The Commissioner Son And I

The commissioner son and I episode 12 – 13

🎀The commissioner son💕

And I🎀{why me!}

Chapter 12

📌 Two months later📌

Everything was going smoothly and peacefully.

Next week our exam started so everyone was extra_serious and putting their best in their study.

You know i have to study hard to make my family proud😔

I was called by the school counselor due to the Crisis that happened between me and jane.

But to my surprise I was not even punished but James and John told me to be careful of Jane.

“Here you are.I have been searching for you.”Kelly said sitting beside me.

“That is your school fault,it’s too big.”I said , teasing her.

“Tah…you are the one who is small.”she said smirking. here we go again.

They won’t stop telling me that I am very small.

“Am not small.”

“I heard are very big.”she laughed while I rolled my eyes at her.

“What are you doing here sitting all Alone in this boring place?”she frowned.

The girl’s craziness is upgrading days by days.

Imagine her calling the library a boring place.

One thing I have come to know about Kelly is that she doesn’t read. In fact , I never saw being serious with study but she always passed.

When I am still struggling with my own assignment Kelly is already through with her own.
Like there is a computer filled in her brain.

“Library is not boring to me.”

“But it is very boring to me, I can’t find anything interesting here.”she said looking around while I just sigh…

“Look kelly.
You are distracting me.”I told her, frowning.

“Oh sorry.
I will get going now,”she said standing up.

“I have a lot to do.
See you later.”she said walking away but stopped.

*am coming to place for night reading “she said smiling making me stare confused.

“You mean reading?”

“No, playing!”she said laughing.”Just get the hell out of here.”I shouted and immediately she ran out.

Gosh…since I have been reading nothing is entry my head.

Some minutes later I park my book and put it inside my bag. I walk out.

I should have gone with Kelly earlier😔it will be bored walking alone now.

Everywhere was quiet with me alone walking in the street heading to my apartment.

I wasn’t scared again since I usually trek home with my friends chatting together.

Then suddenly a car drove by and stopped in front of me.

I became scared remembering what happened the other time and I couldn’t find an answer to it but I never shared it with anyone.

A guy came out looking stunning and very attractive.

He wore a very fancy……..

Wetin concerns me😕

He looked familiar but I couldn’t remember where I had meant him before.

Daniella stop staring!!😕😕

He stood still staring at me but I couldn’t read him because he was wearing a poker face.

“What do you want?”I asked , stepping back before he could be near me and he smiled.

“I can’t hurt you!”

“You can’t dare!
What did you want?”I asked again, putting on a strong face.

“You are making it difficult for me please.”he said calmly, making me get angrier.

“Shey dis one dey crazy?”I blurted out in pidgin, making me to hisss.

“Yes…your matter dey drives me crazy.”he calmly shocks me.

Omg…he is a Nigeria guy!😧

“Please give a minute to talk to you.”he pleaded with his hand folded together.

So dey don send you come abi?

Niger people well done ooo😕😕

I dey see Una handwork😕

“No, I don’t have all the time.”I replied walking past him and thank God he didn’t stop me.

I started walking fast until I got to my street. I then turned back but I didn’t see any car but he might be tracing me so I walked past my street making sure to convince him if he was following before turning back again taking another direction that also led to my apartment.

Make Una no try me ooo😠

I need to call mama Daniella today and tell her that her village people don find me reach here😕😕

before Una succeed i don convince Una.😔
Thank God I have gotten home.
Those witch make my journey longer.

I am no longer locking my door with a key again since I was told there is no need for it.

No be Niger i dey .

I pushed the door and stepped in but meant the shocks that also got me crying.


I scream out unable to walk just staring at them.

James and john sitting down on the flow with my Eba and egusi that I have put hope that I will eat.😫

“Sorry miss gagari but we could not help.”James said smiling before continuing eating.

The food that I have put my mind to eat now is gone.

“Umm delicious.”John said, licking his hand, making me want to break his head.

I gently walked in fully and sat down on the flow staring at them.

I don’t know where to start the beating from!

Those crazy twins😠

I was still thinking of how I would deal with them when suddenly the door opened with Kelly walking in with books in her hand.

She quickly dropped them on the flow and rushed to sit down with them, ignoring me.

“Yummy!”that was john again.

Kelly just sat there staring at them as if calculating something.

Daniella calmed down.

🎀The commissioner son💕

And I🎀 {why me!}

Chapter 13


“What the hell are you doing?”John asked with his eyes raised.

“I also want to eat it.”

Is this girl okay?😧

“This girl Needs to be checked!”

“You want to eat and you are twisting your hand?”James asked and started laughing.

“Am following your steps now.she pouted out and continued twisting her hand.

Now I get so she has been watching the way John and James have been eating since.

They will cut from the Eba and steal it together with their hand robbing it then now touch the soup and swallow it.

That is what Kelly wanted to t
do and started twisting her hand.

