Terrors Of The Past 2

The complete woman episode 5 – 6

The Complete Woman!

Episode 5

I was constantly turning back to see if my Isaiah would walk into the church, but unfortunately he didn’t. I was beginning to worry what might have gone wrong. All through the service there was not a moment where I concentrated. And so when it was over, I hurriedly left the church and went over to his house. When I got to his house I knocked and knocked but there was no response.

I would have sworn that he was inside because his shoes were still outside exactly where it was when I came in the morning, but surprisingly there was no response. I thought he must have gone somewhere, and so I brought out my phone and tried to call him and then he started cutting my calls. I called and called and there was no response and so I stopped. I waited for about an hour, there was no call from him and he was not coming back and so I picked myself up and left.

I didnt hear from Isaiah for two days and I was worried sick and the next day. All I got was a text from him that reads. ”Hey dear how are you? Had to travel for an urgent ministration out of town. Will be back by Friday”

Me: Really? Friday?

Then I picked my phone and sent a text. ‘Baby what’s up? For crying out loud, our wedding is Saturday. Why Friday.

And then he replied!

Don’t worry by Friday I’d be back for our wedding.

I was surprised angry and shocked.

I have began to believe that something was seriously wrong, but I could not place my hand on what was wrong. All through the week I tried calling Isaiah and its either he busies my call or the call won’t connect at all. I was so unhappy and sad. Friday eventually came.
I hurried to Isaiah’s house and sat outside waiting for him. I was ready to listen to his explanations when he finally comes. I will hear him out, I will understand. In this past few weeks my mom had cautioned and thought me on how to be a wife and I was ready to start my practicals on the man I love.

As I slowly reflected on the things I have learnt and how to manage my home, I didnt realize when I spent 6 hours there and nobody came. It was when it was about 5pm in the evening that I decided to call him to know where he was and why he wasn’t home yet. At first I was scared that he wouldn’t pick but that didnt deter me. I picked up my phone and dialed the number and called. And the first time it didnt ring, my heart was beating fast. By the second time it rang but he didn’t pick, and that was how I finally spent another two hours calling the man I was suppose to get married to the next day and he still didn’t pick.

I didn’t realize that I have started shedding tears and crying while still sitted at his door step, I have eventually spent 14 hours waiting for him. I stood up to leave and then I got a text.

”Hi babe, don’t worry we will see in church tomorrow”
I was angry in my spirit, but I decided to stay calm. I composed my self and replied him.
‘Isaiah we need to talk. I need to see you and talk to you before tomorrow. Where are you? And what is happening to you? Pick my calls or call me”.

I sent the text and watched my phone until it showed me that it was delivered. Then I waited for his reply. And not so suprisingly I got no reply. Then and then I knew that something was definitely wrong. I dusted myself up and walked out of his place. Singing and crying along the way.

As I stepped into our house, my mother looked at me and knew immediately that something was wrong. She immediately followed me to my room, the house was jakpacked with women who were cooking and preparing for my big day. When my mom entered my room she locked the door behind her.

My Mom: My child let it all out. What is wrong.

I burst out crying, and without holding anything back I told my mom everything that has been going on.

My mom: That devil is a bastard. And he cannot ruin your day and your life. Let us pray my child.

And that was how my mom held my hand and the next 2 hours we were in my room, praying and speaking in tongues and correcting every wrong that had entered into my ISAIAH’S head. We called forth his spirit and reminded him of the love he had and felt for me and we ended the prayer with God having his will in my life.

After the prayers I was relieved, Mom assured me that everything will be fine and she went and joined the women. I picked up my phone and sent a text to him.
”If you don’t speak with me tonight. There will be no wedding tomorrow” After the text I laid on my bed and slept off.

Episode 6.

As I laid down to sleep, my phone rang. I didn’t want to pick but the phone just won’t stop and so I picked it and it was a strange number.

Me: Hello,

Caller: Hello dear, its me.

The first thing on my mind when I heard Isaiah’s voice was to scre-m at him and scold him and accuse him of all the things he’s been doing and the way he’s been treating me. But surprisingly I was calm.

Me: Isaiah, why? Why ”I asked amidst the hot tears that fell from my eyes” why are you making me shed tears on the eve of our wedding, Isaiah why?

Isaiah: Baby am so sorry, it was not my intention to do that and I don’t even know or understand why I did those things. Am so sorry I hurt you dear, please forgive me.

Me: Where are you? Is there going to be a wedding tomorrow?

Isaiah: Definitely honey, there is going to be a wedding. No matter what the devil has tried, there is going to be a wedding. Its you I love and its you I choose.

Me: I love you too dear, just come to me.

Isaiah: I am running to you baby. Just don’t stop praying for me.

Me. I won’t dear.

I ended the call and I was happy, I felt at peace. My Isaiah had not spoken to me like this in a long while. Part of me wanted to be glad that I made that threat of no wedding tomorrow. But another part quickly reminded me that it was God in action. Then I knelt down and I gave him thanks. Tomorrow I will be married to the man I love.

I was beautifully dressed in my wedding gown. I stepped into the car with my brides maid, I was happy that today is finally come. I wanted to hear my sugars voice before I get to church. And so I picked up my phone and called him.

Me: Hello sugar!

Isaiah: My love how are you?

Me: Am very fine, where are you?

Isaiah: Am already at the church waiting for my bride to come.

I giggled and laughed when I heard him say that.

Me: Don’t worry I will be there soon.

Isaiah: Daniella, I love you so much, I can’t wait for you to be my wife.

Me: I love you to sugar. Don’t worry, in few hours I will be yours forever.

Isaiah: Enough of the calls and hurry here immediately I am waiting.

Me: Yes sugar. On my way.

I ended the call and urged the driver to hurry. I was excited and glad that things had gone back to how it was originally.

The church was filled up with so many friends and family members. Papa and Mama were at the altar smiling , I could tell that they were very happy for me. I marched forward in my beautiful white wedding gown. I saw as some of the choir members smiled, you could tell they were happy for me. Others were whispering from ear to ear, you could easily tell they were gossiping. But I literally cared less. Am getting married to someone I loved, that was all that matters. I marched forward and waited as Isaiah marched in. He was smiling big. He was looking handsome as ever. I was happy.

Papa gave a very beautiful sermon, encouraging Isaiah to be a good husband and I a good wife. At the end we were joined as husband and wife. There was a loud clap from all around the church. Men and women ran out to congratulate us. They presented us with gifts, it was a beautiful moment for all of us. The service finally ended. And just as we were about to step out. She stepped in.

She was dressed in a black gown, black shoes, and she wore a black shade and carried a black purse. My heart skipped when I saw her walking towards us. When she got to where we were she stretched her hand to my husband and shook him.

Marvis: Congratulations to you Isaiah.

I watched her roll her eyes in a sed-ctive manner, and my facial expression changed. She noticed this and then she let his hand off and shook hands with me.

Marvis;: Congrats Dani, you finally got him. Make sure you keep him.

I didn’t understood what she meant by that but I quickly held onto my husband tight. I watched her laughed in a mocking way and then turned and walked away.

Me: (to Isaiah) there is something strange about Marvis. She has really changed a lot. Something is not right with her.

Isaiah: Stay away from that girl dear, she is evil and possessed. Do you understand?

Me: Yes I do.
He k-ssed my head and we walked up to our car. As we drove off I saw Marvis again, this time she winked at me and smiled wickedly. I ignored her and held my husband again as we kept on driving off.

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