The Commissioner Son And I

The commissioner son and I episode 26 – 27

🎀The commissioner son💕

And I🎀 {why me!}

Chapter 26.



Mr Otedola stares at his wife as she dances around happily.

“Otedola we have become rich.”she said Hugging him.

“Yes, become rich by selling your son!”Otedola scoffed.

“Keep shut, I didn’t sell him!
If he didn’t go we would all die of hunger.”she said why Otedola nodded.

Women are wicked.
Because of wealth she accepted.

The second day Mrs Otedola has to wake up early and bathe one of the triplets and prepare him.

She decides to choose the first one who is Lawrence.
Lawrence at that time is very gentle and cool while the other two are damn crazy.

Thank God you know that one!😏

After bathing him and wearing his best Christmas dress, the little boy was confused.

“My mummy, why am I putting on fine dresses today?”little Lawrence asked.

“My baby you are going to where there is enjoyment that you will be eating fine food everyday.”Mrs Otedola answered but little Lawrence still has that unsettled look.

Little Lawrence looks at his sleeping brother and returns his gaze to his mother.

“What about James and John won’t they enjoy and eat fine food also?

Why are they still sleeping?”he asked and mother smiled and pulled him to herself.

“You know I love you most?”she asked and the boy shook his head, surprising her.

“No mummy. You love James and John the most!”

“That’s not true!
You are my favorite.”Mrs Otedola said, still surprised at what the boy was blurting out.

“You always said I’m too dull and not smart as James and John, which means they are your favorite.”little Lawrence augured, making her more.

“I said that because I love you most.”she said but the boy was not buying that.

“I don’t want to enjoy alone and want James and John to enjoy and eat fine also.”he said pointing at them when they are sleeping.

Mrs Otedola stared at the boy angrily.
‘Idiot wants to spour my plan’ she thinks.

She has to look for a way to convince this little devil.

“I want you to enjoy first before them.”

“Mummy no!
You always said we must suffer and enjoy together because we are triplet born together.”little Lawrence said with his hand folded in his chest together.

Mrs Otedola was amused at what Lawrence was blurting out.
She never knew he could use that word against her.

“Mummy, remember you said we should love each other no Matter the situation we find ourselves in, so please let me and my brothers go and enjoy it together.”he pleaded with his hand folded.

Mrs Otedola got angry that she slapped him.

“Keep that your dirty mouth shut!”she yelled as the boy shivered in fear.’What did he do to make his mother suddenly get angry and slap him?’he thought as tears flowed down his eyes.

“If you say anything again I will cut your small mouth for you!”she threatened to make Mr Otedola make up from his sleep.

He stood up quickly on hearing his son was crying and walked to the sitting room when he saw his wife banging at the little boy.

He saw the boy was already dressed up and he understood what was happening.

He checked the wall clock and saw it just at 4am in the morning. The day has not yet broken but his wife has already prepared the boy ahead.

‘Woman with the love for money he thought shook his head.

Little Lawrence felt his father present and turned back running to him in tears as Mrs Otedola continued raining insults on him.

Otedola felt pity for him and carried him while he hugged him crying out the more.

“Daddy please i want James and John to enjoy and eat fine food also.”Little Lawrence sobbed the most.

Otedola felt broken on hearing what Lawrence was blurting out.

“Daddy please I don’t want my brother to suffer!”little Lawrence cries out the more hugging him tight.

Otedola felt hot tears flowing down his eyes. If only he was rich this wouldn’t not be happening to his son.

Mrs Otedola Hiss’s and enter the bedroom in anger.
“Call Mr. Dollar that we are ready!”she said entering in,side.

“Is okay Lawrence.”he said but little Lawrence shook his head crying out the more.

“I don’t want to enjoy it again , please let me stay and suffer with you.”he cried out.

“No, you have to go and enjoy it so that you won’t get sick,”Otedola said.

“No i won’t get sick please let me stay with my brother!”little Lawrence begged hoping his father could change his own mind.”please daddy…..”

