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The Crazy Beggar episode 23

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( she’s the one I’ve been looking for)

I continued walking till I got to the front of the mansion’s gate. I was about ringing the bell when I got a call on my phone which I answered immediately.

“You can’t come in through the rear gate, enter the car that just parked behind you” The devilish man said and I looked back. I eye scanned everywhere and heaved a sigh of relief when I saw a red flower which indicate the presence of the cops.

“You can’t make them hurt me yet, you know that right? That’d make you a coward also” I replied him still on call and he let out a wicked laughter.

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I wouldn’t do that, I wanna see all you’ve got and how courageous you’ve become… He said and I hung up.

Thanks for being that smart to have hidden yourself well. No one could ever believe there are people surrounding the house, I wouldn’t have known either if not because I’ve been told they’re amidst the flowers.

“Enter the car and don’t act in a way that would make them suspect you” John said to me through the device in my ear which my hair has covered. “Alright!” I replied and entered the car.

I can’t believe you’re still alive after several attempts to kill you… Elon whom I met in the car with some other guys said and I smirked.

“I’m surprised to meet your alive too, I didn’t know you’ve got best doctors working for your boss. The doctors must’ve saved your ass from dying that very night. I just want you to know you can’t escape death today, you’re gonna pay for murdering my family” I replied and he raised his hand to slap me but stopped and comported himself.

Why did you stop? Oh! You must’ve been ordered not to lay your hands on me till you take me to him… I said in a mockery tone.

“We’re in already, get out of the car and don’t keep my boss waiting” he said as soon as the driver parked the car.

Wow! This man really spent his victims money wisely. I’m sure this house would’ve costed him a fortune even though it isn’t his hard earned money he used in building the house… I said as I observed the whole vicinity.

We went upstairs through an elevator and the door to a room was opened for me which I entered in. My heartbeat skipped as fear gripped me instantly when I entered and met him eating with his back the entrance.

I walked up to him and our eyes met as he raised his head to look at me. I felt rage build up in me and had a strong urge to kill him immediately, but that would only cost me my life and he will continue escaping.

Wow! My friend’s daughter has indeed grown up so well, I can’t seem to take my eyes off you Matilda. You must’ve inherited your beauty from your parents. Oh! C’mon, have your seat… He said

“Hi! Uncle” I greeted. It’s so nice to see you again after these years. I can’t believe you’re indeed the one that threw my family into a state of mayhem, you look too innocent and cheerful for that… I said

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C’mon girl! don’t rush things, I’ve missed you alot and that’s why I decided to Invite you over. Thanks for honouring my invitation tho… I replied

Of course I ain’t rushing things, at least I met you having a meal, it won’t be so nice of me not to join you. We both should at least take something before we kill eachother, so please make them serve me the same food you’re eating. I gotta spend little out of my parents money after all… I said “As your lordship pleases” he said and called upon some ladies to bring in my own food.

“I love your courage sweetheart, make sure you have someone taste the food before eating though” John said and i almost replied him.

The ladies brought in different trays of food and placed it before me. “Wow! The food smell nice”… I complimented “You two should taste out of everything you brought” I ordered

“Excuse me lady! we can’t” they replied rudely.

Why? You’ve poisoned the food as you’ve been ordered to? Now for the last time, I want you to eat from all these… I said.

You should accept the offer made to you. She told you to taste the food because she needs to be sure you didn’t poison the food. We all know this is her first time here and we need to be careful always, so stop being a mule and eat as she’s ordered you to… He said to them and they obliged immediately.

“Woah! It’s indeed a good thing to be someone’s boss, I love how they obeyed you without hesitation” I said before starting to enjoy he food.

“Thanks for the sumptuous meal, perfect workers you’ve got here” I said after wiping my mouth.

“You’re welcome daughter” he replied

I love the way daughter sounds from your speech. I’m just thanking God on your behalf for not giving you a wife or child that would remain hurt forever, at least you won’t have anyone to mourn your death… I said

Well! That’s because I never wanted a family of my own. Now that you’ve finished eating, let’s get down to business. Your presence is making me feel nauseous, so I gotta eliminate you and leave here right away. I want you to know I can never be apprehended, no man born of a woman can ever arrest me… He said and I laughed loudly

“I love the way you’re daydreaming” I replied and checked my wristwatch for the time. “Give me few minutes to rest till my food digests” I said.

“You can get your food digested when you get to hell” I heard someone say and a gunshot followed which I was quick to dodge as I shifted my chair immediately he said his statement.

“Not so soon dear” I said and threw my heels at him as he was about firing another shot at me. He charged towards me and I took him down with the aid of the chairs before me which I pushed at his leg making him loose focus.

“You can go to hell and wait for your boss before he get there” I said and stepped on him with the sole of my heels and hit his head with every hard objects my hands could reach.

I’m sorry I did that, he should’ve allowed me rest like I said. You can attend to him now, start giving him treatment he isn’t dead yet… I said before taking my seat and placing my legs on the table.

Remember you said you wanna see what I’ve got, that’s little of what I’ve got. I’m no longer the girl you once knew… I said only to hear another gunshot.

“You had to kill him yourself, so sorry for your loss” I said as I saw a gun in his hand.

Don’t be angry uncle, you should try to calm down. I promise not to waste your time, but if you try anything stupid, you’ll have to face the consequence…. I said and shut my eyes


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