The Commissioner Son And I

The commissioner son and i episode 18 – 19

πŸŽ€The commissioner sonπŸ’•

And IπŸŽ€{why me!}

Chapter 18

I have been sleeping peacefully since yesterday without being disturb.

James and John have gone to their apartment. The same goes with Kelly since we are resuming next week.just three weeks holiday.

They have gone to prepare everything they need ahead.since am scholarship student are excluded because everything has been as settled.

Don’t mind me saying I have a peaceful sleep. That is a big lie because I really miss them.

I have been using my phone to disturb them since yesterday they left.

I miss their craziness.πŸ˜”
I have been turning around since I was on my bed. How can I sleep when my crazy friends are not around?

“What if crazy nerd and my brother marry each other?”My inner mind suddenly yelled from nowhere.

What Am i even thinking about? 😧

I will be happy but is like my brother signing his death document but i will be the most happiest woman on earth.πŸ˜€ I pit brother Jide.😰

“Common Daniella, get off of it!
It’s just imagination.”my inner mind yells again.

What’s wrong with me now?
Daniella, stop thinking!

I sigh as I continue Turning around on my bed. I wish they were here.

“Clink! Click!click.”
I hear the alarm making a sound and I immediately stand up rushing towards the door.

My friends are here.

I rush towards the door and open it to see the shocks of my life.

Daniella you are so dump!

My friends will have entered without even knocking and I even here without checking who the person is before opening.

“Too late to hide,”he said, bringing me back from my thoughts.

“What did you want?”I asked , glancing hard at him but he only smiled.

“Your crazy friends almost killed me the last time I came . If not because of my mother’s head that is still following I will have been dead by now.

So please be gentle with me.”he said smiling.

That’s your own problem so you will be the one to take the drugs.

“Am not here for your speech!
What did you want for the last time?”I asked, wearing a straight face.

“Dani please…” he said with his hand folded.i hiss and about to close the door but he quickly put his leg between.

“Please listen to me.”

“I have already asked you!
What did you want?”I yelled at him.

“You are really making things difficult for me.”he said with his voice sounding as if he was about to cry.

“I like you Danny.”he said, staring into my eyes and I started laughing.

Niger people well done ooo.
I dey see Una hand work.

“Then go meet danny!”I said.

“Am talking about you!
I like you Daniella!”

Another nickname again danny.

“You like me?”

Please give me a chance to prove it to you.”he said with his hand folded.

“Sorry I am not interested and never disturb me again except you want to see the fight of the gods.”I said , glancing hard at him.

My words hurt him but he quickly smiles.”Danny please.”

“Can’t you hear or should I speak the language you understand?”

” Danny, I am not one of those guys!”he said.

“I did not care about that, just let me be!”I yelled at him.

“Okay..i will let you be on one condition.”he said smiling.

Is this guy mad?

“I don’t understand?”

“I leave you alone and never disturb you again on one condition.”

“Which is it?”I find myself asking.

“Follow me out!
Please let me take you out.”

This guy is really mad!
I should follow him out.

I wish Kelly was here…

“Please after that I will never disturb you again and let you be!”he said with seriousness written on his face.

“Okay come tomorrow.”I said , trying to push him off.

No be person wey he see nau him he go carry out.πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

“No danny.
Is now so I won’t disturb you again.”

“Is that a deal?”I asked and he nodded.

“Okay am coming, let me change.”I said , closing the door.

“Make i come inside nau?”he asked, smirking.

“To come and see someone else’s property?”I asked , glancing hard at him and he smiled, shaking his head.

“Danny, stop that!
Is my property.”he said laughing but when he saw my face he kept shut immediately.

“ your dream.”

“Yes and my dream always comes to pass.”he said, smirking again.

What’s wrong with this guys?πŸ˜•

“Keep shut now or I will change my mind!”

“Go ahead!
Change your mind and I will keep on disturbing you.”

“Gosh… You are crazy.“I said rushing inside.” Crazy because of you!”i heard him say.

Is not your fault because of my friends that are not around.

They would have deal with you by now.πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

I entered and changed into a simple grown and took my hand bag before going out to meet him.

I decided to call my friends but they didn’t pick up.

Only God knows where they kept their phone again.

I step out and he immediately raises his head up from his phone and stares at me which is making me uncomfortable.

“Should I go back if you are not ready!”I yell as he immediately composes himself.

“Sorry. Lets go.”he said moving towards his car with me following him behind.