Otedola sighs…seeing the way Lawrence was doing. He wishes this never happened.

“Lawrence, don’t worry your brothers will come and meet you tomorrow.”he said, hoping he could convince him.

“Really?”he asked as his mood changed while Otedola nodded.”But why can’t we go together now?”he asked.

“Because you are the elder you senior them.”Otedola said while little Lawrence stared at him.

“No. I didn’t senior them!
We are triplets. We came out the same day.”he said as Lawrence sighed frustrated.

What will he say now?

“Yes you are triplets but you are the first to come out before them.”Otedola says screeching his head.thank goodness Lawrence could not see him.

“Does that mean I have to go first?”he asked while Otedola nodded, smiling.

“They are coming to meet you tomorrow.”he said as little Lawrence hugged him tight.

“Promise they will come.”he said and his Otedola nod.”i promise.”Otedola feeling relieved.

Finally he was able to convince this little devil.


“Otedola! Mr Dollar is calling you.“Mrs Otedola runs in,side , giving the phone to her husband happily.

After Otedola convinced the boy he fell asleep on his shoulder so Otedola sat down in the sitting with Lawrence on his lap sleeping.

At least for the last time he wanted to feel his son’s company.

He collected the phone from his wife and picked it up by putting it on the loudspeaker.

“Otedola, my plane is taking up in the next 2 hours, don’t keep me waiting!” Dollar said immediately and Hung up.

Otedola stands up, waking Lawrence up and goes in,side to change his dress so they can get going.

Mr Otedola will be the one to take Lawrence to the dollar . His wife will not be going because of how dangerous the mr dollar is..

He finished dressing and came out to meet Lawrence and his brother playing together.

Sadness fills him immediately but composes himself.

“James and John say bye to your brother.”Mrs Otedola said holding Lawrence’s hand but they didn’t do anything.

“Where is he going?”James and John asked at one, staring at Lawrence.

Mr and Mrs Otedola sigh in frustration seeing they have another problem to solve.

Before they could think of anything to say Lawrence had already spoken up.

“Am going to where I will be enjoying and eating fine food.”Little Lawrence answers as James and John look at their parents confused.

“Daddy,mummy.”They called.”What about us?”they asked and the parents fell speechless.
‘How will they solve this problem now?’they thought.

“Jame and john don’t worry daddy will bring you tomorrow to come and meet me.”little Lawrence said and the brother’s mood changed happily.

“Really?”they asked, facing their parents but they could only nod.

“I won’t eat any food until the two of you come tomorrow because we are going to enjoy it together.”Little Lawrence assured holding his brother’s hand , making them happy.

“No don’t wait for us, make sure you eat fine food and enjoy before we come.”James and John said but Lawrence shook his disapproval.

“No, I will wait for the two of you!”he said.

“Why?”James and John asked.

“Because we have suffered together and we are going to enjoy it together.”he said and the three of them hugged each other.

“Don’t wait for us Lawrence. eat fine food and stay strong until we come.”little James said, hugging him tight.

“Alright kids he has to go now!”Mrs Otedola discharged them as Mr Otedola took Lawrence’s hand.

James and John began to cry on seeing that Lawrence was going.

Little Lawrence saw them and ran back to them as they both cried.

“Don’t cry, go and enjoy!” Little James and John said as tears flowed down their eyes.

Mr and Mrs Otedola felt bad seeing how they are behaving but they still have that goal to become wealthy.

“Don’t cry, I love you two.”little Lawrence cried out.

“Lawrence go enjoyed eating fine food and staying strong.”little James said, cleaning little Lawrence’s tears.

“We love you Lawrence.”they said as they watched their father and Lawrence going.

They cried out their lungs as little as they could.

Chapter 27


Unknown POV 📍

Mrs Otedola narrated everything as tears were flowing down her eyes.

One could tell she was in pain and regretting her past but there is no name that is prettier than they are the worst parent.

