘Forgiveness is not easy’

‘He’s not all guilty Lyn. Your mom wasn’t a saint. She cheated first before he did, her cheating made him cheat’

‘Are you trying to tell me to my face that my mom was a whore!!!’

‘I’m telling you to your face that everybody has a skeleton in their cupboard. Your father was so promiscuous yet he only followed two women. Don’t you ever wonder why she said and did nothing even though she was so powerful? Don’t you wonder why he suddenly changed towards her?’

‘Don’t insult my mother Krystal. I will take anything from you but not that. You don’t have the right, you weren’t there’ dad remained on her feet unable to move

‘She accepted everything because she knew it was her fault. She knew she pushed him. Lyn will I ever lie about someone I don’t know? Do I ever lie? I’m Krystal, I tell you Tye cold truth to your face not caring if it’ll hurt. I fear no one and nothing so why would I lie. What can you do to me? What will I gain? How did I know about the Babylon princess? My sources are always pure and again, you know I don’t lie’

She was right. Krystal don’t lie because she fear nothing.

I stepped back with a racing heart

‘If you wish, dump me. That’s your own bullsh*t, I’ve said the truth’ she removed her keg and patted dad. ‘We’ll talk next time’

She turned to go but froze. Her eyes glowed and she screamed in pain falling to the ground. I ran to her as she jerked and screamed in complete pain. I entwined our fingers

‘Babe please calm down. What’s wrong?’ I cried

‘Noo! Frost! No!’ She cried. ‘No! Don’t touch him, leave him alone’ she screamed. She opened her eyes panting and crying

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Frost. They have my brother!!!’ She screamed and ran, she shift shape to a white big eagle with icy blue blade wings and blue dust falling out if it wings.

What is up with Frost!

To be continued

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