We got there and he immediately opened the door for me to enter before going to the other side and entering too.

I roll my eyes at him and he chuckles.
“That’s not how to say ‘thank you’.”

“Maybe I should get down then.”I said and was about to open the door when he shouted.

Can’t someone joke with you again?”he said smiling but I only kept quiet.

He started the engine and he drove off.

The driving was quiet as he didn’t say anything which I am happy with.
But he kept on stealing gaze at me.

“Please face your front and don’t get us killed!”I yell at him as he smiles.

“At least I am dying with my love!”

Holy ghost fire!πŸ˜•
Nau only you go that still want to born oyinbo pikin.πŸ˜•

“Just face your front!”I said ignoring him.

“At your services my love.”he said smiling as i only shook my head at him.

This one also crazy!πŸ™‰
Why am i surrender by crazy people?😰 why me!

Some minutes later the car finally came to a hint as I sigh in relief.

He came down and rushed to my side but I quickly got what he was about to do and beat him to it.

Yes, I quickly opened the door and came out before he got to my side.

I tell you say i no get hand.

He sighs, shaking his head before screeching his hand for me to take.

I glanced hard at him, making him shake his head in frustration.

“Danny please just take the hand.
It won’t bite you.”he said slowly.

Is true that his hard won’t bite me so I took it because I don’t want to embrace him.

He smiled before leading me inside the big restaurant.

We got inside and sat on an arranged chair with a table in the front and immediately the waiter came standing in front of our table smiling.

What’s wrong with this one nau?πŸ˜•

“Good day to you.”he said and I smiled while Mr guy glanced at me.

What’s wrong with him?😦
Hisss….i don’t even know your name and you are jealous.πŸ˜₯

Wahala com dey ooo.

“Bae, what did you want to eat?”he asked and I frowned.

Who is your bae?

“Daniella.”I corrected.
I watch as he sighs frustrated.

“Okay danny.
What did you want to eat?”

This guy no dey hear word!

I wish I resemble my mummy. I will have drawn his ears for him.

“Nothing!”I replied but he ignored me and turned to the waiter.

“Fried rice and chicken!
Same.”he said as joy filled my stomach.

Better pikinπŸ˜€
Good boyπŸ‘

The Waiter brought it in less than a minute and dropped it on the table.

{Save me!}

What is this?
This is a full chicken in my front!😧

“Danny let’s eat.”he said and started eating on his own.

God of mama Daniella come and helped me.

Where will I start from?
This is complete embracement.😰

Is it the knife or the spoon?
Which one will I start eating first?

“Danny eats before he gets a cold.”he said and I smiled.

What will I use the knife to do?
Will I kill the chicken before eating again?😰

Niger people come and see your result ooo😒😒

πŸŽ€The commissioner sonπŸ’•

And IπŸŽ€{why me!}

Chapter 19

I stare at the food still thinking about what to do when his voice brought me back.

“Can I get to know you better?”he asked while I immediately glanced at him.”please.”he begged.

That is another opportunity to delay eating the food until my grandmother ghost comes and helps me.

“My name is Daniella adetoye.
Am 19 years old and came from a wretched family of five with me being the only girl.”I said calmly looking down. I don’t know! I just summarize everything for him.

“Okay..i think i should also introduce myself when I get the chance.”he said. And I raise my head up to see him smiling.

Am relieved least he was not thinking about the introduction i made.

“Am Lawrence Otedola and….”

“Wait! you mean the popular otedola?
the commissioner of the whole Nigeria?”I asked with my eyes raised but he just rolled his eyes.

“Commissioner Otedola is not here but me and I am Lawrence so bring those eyes of yours down.”he said but I wasn’t convinced.

He is the son of one of the most wealthy men in Nigeria.

Lawrence Otedola.

“Wait first. So you mean am I sitting in front of the commissioner’s son?”I asked , still finding it hard to believe.

“Am not the commissioner but his son so drop those dramas!”he said, rolling his eyes as if he didn’t want me to know he is the commissioner’s son.

Why won’t I know?
Am not so dump! How can I not know one of the most wealthy men in my country and won a scholarship? not possible!

“Wow, I am so happy!
Am sitting with a whole excellence son.”i said happily.

Why won’t I be happy?
Gosh I am dreaming.

“Common Danny, drop that off!
Am Lawrence and not Otedola.
Am a man on my own.”he said, rolling his eyes.

What is wrong with this cute guy?πŸ™ˆ

Ahhhhh Daniella.
My village people have finally had their way!

