The Commissioner Son And I

The commissioner son and I episode 16 โ€“ 17

๐ŸŽ€The commissioner son๐Ÿ’•

And I๐ŸŽ€ {why me!}

Chapter 16

Unknown pov๐Ÿ“

A young guy was learning in his car facing an apartment.

He has stood there for some minutes just watching the apartment.

His phone started ringing and he picked it up.

“What the hell am I hearing son?”a woman’s voice came up angrily.

“I don’t know.”the young man replied nonchalantly.

“Why are you avoiding her?”

“I came here not because of her but something more important than her.”

“Don’t try anything funny son!
Your dad won’t take it.”

“Mum, how many times will I try to make you understand?
This is my life and not dad’s own.”he said.

“Shut your f****king mouth!
What do you know about life?

A life without wealth is useless.”the woman yells.

“I don’t need you and dad money!
And you can’t get me married to someone I don’t love because of her parents’ wealth.”

“I don’t understand!
What the hell do you mean that you don’t love her?

What about all those years you’ve been together?”the woman said angrily.

“It’s just two years mum!”he scoffed.

“I don’t care!
You have been together for two years and now that thing is working the way we plan you want to back off?”the mum thundered angrily.

“I never love her but you force me to be with her!”

“I don’t care son!
Find your way to her now!”

“I never came here because of her!”

“But she is your fiance!”the woman yells, frustrated.

“She’s not my fiance!”

“Am okay without her!
Am okay without you and dad money.”

“Stop being stubborn son.
You know your dad must not hear about this,”the woman said.

“I don’t care mum!”

“You won’t understand! ?”the mum asked, ignoring his statement.

“Oko Mi.
{My husband}
You can’t travel from Nigeria to the UK without seeing your fiance.

Please…”the mum pleaded with a cold voice.

“I’m not here for her!

“Don’t play dangerous games son!
You know Mrs Jackson is no go area.”the mum said.

“Mum please, I need to go now!”the young guy said and hung up before the woman could do another thing.

He sighs..before walking towards the apartment.

Notice: Mrs Johnson is Jane mum.


“Give me my phone now!”Kelly yelled, banging towards John angrily.

“Calm down now.
I won’t show them.”John said, running around.

Gosh..i can’t even have a peaceful sleep again all because of their noise.

“What the hell?
Can’t someone sleep peacefully again?”I yell at them angrily, making James also wake up.

“What’s it?
Why are you shouting?”he frowned.

Look at this fools.

“You are seriously deaf!
Am I the one shouting or them.”I said, glancing hard at him.

“I said give me my phone!!”Kelly’s voice came up louder again.

“What’s the name of the sickness affecting you two?”I shouted, making John stop running.

” giving yourself a headache there.”he said sitting down but still hiding the phone.

“Give her phone and let peace reign!” John shouted at him.

“If you are having problems with sleeping here then enter the toilet.”Kelly said, rolling her eyes.

Look at someone we are fighting for.๐Ÿ˜ฅ

I hiss at them before laying down again.
gosh…i can’t even sleep again.

I watched as John took his phone and started pressing it.
I guess he couldn’t sleep as well.

I took my phone and started playing candy crush ignoring those crazy creatures.

Not long after the door alarm started making noise which means someone is at the door but who?

If is my guardian she would have been shouting gagari before she got here.

“Miss gagari.”James shouted, bringing me back from my long journey.


“Go and check the angel at the door before he carries your blessings go to another apartment.”James said as they all started laughing.

Crazy creatures everywhere!

I stood heading towards the door still thinking about who could be.

Thank goodness the door is pure glass. It is very easy for me.

I got there to meet the shock of my life.

Egba Mi๐Ÿ™‰
{Save me}

How did he know my apartment?

Gosh…now that I am very much happy that he didn’t come again after the exam.that i will go and do thanksgiving in church that my village people did not succeed.

He is here now at my apartment.

Or maybe I am still dreaming. Let me close my eyes.

Shot up!
I can’t dream of this guy jor๐Ÿ˜ 

I pitch eyes born gosh…it hurt๐Ÿ˜ฐso am not dreaming.

“Why are you still standing and not opening the door? or has your angel gone?”Kelly said as they all started laughing again.

Werey๐Ÿ˜ {mad woman}
Your angel will go!

I rushed back inside breathing heavily which scared them.

“What happened? Or has your angel turned to ghost?“James asked, standing up and checking everywhere.

Can’t they be serious for once.

“Where is the ghost let me go to break his head?”james said hiding behind the bed.

See person wey won go fight๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข

“Come out, idiot!
So you are not even strong.”Kelly yelled, kicking off, making him scream out in pain.

“Clink! clink !clink!”

“Oh my heart is broken!
Our so-called best friends can’t not save us from danger.”Kelly said, faking tears.

