The demon and i episode 15 – 16

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{Melting his cold heart}

Written by 🌺 Mayor 🌺
Chapter 15💕16


“I didn’t do it.. please believe me” a young boy around the age of ten kept on saying. His eyes was filled with tears.

Tiana sighed and faced her partner. “He had been saying for hours now? Don’t you think something is wrong somewhere?” She asked.

“He clearly stabbed his three years old sister using a stick, luckily she’s is alive but still struggling to live in the hospital. You and I both saw the blood and scene. Is there any other explanation for that?” Philip asked and Tiana could only sighed staring at the boy in front of her.

“Why do I still feel like he didn’t do it?” She muttered.

“I didn’t do it!… Ha.. I swear I didn’t know how it happened..” he kept on sobbing.

“Let’s go get lunch.. I’m hungry” Philip said.

A woman bursted into the police custody. Her eyes filled with anger.

“Where is that little bastard!” She yelled. Her eyes settled on the boy and she moved towards him then grabbed his ear.

“Ahh! Mother!..” he cried in pain.

“You bastard!!.. I saved you from the street.. and you dare stabbed my three year old daughter!! Is this how you’re going to repay me you little wizard!!” She yelled slapping twice him across the face.

One of the police officers grabbed her before she could hit him again.

“You should just die!!.. If my daughter dies, just die!!!” She yelled trying to go to him again but the police dragged her out.

“I didn’t do it!!.. I swear I didn’t do it!” He cried harder holding his cheek which was red already.

“Sigh… This is getting serious. I hope the girl survive” Fiona muttered.


“Mara.. what did you do?” Cassiel asked.

“What.. I was just having some fun..”

“Fun? You hypnotized a boy of ten stabbed his little sister of three.. and you call that fun?” He asked.

“What’s going on?” Aaron came out of his room.

“And you on the other hand bought a sixteen years old girl and fucked her. What is wrong with you two? This is not Berlin and this not Australia, so I urge you guys to stop hurting other human!”

“Tell us where Draco is..” Mara said folding her arm. “I can’t promise to be calm until I know where he is”

“Yea me too.. you’ve been acting weird Cassiel. Why do I feel like you’ve seen Draco already?” Aaron said.

“I would let you know what you need to know.. but not yet” Cassiel said calmly.

“Why.. how long do we have to wait huh? I’m losing my fucking patient. I feel like killing!” She snapped.

“Three days.. give me just three day. I’ll tell you everything” he replied.

“Do you trust him?” Mara asked Aaron when they left the room to Mara’s.

“I do trust his decision.. he’s not like his majesty who got blinded with love” he replied lying on her bed.

Mara turned quiet as she goes into a deep thought.

“Don’t tell me you’re still in love with him” he smirked.

“No.. I’m not, I just miss him that’s all” she replied.

“If you can fool me. You’ve been so impatient and anxious to see him”

“Shut up” she snapped. She sighed, maybe she is still in love with him. Ever since Draco took over the throne she watched over him like no one does but just then Martha came from no where and snatched his heart. She even dares to betray and trapped him in the end.

She sighed again remembering how hard she tried to make Draco love her back but that witch ruined everything.

“You must be thinking about Martha” Aaron said.

“I feel like going back to the past and burn her alive. She has the guts to betray and trap Draco. Thank God she’s dead anyway. Once we find him, we are going to rule over the humans once again” She smirked.

“What if Draco falls in love with another woman again?” He asked and Mara snarled.

“I’ll make sure she face what is called hell but I’m sure Draco won’t repeat the same mistake and fall in love with a human.. would he?” She said.

“His heart is soft Mara.. I also want to rule over the human again. Mehn! I miss those days when so many human girls dies to have me fuck them” he licked his lips.

Mara rolled her eyes and looked at him. “Sex Maniac”

“Haha.. Mara when was the last time you had sex huh? Two thousand years ago?” Aaron said sacartically.

“Get out of my room now!” She yelled dragging him up and pushed him outside.

She sighed and threw herself on the bed. She curled up and huge her pillow and slept that way.

