The Commissioner Son And I

The commissioner son and I episode 58 – 59

🎀The commissioner son💕

And I 🎀{why me!}

Chapter 58


The battle floor was so teasing and dangerous.

As they keep on shooting at their opponent,most of Mrs. Dollar’s men have been taking down.

Some one was able to make contact and james was taken to the hospital secretly when they were busy fighting.

The way things are going as the war gets hotter , commissioner Otedola has already made up his mind that if he never wins then no one is going to leave this place alive.

The five men base on Kelly as they surrender her from being hit by bullets.

All the guns being shot couldn’t penetrate into their body because everything they are putting on are all bullet proof.

There is no way again!

Everywhere was rough, dangerous and he was losing…no! He can’t lose it!

He must look for a way to destroy them all.

Commissioner Otedola turns his direction to Mrs Dollar who is in pain because her leg has been shot.

A smirk appeared on his face and he started moving to her side to shoot any obstacles that came his way.

Just a few minutes after he was there with her,Mrs Dollar felt a presence at her back so she was forced to take her away from the war at her front.

She made to turn to see who it was but she wasn’t successful because he beat her to it….yes! The Commissioner was quickly pointing a gun at the Center of her head angrily.

Everything he is thinking now is to destroy,he doesn’t care about anyone again.

When Mrs Dollar felt something steel placed on her head she didn’t need a seer to tell her. It is a gun which belongs to the devil commissioner Otedola, she let out a sign not to struggle. All she has to do now is to watch the end of the dangerous battle.

“Stop it!”commissioner Otedola yelled trying to stop the war. When that was not working he used his other hand to bring out another gun and shot it Variously and shouted.”stop it!!!!”

He was able to buy their attention not from the sound of the gun he shot in the sky or his s¢ræming what got was seeing him pointing a gun at Mrs Dollar’s head.

“Take the gun jane!”he instructed and jane started trembling in fear.

“I hate repeating myself take the f×¢king gun now!”he yelled making Jane shiver as she look at everyone but non of them is making any attempt to help they are all wearing a poker face waiting for what the devil is planing again.

She crawled tearfully to the gun in her front and picked it up with her hand shaking.
‘What kind of life is this?’she thought.”With all the wealth, look where it ends!’

“No, shoot her!”he said, referring to Kelly.

“What!”Jane s¢ræmed.

“Kill her now or your mother will die!”

“N…no..I can’t.. I can’t do that!“Jane said tearfully, staring at the gun shaking in her hand.

“Wow!”commissioner Otedola smirks.”Are you choosing her over your mum?”

I can’t kill her!”Jane continued saying with her voice raised.

“Make the right choice Jane, your mother’s life is at risk.”

Jane drops the gun away tearfully as she continues.

Lawrence and Kelly were damn surprise for what jane is saying

Could it be her or their eyes are deceiving them?

When they first come into the scene they are confused to see Jane crying beside James who has been shot in the chest.

Commissioner Otedola laughed mockingly.
“Is a pity to see that your daughter you have spent your life to make her happy denied you within a second and even ….”

“Stop it!”Mrs. Dollar angrily cuts him off then takes her face to Jane slowly.

“Jane, I know Nigeria is full of black magic.
Wake up Jane, it’s me, your mum!”

Jane shakes her head tearfully.
“ mum I am not under any spell I can’t kill her because of you!”

“Shut up!”Mrs Dollar yelled angrily.”They are your enemies, you should hate them!”

“No mum!
You made me believe they are my enemies which they are not.

They are the most wonderful people you could even meet!

They are sweet and tender hearted I don’t even know why…I …class them ..enemies.. Mum..for crying out sake..they never.. . ..did anything to deserve it, especially Daniella..”

“I hate you!
Shut up!”Mrs Dollar yelled angrily.

“I hate you mum!”Jane shouted back tearfully, covering her ears with both hands.”You made me miserable!

I hate you for never leading you in the right direction!”

“ amazing you realize the truth but you are going to be dead!”Mrs Dollar yelled and within a twinkle of an eye she had already Collected the gun from commissioner Otedola’s hand by pushing him with force and then pointed it at jane.

Because of her injured leg she couldn’t stand to take any action.

Lawrence,John and Kelly give themselves q signer and smirk.’It is time we have been waiting for!’they thought.

“I hate you and you don’t deserve to be called the mother And to be alive!”Jane fired angrily.”

Mrs Dollar laughed.

” You don’t need to remind me of that!
Yes I don’t deserve a mother and to be alive But you are going with me!”she laughed again.”you are dyeing also and it will be in the history that there is a wealthy family called Dollar and when asked where are the generation it will be in the history that they parish.”mrs dollars sigh cracking up the gun.

Commissioner Otedola has his cunning thought within a seconds.

He knows if Mrs Dollar could kill her daughter then the remaining one will be easy to kill.

All he has to do is to take Lawrence and jelly out of the picture.

Unknown to him all his actions can be predicted as he took any steps.

“We are dying “It is a wonderful thing to be in this world because I made it fully even in a cunning way.. And I didn’t regret all evil things I have done because I am going to hell and become the queen there but a person must die from my hand which this stupid lady there!”she said referring to Jane.”I will make sure you did not have a fully life!”she yelled and release the bullet.

Noise echoed the whole place and the sound of guns were heard.

By the time the sound of gun stop bodies were laying on the floor in them is The almighty Mrs Dollar and commissioner Otedola who is still struggling to give up.

Jane who has closed her eyes waiting for death slowly opens her eyes when she couldn’t feel any pain and behold two guards were standing in her front preventing her from being hit by a bullet shot by her mum.

“You don’t win!”commissioner Otedola yelled in pain.”all the property still belongs to me!”

Lawrence walks towards him and bends, shaking his head at the man.

