The Demon And I

The demon and i episode 11 – 12

🌷 AND I 🌷
{Melting his cold heart}

Written by 🌺 Mayor 🌺
Chapter 11💕12


“Two bottles of beer please” A young girl wearing an hoodie ordered at a store.

The person in charge looked up at her and frowned.

“Aren’t you too young to have a beer?” She asked.

“I’m eighteen miss” She replied.

“Your card.. prove it” the woman stretched her hand.

“I’ll pay you double if you sell it to me” she said but the woman sighed and shook her head.

“Girl you are too young for this.. where’s your mother?”

“Are you selling or not. I’ll triple the payment” she said desperately.

Without a word the woman stretched her hand to pick her phone. Seeing this, the girl eyes widened.

“Stop.. I’ll leave” she said and leave the store immediately.

“Children nowadays” the woman muttered.

“Fuck!!!!” The girl yelled. This is the seventh store she had ask for a beer and they did not answer her cus she was just sixteen. Her body is craving for alcohol badly and it’s night already. The street was getting darker.

“To hell with you!!!” She yelled then covered her head with her hoodie. She is an orphan, she lived on the street to survive. Her live is not something she is proud of.

She hide herself around a corner and pulled out a cigarette before lighting it.

“Sigh… I still need beer” she whispered while a cloud of smoke came out from her tiny lips.

“I can get you one” a deep voice said behind her. She turned around just to see a very hot handsome guy. His piercing gaze gave her a goosebump. He look dangerous.

“Oh yeah? And who the hell are you?” she asked.

“Your new boyfriend” he replied stepping closer to her.

“I never said I need a boyfriend so scram!!” She yelled.

“What’s your name sweetie?” He asked still stepping closer to her till he was close enough with no space in between them.

“Gloria.. my friends calls me GG” she replied getting a bit scared because of the way the man was staring at her.

“GG..” Aaron repeated. He bought up his hand to her face and use his finger to trace her nose down to her lips and caressed it.

“You look beautiful” he said.

“W..what you want?” Gloria asked sensing the man in front of her doesn’t look like someone she could offend.

“I told you already.. be my girlfriend and I’ll give you every single beer you want” he replied.

Gloria noticed his fang when he spoke and she got terrified the more.

“Get away from me!!” She yelled trying to get away but Aaron grabbed her neck and the both disappeared.

The girl gasped noticing they are in a bedroom with Aaron on top of her.

Is he human?

“Please don’t kill me” she sobbed. Her eyes were on tears already.

“Shh.. don’t cry baby.. I won’t kill you only if you do as I say” Aaron said to Gloria. His hand finds its way to her boobs and fondle it gently then traced his hand down to her short skirt.

She whimpered feeling his hand on her bare skin. How come she came across a beast.

“I just need fuck you that’s all and I’ll let you go” he whispered against her ear licking it in the process.

“No!!” she screamed but the next minute, her cloth was ripped off by Aaron’s claws and she was naked in front of him. His eyes shone gold staring at his meal and his lips curved up.

“Get away from me!” She yelled but Aaron pinned her waist down.

He grabbed her head harshly and smashed his lips on hers. He nibbled it with his teeth tasting the blood on it. He slide his tongue and ravish her lips in an evil way until she was out of breath.

The girl could only struggle but that was making it worse because the more she moves the harder Aaron gets.

He left her bleeding lips and moved to her neck then sucked on it leaving red marks. His hand moved to her boobs and press them harder this time. She felt disgusted been touched, this is her first time. She successfully hit him on the face. Aaron face squeezed in anger. He hissed and threw her against the wall. Her back hit the wall and she fell flat on the floor while some blood came out from her mouth.

“Ah.. stop!” She screamed when she felt him grabbed her hair again and threw her on the bed.

“I wanted to go easy but I guess you’re a violent girl” He forcefully pinned her hand behind her and held it with one of his hand. He licked his lips evilly staring at the ass saying hello to him then pull out his length which was already huge as fuck. Without warning, he thrust into her.