Gloria was hugging herself around the corner of the room when Aaron came in. She looked up to his face in disgust. This bastard ruined her life.

“Get on bed” He ordered without a smile.

She snorted and stood on her feet expecting him to pounce on her.

“Have you eaten?” He asked surprising her.

“No” she whispered.

Immediately she replied Aaron left the room and bought her food.

“Eat well.. my girlfriend should always look good” he said feeding her. She blinked as a ball of tears rolled down her cheek.


Diana woke up and hugged the duvet on her tightly. She slowly opened her eyes and saw a dark figure watching her.

“Ahhh!!!!” She spranged up then calmed when she saw it was Draco.

“Could you stop doing that?” She snapped.

“Doing what?” He asked in his deep voice.

“Stop watching me while I sleep!” She said.

“How are you feeling” he asked. His voice was surprisingly calm this time.


“You didn’t tell me you had an heart disease” he said.

“You and I aren’t close enough for me to tell you.. how did you find out?” She asked.

“Scott told me when I bought you home last night” he replied.

“That chameleon.. That’s right.. what was that last night. It looks like a real life zombie” she said having some excitement in her voice.

‘I thought she would be scared of me when she wakes up but I guess I am wrong’ he thought.

“It’s an underworld creature summoned by an higher rank demons” he replied and Diana jaw dropped. Higher rank Demon?

“You mean.. Higher rank demons like you?” She asked curiously.

“Yes.. there are more of me out there” he replied. He got the chance to chase after him and get to know who he is but instead he protected her.

“Woahhh!! That’s scary.. so how do you kill the underworld creature? Did you snap his neck off” she asked.

“I dipped my claws into its chest, pulled out its heart and then burned it” he replied and Diana mouth dropped.

“R.. right” she muttered. The door opened and Scott appeared. He came here since he heard her voice.

“Diana” Scott called and told her everything.

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“The doctor said she will be alright” Marisa said to Diana whose eyes is on Granny Racheal. She had an oxygen mask on and her face looked paled. It’s close to evening already.

“Granny is always careful.. how could this happen?” She said. She so much love her granny and it hurts see her like this.

“Yes I know but she’s getting old already.. I’m sure she will be fine” she assured.

“What of Nina?” She asked.

“She’s with me. You should come home too” she said.

“No I’m not” Diana said. She knew her mom will use the opportunity to ask her to come home.


“I said no!” She said and got up to leave while Marisa could only sighed. Her married is close and her daughter have not yet agreed to it.

“How’s she?” Scott asked spotting Diana.

“She’s fine” she replied. Her phone rang and Jason name flashed on the screen.

“Let’s go then” Scott nod walking away.

“Hi” she said after picking.

“Ana.. how have you been? Sorry I was so sick to call” Jason said in an hoarse voice.

“Is everything alright? Why do you sound like that?” She asked worried.

“Don’t worry Diana.. I just feel so sick that’s all. I’ll be fine soon..”

“What! Have you gone to the pharmacy? I hope you’re not alone?” She asked.

“My friend went out and they would be home by tomorrow morning. I’ve used some drugs but I still feel like my body is on fire” he said and coughed causing Diana’s heart to race.

“Send me your address.. I’ll come check on you” she said quickly.

“Diana… Don’t..”

“I said send it to me.. I still have some time to spare”

“Cool.. give me a minute” he cut the phone afterwards and sent an address to her.

She saw it and went to meet Scott outside.

“I have somewhere to go.. I’ll meet you home okay?” She said.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“I.. I need to go to a friend’s place. You should go and stay with Draco. I’ll be back real soon” she said and hired a cab before Scott could ask any other question.


Diana got to a pharmacy and bought some drugs for fever since he mentioned that his body is burning.

Reaching the huge house she took a deep breath. She had never been in a guy’s home apart from Scott. She swallowed and sighed.

“I’ll just go in and take him to the hospital.. that’s all” she muttered then knock on his door but there was no response.

“It’s me Diana!!” She said knocking again but there was still no response.

“Is he alright?” She asked no one in particular.

