The demon and i episode 23 – 24

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{Melting his cold heart}

Written by 🌺 Mayor 🌺
Chapter 23💕24


“fucking Martha!!” Aaron roared putting more pressure on her neck. She choked and her face squeezed in pain.

“I watch you die. How the fuck are you alive huh? Don’t tell me you reincarnated.. ha.. this interesting” his eyes shone gold the more. He observed the girl’s face in amusement but somehow the energy he was sensing from her seems low.

“I’m Just gonna end you here” he said as blood stream down her lips.

“ ahh” she quickly grabbed a pen and stabbed the hand holding her neck.

“Ahhh!!!!!!!!” She screamed in three voices and her eyes flashed blue. Aaron felt a massive shock which burnt his hand.

Diana stood immediately and ran away from him.

“Interesting” Aaron muttered and watched his hand heal with a smirk plastered on his face.

Diana covered her face using the scarf around her neck. This is just so frustrating for her. Tears filled her eyes as she kept looking back if he wasn’t following her. Why is she called Martha? Her throat hurts like hell, she was even surprised she was able to scream.

She bumbed into a blonde girl wearing a nose mask.

“Hey watch it!” The girl snapped.

“Please.. I.. need your help. There’s a guy trying to kill me. Can you please help me?” She stuttered nervously.

The blonde lady with a nose mask frowned and the next thing she did was to remove the scarf off Diana’s face.

Mara eyes widened like never before. She removed the scarf off her face when her voice sounded familiar. She walked closer to her and used her finger to raised her jaw staring at her.

Diana face turned confuse. What the hell is she doing? “Are you helping me not?” She asked looking back. The guy earlier was already coming towards her.

“Miss please.. he’s coming” Diana said.

Mara chuckled evilly as her claws grew causing Diana’s eyes to widen.

Fuck! Another demon!

She raised her hand to slash her throat but Diana surprisingly blocked it with her arm and her eyes shone blue again.

“What?” Diana stuttered. She was shocked by her own move. Her body felt weird.

But just then, Mara punched her stomach with a tremendous power throwing her ten feet away. She landed on her back and groaned loudly.

“Gosh!! That’s hurt!” She rolled on the floor and tried to crawl away. People gathered already and some are even taking videos. Diana quickly covered her face again and tried to stand but realized she was at middle of the road.

A big truck coming with full speed came in view. She closed her eyes expecting it to hit her but a strong wind hit instead. A familiar scent filled her sensitive nose and she opened her eyes slowly just to see two red eyes staring at her.

“Are you alright?” He asked worriedly. Instead replying she burst into tears and hugged his neck while Dracula drew her closer.

“What took you so long”



Dracula near a sea with his eyes closed while the breeze kept on hitting him. He had been here since last night.

“I and Martha are two different people. She had her life in the past and I’m having mine now. I might look like her but I’m not her”

Her voice kept on repeating in his head. ‘I will be back.. I promise’ those were Martha’s last words.

“She is Martha reincarnation” he muttered to himself. He tightened his eyes trying to remember but it gave him pains on his head. Maybe he shouldn’t force it.

He sighed remembering the kiss. Why did he do that in the first place? His mind drift to how he yelled at her and guilt slowly creeps into him.

A little while longer, he felt the chilling aura.

“Come out.. There’s no need for you to hide” he ordered.

“I wasn’t hiding” A deep voice sounded behind him and he turned to look at him.

“Then what were you doing” Dracula asked.

“Just observing your highness” Cassiel said walking closer with a smile while Dracula stared at him blankly.

“It’s nice to see you again Dracula.. but I never thought you’d lose your memories as soon as you wake up” he said.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“A demon Lord just like you.. I can help you get your memories back if you want” he said.


“You just need to follow me” he said.

Before Dracula could reply the urge of seeing Diana hit him again and he frowned.

“She is in trouble” he muttered. “What did you do?” He asked.

“I didn’t do anything.. I guess those two found her already” Cassiel replied.

“There two others? Fuck!” He vanished quickly to the school campus and the view before him shocked him. Diana was hit by a lady wearing a mask. She landed at the middle of the road trying to get up when fast moving truck was about to hit her.

He vanished and took her away from the road and appeared in a quiet corner. He could hear her heart beating so fast. She must have been so scared and he blamed himself for leaving her just like that.

The tears in her eyes when she raised her head hurts him and he clinched his jaw.

“Are you alright?” He asked and she hugged him tightly instead and he drew her close inhaling her sweet scent.

“What took you so long?” She sobbed.

“I’m sorry little woman. Sorry I came late” he said lightly patting her hair then placed a kiss on her head gently until she passed out in his arm.

“Dracula” The lady with a mask on came before him. She tried to move close but he immediately threw her against the wall using his power.

She hissed and was shocked by what he did. Her eyes glowed purple immediately.

Another guy came on view. His eyes moved from Diana and back to him. The expression on him doesn’t look pleased.

These must be the two other demons.

And lastly Cassiel appeared.

“What the fuck!!” Mara yelled at both of them.

“You knew about this?” Aaron asked.

“Yes” Cassiel replied without no emotion.

“Why didn’t you tell us? No.. I mean why didn’t you kill her? How the fuck is she back huh!” Mara snapped.

Dracula growled at her and she scoffed.

“She’s Martha reincarnation.. no one is allowed to hurt her until we get to know who she really is” Cassiel said.

“Bullshit! She’s Martha fucking bloodline, we should just end her!” Aaron yelled.

