The Commissioner Son And I

The commissioner son and I episode 60 – 61

🎀The commissioner Son💕

And I🎀 {why me!}

Chapter 60

Unknown POV 📍📍

Daniella closed and opened the third time and finally let the door go and walked out and stared at them.

She walks towards Lawrence and holds his chick touching it to be sure she wasn’t seeing a ghost and immediately jumps on him hugging him tight.

She couldn’t help it!
She forgot about everything and hug him.
All I want now is this….she can’t lose him.

Lawrence was surprised that he thought she would be mad,shout angry at him and reject him but now the opposite he expected happened.

He smiles, wrapping his hand around her, hugging her tight.

Then felt something liquid wetting his cloth at the top back and is when he realized Daniella has been sobbing out.

“Is okay.. I am here now.”he said, cleansing her back slowly but it is like increasing the tears because she sobs more.

“I..thought.. I…lose you..”Daniella said, sobbing out the more.

“No you haven’t and you will never because I will always be there for you.”


“I promise Danny my love.”he said genuinely and Daniella hugged him tighter.

She is filled again!
God has blessed her again.. This is all she wants.

Kelly’s cough cleared her throat dramatically.
“Guys, let’s go since we are not wanted here!”

“I am heart broken by that!”John said, shedding tears and cleaning it with his hand.

Daniella let go instantly and she heard those crazy voices… What! Her best friends!

How could she even forget about them?
She guesses love is very powerful.

James, who was held by Jane for balance, also came within them.

He came back from coma last week and that was a celebration for them all especially Jane who was extra joyful that her love was back for her.

James was also happy to be alive and to see they won the war and had victory over their enemies.

He was filled with happiness when he was Jane by his side when he woke.. Wow! His long crush has finally been his love.

The funny thing is that immediately Lawrence and the other head that he has woken up all rush to the hospital.As they enter James with his weak body suddenly go down on his knees in front of Jane asking her to his girlfriend.

It was funny to Lawrence, Kelly and John even the doctor was amazed by his action.

Happily Jane accepts his proposal and they k×ss and hug each other.

That day was a happy day for Jane because she lost two people she values so much and God replaced it with a genuine and everlasting love.

John and Kelly secretly wish that they will also be together with their love.

Now back to the present!

“Look at the way she is staring at us..”James said frowning.”Or do we look like garri in your eyes?!”

“Omg!!!”Daniella s¢ræmed all of a sudden and ran to them, hugging them all at once.”gosh…I miss you guys!”she said tearfully as they hugged.

“We miss Eba!”the three of them shouted and started laughing.

Daniella Hisss discharging herself from them.
“You guys haven’t changed!”

“Miss gagari I miss you!”James said as he heard Jane’s hand which has been trembling since.

“Hur,I miss you darling!”Daniella said and hugged James again, pecking him on both sides.

Lawrence shook his laughing if it was not because James was his brother and her best friend he would have landed a porch on his ugly face.

“Too tight!
My girlfriend is here!”James said, pushing her away playfully. And Daniella who has been seeing Jane but her mind wasn’t on her side because she thought it was just her imagination…how can the Almighty Jane a.k.a mammy water come to her house?

So thinking that James has started his craziness again she hints him playfully on the chest.”Shut up!”

“Ouchhhh.”James cried out, holding His chest painfully.

“What is it?”Daniella asked worriedly.

“Did you want to kill your savoir again?”Kelly yelled glaring at Daniella.

“I don’t understand!
What happened to him?”Daniella asked, holding James’ hand.

“He is your savior, you better don’t let go of him!”

“Shut up Kelly and tell me what happened!”Daniella fired angrily. Must they behave crazy all the time!

“He died for you on the cross by taking bullets for you and he died in a coma for a good one month fighting for life and with God’s power he came to the land of living.”Lawrence said this time making some sense as I stared at James with my mouth open.

They spoke in parables but I could predict the message they are trying to pass….so they actually…..

“And he came to you to ask for forgiveness.”John said, bringing me back from my thoughts.

I mean he actually saved my life then I should be the one to ask for his forgiveness not him…”

“I want you to forgive Jane for me.”James said, holding Jane’s hand.

I step forward touching her to be sure it’s not imaginary and true it’s real.

“Forgive her for us!”They all chorus and I face Kelly to be sure I actually heard her right.

“Mammy water?”I asked, staring at Kelly and she nodded, giving me the confirmation to forgive her.

But I took my face away from her, shaking my head confusingly.

Maybe they are processed..

“I don’t get it!
I mean this girl was the main reason…”

“Danny.”Lawrence walked to me, hugging me behind.”forgive her please.”he said and I took my face to her glaring hærd at her and she quickly took her face down as if she was scared of me or something.

Then the most surprising things happen!

Jane the daughter of the almighty dollar!

The school star!

A.k.a mammy water go down on knees tearfully holding my feet.”I’m…Sorry…please forgive me.”

🎀The commissioner Son💕

And I🎀{why me!}


Unknown POV📍📍

“What is going on here?”