Is a privileged sitting with…..”i am about to say when he cut me shot.

“Stop it now and allow me to continue my introduction!”

We are talking about the commissioner’s son here. What other introduction can be more than that!

“Okay your excellence.”

“Danny, please stop it.”he said gently and I nodded.

“You can continue your excel…
Sorry I mean you can continue.”I said with a smile and he just shook his head and sigh.

“Am Lawrence and I am 23years old and…”

“Sorry, what about the Otedola?
Why did you remove it now?”I decided to tease him but he ignored me and continued talking.

“I am 23years and…..forget it!”he said quickly and I wondered why.

“Why did you stop?”

“Isn’t it obvious?
You prefer the commissioner more than me,”he said slowly.

Look at this one?😦
I will even chose the commissioner over you!πŸ˜•

“Okay, continue!”

“No. go and the mr commissioners!” he said and continued eating his food.

“Why am I even begging you?
when I have a phone.”I scoffed at him bringing out my phone from my hand bag.

“What…what are you doing?”he asked, gazing at him while I scoffed again.

“Watch and see!
By the time I finish typing ‘commissioner Otedola’ on Google everything about you will be out now.”

“Don’t waste your precious time because nothing about me will be revealed.”he said smiling, making him look more cute.

Gosh..Daniella are you okay?

“What did you mean?”I asked , confused.

“I am invisible to the world!
So stop it!”he yelled, a little frustrated.

He is making sense now.
Commissioner Otedola is one of the richest men in Nigeria but I haven’t come across any news about his son. In fact I never knew he had a son.

It is none of my business!
Yeah I have nothing to do with him so I shouldn’t be giving myself a headache on top of those rich and wicked people we called our leaders.

I stay silent staring at the food in my front.only God knows how i can escape this.

“Are you okay?”he suddenly asked, worried.

Gosh…why won’t I be okay?
You think I don’t have anything else to think of except you when I have a mission to start. idiot!

“Yes.”I replied, still staring at the food.

Everywhere became quiet he stopped eating and I could tell he was staring at me.

I continued looking down, not bothering to raise my head up and look at him.

The next moment I felt someone holding my two hands.

I raise my head up immediately and see him interfering with my hand.

Immediately the atmosphere changes.everywhere became hot.

What’s going on?
This is not the first time a guy will be holding my hand.

My brother and my best friends do something likely with this and I never felt like this….what the hell is happening?

I stared at his hand as my heart started beating fast.

Gosh…his hands are soft!

“What..what are you doing?”
Jazz, I just stammer.

“I want you to feel me.
I want you to feel my heart beat for only you.”he said gently as i took my eyes away from our hands and landed on him.

He is staring at me with a mixed expression that I couldn’t figure out.

“Danny, you asked me to stay away from you but I want you to know that can never happen.

The only thing I have been searching for is in you.
Yes I found it in you.”he said staring deeply into my eyes as if he was truly searching for something inside.

What’s in my eyes you are searching for!

“The day I meant you something changes in me.

You are everything I want, Daniella Adetoye, please give me a chance?”he said and immediately I got myself back.

I draw away from him angrily.

Daniella time to escape this embracement!
Opportunity came but once.

“What nonsense are you saying?”I asked angrily.

“Ohhh….I got you now.
So you convince me to come here so you can read out your speech which you succeed because i’m a fool and I follow you here!”i said raising my voice a little avoiding attention.

I can’t get into trouble because of this guy.

“Danny please…”he said, also standing up.

“I made a mistake by following you here!”I said , getting my bag and going, but I was not successful because he stopped me by drawing me back.

“Please let…”he said when I leaned over to him and whispered.

“Don’t create a scene here mr commissioner son!
You know you are invisible but by the time we finish our drama you will become visible to the whole world.”I threatened and immediately he released my wrist.

Wow so he was scared of something which is his identity.

I smile around and see people staring at us already but when they see me smiling they look away and continue what they are doing.

Nice job Daniella!

I walk out of the restaurant breathing in relief.

Niger people, I have overcome you oooo.

Thank goodness for the opportunity. If not , I will have been thinking about how to kill the chicken.

I took a taxes and headed home.

After some minutes I came down and gave the tax man money but he refused and drove off saying I am a scholarship student.

I turn towards my apartment.
I got there and entered hoping to meet my crazy friends but I was disappointed because those crazy people had not yet come after promising to come today.

I will so deal with those crazy creatures when they come but gosh…i just loss fried rice and chicken!
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