The Commissioner Son And I

The commissioner son and I episode 46 – 47

๐ŸŽ€The commission son๐Ÿ’•

And I๐ŸŽ€ {why me!}

Chapter 46

Daniella POV๐Ÿญ๐Ÿญ

I stare at the cheek in my hand with my mouth open..50 millionaire.

“What you are seeing is real so stop staring at those poor faces of yours!”she mocks but my gaze is Still on the money… This is f***k money!

“This money can buy everyone in your family including your ancestors. In fact it can buy all your coming generation..”she smiled.

Is tru this money can buy everyone In my family but does she know my future that she is saying her money can buy it.

‘Daniella, this is money, take it and leave this country to start a new rich life with your family in Nigeria!’my inner mind yelled.

Yes, if I took this money my family would not be poor again but……

“You will also get the same scholarship to study in the University of Lagos Nigeria in your county so you are not losing anything to think twice about, baby girl!”she said turning and started walking to the bed where she sat earlier.

“There is nothing to think about!”I blurted out, making her stop and turn to me.

“There is nothing to think about because I have already made up my mind!”I said again.

‘Daniella are you okay?
This is something you have always wanted!’my inner mind yelled again this time angrily which got me angry also.

This is my life.. I can’t let worldly things damage my future!

Go away devil!Let me be!

“Good girl.”she examine smiling devilish.

“I know you won’t wanna lose 50 millionaires, I have expected you to make the right decision becau…..”

“Yes I have made the right decision!”I said, cutting her shut.

She became angry but quickly covered it up with a wide smile which was fake!

“I already know the decision but I will love to hear you say it.”she smirked.”which decision do you ?”



“Yes you heard me right!
I will choose Lawrence even though you give me all the world!”I said. Now is my time to smirk.

“You are losing it bitch!
This money will take you and your family out of poverty…..”

“For a while!”I smirk.”but not forever!”

“You are losing 50 millionaires!”she yelled, clenching her teeth.

“I know!”

“You will never have the opportunity again.
Think twice!”

I smile standing up from my knees, I walk past her to the bed she sat earlier and drop the envelope on it and walk back standing in her front.

“Mrs Johnson dollar everything you said is true ..but I bet you if I have my Lawrence…”

“Not your Lawrence bitch!”she yelled, stepping back and immediately one of the men handed a gun to her.

I don’t know but I am not scared!

She would have killed me before I woke up but she didn’t and still went ahead bribing me.

I just have the feeling that she can’t kill me.

I ignored the gun in her Hand because she expected me to be scared but I was not…I don’t know where the boldness came from.

“If I have my Lawrence I bet you those things you are offering are nothing again because he is going to do a hundred of them for me.”I smile.”I will still choose him even when you offer me your whole wealth.”

“Boss, let me just waste this poor brat!”one of the men said glaring at me.

With his scary ugly face he thinks he can threaten me…your boss didn’t kill me then if you.just one punch from my brother jide you won’t know where your body is! Idiot!

“Poor brat!”she called, angry with the gun still in her hand.”Don’t make things hard for yourself!
Get the money, break up with him and leave the country. Everything you need has been settled, just go straight to the airport and say goodbye to the United kingdom!”

“I don’t want your money and I can’t break up with my boyfriend.”

“Don’t you get it?
He is not yours!”she yells.

“He is mine, he propose to me with his whole heart and I accepted with all my heart that is what we called love!”

“You are blind Lawrence doesn’t love you!”she shouted.

“You are telling the wrong person!”I said.
“Your daughter needs that statement, not me.
Your daughter is blind and did not see who loved her all his life and can go to any length because of her.”

She laughed.
“I will kill you if you say that again!
How dare you speak against my love?”she said thunderously.

“I can blow all the Nation because of her!
I will kill every soul that makes my baby cry!”

“Then why are you not killing me?”

My question catches her off handed and she glares hard at me!

Why is she not killing me?
She would have killed me and nobody can stop her then Why is she not calling me to stop those stress….but I don’t wish to die I am just curious.

Just as she was about to continue her threat I guess then her phone started cutting her off.

She picks up the call angry, ready to cut the head of whoever it is.

*”What the hell is Ote……?”she was about to call the name angrily when her face suddenly beamed up smiling.

*”You got them?”she asked happily and I wondered what made this white devil witch turn into a lottery winner.

*”Okay okay.”she says, dropping the phone and smiling devilishly at me.

Then immediately the big screen in the room suddenly turned on.

I didn’t even notice it before…. Wait, she wants to start watching movies?
Wow, I love movies!
Let’s watch it together.

I have my eyes fixed on the screen, putting all my attention on it, ready to watch a movie. Silly me!

And then the images appear……wait!

I close my eyes and open it back,close and open,close and open…Jesus! Am dead.

She started laughing victoriously with her thunder displaying full power and authority.

My dad,my mom,brother jide and bobo!
They are tied in a room together and they look like a mess which they must tutor…..ahhh I am dead.

So I am losing this battle not knowing that I think am a winner.

“I hope you are not that blind to see what is around their neck?”she said, thundering and immediately my eyes landed on their leg.

I’m dead!

I started walking towards the screen to be sure it was really my family… This is my family suffering because of me.

She also starts walking towards the screen laughing out.

I stood in front of the screen as tears rushed down my eyes seeing how my parents are. They can’t even cry, they are just looking like they are waiting for their death.

“All it has to take to press this switch and booom they are gone!”she laughs pointing at the switch near the screen.

“You have five seconds to make a decision!”

At this point what do you think her decision will be ,?