“James and John go and open the door!”I yelled at them frustrated and they immediately glanced at me hard.

“So because we are guys we should go and open the door for ghosts.”

I watch as they continue arguing and the alarms continue making sound.

I stare at them shaking my head sadly so this is my gain for having crazy has best friends.๐Ÿ˜ช

Then suddenly the door opened. Thank God I was fast enough to run and hide in the kitchen.

“You can’t just bang into someone’s apartment just like that!”John yelled at him.

“I’m very sorry but I have been……”

“We can decide not to answer you for years so don’t use that as an excuse!”James also yelled at him.

“I said I was sorry.”the guy said gently but one could hear the frustration in his voice.

“Your apology is not accepted!”that was John again.

Good for him๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•
My friends are dealing with him.
I warned him but he didn’t listen.

“Go out there and knock again before we can forgive you.”

I watch from the kitchen as the guy sighs frustrated as he makes to turn back. That’s when Kelly decided to speak up.

“Common, leave the cute guy alone and let’s hear what he comes here for.”Kelly said, facing the two ignoring their hard glances before turning to face the guy standing.

“Don’t mind them, they are the most crazy creature you could have meant.”she said smiling, completely ignoring the crazy twins who were frowning.

“Thank yo…”the guy said, smiling , causing them to get angrier.

“If you dare smile there I will break your head!”James threatened to making the guy compose himself.

“Am warning you guys for the last time!”Kelly sold them making scoffing inside the kitchen.

Look at who is scolding someone when her own craziness is power raised 100.

“I apologize on their behalf.”Kelly said, turning to face him but the guy only nodded and not smiling, scared that the twins would break his head.

“Let’s hear you out now Mr handsome!
What are you here for?
Voice out now!”Kelly said, staring into his eyes directly.

Damn this girl is crazy!

“Speak now!”

๐ŸŽ€The commissioner son๐Ÿ’•

And I๐ŸŽ€{why me!}

Chapter 17

“Speak now!”

Kelly yells, making the guy move back in fear.

“Am Lawrence and….”

“She didn’t ask for your name!”John cut him off.

“Which kind of sickness is affecting you?
Can’t you just behalf in front of a stranger?”Kelly asked angrily.

“Stranger my foot!”James said, rolling his eyes.

“Don’t mind them!
Continue speaking.”

The guy sighs in frustration before continuing speaking.

“Am here to see Daniella.”he said and they all started laughing including kelly.

The guy stared at them, sighing frustrated.

This people are really weird.

“I never said anything funny.”he said but they ignored him and continued laughing.

He learns against the wall and stares at can mature people like this behalf this crazy?

After some minutes they finally kept quiet.

“Why do you want to see her?”That was Kelly’s voice again.


“ stammer?”

“No…I don’t, I just umm…um…”

“Stop banging around the bush and tell us your mission.”John said rolling his eyes at him

“I like her!
I really like her but she is not giving me a chance.”the guy said with his voice broken.

You like who?๐Ÿ˜ง
Miss gagari!

“Please help me to call her out.”the guy pleaded.

All of them remain silent for a while.

So that is the reason Miss Gagari ran to hide.

But she never told them anything before.

“Sorry she can’t like you!”Kelly said, frowning.


“Because you’re very ugly.”

But you
said, “You said I was handsome earlier.”

“Yeah.that is because you are wearing a cute face while your heart is very ugly.”Kelly replied with a disgusting tear.

“Please guys.”The guy ignored her, turning to face the twins who glanced hard at him.

“Help your fellow guy out.”

“Who told you we are guys?”John said, shooting him a deadly gaze.

Thank God they know they are not guys but woman wrapper.

“You guys are falling on my hand.”the guy said, frustrated , making them scoff.

“Your leg will soon join mumu!”John said.

“I’m not a mumu.
Since you can’t help, don’t insult me!”the guy said.

“Oh boy..
So you be Nigeria?”James asked, smirking.

“Yes nau.
We are one so help your fellow brother out.”

After you finish insulting your in-laws so we should now help you.”John said mockingly.

“Gosh….why are you guys making it difficult for me?๐Ÿ˜ช

I don’t even need your help again!

Call her out!”the guy said.

“Daniella is not around,”Kelly said.

Stop lying.”

You got yourself a wife already by calling your in-law lair.”Kelly said, smiling devilishly.

” hisss…Crazy in-laws!”the guy mumble.

We heard that!”James threw him a deadly gaze.

“I know!
Can’t you just help me out?”the guy yelled.

“By yelling at us?”Kelly asked as they all started laughing.

“Daniella please come out.
I know you are in there.”the guy shouted, almost tearing up.

“Please come out.
I won’t leave here unless you come out.”he shouted again.

“Are you not tired of standing?
Take a seat.”Kelly said as they continued laughing again.

