The demon and i episode 1 – 2

{Melting his cold heart}

Tags: Dark r0mance, supernatural, college romance, love triangle, billionaire, funny, history, bloodthirsty, betrayal, advlt content, Demons, Fiction, Bad boy and so on…

NOTE: Characters, place and history are all frictional.



A small blue painted room filled with scattered cloths on the floor. A blue head pillow could be seen on the soft rugged floor, the duvet scattered on the soft bed. A used plate was placed on the table filled with rough papers and pens.

A girl kept nodding her head to the soft music coming from her blue headphone while she kept typing furiously on her laptop.

“Runaway but we running in circles…hmm hm” She closed her eyes and smiled to herself. She was playing Circles by post malone. That’s her favorite musician.

“C’mon C’mon” She whispered anxiously focusing her pretty brown eyes on the screen. She bit her tiny pink lips puffing her cute cheek. Her small pointed nose gave her a cute look. Her messy brown hair was tied to bun.

“Yes.. I won!! Woah!!!” She screamed stretching forth her arm. She chuckled and turned her chair around facing the messy room.

“Urghhh!!! Now I have to clean up!” She groan throwing her head backwards.

Her phone rang seeing the caller ID she smirked before picking up.

“Hey chameleon did you call because you missed me?” She asked swinging her leg.

“No! I’m calling to ask if you aren’t coming to school today” the person on the other side said.

“Wait what’s today?” Diana asked her childhood male best friend; Scott on the phone.

“Don’t tell me you thought today was Sunday again” Scott asked.

“Oh my God!! I thought today is Sunday!” Diana snapped her head to her wall clock.

“9am!!” She screamed dropping her phone. She stood and began to clean up first. It took her just ten minutes to clean the whole room. She’s good at cleaning but she’s also good at destroying the whole place.

She dressed up wearing a blue hoodie and a deep blue trouser. She quickly brushed her hair in haste then rushed to the kitchen to drink warm water before storming out of the house.

While waiting for a bus, her phone rang in her pocket.

“Hi Mom” She said after picking.

“Hi Diana. How are you doing?” Her mom asked.

“I’m okay, I guess” she replied obviously not in the mood to talk to her.

“What’s with the tone. Are you still upset about what I said last night?” Mrs Marisa asked.

“Look mom I can’t do this right now” Diana closed her eyes.

“Have you thought about it?” She asked.

“Bye Mom” Diana said before hanging up then took a deep breath. She stretched her arm spotting an upcoming bus and board on it.

“Gosh I hate this feeling” she muttered sitting beside someone.

Her phone buzzed again, seeing it’s a message from Scott she opened it.

*Hey lazy head, the class started already. I don’t think you can make it*

“I’m going to kill him” she mumered.

“Is everything alright?” The person beside her asked.

She raised her head just to see the most popular guy in her school; Jason. The guy who could get any girl he wants just with his devilish handsome look. He is also her crush. She blinked several times to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. Her face turned bright red staring at him.

“I asked if you’re alright” His voice snapped her back to reality.

“Oh.. yeah. I’m totally fine. Just that I’m so happy to see you.. uhm no that’s not it.. I just love your look.. I mean no I’m not trying to flirt.. oh God I’m so sorry” She looked away bitting her lips hard while scolding herself inwardly. Why is she this nervous? Maybe because this was her first time talking to him.

The next thing she heard is Jason’s chuckle. She raised her head to look at him in surprise.

‘Is he laughing at me?’ She thought.

“What’s your name?” He asked.

“Huh?” Diana asked not sure if he was asking her.

“Your name” He repeated.


“Nice to meet you Diana, I’m Jason” He smiled

“Everyone knows that” Diana mutter. Jason is a hot popular rich guy in the school.

“Wait you also go to Douglas college?” He asked and she nodded.

“I haven’t seen you around before” He smiled.

“Yea..” She is an introvert kind of person. “Well I’m surprised to see you here”

Jason is crazily rich so she was surprised to see him taking a bus.

“Oh I just feel like taking the bus today, you live around here?”

“Hm I do” she smiled.


Scott stared at the lady in front of him. Their lunch date seems awkward. The girl kept having this long look on her face while she eats.

“Don’t you like this place?” Scott asked.