They all discharge from the hugs including jane. Yes Daniella has forgiven her.

They all turn around to see Daniella’s dad and mum glaring at them through the window. They looked shocked and scared with that kind of face so they quickly took their face away from them but landed on the second window when Daniella brothers were glaring hærd at them.

Those faces!

They all exchange looks and they s¢ræm at once and take to their feets running in,side.

They run in,side laughing seriously.

By the time they got in,side the sitting room Daniella’s dad and mum with her brothers were going to sit down so Daniella and her friends stood accordingly like students who were about to be punished.

Daniell dad cleared his throat, staring deeply at the ladies and gentlemen in front of him.

But trust Nigeria parents…

“Daniella what is this?”Her dad glaring at Lawrence, making him scared to death.

Everyone traced Daniella’s father ’s eyes and it landed on Lawrence and daniella interwed their hand.

Daniella quickly realized that and immediately redrew her hand from him.

“Who are they?”her dad asked, now facing them all.

Daniella signed as no words were coming to her head.

Will she say they are her friend, lover and enemies.. Gosh..

“I asked a question!
Who are them?”

“Umm..Um..they…Ummmm..” Daniella stammer fearfully.

“I know them!”mum Daniella said standing up, suddenly retiring her wrapper.

“M..mum!”Daniella called with a pleading face. She knew her mum had met them on video call and did not have a good encounter with them, especially that crazy fellow called Kelly!

“Don’t mum me!”her mum shut her up glaring at her before returning her face back to status in front of her.”you are her friends.”she said pointing at james and john and nodded quickly.

“You are the white witch telling your grandma ‘was sup’?” She asked glaring at Kelly who poured out her mouth innocently.

Her mum eyes her before facing Jane who has been behaving cool like water that has been stored in,side the fridge for long.

“I guess you are the Daughter of the almighty dollar that ruins my daughter’s life over there?

“Mum stop it please!”daniella said quickly because she has started feeling sad already.

“I said shut up!”she yelled angry at her and return her face back to jane.”You frustrated her there and still has the liver to come to her us,have you not scared?”my mum asked.”i can ask the witch of our country to deal with you right now!”

Daniella’s grandmother was a witch before she died!”Kelly added to it immediately making them to grap.

Daniella and they rest stare at each other. Yes Kelly has really put them in a hot fire!

But surprisingly Daniella mum only glared hærd at her and returned her face back to Jane again.

Daniella’s mum smiled genuinely at her, making the rest confused.

” But no matter what your mum is still the reason we are alive today because when the devil commissioner wanted to waste us just a word from her we were released.
So no matter her bad intention from the beginning to the end that good dead will still stand and remain forever.
I don’t know about anything that happened but I couldn’t predict from the look of things you have repeated and you are welcome into the family.”Danielle said at the end making everyone smile and amazed at what the great woman has said.

The triplet with Kelly and Jane all wish they could have a parent as understanding and full of wisdom and care like their friend and love own but the happy is that they all got a mum now yes from today enhance forth Daniella mum will be their mum.

“Wow thank you very much ma and….”they all chorus but Daniella mum shuts them up instantly.

“You are all mannerless!”she insulted.”This is a Nigeria home and you haven’t greeted anyone since you came in, even the elder here!”she said, going to take her seat.

And immediately the triplet gets the message because they are also from Nigeria they prostrated instantly while Kelly and Jane remain standing staring at the triplet confusedly.

Daniella quickly walks toward them and whispers into her ears that they should kneel down and greet them.

And they nod in understanding and started walking forward towards where they sat.

James and John stare at each pitifully already knowing that it was a mistake asking them to greet.

The two got to Daniella’s parents front and knees down and suddenly stretched out their hands saying.”was sup mama and papa?”

The triplet stood up instantly and started walking out of the sitting room and Daniella joined them.

They go out of the sitting room leaving Kelly and Jane to carry her cross alone.

One week later.
Daniella POV📍📍

They all explain everything that occurs within those Two month to me and my family.

I shed tears to see God bless me with wonderful people who care and love me.

They fought for me even to the deadline. They fought the battle and won.

We spend one more week with my family and we have a lovely time together.

I took them to many places which were usually fun to me and trust me they really enjoy everything.

Kelly and Jane get amused at every single thing they see that does not even freak us.

I even celebrated in my area just because they saw me walking and interacting with white people.

John also made a confession to us but when Kelly was not around. He says he is madly in love with kelly that we should help him but we didn’t agree. We told him to Carry his cross by himself and no one told him that Kelly also loves him so the two are still on it.

Let them continue doing cat and rat and not open up to each other.

So finally!
Tomorrow we will be going back to the United Kingdom to start a new beginning together again and share one love again.

Are you surprised?

Yes my friends said I am going with them because everything about my school has been settled and taken CARE of.

I am the happiest person on earth because God has favored and blessed me more than I imagined.

Our flight is taken off by 9am tomorrow.


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