The Commissioner Son And I

The commissioner son and I episode 56 – 57

🎀The commissioner son💕

And I🎀{why me!}

Chapter 56


Unknown POV📍📍

James hugged her tightly with joy filled his heart that she has repeated…..he has wished this time to come but he never thought it will be as easy as this…

“I.. am so..rry.”she said hugging him Back tight not letting go.

They stay in each other’s arms for some moment while Jane continues uttering ‘i am sorry’.
She now looks like a little dove pleading for mercy..

Then suddenly the sound of gunshot filled everywhere.

“Sheet!” James clenched his fists angrily on hearing the gun shot.“we should be here!”he said regretfully, making Jane scared and she quickly moved to his back for guardians.

James has predicted that not only one person shooting means their plan is working but what will happen to them now.

“ happening?”she asked, staring at everywhere but because of the darkness she couldn’t not see things only the sound of gunshot filled everywhere.

“James took hold of her hand and started leading the way to wherever he thought was safe as his phone started ringing.

He angrily brought it out and picked it up.

*”Where the hell are you?”John’s voice came out.

*”…I am…sheet!”his phone fell off from his hand piecing.”fuck!”


Laughter echoed, making the two turn back to see the devil at their back.

Commissioner Otedola stared wickedly at them as he let out a dangerous laugh.

“You think your plan works?”he asked as he laughed out loud.
Your plan really works, making me amazed by skill because even the Almighty Mrs dollar is here ….”

My mum is here?”Jane asked, confused , making James draw her to himself for protection.

“Oooo..”commissioner Otedola mouth form saw that.”I see!”

He smirked at them and immediately stretched out a gun at them.

Jane shivers fearfully as she quickly hides at James’ back.

James stares at his father with pure wickedness.

“You don’t deserve to be called a father because….”

“wait!” Otedola cut James off with his eyes raised.”Did you really think I love to have children that will inherit all my wealth?

Of no!
I am not going to allow that!”

“We don’t want your wealth!”James yelled angrily.”To hell with your wealth but trust me all the wicked things you have done to gather will be exposed to the whole world and you will surely face the…”

“Shut your mouth up!”Commissioner said, cutting him off.”LA LA LA LA….you are saying impossible things, it can never happen because all of you will be dead!”

Jane at the order hand started praying because the way commissioner Otedola is now she could predict he is ready to kill anyone at this best moment… The man now looks like a devil.

She only think she was the only one following them up to this area and the stupid reason she follow them here was to stop Lawrence from seeing Daniella because if Lawrence sees her he will find a way to make her return back to united kingdom and that will stop him from meeting Daniella but she wasn’t able to meet up with them or could it be they actually saw her and ignore her because how did james knows she was out in the darkness…or could it be their plan because she has been hearing since is gun shot and she is very sure if not because is middle of the night lives will have wasted but who are those shooting?
She came for a stupid and foolish reason but it out to become battle ground.

“Please.. Mr Commissioner….please..don’t..”

“Shut up bitch!”
Commissioner Otedola cut her off.

“She is not a bitch!”James yelled at him and he immediately shot the gun he was holding up.

“Plea..seeeeee..”Jane shouted, hugging James tight.
Mrs Dollar finds her from those gunshots from the five men and her men because she has called them and they are here, she regretted disguising even the men she employed did not recognize her but now too late because this is a battleground. She traced her daughter’s voice where it was coming from and she was able to find her but…..

A guy she could not see his face because she was at their back.

Her intention before coming here was to save her daughter but seeing this provoke the demon in her.

She could see the way Jane was struggling and the guy was not given to her and he even tightened his grip on her.

Commissioner Otedola sighted Mrs Dollar at James and Jane back, making him smirked wickedly.

He predict from the way Mrs dollar is forming with anger that she is ready to explore so he decide to make use of it in his own cunning way he don’t care if stupid son has to go for it!

This time only Jane’s voice was head pleading for them not to be killed which made Mrs dollar think that the guy holding her daughter was using her threatened commissioner Otedola not knowing it was the opposite.

Commissioner signer Mrs Dollar shot the guy holding Jane that he will her.

And immediately gunshot was here at their back and immediately James turned back making the bullet penetrate into his chest straight.

Jane screams on seeing blood blooping out of James chest as he falls down.

She fell down beside him screaming out her lung.”pl..please james please..”

Mrs dollar on the other side was surprised to see she actually shot the commissioner triplet.

She wasn’t sad because she shot him..because he was harming her daughter.

But she was surprised and confused because commissioner Otedola agreed for her to shoot him..didn’t he know he was his son?

Gosh…this is confusing more and why will her daughter be crying for the guy who was trying to kill her?

Mrs dollar stood there watching the confusing drama wondering what could be going on.

She took her eyes to commissioner Otedola to see him smirking and smiling devilish… Before she could predict an answer for those questions the thing she was scared was about to happen.

Within a twinkle of an eye the commissioner held jane..

He drew her up angrily pointing a gun at her head!

Ready to shoot!