๐ŸŽ€The commissioner son๐Ÿ’•

And I๐ŸŽ€ {why me!}

Chapter 47

Unknown POV ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“

Tears flow down Daniella eyes staring at her all her fault!

Mrs dollar still put her hand on the switch laughing victoriously.

“Nobody dare temper with me!”she thundered.”I warned you!”

“I will kill your families now and nobody not even the stupid president of country can question me!

I am the wife of the almighty dollar. I got whatever I want!”she laughed in horror, shivering around.

“I have killed thousands of people so killing this poor family is nothing.

I will kill your family in your very eyes and nothing….”

“don’t p..please.”Daniella shouted tearfully, breaking down on the floor.

‘ I’m tired of this!

I’m tired of this game!’she yell in her head.

She can’t take it again seeing her families like it caused unbelievable pains in her body.

“Please don’t….please don’t!!!”she cried holding her tommy painfully.

“Let them be!
I am leaving everything, just let them be!”she cried.

Mrs. Dollar scoffed.
“So you do this willingly and you have been wasting my time?”

“No….please let them be!”

“Of course I will let them be when they get to heaven but for I will do my duties by causing you a lot of pain that will be warning to others that I am Mrs Dollar no one dares make my Jane cry!”she yelled and immediately Daniella crawled to her fits crying out.

“Please I am leaving your country please don’t.”

“That is a must!
But now I must give an everlasting wound by killing your precious poor family in your eyes!”she shouted and switched again with the determination of pressing it down when Daniella started shouting, begging her tearfully.

She laughed out ignoring all her pleas and about to lay her hand on the switch then…..

“Boss he is here!”he said and she immediately redrew her laughing out loud.

“Lover boy is here!”she laughed.”This is the money I have been waiting for.”

“Take her through a different direction!”she instructed and immediately one of the men in black walked up to Daniella.

Daniella who has been closing her eyes crying out not knowing anything happening around her again all she wants now is death because she can’t watch her family die a painful death.

She opened her eyes when she felt a strong Hand on her,her eyes immediately landed on the screen and saw that she didn’t blow them, in fact she had walked away from the switch.

She stood up joyfully with tears and ran to her.”thank you ma.”she said with tears flowing down.”I will never look at the United Kingdom, I will be your country right now.”

She smirked, seeing her gratefulness.
“Don’t be over joy baby break up with him before you leave the country or else good news will welcome you when you get to your country that your family has been burned to ashes so think twice before you take any step!”

“I will ma
Thank you ma.”Daniella said tearfully and the man started leading her out of the room when Mrs Dollar’s voice stopped them.

“Poor brat, take the 50 millionaire and start a better new life when you get there.”she said mockingly.”That will be your gain for speeding six months in the United kingdom.”

“No..thank you ma.”Daniella said hurtful and walked out of the room.

“Come back and take it too late.
It will show you really have an experience with the almighty dollar!”mrs dollar shouted so she could hear and laughing.

“No one has ever won against the Dollar family!

No one will win against the Dollar family!

And one is going to win against the Dollar family!

We remain the most powerful and wealthy in the whole”she thunderous and immediately the door opens with force with an angry Lawrence walking inside.

“Welcome lover boy.”she smirks at him.” You almost ruined my plan but my guards did well.”

“Shut up!”Lawrence snouted angrily rushing towards her but the guard was fast enough to block him and held him Down.

She laughs at what just happened.
“How did you manage to pass all the guards when you were headed by just one?”she mocks.

“You called those weakling guards?”he scoffed angrily.”bring her out now…”

“Or what?”

“Or your daughter will be dead!”Lawrence fired and she started laughing.

“Never threaten me with what you know is impossible for you!”

“Nothing is impossible!
She is my house I can kill with my full right!”Lawrence yelled, struggling to free himself but the idiot holding him was not giving him the chance.

“Then it will be started fully that you kill your fiance.”

“Don’t call that bitch my fiance!”

“How dare you call my daughter a bitch?”she yelled angrily and it was Lawrence’s turn to laugh.

“You and your stupid daughter are what we called bitch!”

“Lawrence you are stepping on the lion tail!”

“Let the stupid lion do whatever she wanted but leave the innocent girl out of this!”

“But Jane is your fiance!”

“She is not my fiance!”

“But you sleep with her at midnight!
In fact you accepted all things and said you love her .”she shouted, smirking , making Lawrence’s eyes pop out.

“Plan work?”he asked hurtfully and she winked at him.”What did you think?”

“fร—ยขk!”he pouch the man holding angrily.

Yesterday night.

Lawrence runs into his house to carry some documents they are going to use against Mrs Dollar because without any evidence nobody is going to help them with this case especially when it includes Dollar family.

Forget they can’t go to the station while it involves dollars they are just wasting their time.

His brothers are all waiting In Daniella apartment looking for a way out with Kelly who has been crying since.

He rushes to the door inserting his password which is danny love.

He entered inside and immediately a handkerchief was to cover his nose before he could struggle. He was already unconscious, falling to the ground.

Few minutes later he lay on the bed with Jane over him r0mancing him all over.

“Danny, you are so good.”he said in his unconscious state.

“No, say Jane!”

“Jane,”he called.

Jane smiles seeing her place working.
“Tell more about how you love me.”

“I love you with all my life I can die for you Dan…….”

Is jane!”she said can he still be mentioning that poor name when he is still unconscious?Hissss.

“I love you Jane and will do anything to make you happy because you are mine.”

“Tell you hate Daniella and just deceiving her.”she order and Lawrence
Say it
“Will you married me after sending that stupid Daniella away?”

“Yes I will marry you and stay with you forever Dan…..”

“Jane!”she yelled.

“I will marry you jane.


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