The Commissioner Son And I

The commissioner son and I episode 30 – 31

πŸŽ€The commissioner son πŸ’•

And IπŸŽ€ {why me!}

Chapter 30


“Why are you not picking up your call?” I shouted immediately.

He chuckled.

“Calm down Daniella, something came up that is the reason.”The reply got me the more angry.

“Did you know how worried we are?”I yell.”We almost died of fears of you involving in a plane crash.”

“You miss us?”

“What the hell!
Am damn serious here!”

“If you almost die, which means the crazy nerd will be dead by now.”he said, laughing provoking me the most.

“Don’t dare change the topic john!”

Our little babies are missing us already.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?
Does it look like I’m joking?”

“Don’t worry we will buy you guys biscuits and chocolate when we are coming back.”

He continues teasing me and that only makes me want to break his head.

“Sigh…. Are you related to Lawrence?”I asked with a serious voice.

“Which Lawrence?”

“Lawrence , you know.”I answered.

You mean our in-law?”he asked as I heard James laughing behind.

“James!”I called. So he has been there since.

“Yes momma.”

“Are you guys in any way related to Lawrence?”I asked , ignoring their grinning.

“You mean your husband?”he asked as they both started laughing again.

Gosh…..i wish kelly was here!

“Am damn serious here!”I yell angrily and they immediately shut up.”Are you related to him?”

“No.”they muttered.

I know they won’t say the truth.πŸ˜”

“Why are you asking?
Did he say anything?”James asked and I quickly shook my head in denials even though they couldn’t see me.

“No.”I said quickly.

I can’t let them know I am already aware of it.what if they come after me and kill me?

“Daniella, stop thinking about something negative!”my inner mind said.

They killed their mother and I don’t even know anything about them.
All I know is that they are the commissioner hindering son’s.

“Are you okay?”James asked and I quickly faked a laugh.

“Am fine except you are missing us.”I tease laughing.

“Tah…in your dream.”they both said.

“What of that crazy girl?”John suddenly asked and joy filled me.

I don’t know, I just felt happy hearing him asking for Kelly.

“She has been damn worried for you.”I purposely said just to hear his reply.

He chuckled.
“Kelly is worried for me or me and james?”

“Google it idiot!
Be asking stupid question there!”i hissss and they started laughing.

“You guys are mad!”
In fact, don’t come back again.”I shouted , pretending to be angry.

“Common miss gagari
We miss your best food.”

Sigh….. They are fine.
But am still scared of them in fact I can’t trust them again.πŸ˜”

It has been exactly three days since I read the news from Nigeria.

Me and Kelly have all possible best to contact them but it ends up as usual.

I can’t tell Kelly what happened?
How will she take it?

I don’t even know where to start telling her.
Will I say Lawrence and our best friend bear the same sun name and they are triplets and now they have killed their mother.

Sound very stupid in ear!
How the hell will she even believe me?

I don’t even understand everything and I want her to understand.impossible!

I have convinced her that they are settling some stuff that is why they are not able to pick up our calls that they will be fine.

Kelly has gone home today to prepare for tomorrow’s lecture with me telling her that they are okay because she has been damn worried about them, especially john.

Immediately she left those crazy twins.

I don’t want to pick it because they lie to me and their fear of them killing their mother is in me.

My mind is telling me otherwise.they can’t kill their mother!

But because I want to hear their voice and be sure they are safe makes me pick up.

I can’t believe I’m still talking with them despite me knowing what they did.

“When are you guys coming back?”I asked , diverting the topic.

“We don’t know yet but we are somewhere safe.”James answered.

“Are you in any way related to Lawrence?”I asked for the tenth time, making them let out a long sign.

“I told you earlier no.we don’t even know him before.”

Why the hell is this guy still lieing😰

“Okay..”I mumble.”Call Kelly also so that she can stop worrying.”

“You don’t need to reminds us aunty.”They scoffed and I rolled my eyes.”sorry sir I won’t do that again.”

We both burst into laughter.

“Talk to you later and don’t miss us too much.”he said in between laughing.

“Get off,”I said and hung up.

Sigh….I am happy they are safe.

Maybe i should call kelly but since they are going to call and it will be better if she hears their voice directly.

I lay on my bed and dove off.