🎀The commissioner son💕

And I🎀 {why me!}

Chapter 57

*****Unknown POV📍📍

“Otedola you can’t do that!”Mrs Dollar said, moving forward.

“Drop your gun or I blow her head now!”Commissioner Otedola yelled, dragging Jane away from where James was lying.

James on the ground with blood blooping out of his chest struggling on the floor.

“Ple..ase don’t.let her be!” James said, trying using his hand to stop but the weakness and the dizziness came his way.

Mrs. Dollar, out of fear, dropped her gun on the floor making commissioner Otedola laugh out of danger.

“James please stay alive!”Jane continued shouting James name as if trying to keep him awake.

She didn’t care about how Commissioner Otedola was rough handling her. All she said was “James please stay strong don’t leave me!”

By now the sound of guns shooting has died down.
“Otedola you can have all the wealth but please don’t… Don’t shoot please…“Mrs dollar said with her hands folded together.

“Of course I am heaving all your wealth but first let me clear the hindrance in going to the promised land.”he said mocking and take his eyes to james who is battling with life and death trying his possible to not close his eyes but how much can his power take when the pains is unpredictable.

“I am gonna kill you all and have the world to myself and I will become the wealthiest man in the world!”He proudly and immediately two men wearing black from head to toe came out from the nearby bush.

They walk to commissioner Otedola and hand some documents to him.

Commissioner laughed victoriously seeing what was inside the document.

“You have the right to save your daughter from death, which is the only one way to sign this document.”he said and the took the document walking towards mrs dollar.

“I can’t sign documents without knowing what is inside!” Mrs Dollar said, confusedly.

“Bravo woman!”Commission Otedola praised mockingly.” Is good you should know this document is connected to all dollar properties in the whole world and you are transferring it all to the commissioner Otedola right now!”

“ did you get them?”she asked, confused.

“How I get them is not your problem, sign it now or I’ll kill her!”

“Noooo!”Mrs Dollar screamed in agony.
“’t do this…”

“Watch as you kill your precious daughter now!”he said, cracking the gun ready to shoot jane.

“No please.. I will.. Sign it right now!”she pleaded, taking the pen quickly from them and started signing them all.

After she is done signing it all the men left her side to commissioner Otedola side.

“I have given you all the wealth now…”

“No!”Commissioner Otedola cut her shut.”I am now the owner of all dollar’s companies in the world and the wealthiest man in the world!”

“OKay…you are the owner of dollar companies ples.. Se daughter be pleased…sent.“Mrs Dollar said as tears flowed down her eyes making commissioner Otedola start laughing again in mockery.

“Wow the almighty dollar wife is crying at my feet what a..”

“Otedola let my daughter be!
You got everything with your greediness, is that not enough ?”Mrs Dollar yelled tearfully and started making her way towards him.

“Don’t take a step!
If I could kill my wife because of this wealth your daughter is nothing in my eyes!”he shouter using the gun on Jane’s head but Mrs Dollar ignores.

“I will kill her now Stop there!” He yelled out but when he saw Mrs Dollar was getting closer he had no choice but to shoot.

Not Jane but……….

“Mummmmmy.”Jane screams out pushing commissioner Otedola away with force running to her mother whose legs have been shot.

The commissioner stretched the gun towards Jane as she ran to her and immediately voices weren’t heard.

Yes she hates her mum but she can’t watch her dead!

“Not yet Mr commissioner!”

Three figures walked out of the bush and started to approach them and it turned out to be Lawrence and john.

“Guys!”Otedola shouted on seeing his remaining triplets and immediately the five bodyguards assigned to protect Daniella and her family from America came out of the bush also.

Mrs dollar got angry for all the plans she had made because they didn’t recognize her because she was disguising like a man only otedola and her daughter knows she is the one.

John runs to James who has already passed out.

“Shot them all!”Otedola shouted.

Don’t dare!”

They all turn to Kelly coming out of the bush and instantly the five mens recognize her and bow in sign of respect.

“I said kill them all!”commissioner Otedola shouted angrily.”I am the wealthiest man in the whole world now!”

The men are quite not moving; they all stare at Kelly as she walks forward.

“Don’t let me repeat myself!”

“We can’t!”they said at once.

“You can’t do what?
Who the hell is she?”commissioner Otedola yelled at the men.

“She is the daughter of our boss!
The man trains us and owns our company in South Africa!
She is the only daughter of the prime minister of South Africa,”one of the men said as they escaped their mouths.

“She is what?”Commissioner Otedola asks with his mouth open in disbelief, including Lawrence and john.

“Yes!”Kelly smirks at him.
“I am the only daughter of the prime minister of South Africa but I don’t claim it. I claim it now to save my best friends who are my family.”

“I don’t f**king care!
Kill them all now or I kill her!”Otedola threatened.

The mens chuckled.
“We are at our boss’ service and we will do anything to protect his only child even if by going against the man who claims to be the wealthiest man!”one of them said.

“Then watch as everyone dies here!”Commissioner Otedola yelled, bringing out another stretching towards everyone.

“Let the battle begin!”


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