“You don’t need to twist your hand, just cut from it straight and use it to torch the soup and put it inside your mouth and swell it .”John said, making her shout.


You wanna kill me?”she asked shouting.😧

“No just….”

“Don’t teach me!
I will soon get it.”she said and continued twisting her hand without putting anything. They all started laughing and I had no choice but to join them.

This is very funny.



…..”she shouted, cutting from the Eba, then eating and touching the soup ready to it in her mouth.

All because of Eba😧

She is now counting numbers just to eat only Eba and egusi soup.

“You are practicing just to eat Eba?
Wahala dey ooo.”James said in between laughs.

“Should I put it in my mouth now?”she asked, ignoring James.

“No your noise!”James said again, pissing her off.

“Short up and tell me how I am going to eat this weirdest food I have ever seen.”

This is serious😦
She was holding Eba and did not know where to put it.

“Don’t mind him put it inside your mouth.”I try my best not to laugh.

“Daniella, if this girl dies here i no dey ooo.”john said moving away from her.

“Ready ready!
Kelly you can do it.”she told herself, closing her eyes.

She put it inside her mouth then opened her eyes.

“Swallow it now.”I told her while she nodded.

Then next things shocks me😧

“Papper………papper!”she shouted.

“Papper?”we said at once.

“There is no paper in it now.”john said.

“Short up……..
My throat…….”she shouted, holding her neck now.

Oh boy😧

“What happened?
Are you okay?”I asked , standing up and walking up to her.

“……my throat.”she shouted this time rolling on the flow while John and James sat confused as while.

“The Ebo is not going…down……
My throat….”she shouted crying.

Egba Mi🙉
{Save me}

Small Eba she can not swallow😧

“Do something!!
Am di.e…..”she yelled tearfully.

Immediately James and John move closer to her holding her up.

“Calm down Kelly..”

You gave me Ebo to eat!”she shouted angrily at them.

“Spit it out,”John said.

“I can’t….please”she cried out holding her neck.

Daniella you don enter😨

“Daniella, I told you..this children are not strong.

You can’t compare those worms they are eating to Eba.”James scolded me and I just stared at him.

So is it now my fault?

No be small Eba she chop?😧

Pikin wey never reach 6month go swallow a bow of Eba😫

I stood there watching James and John trying their best while she continued crying.

I dash inside the kitchen and take two tables of water and rush back to them.

“Open your mouth Kelly.”I said holding. She did.

I pour the water inside her mouth and she drinks it immediately pushing the Eba down.

“I want more….the Ebo is going down.”she said catching her breath.

All because of Eba😥

I give her the second table water to drink and immediately she calms down.

“Is gone.”she said, cleaning her eyes while James and John went and sat down.

I breathe out in relief.

“Are you guys okay?”she asked, suddenly making us confused.

“Why?”James and John asked.

“You eat the Ebo and nothing happens to you guys or is it because I’m a girl?”she asked curiously waiting for an answer while James and John started laughing.

This girl no know anything😪

The thing you are calling Ebo is my best food mumu.

“What’s funny?”

“You of course!

Have you ever wonder the reason behind why she is called miss garri?”James asked pointing at me

Here they come again😠

At least it is better with them calling me miss garri and didn’t know the meaning except from this crazy two creature.

“If Una try am i go break Una head!”😕
I said to them while they smirked at me.

Gosh…i clenched my fist😡

“Miss gagari stop that weird language of yours?”Kelly yelled at me to keep quiet.

“Threatening does not work on us Daniella.”James said, smirking at me.

“We won’t on one condition!”

“Say whatever you want!”

“Go in there and prepare another Eba.”James said, making me chuckle.

Conditions that favour me😏

Me that is hungry before😜

I dash into the kitchen leaving the three of them inside.
I came out holding a big bow filled with Eba and placed it in the middle.

Me,James and John sat round it ready to eat while Kelly just stared at us with her mouth hanging open.

I was about to put my hand in when Kelly shouted rushing to us, making me stop.

Wetin be dis girl problem😠

“What did you think you are doing?”

“I want to eat now.”I answer , frowning.

My stomach is itching me now let her not try nonsense.😕

“You saw what I went through a while ago and you still want to taste it?”she asked with her eyes raised.

“Leave me alone, let me eat.”I said then turned back to the food and saw that they did not even wait for me.

“Are you planning to commit suicide”she asked but i only glance at her.

“You are going to die.”she urged but I couldn’t persuade.

God which kind devil be dis be dis😔

“Leave me alone!”I yelled at her.

The crazy twins are most finish the food😟

My best food😥

“Do you want to die?”😟
She asked, dragging me.

” do something, don’t allow her to die…”she yell at them.

Take her way then.”they said smiling.


“Leave me let me die!”I shouted, struggling but she didn’t give me a chance.

“Please don’t die!!”😩

Nau your die??😧

Crazy twins has finish the food.😫😫

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