“What a wicked world filled with wicked people. You rule the world like you all be the king forever not remembering everything is vanity upon vanity!”Lawrence said.”I am happy to announce to you that all the you are fighting and killing for have be share to the motherless,fatherless children and those with that are poor And its not by a cunning way.

All the documents you have signed are you transferring all your wealth to the privileged.”Lawrence smirks and he clenches his teeth together angrily.

“Good night commissioner Otedola!”Lawrence said and stood up and immediately a gun was shoot at commissioner Otedola an he breath his breath and gave up the ghost.

🎀The commissioner son💕

And I🎀{why me!}

Chapter 59


Unknown POV 📍📍

Few days later.

Five days now since the victory over the Almighty Mrs Dollar and Otedola.

The surviving guards returned to their various countries the following day after the war.

News has spread throughout the world on the sudden death of the commissioner Otedola of Nigeria and the mrs dollar of the United kingdom on the same day.

James was admitted into one of the biggest hospitals in Nigeria and his brother Kelly and Jane have been staying with him.

Lawrence,John and Kelly have accepted Jane with love since she apologized to them and promised to start a new life and be a new person.

She couldn’t deny the fact that she misses her mum but no matter what she is still the reason for her being like this, and the hatred is still there because her mum refused to admit the truth and wanted to kill her.

Now they are all in the hospital staying with James since three days ago.

The doctor said he had lost a lot before he was rushed there and thank God the bullet could penetrate into his heart if not they would have lost him.

But now they are able to save him and he is now in a coma fighting for life.

They have been staying with him from morning till night and go back to the hotel they lodge in the night because they are not allowed to sleep in the hospital except Jane who has refused to leave his side. She has to cry,plead and pray for him to wake up.

Mind you,Lawrence has been secretly going to check his love but afraid of rejection because he can’t take that or else he is going to die.

The doctor said all they need is to pray and by God grace anything One month later he is going to wake up.

One month later{Daniella apartment.}

Daniella POV🍭🍭

I am in,side my room laying on the bed as I think about everything that has been happening in my life.

I have accepted my fate and my parents have been encouraging me that everything will be alright and sometimes my brother will force me to follow him to his working place trying all his best to cheer me up but trust me all has been in vain.

I only faked a smile and laughed just to not let them worry.

It has been two months now that I have come back and none of my best friends have at least a call to say hi which broke my heart!

Maybe they have moved on and forgot about me which is supposed to be so because what is even there to remember about me?

Yes! Nothing to remember about me because I am nobody.

And Lawrence every seconds his face flashing on my mind and I have been trying my possible best to forget him but couldn’t because I could not help but to fall in love with him over and over which is making me sad..I should be able to forget about him but I couldn’t and I don’t know why!

I should be able to forget about that idiot that runs my future but… I can’t..still the one to be blamed because I am the foolish one who chooses love over my future.

I kept turning around as everything kept running through my heart with me trying every possible best to forget.

And wait!
I haven’t told you this, right?

Today also marks one month that a mysterious thing happened in my area in fact in front of my house.

That night was not funny… It was an unforgettable night.

Shootings of guns and s¢ræming of people….bullet hitting the walls of houses We thought the world is at war.

No one dares sleep, we are all standing and praying to God to save us.

My dad peered through the door and he couldn’t see anyone because everywhere was dark but he could see some figures moving.

When the sound of guns and s¢ræming of people in pain was too much we all lay on the floor so if the bullet penetrated in,side through the wall it wouldn’t hint us.

Everywhere was hot and we lay praying for protection till day break.

We all rushed out immediately during the day break and also meant all our neighbors outside looking around nervously and telling each other the mysterious things that happened.

Do you know why I call it mysterious?

Could you believe we couldn’t see any sign that something happened or any sign of blood and dead bodies as expected,we saw only the sign of bullets hitting the walls.

And that same day news spend all over the world that commissioners Otedola has die and before he die he has shared all his wealth to the privileged all. with a voice recording when he was boxing of killing his wife because of wealth which made the whole word know that his children who were accused before were all innocent.

And the confusing part is that that same day the news also spread around that the most wealthiest man wife in the world who is from the United kingdom died and transferred all her wealth to Commissioner Otedola before she died.

And now commission Otedola shared all His wealth to the privileged before he died also.

Everything was confusing to the world but the main subject now is that the two wealthy people die living nothing despite how rich they are.

All their wealth vanished.

My mum and my dad took it as victory over our enemies.

“Knock!knock! Knock!”

“Who is that?”I asked with my voice raised out of frustration.

“Sister Daniella is me.”my little brother replied with his carton voice making me roll my eyes. He is here to disturb me again!

“Did you normally knock before?
So why the change?”

“Sister Daniella come out I don’t want my food to get cold!”he replied hastily and I quickly crap it.

“What is now?”I asked, pretending not to get where he was going.

“Mummy said you should come and eat your food.”

“Be going, I am coming!”I reply, changing to a comfortable position on the bed. I am not hungry now.

“Daddy said you should come now!”he said walking away.

I grumpy getting down from the bed and walking out of the room going to the sitting room where I meant them all eating.

“Thank God you came out to eat without me coming to beg you.”my mum said immediately I walked in making me roll my eyes but careful enough not to be caught.

“Mummy is me I told her is daddy that is.…..”my brother said but kept quiet immediately he saw my face.

“Spoiled brat!”I mumbled going to seat down but there was a knock at the door making me to stop.

“Daniella go and check who is…..”brother Jide said

“I’m going already!”I said, cutting him off walking towards the door and he laughed Hissss…my brothers can be so annoying every second.

I got to the door opening it I met….

I close the door and open it but the people are still standing there!

I close it back and open it again but it’s still the same!

Am I dreaming?

Guess what…??

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