“Touch a single strand of her hair and I would kill you” Dracula warned.


Scott just came out of a class when he spotted Jason. He had been acting strange ever since the incident.

“The video had been going viral” a girl whispered to her friend as the kept staring at their phone.

“I think she vanished” the other one replied and he frowned.


“Those that mean she is not ordinary”

“Those that mean she’s not a human.. Gosh! This is insane”

“Scott!!” One of his course mate called running to him. “Have you seen the video?”

“What video?” He asked.

The guy pulled his phone and showed the video of a girl disappearing before a truck could hit her. His eyes widened and he ran out.

“What’s wrong with him?” One of the girl asked.

“Who knows..”

Rex saw Scott running out and he smile.

“Keep an eye on him” he remembered Cassiel words.

“Jason!” Someone called and he turned back just to see Bianca with an upset look.

“How come you’ve been avoiding me huh?” The girl moved close to him.


“You left me alone back at the dance party and now you started ignoring me!” She complained.

“No I didn’t” he replied.

“It hurts you know” she said holding his chest and traced her hand down to his groin.

“What me to make you feel better?” She whispered and Rex lips curved into a smile.


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Diana woke and groaned lightly. Her body still aches a bit. She opened her eyes just to find two eyes staring at her.

“Ahhh!!!” She jerked up and sighed seeing it’s Dracula.

“Hey.. I told you not to watch me sleep. Do you want to get spanked?” She said sweeping her messy hair backwards.

Dracula only stared at her without a word.

Noticing the big strange white room, Diana frowned.

“W..where are we?” She stuttered standing on her feet then noticed her cloths were change. It was just a simple short gown.

“What did you do demon?”

“The maids changed your cloths.. Don’t think nasty things little woman” he said.

“W..wh..ere are we?” She asked.

“My hometown” He replied. Her jaw was practically on the floor. He stood to face her.

“Are you alright?” He asked softly.

“No!!! What heck am I doing here?” She snapped.

“We came here for something important” he replied.

“What’s that? I have a life you know. You can’t just take me any where you want” she said.

“I can.. since I’m a king” he replied.

“To hell with you! I’m getting out of here” she said but just then she fell flat on the floor. She tried to move but couldn’t.

“Hey! Asshole did you paralyze me?!” She snapped lying on the floor in a funny way.

Dracula used his power to lift her and placed her gently on the bed.

“Don’t worry.. it’ll only last for an hour” He covered her with quilt and left the room.

“Asshole!!” She yelled.

“That jerk!” Diana said again. She tried so hard to move her body but it isn’t working.

“Sigh.. I should just kill him” she huff and her eyes scanned through the big white beautiful room.

“Is this is home? Did he have his memories back?” She sighed and decided to focus on moving her body just then one of her finger moved and she smiled.

“He said one hour but I guess I’ll be able to get out of here within 20 minutes”

Just like she said, she was able to move within 20 minutes but her body still felt a bit weak though.

She went to the door to open it but it was locked. She groaned in frustration and placed her head on the door but her eyes land on a pin on the floor.

“Eureka” She muttered then picked it up and smiled before opening it with it.

Her head came out face and she was welcomed by a big hallway.

“Wow” she whispered scanning the beautiful hall. “If this is his home then he must be rich” she touched the wall while she kept walking without knowing where she was going. The building is so huge it has no end.

“Maybe I should just go back and wait for him” she said turning but she couldn’t find her way back.

“Gosh.. I’m lost” she muttered biting her lips hard then walked towards the window close to her.

Her mouth dropped seeing the view. The building was surrounded by so much beautiful flowers. So people on uniform could be seen doing so chores. While ahead she could see houses.

She spot some men on uniform giving orders.

“ I in a palace?” She asked no one in particular with her eyes widened.

“What are you doing here?” A deep voice asked behind her.

She looked back at him. Judging from the way he dressed she automatically think of him as a guard of this place. He has this scary look on his face causing her to swallowed. She noticed the scar on his right chin.

“I asked you a question woman” He said coldly and she swallowed again. His accent sounds so accurate like that of a British.

“I.. I got lost” she said starmaring.

“You must be a new maid here. Didn’t Veronica warned you not to step your filthy foot into this floor!!.. didn’t she train you to follow the rules here!!” He yelled.

“Ha.. Dude you must be mistaken. I’m not a m…”

“Dude.. Did you just called me Dude!! You’re going to pay for this.. I’m going to teach how to pay some respect. Guards!!” He yelled.

“Hey! This is just a misunderstanding” she tried to say but three huge guard stormed their way in.

“Sir!!” They are saluted.

“Take her to the dungeon and make sure you torture her until she learn how to show see respect!” He ordered and Diana’s eyes widened.

“Yes sir!!” The three of the yell.

“Sir.. I am not.. let me go!” She yelled when they started dragging her out.

“I’m not a fucking maid!”

The man with a scar gaze moved behind her and he bowed fully same as the other two other two holding her. Her eyes also moved forward and spot him. His hand was behind his back and his cloth changed into a fine one. He look charming.

“Look who’s here” she muttered.

The guy with scar look up at her and signal her to bow but instead she fold her arm.

“What are you doing here?” Dracula asked.

“My Lord.. she broke one of the rules and I..”

“Not you moron” Dracula cut in.

“What?” The man with scar muttered and then the next thing Draco said shocked them all.

“I was talking to my wife”


To be continued…😳