The Commissioner Son And I

The commissioner son and I episode 62 – finale

🎀The commissioner son💕

And I🎀{why me!}

Final chapter

Daniella POV🍭🍭

🌃 United kingdom🌌

Seven years later!

I felt something wet on my lip kissing me but because I am enjoying the sleep I couldn’t open my eyes to see who it was.

My whole body began to heat up becoming hot as the result of the kissing I am receiving by my stubborn boyfriend.

Wow, finally!
Yesterday was my graduation.yes I graduated yesterday as I am a medical doctor and the best student of Oxford university.

All my friends camera and celebrate with me…it was not easy but all i return all glory back to God.

James and John graduated last three years as also a medical doctor and they are currently working in the one the biggest hospitals in the United kingdom.

Jane and Kelly also graduated yesterday as a medical doctor and it was a wonderful and unforgettable day for the three of us because we are fully blessed.

When my family was informed of my success they were extremely happy and shed tears of joy.

At last I fulfilled my vow by making them proud not only that I am now a celebrity all over the world because in those years God has made me popular.

And Lawrence has been a loving boyfriend even more than a boyfriend to me he is always there anytime I need him.

He always advises and encourages me making sure I follow the right part.

“Danny wake up,”he said in between the kisses.

I grumpily pushed him off from me after biting him. He groaned, making me open my eyes to see a handsome creature beside me.

What is that for?”he pouted out, making me want to pull him over and start my own kissing but hell no! I am gonna fall for that!

“That is for disturbing my wonderful sleep!”I said, smirking but it died down when a bigger smirk appeared on his eyes.

Trust me this is not gonna be good!
My p**y still hurt which was his result yesterday.

Before I could predict his next step he slammed his lip on mine.

I respond immediately gosh…this is so tempting.

He broke up as we caught our breath.

I hugged him tight, saying.”Thanks for everything!”

He didn’t reply which I knew why.he has always warned me not to be thanking him again but I couldn’t help it.

After some minutes I finally let go of him, making him get down from the bed.

He poured out some tea into a glass cup from the nearby jug and handed it over to me.

This has always been part of him to always wake me up with a cup of tea.

“I need to brush!”I said, getting down from the bed without taking the cup from him.

“And who dares to say my love is not okay like this?”he asked me to blush.

“You no I did a blow job for you yesterday night and…….”I trail off realizing what I just blurted out and his cheek up red.

“Prevent!”I hit him while playing,andhim smiled.

“Common Danny, take this before it get cool.”he said and took it from him and started grumbling it down when I felt something Steel in my mouth.

I quickly gave the cup to him, putting my hand inside my mouth to remove it.

I brought it out and it turned into a golden rig.

Am I dreaming?

“Danny, if I promise to give you the whole world it won’t be enough to show how much I love you but I pray for God to bless us with peace and long life so we can be together till death do us part with that I can show you the world.

This is making Seven years that we have known each other, we fight and conquer many battles for us to get here.”he said getting down from the bed going on his knees.”Daniella Adetoya will you marry me?”

With tears in my eyes I rush down running towards him and hug him.Yes there is nothing to think about!I love him and I am ready to be his wife and start a great family together.

“Yes I will marry you!”I said and he wrap his Hand around my waist wiry liquid flowing down from his eyes.”T. Thank you my love I love you forever.”he said tracing his lip from my neck until it landed on my lips and we kiss passionately passing a great vowed to ourselves

Then there is a knock at the door. We ignore it and continue with the atmosphere but trust me when you are destined to be crazy as best friends things change.

Then knock comes in again and we still ignore it until we hear the……

“What the hell Lawrence!”That is Kelly’s voice. What is she doing here? I thought she said she will be traveling to South Africa today.”Let my friend out now!”

Gosh..for Christ sake can’t she behave like a married woman for once!

I groaned and started walking toward the door ignoring Lawrence who was laughing.

I opened the door with the determination to yell at her and ask when she would stop behaving crazy but what I saw got me off handed and a gap escaped my mouth.

All my friends at the door with surprise made me remember that today is actually my birthday.

“Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday Happy birthday happy birthday to you!!!

Happy birthday Daniella!”they scream, hugging me all.

Today is just great!

I try finding a word to say at that moment but no one is coming. All I do is my mouth hanging in the air.

Then I felt something covering my eyes, unable to speak or make any action. I followed them quietly as they started leading me out.

I think they have gotten to the place because they stopped leading me.

Then my eyes were uncovered and the screaming of people welcomed me. Biggest cake I ever seen.omg!

“Happy birthday miss gagari!”they scream happily.

My eyes traveled around the crowd and there was my course mate. Even my guardian is here. I mean the white witch that named me Miss gagari.
My families are also here!omg..I rush down to them hugging my mum who is in tears and my brothers with my two brothers.
They looked happy and fulfilled, making me proud of myself. At last I made it.

Mrs jai my guardian walk to me pulling me into a big hug.”sorry I couldn’t come to your graduation yesterday.”she said and I gave her a smile.”don’t you think I deserve an award at least I am the one who name you miss gagari!”she smirk walking away but not without wishing me happy birthday.

James and Jane, whose wedding is next month, wave at me and I roll my eyes at them, making them start laughing.

My eyes landed on Kelly and John. They eyed me immediately, our eyes lock.I shook my head laughing at their craziness.

After so much waiting for the two to open up to each other and they don’t. We all decide to help the two in our own way and they confess their feelings to each other and the last three month was their wedding but they still behave crazy all the time.

Now imagine them eying me on my birthday instead of wishing I wonder how crazy their kids will be!

I cut the case with best wishes from everyone and the music started playing and everyone started dancing.

Lawrence walked to me stretching out his hand.”Can I have this dance, my princess?”

I smiled, taking his hand as we began moving to Melody.

At last I made it with God’s grace!

I think next month will be our wedding. You are all invited.

Thank you for following me to the end of my experience with the commissioner’s son.

Stay tuned for another interesting story coming shortly but before then let’s see how many can I get on this last chapter


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