James and John stare at her shock.
They couldn’t believe their parents actually did that.

They have always known that their father values his business more than anything but they still couldn’t believe their hearings.

You may be wondering how the twins have been suddenly in Nigeria.


“You are the one who is heartless at has a good mother you would have convince me!”Commissioner Otedola said, smirking.”stop being a saint wifey.”

“Yes I totally agree with you Otedola.”she confessed, smiling sadly.

“I know I have been a heartless mother and it is time to correct my mistakes.”she added, making Commissioner Otedola confused.

He stopped smirking and looked at her confused.”What did you mean?”he asked.

“Otedola is time to correct my mistakes.
All I have wanted is to live a wealthy and happy life with my family and I am ready to pay the price.”she replies as tears continue flowing down.

“My children must know everything and I am going to unite them together.”

“What!”Commissioner Otedola s¢ræmed.”You can’t do that! The whole world will know we are a child and not even a child but triplets!”

Mrs Otedola laughed at her husband’s statement.

“Let them know.I don’t care anymore!”

“What did you mean that you don’t care?
Did you know what it means?” he nagged at her as she chuckled.

“Are you scared that the world will know that commissioner Otedola is a child trafficker?”

“Shut up woman!”he yelled angrily.”don’t dare me!”

“Otedola, let ’s end the game here.”she said.”It will only cost you your wealth and not your life.”

“And my wealth is my life!”he shouted at her again, making her shake her head and disagree.

“No you are getting it wrong!

Your happiness is your life!

My happiness is your life!

The happiness of our children is your life!

And the happiness of your family is what makes you a living man.”Mrs Otedola yelled and tears started flowing again.

“And i don’t care about all you mention, all I care for is my wealth which is my life!”he corrected again proudly.

Mrs Otedola saw that being rich took over her husband and he would do anything to protect his wealth.

“But I care about all those I mention.
The happiness of my children is my life!”she yells in frustration.”Let us go to Otedola. Free my childrens from your wealthy bondages!”

“And did you know what that means?”Otedola asked, smirking.
“I know and I am happy I am making the choice.”she answered.”Do your worst Otedola!”

“ bad.
The commissioner’s wife wants to become a street bread seller.”he mocks, smiling devilishly.

“As long as there is peace!
But let me tell you that I won’t suffer because there are many ready to accept me.”she said with confidence.

“I shouldn’t be surprise when that your stupid son is a billionaire.”he scoffed.”but I will make you guys life miserable!”he threatened.

“Staying here talking to you is a waste of time because you are not ready to accept the truth.”she said and was about to walk when his voice stopped her.

“Don’t take any step that will cost your life.”

“I don’t care because I am ready to pay the price handsomely.”she walked out.

She walks out of the mansion and enters her car stopping the guards from following her which is very Ricky for a commissioner wife but she was able to convince them.

She drove out of the mansion with the determination to correct her mistakes and pay the price for it.

Meanwhile immediately she stepped out of the room commissioner Otedola became angrier and started scattering everywhere.

This woman wants to ruin my life!”he s¢ræmed.

If the triplets know and meet each other the whole world already knows and that will ruin his reputation.

Now he has two women who are threatening his life.

Mrs Johnson dollar and his stupid wife!

I must do something.’he thought, bringing out his phone.

He dialled a number who picked up immediately.

“My wife just stepped out now and followed her immediately.”he said hung up.

“Am sorry wifey since you are ready to pay the price so be it!”he mutters laughing like a devil he is.


Mrs Otedola drove to a bar so that people wouldn’t notice her.

She covered her head with a hoodie to avoid attention and she came down from her car heading in,side.

She entered in,side and immediately went for the seat that people gaze far from she brings out her phone.

She dialled the number but it rang without being picked.

She courses angrily as they dial another number who picks up after the third rang.

“Thank goodness.”she muttered happily.

“Hello john.”she said quickly.

“M..mum is midnight here!”he gr0×ned.