Out of worries she tried to open the door and it opened surprisingly. She walked in slowly with a small bag of drugs. The big room was dark and quiet.

“Jason” she called darting her eyes around the big house.

“Jason!” She called louder walking into the Middle of the big living room. She suddenly heard the door close behind her and she looked back just to see Jason closing the door. He was not putting on any shirt and his hair messy.

“Diana” he called and she frowned. His voice seems fine unlike how he sounded on the phone.

“Jason.. I..I thought you were sick”she muttered staring at him.

“Sorry.. I did that to make you come here” he replied walking closer to her.

“Why?” She asked getting upset bit by bit. Why would he pretend to be sick just to bring her here? Beside why did he close the door?

“I just wanna see you.. like I said I miss you.. Diana” he replied still walking closer while Diana stood still on her place. She noticed him licked his lips after he was close enough.

“How are you doing?” He asked quietly raising his hand to touch her lips but she moved backwards. Her eyes turned angry. She must had been so stupid to come here.

“What are you trying to do?” She stuttered moving backwards. She could see lust in his eyes.

“Why are you moving backwards? Are scared? I’m not gonna hurt you Ana. After all we are together right. The dance party is three days ahead so I think we should get to know each other before then..” he said while his eyes scan her body.

“I.. I need to go” she said trying to walk away but he grabbed her by the waist and forcefully kissed her. He grabbed her butt then bring her skirt up while kissing her widely.

Diana bit his lips and he cursed under his breath. She pushed him away and grabbed a knife on the table.

“Fuck!” He cursed again seeing the blood on his hand after touching his lips.

“Stay away from me!” She warned wiping her lips. Her eyes teared up. She can’t believe she fell for a guy like him.

Jason smirked walking closer not scared a bit that she was currently pointing a knife at him. Her hands were shaking.

“Do you really wanna kill me.. Ana. All I want is to have a loving girlfriend like you.. is that too much to ask?.. You came here running just because you heard my sick voice. You’re just the girl I want” his eyes turned sad.

“Get away from me.. I’m leaving” she said but Jason swiftly snatched the knife away from her and hit her face. She fell onto the couch and gasped.

She felt his grip around her neck pinning her against the couch.

“S..stop” she whimpered trying to get away. She was no more seeing the nice Jason anymore but instead she was seeing a beast in human form.

“Just stop the act girl. I know you want my dick in your pussy. So stop acting fake like you’re fucking a saint. Just accept the fact that I’m gonna fuck you till you’re not able to stand anymore..”

She whimpered trying to remove his hand on her neck but he was just too strong for her.

“Interesting right? I know you want me baby.. just stop struggling huh.. You’re going to enjoy it.. I’ll go easy I promise” he said placing his lips on her boobs. His hand goes under her skirt again but just then…

“Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!” Came her scream in three voice and her eyes glowed blue for a sec. Jason saw it and stop.

“What the..” he couldn’t finish his word when he felt an electric shock from her.

“Argh” He groaned moving away from her and his breath turned shallowed. He stared at the girl who now have her eyes closed in disbelief.

Suddenly, Jason felt a strong mascular hand grab him from behind and felt himself being thrown like a trash. His back hit the wall hard and blood spurt out like a small fountain from Jason’s mouth.

The next thing Jason knew, he was viciously shoved and pinned down to the ground. The impact was so strong he couldn’t get the chance to breath.

After a couple of seconds he slowly came to his senses and opened his eyes just to she the most terrifying beast in his life snarling at him.

He look like a devil!

Dracula’s eyes was blazing red like fire. His fang were visible and his black vein covered most of his face. Black smoke emitted from his body, his piercing gaze gave him a strong chill all over Jason’s body. His claws were around his neck perfectly ready to snap it away from it’s body.

Jason choked the more feeling the hotness on his neck. It felt like his skin was burning. He could smell death… No.. he could see hell calling for him already. He felt himself peeing on his trouser out of fear.

“Rooaaaarrrr!!!!!!!” Draco thurderous roar filled the room showing it’s hideous fangs.


To be continued…😶