“Ahhhhh!!!!!!!” Her scream boomed through the room. She tried to get away from him but he pinned her head down with his other hand. His grip was so strong it could break the girl’s bone if she was not careful. Aaron didn’t stop his thrust instead it gets faster. Each thrust bought her pains.

“Let.. me go!!” Came her scream but Aaron golden eyes shine brighter. Her screamed couldn’t go loud since her head was pinned against the bed. Breathing was even hard for her.

This is so cruel!

Her blood tickled down her leg.

She was a virgin.

“Stop!!… Help!!!!”

“Ahhh!!!.. that hurt!!!”

“No.. please..stop!!”


Cassiel had his eyes close in his room. He could hear the poor girl scream. He had a cat on his arm; Paula. He decided to bring it with him. He sighed again when the scent of blood hit his nose. That guy could not just keep his sexual urge. His door suddenly flew opened and angry Mara stormed in.

“You wanna tell me what’s going on?” She asked. Her hair is now blonde, she decided to change it when they get into the country.

“You should knock on my door before entering.. what if I was busy pleasing myself?” He asked.

“Cassiel.. what are you hiding? Where were you since last night? Did you find a clue? Did you find him?” She asked stepping closer.

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“So many questions.. I’ll answer all once you answer mine first” Cassiel opened his eyes and tuned to her.

“There you go with you smart self. What’s your question? I hope it’s not a riddle or I’ll snap your head off” she hissed.

“It’s not a riddle.. it’s just a simple question”

“What is it?”

“Do you still love Dracula Norman?” Cassiel eyes turned serious as he observe her expression closely.

Mara didn’t expect such a question so she was shocked at first.

10 seconds passed by and she finally opened her mouth.

“No” she replied.

“Question like that always have an opposite answer after 10 seconds” Cassiel smirked.

“I don’t love him.. not anymore” Mara refuted.

“Okay I believe you” Cassiel replied.

“Now answer my question. Did you find him?” She asked.

10 seconds passed by and Cassiel finally opened his mouth.

“No” he replied.

“You’re lying” Mara said getting his trick.

“No I’m not” he said.

“If you’re not gonna tell me, then I’ll make things hard for you” she threatened then left the room shutting the door with a loud thud.

Cassiel closed his eyes and smirked remembering the girl he saw. Aaron was right, this should be more interesting than his boring life.

Mara took a deep breath and hissed in anger. She heard the scream of a girl coming from Aaron’s room and she shook her head.

“That bastard is at it again.. why do I have annoying people around me?” She shook her head and went to her room.

Closing the door behind her. she pull out her phone and took a selfie or her bored then post it online. Within a minute she hit a million views.

“My role model!”

“So beautiful!.. her beauty never fades”

“My love for you Mara never dies!!”

“My beauty is bored?.. she is still look beautiful as ever!”

She smiled reading the comments. That’s her way of calming herself. She a goddess!!

She sighed and walked towards the window then spot a little boy of ten playing with his three years old sister. She smiled evilly as something clicked her mind.

“How cute” she muttered and her eye glowed under the dark.


Diana went to Draco’s room. She haven’t seen him since morning and she’s getting worried again. But why she acting strange? Why is she worried about him when she only met him four days ago trying to kill her.

She was still thinking when the door suddenly opened showing Draco standing in front of her. His hair wet as if he had just showered. His lips pink and his face cold and handsome.

“Hi” she whispered.

“Your heart had been noisy so I decided to check what’s going but it turns out that you are fine” he said. He was having an hot bath when he heard a heart beat and perceived a familiar scent. The beat kept getting faster for some minutes so he decided to check on her.

“Oh.. my heart?” She asked confusedly.

“What do you want?” He asked.

‘i’ve never seen him smile at me.. does he hate me that much?’ she thought.

Draco heard it but just kept quiet.

“I thought maybe you’re bored or something so I’m thinking we should uhm.. go out or something” she said playing with the tip of her blue gown. Her gaze darted around avoiding his piercing gaze.

“I’m not bored and I’m not interested in going out with you” he said coldly and was about to close the door but she held it. Her face suddenly turned serious.