Sophia stopped eating then look at him.

“We are done” she said with a serious look wiping her pink full lips with a tissue.

“Wait what! A.. Are you breaking up with me?” He asked stammering.

“Yes” she shrugged.

“We just started dating yesterday. Why do you want to break up with me? Did I do something wrong?” Scott frown.

“No.. you’re just so boring” Sophia reply grabbing her bag then leave the guy whose mouth still hang in the air.

Diana appeared with her food after Sophia had left.

“Chameleon” she called.

“Fuck you Diana” He muttered.

“Hey that’s rude I’m older than you, you should show some respect” Diana glared at him sitting across him.

“Oh yeah.. you are only one day older than me so cut the crap” Scott said and they both laughed.

“What happened?” Diana smirked.

“Promise you won’t laugh” Scott said.

“I promise” she replied taking a sip from her drink.

“She broke up with me”

Diana spat her drink back to her cup and tried to hold her laughter.

“Hey! You promised you won’t laugh” He glared.

“So sorry. This is the forth time you’re breaking up this month, don’t you need to see a doctor” she mocked.

“At least I’m better than you who haven’t dated before, don’t you think you need a doctor more than I do? ” Scott glared.

“I’m going to have to have a boyfriend soon” Diana whispered to herself remembering the bus incident.

“Huh?” Scott didn’t hear her.

She cleared her throat wiping the drink on her mouth.

“You guys started dating yesterday what happened?” Diana chuckled.

“She said I’m boring” Scott replied. Scott also have this good look and crazily rich but he somehow have bad lucks when it comes to girls.

“Boring? She’s blind then and doesn’t deserve you. I don’t even like her right from the start” Diana rolled her eyes.

“Really? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You were so happy you got a date with her and I didn’t want to ruin your moment” She reply taking a bite from her hamburger.

“By the way, have you finally done the assignment?” Diana asked with her mouth full.

“No blue witch but I have an idea” Scott replied. Blue witch was the nickname he gave to her.

“Good.. Tell me about it”

“I can’t tell you about it.. I have to show you” Scott said.

“What is it all about?”

“It’s about a strange history about a Demon, we are going to find out whether it’s true or not.. then we will write a report about it”.

“Demon.. seriously” Diana rolled her eyes.

“Yea.. I know you don’t believe in supernatural stuff but this is real. Your grandma talks about the story all the time so I made researches on it..”

“You believed my grandma stories?” She shake her head in disbelief.

“Fine where are we going?” She asked.

“In the woods not far from your home.. I’m going to show you what I discovered”

“I’m not intrested”

“C’mon Diana.. I can’t go into the woods alone. I need you to come with me”

“Still no”

“Fine I’ll grant any three request from you if you follow me” Scott rolled his eyes.

“Deal!” She said quickly.

A tall slender girl walked into the school. Her blonde shining hair almost reached her round butt. She was wearing an off shoulder yellow top showing the upper part of her boobs. Her short black skirt was well iron, one could see her tight. The sound of her heels could be heard as walk through the hall. She was not the only one, she had two hot bitches walking with her.

“Wow! Look at her hair”

“Gosh.. Those lips”

“Bianca mehn I wish I could date her for just a sec..”

“.. My role model”

“Fuck! Look at those boobs”

“They look so sexy”

“Awwn Viola and Ciara look so beautiful too”

Bianca smirked hearing the comments of other students about them. She is the most hottest girl in Douglas college. She is crazily rich.

She spotted Diana in the hallway then walked towards her.

“Hey blue freak” She smirked removing her sunglasses.

“What do you want?” Diana rolled her eyes.

“You haven’t seen your sister in days. Aren’t you worried about me?” Bianca smirked.

“No I’m not worried about you and you’re not my sister” She glared. She just hated this Bianca girl a lot.

“Yes we are since your wretched mother and my crazily rich father is getting married next week” Bianca replied playing with her hair.

“Don’t you dare talk about my mother like that!” Diana clinched her fist.

“Easy girl.. wanted me to pull your hair” Ciara threatened.

“She’s so dumb” Viola muttered.

“Everyone knows she is getting married to him because of the money.. She’s cheap” Bianca laughed and left for her class while her bitches followed her.