🌌12 am in the night. United kingdomπŸŒƒ

Unknown POV πŸ“

Immediately Daniella dove off her phone and started ringing but because of how tired she kept ignoring it.

The ringing of the phone kept on disturbing her and gave her a headache.

She became angry and cut off the call and continued sleeping.

Then again the sound came and she picked it up ready to rain course whoever it was.
But the voice she heard made the sleep vanish from her eyes immediately and calm her down.*Lawrence*

“Danny is me.”

“I know,”she said calmly, making Lawrence furrowed his brow.

“I’m sorry for disturbing your sleep.”He apologized but Daniella didn’t say anything.

Silent takes place for a second with Lawrence wondering if it is Daniella he was actually speaking with because the Daniella he knew will have shouted,insulted and hung up angrily but now it seems a miracle has happened..

“Am sorry for not calling all this while something came up.”He apologized again but she didn’t say anything and Lawrence quickly checked his phone. Maybe she has hung up but no she hasn’t.

“Danny, can you hear me?”

“Yes.”she uttered calmly and Lawrence became happy that God had answered his prayer.

“Danny I know I have been disturbing you for a while now please give me a chance.”he said but replied so he continued.

“You are the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. I know it sound so stupid but please i really love you.
I love you with all my life please.”Lawrence said with his voice cracking up.

Daniella’s heart was filled with mixed feelings.did she really love this guy?

Yes I love but am scared of heartbreak.

“Allow me to show you how i love you please you won’t regret ever loving please danny…”he said pouring out his heart to her.

“Yes.i will give you a chance.”she blurted out before she could stop herself.

‘Another new chapter is about to be open in life.’she thought not knowing that is the way to another unforgettable experience in her life.

πŸŽ€The commission sonπŸ’•

And IπŸŽ€ {why me!}

Chapter 31

Daniella POV🍭🍭

“Let go to my apartment please.”I pleaded with Kelly who insisted she had something to do at home.

Kelly has been very suspicious since we got to class today. Sometimes she will just go out and answer her calls every minute which is not so before.

No matter what Kelly wants to do she does it in front of me and never hides anything from me but today is totally different.

Here we are now with me begging her to come to my apartment and she refuses saying she has something to do.

I asked her if James and John called she said no and even changed the topic leaving me confused because those crazy twins said they are going to call her.did they later change their mind?

“Hello where are you…”she put her phone to her ear and started walking away leaving me standing.

“What the hell is happening?”I yelled angrily, running after her.

“Wait let me call you back..”she said when she felt my present behind.

“I don’t understand you anymore!”I angrily put my two hands on my waist and started laughing, provoking me the most.

“What is funny?”I asked glaring at her.

“You resemble a witch when you do that.”she laughed, referring to the way I put my hand on my waist standing akobo.

“Don’t dare change the topic!”I yell.

“But you look like a black witch..”she said, pouting out her mouth and I immediately moved closer to her with my hands on my ears twisting it.

“Ouch….ouch. ears hurt…”she pushed my hand away and moved back from me.

“I don’t understand you today.”I said sadly.”What is going on with my best friends?”

“Your best friend is not sick.
We are totally fine.”she replied in a sad tone and started laughing.

Can’t this girl see that am serious here?😰

“Stop those games Kelly!”I yell angrily.”What the hell is going on?”

“Nothing I need to attend to someone in my apartment.”she replied smiling.

“Okay let’s go together!”I said , making her furrowed her brow. “You said what?”

“You heard me right!
Am going with you and you can’t do anything about it!”I said glaring at her.

“Miss gagari, let’s not do it that way please.”she said, pouting out but I just glared at her not buying it.

“Are you keeping dead bodies at your apartment?” I asked because I thought something was really fishy.

“Yes,”she answered, smiling widely.


“Yes I am keeping witches’ dead bodies at my apartment.”she said with happiness.

I don’t understand.”

“I am keeping your grandmother’s dead body at my apartment.”

“Are you okay?”I asked angrily and she shook her head saying no.

“Why will I be okay?”she asked, faking a tear.

See me see wahala ooo😦

“Your grandmother has been preparing that weird food Ebo for me and threatened me that if I don’t do it she will have another set of witches from your country.”she said, still pretending to be crying.