The guy stares at them angry. He hopes Daniella doesn’t behave crazy like them.

If only he knew that Miss nau their mama self.

After some minutes they stop laughing and stare at him which makes him uncomfortable.

“Why are you staring at me like that?”he asked.

“Get some manners, boy, we are your in-laws for goodness sake!”Kelly yelled at him, making him smile.

Anytime he heard them saying they are his in-laws always brought joy to his heart.

The feeling is always there that Daniella is his own.

“Daniella, I will go now and come back later.

But I won’t stop disturbing you until you accept me.”he said and started walking towards the door ignoring their laughter.

“At least say goodbye to your in-laws.”John said laughing.

“Wicked in-laws!
The most crazy creature i have ever meant.”he said then walked out.

Immediately I came out breathing heavily.

“Thanks guys.
That was a great job.”I said but they didn’t say anything.

I sigh…another problem now.

“What the hell just happened?”James said.

I don’t understand.”I said pretending not to know what they are talking about.

“Who is that guy?”James asked again.

“You never told us you have a boyfriend and we will call ourselves best friends!”Kelly said with her voice broken.

Gosh..this is a problem!

“He is not my boyfriend!” I said quickly.

“How does he know your apartment?”Kelly asked.

Crazy nerd.

This one nau wahala ooo
See the way they are scolding me.

“I don’t know either!”I said but they still keep on staring at me.

“What again?”

“Do you like him?”John asked and immediately my heart started beating fast.

Do I like him?

How can i like someone that my village people sent to destroy my life.๐Ÿ˜•

Miss Gagari is in love!
She can’t even answer the question.”Kelly said smiling.

“Tah..hell to love!
I don’t like him.”I said but my heart still continues beating fast.

What’s happening?

“You can date him but if he tries to mess with us we will deal with him.”James said with a seriousness.

“Stop saying something that is not possible!
I want to marry white man.”I said as they started laughing.

“Stop deceiving yourself.
Is it only a Nigerian guy that can marry black witch like you?”John said.

“You are crazy”I said , then immediately my laptop started making noise.

That is my brother doing video calls.

I rush towards it and pick it up with my brother’s face display frowning.

“What happened to your face Broda?”I asked but he only hisss.

“Mama come see your pikin ooo!”he shouted.

“I dey come.”I heard footsteps approaching.

“Miss gagari, who is that?”James asked, walking up to me.

“My better pikin!”my mum called while my brother rolled his eyes.

“Mama I miss you.”I said smiling but her expression changed immediately.

“Who be those one?”she asked. That is when my three crazy friends are standing behind me watching everything.

“Good evening mama.” James and John said bowing little as a sign of respect.

“How Una dey my pikin?”my mum asked, still having that question.

“We are fine ma.”they answered smiling while Kelly was also smiling too.

“Shey dis one no sabi greet person?”my mum asked, referring to Kelly who was just smiling since.

I watch as James and John quickly whisper into her heart and she immediately smiles.

“Hi mama.
Was up?”she asked, opening her teeth.


I watch as John and James quickly walk away.

“Nau so dey they great for Una village?”my mum asked as she continued smiling.

What will i do now?๐Ÿ˜ข

“What’s she saying?”Kelly asked.

She said you are very pretty.”I said , faking a smile.

“Wow, thank you mama.

I said was sup?”Kelly asked again.

Egba Mi๐Ÿ™‰
{Save me}

I heard James and John laughing seriously.

{You does not have respect}

“That’s good to hear mama.
You are obaje!”Kelly said, waving her hand.

“Jide come see white witch wey your sister dey walker with!”my mum hiss then called my brother who immediately comes as my mum walks away.

See fine girl.”my brother said smiling.

“Hi pretty”he said as I watched Kelly’s ear burn red and her cheeks turn to red tomato. all because of *hi pretty* wahala dey ooo๐Ÿ˜ง

“ must be her brother?”Kelly asked blushing.

“Yeah I am.”my brother answered smiling too.

See this ugly goat too.๐Ÿ˜•

You are very cute and……..”

“Broda i won go sleep.
Good night!”I said , turning the laptop off.

“Gosh…you are too boring.”she pushed me frowning.

“Guys you need to see how cute Daniella’s brother is!”Kelly said happily, facing the twins who just scoffed.

“Kelly, don’t hope too much!
Nigeria guys can’t marry a South African witch.”James said laughing but Kelly ignored them.

“Miss gagari please, why is your brother so cute like that?
I mean he’s damn handsome!”Kelly said dramatically in front of me and I just shook my head at her.

Now I came to know that craziness is not only the problem Kelly has but she also has another sickness that science has not yet figured out the name for.

“I asked a question!
Why is your brother so cute?”she yelled at me.

“Idiot. Go ask Google!”


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