“Why are so cold.. if you want to reject me, you should do it politely not trying to shut the door on my face! look you might be a king from where you come from but here you just someone to me. If this was because I didn’t appreciate what you did at my school, I’ve apologized already..” she snapped and Draco turned confused.

Is this the fragile little woman he was talking to few s seconds ago? Interesting.

“what else do you want me to do huh.. A kiss!!” She yelled but covered her mouth with her palm realizing what she just blurted out.

“I must be out of my fucking mind” she whispered shutting her eyes and bit her lips.

“I’m still not going” he said.

“Fine!!!.. Don’t come with me. I’ll just asked Jason instead!” She yelled and turned to leave but a strong hand dragged her back and pinned her against the wall. Diana lips parted seeing his face close to hers. Her hand was pinned against the wall and she could smell his incredible scent.

“Go with Jason and I’ll kill him” he warned.

“Huh?” She blinked twice.

Draco released her immediately realizing what he had said and sighed.

“Fine.. I’ll go get dressed” he said calmly and entered the room.

Diana still stayed in the same position and swallowed. Everything happened so fast and her mind was still processing it.

She smiled to herself and left to dress up.

Scott was currently not home and she felt like leaving the house and show Draco around the city. Maybe that would cool his temper.

She applied her red lipstick and put on a grey jacket before coming out.

She gasped seeing Draco. He was wearing a white suit which suit him perfectly. He look like a cold angel on a white dress. He just look stunning. ‘How can someone be this handsome.. he’s like a god’ she thought herself and head downstairs.

Draco closed his eyes in annoyance. Why the hell did he agreed to come with her when he heard that Jason’s name? Why did he say those words?

He must be out of his mind or maybe he is still thinking she’s Martha.

Her familiar scent hit him and he looked back just to see her.

‘Fragile’ he thought to himself.

“How do I look?” She asked smiling.

“Do you want a polite answer or an honest one?” He asked her.

“Hmm.. honest one” she replied.

“You look like a fragile egg who need to be protected” he replied seriously and Diana smile disappeared.

“Asshole” she muttered walking pass him.

“Ass… Hole..” he muttered. His eyes widened getting the meaning. She just called him an anus?

“Hey!!!” He yelled running after her.


Dracula was with Diana when he felt a chilling air hit him. He looked around immediately and spotted a strange man on a grey suit across the street.

“Here.. try this” She said and he looked back at her. She stretched a strange whitish thing to him.

He looked back and the man was gone.

“C’mon.. my hand is getting hurt already” she pouted. He turned back to her then collected it from her.

‘she more rude than Scott’ he thought to himself.

“Are two couple?” The ice cream man asked.

“Haha… No!” Diana replied quickly.

“She’s definitely not my wife!” Draco also said.

“Of course I’m not.. you’re just too cold. I love caring guys not a guy who can’t compliment a lady” she rolled her eyes while the ice cream man could only smile.

“You asked for an honest answer.. I’m always like this.. you should get use to it since I’ll be around you for a while” he said.

“Whatever” she replied.

“What’s this?” He asked while she ordered another one for herself.

“Ice cream” she replied having hers.

He sniffed on it and asked. “You mean a cream made of ice?” He frowned.

“Taste it.. it’s really good” she said.

Draco bit on it instead and gasped feeling the coldness in his mouth. His handsome face squeezed and his mouth stayed opened while his eyes turned watering. It was just too cold.

Diana chuckled loudly and lick one side of her ice cream slowly.

“Hmm.. so good” she smiled to herself.

Draco frowned seeing her. “Why didn’t you tell me that’s how to do it?”

“It’s a pay back.. for what you did to Scott” she smirked and started walking away.

Draco mouth hanged on the air staring at her retreating back.

“Argh my teeth” he said feeling his numb teeth.

‘i’m going to punish you for that’ he thought to himself then look back at the ice cream. He sighed and then licked it slowly just like how Diana did.

“Hmm.. it’s not bad after all” He muttered licking on it again. He should have more of this. It tasted like milk, cold and sweet.

“Hey!!!” He yelled and Diana turned to look at him.

“Come buy me another one!!” he yelled.


To be continued…😂

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