“Now I see you are not okay.”I nodded my head at her.”You need to be taken care of.”

“Yes I want to go and take care of myself and please Don’t follow.”she said and started walking away when I drew her back.”You can’t fool so that I will let you go.”I said drawing her back.

She sighs in frustration before turning to face me.

“What the hell is your problem?”she yelled in frustration.”Let go of my hand now!”

I chuckle.
“Are you done shouting?”

“Miss gagari leave me alone!”she shouted. “I’m done.”she said and I nodded my head.

“If you don’t want me to follow you then tell me where you are going and what is going on.”i said glaring at her.

“Please let me go…….”she began to beg me when my phone started ringing inside my bag..

She started smirking at me giving me the eyes of ‘won’t you pick up your call?’

I clenched my fit releasing her wrist and she started laughing at me.

I ignore her opening my back and bring out my phone and there it display boldly *LAWRENCE*

I immediately smiled seeing his name and joy filled me forgetting kelly was with me.

She coughs out making me look at her smirking at me.

“What?”I shouted with my cheek running red like a tomato.

“See you later.”she wink at me running away.

She is gone?😞

The call came in again and I immediately picked it up.

“Danny love.”he said sweetly as I blush.

Gosh..Daniella control yourself stop blushing like a fifteen years old girl who is in love.

“Hey.”I reply smiling.

“Are you through with today’s lecture?”he asked calmly and I immediately nod as if he could see me. “Yes and I am about to go home now.”

“Okay I will call you in the next 30 minutes, i Love you.”he said softly making want to start dancing around.

“Okay..”i.said hanging up.

He said he love me.πŸ™ˆ

I better walk faster and get home quickly before he calls back.

Gosh..I am so happy right now.


πŸŒ† Evening at 6mp. United kingdomπŸŒƒ

It’s 6pm already.”I check the time.”Lawrence i need to fresh up.”

“Are you tired of hearing my voice?”he asked.

“No…but you have taken all my time.”I answered laughing lightly.

Just five minutes remaining for me to get home Lawrence’s call came in and we have been talking until I got home and now.

I got home at 12pm and now the time is 6 pm.the funniest thing is i didn’t feel hungry. I don’t even know when it reach 6pm.

Am so happy with him talking to me and true be say i don’t want him to hung upπŸ˜” am really enjoying him.

“Please wait a little.”he pleaded and I laughed more.

“What about your girlfriend?”I suddenly asked.

My mind flashbacks to when I saw him and Jane the other time.

He chuckled.
“You want to know her?”he asked as I became angry but I just kept quiet.

“Danny, do you want to meet her?”he asked again.”yes.”I muttered.

“Move to a mirror,”he said.

“Excuse me?”

“Danny, go and Stand in front of a mirror.”

I gr0Γ—ned standing up heading to the standing mirror in my room.

“Are you there?”he asked but I did not say anything.

Hisss..Why will i talk when I am asking him about his girlfriend and he said I should go stand in front of a mirror.

“Common Danny, are you there?”he asked again.I could tell through his voice he was smiling.

“Yes.”I mumbled.

“Close your eyes now.”he ordered but I just stared at the mirror.

“What again now?”I said , making him chuckle.

“Please close your eyes.”

I hiss, closing my eyes.”done.”

“Are you sure?”

“No, I’m not sure, maybe you should come and check!”I replied and he laughed lightly.

“Okay make sure you close your eyes so you can see my girlfriend.”he said.

“Okay sir.”I scoffed.”done sir.”

“Now open your eyes and look directly into the mirror.”

I open my eyes and look directly as he said hoping to see something else but not.

Am only staring at myself.

“That is my girlfriend you are seeing.
The girl I want to be mine forever.

The only person who won my heart without knowing me.

The goddess you are seeing is mine forever.

She is the love of my life.

The girl that made me feel the feelings i never felt before.

She is the joy of my life.

Her love is really driving me crazy and I will do anything to win heart over and over.

The only girl I can never get tired of loving.

I love with all my heart and will go to extend for her.

She is the one you are seeing in the mirror.

Her name is Daniellla Adetoye.”

Lawrence said genuinely with love showing in his voice.

“She is the only one I will ever refer to as my girlfriend. Love of my life.”


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