Diana gritted her teeth in anger. Even after her complains, her mother decided to marry that man who turns out to be the father of the girl she hates the most.



“You mean your mother is getting married to Bianca’s father next week?” Scott gasped after hear Diana complains.

“Yes and it’s literally driving me crazy right now. Even after a lot of fights I had with her she still wants to go ahead and marry that man” Diana groan in anger.

“So that means you and Bianca are going to be sisters?”

“Never.. Not in a million years!” She breathed out.

“Why do you hate her so much?” Scott smirked.

“She is so rude, bitchy and too proud of her fucking life. I can’t stand that bitch even for a second” Diana blurted out.

“Woah! Easy” Scott chuckled.

“Aren’t we there yet? We’ve been walking for over 20 minutes” Diana whined.

“We are almost there lazy bone. It’s just a little bit ahead” Scott replied.

After some minutes they got to the place. A dark cave could be seen in front of them. The place look kind of familiar as if she had been here before.

“Here we are” Scott muttered looking around with the help of his touch light.

“A cave?.. I’m not going in there” Diana took a step backwards.

“Let’s go” Scott walked in ignoring her.

She sighed and follow him.

“This place is damn creepy” She complained removing the cobwebs plasttered on her face.

“I thought you don’t believe in anything creepy?” Scott asked as they kept walking in.

“Are you sure we are not walking into a Lions den?”

“No we are going to his tomb” He replied.


“Yea.. the demon’s tomb I found out yesterday”

“Haha.. I’m going eat my hair if it turns out to be true” She scoffed.

“And I would love to see that witch”

They finally got to where a strange room built with stone.

“Wow” Diana whispered looking around. “I think I’ve dreamt about this place before” she muttered and Scott rolled his eyes.

“Here look at this” Scott dragged her towards a strange stone shaped like a coffin.

“Only her blood could release him.. King Dracula Norman” Diana read out the words written on the stone.

“Isn’t this the story of the Demon ruthless king who starve and suffered his people for years?” She turned to asked Scott.

“Hmm and was stop and betrayed by a powerful witch; Queen Martha.. His youngest and favorite Wife” Scott completed.

Diana turned back to the stone and observed it. She moved her hand slowly and touched the stone.

“Ahh!” She gasped when she felt an electric shock after her hand came in contact with it and then moved back.

“Are you okay?” Scott asked grabbing her hand.

“Yea” She whispered.

“You’re bleeding” Scott said.

She checked her hand and saw some blood on her hand.

The cave suddenly shook and a strong wind began to hit them.

Black smoke could be seen coming out from the tomb and it increased every seconds scaring the hell out of them.

“Let’s get out here!” Scott yell grabbing Diana.

They ran as fast as they could until they were out of the cave.

“W…What was that?” Diana asked as soon as they got out.

“I don’t know” Scott replied in between his breath.

The sound of a loud roar coming from the cave interrupted them.

“Oh God! Run!” Scott says and they started running again into the woods.

Diana suddenly felt something grabbed her leg and she fell.

“Ahhh!” She screamed when she felt herself getting pulled backwards.

“Diana!!” Scott yell pursuing her but he didn’t seems to catch her.

“Help.. ah” Some dry plants began to injured her.

“Diana!” Scott yell increasing the speed.

He finally got to grab her hand before she was dragged back into the cave.

“Please help.. don’t let it kill me” Her eyes was on tears already.

“I won’t” Scott grunt trying to pull her off the cave but couldn’t.

“I don’t want die” She sobbed.

“You aren’t going to die okay.. I’ll save you” Scott pulled her with more force.

His gaze landed on two red eyes deep into the cave staring at him. Fear grew inside him and his slipped causing her to enter the cave.



Diana felt herself getting pulled until she was inside cave. Her eyes Landed on the intense black smoke moving like tornado.

“Please don’t kill me” She whispered crawling backwards.

A dark figure began to appear and the smoke slowly disappeared. Though, the cave is dark but she could still see his shadow.

She fainted on her spot in fear.

He opened his red eyes staring at the girl in front of him. All he sensed from her was fear. He could see her clearly even in the darkness.

He squatted to slash her throat with his hideous claws but stop when he observed her face. His claws sipped back in slowly and he spoke in a thurderous voice.


To be continued…😶