One could tell he was having a peaceful sleep before they sent his annoying mother to disturb him.

“John are…..”

“Mum, go meet your precious husband and let me sleep!”he cut shut but not in a rude way.

Mrs Otedola sigh..’precious husband indeed she thought sadly.

“There’s a problem, wake up your brother. I want to talk to the two of you.”she said, ignoring him.

“Mum we are sleeping and what else do you want to talk about again more than your husband’s business.”he scoffed.

His words hurt her but he was only saying the main fact which is true.

“It’s morning here in Nigeria.”she said calmly, making John gr0×n.

“Mum, let ’s talk tomorrow please…”

“There is a problem now and you guys need to be in Nigeria before noon.”she Yelps, making John scoff.

“Mum, just go straight to the point.
Just says we have to be in Nigeria for your husband purposes and we Need to start our disguise to enter the county and…….”

“Just shut up!”Mrs Otedola yelled, cutting him off.
She is tired of how they make her feel.

“This is not about your daddy business but……”

“Don’t call that man our daddy!”John cut off angrily.

That is the thing he hates to hear,calling that devil their daddy.

Mrs Otedola sighs..she still has a lot to do.

“Please oko Mi
{She refer to him as her husband to calm him down}

Believe me this is not about business.”she said and john rolled his eyes even though she couldn’t see him.”please you have to take the next flight to Nigeria now.”

“What!”John s¢ræmed, making James wake up given the eyes of ‘are you okay?’ And John shakes his head telling him no.

John immediately up the phone on a loud speaker so James will be able to hear also.

“You can’t expect us to take the next flight now when it takes us two to three day to disguise and….”

“You don’t need to disguise, just take the next flight now,”Mrs said pleading.

“What!”Both John and James shouted at the same time.

“You want the commissioner to cut our heads off when he tells us not to enter and when we want to we should always disguise.”James examined.

“Please James, you two need to take the next flight now,”Mrs Otedola pleaded.

“The world must not know that the commissioner has a child, talks more of twins and you are asking us to come now which means we are digging our grief because your husband will kill us.”James narrated.

“We are not ready to die now!”they mumble

Mrs Otedola sighs in frustration seeing that children are not going to come easy just then an idea pulp into her head and she smiles hopefully.

“You are triplets and not twins!”she blurted out.

“What!”they both s¢ræm out.”Mummy stop cracking jokes.”John said, still finding it funny.

‘The commissioner wife is not good at lairing like his husband.’he thought as he hisss.

“Am damn serious here. You are triplet and that is the reason you need to take the next flight to Nigeria and here before noon.”she commanded and hung up.

She sighs in relief,she knows they will surely come at once.

She stares at her phone as she dials another. She knows another problem again.

The person picks up at once making her wonder if he is not sleeping.

“Hello Lawrence.
Are you not supposed to be sleeping?”she asked immediately and he scoffed.

“Why will I be sleeping when I just realized I am a triplet.”he said nonchalantly, making Mrs Otedola jaw drop.

“Excuse me?”she said, still confused how the hell he knew about it.

“Drop the game, Mrs. Commissioner’s wife.”he said mockingly.

Mrs Otedola sighed sadly.
“Take the next flight to Nigeria now.”That was what she could only say at that moment.

He chuckled.

“Hope is not your husband’s mansion because if it is, consider him dead!”he said.

“I will send you the address,”she said and hung up.

Finally they are going to meet and she is going to ask for their forgiveness.


Meanwhile someone was spying on her.the guy brought out his phone and dialled a number.

“Hello mr commissioner.
She drove into a bar,”the guy said immediately.

“Anything suspiciou?”commissioner Otedola asked.

But she was making calls and I couldn’t hear or figure out who it was and what they were saying,”the guy answered.
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Mr Otedola sighs…”stay there and watch everything.”he said with authority and hung up.

“Sorry wife but the way I see things is like you are really going to pay the price with your life!”he mumbled to himself and laughed out loud.

“You are playing a dangerous game wifey!”


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