The Demon And I

The demon and i episode 3 – 4

{Melting his cold heart}

Written by 🌺 Mayor 🌺

Chapter 3💕4


Scott kept on running until he got out of the woods. Luckily, he spot a police car.

“Mom?” He whispered in between his heavy breath. His Mom is a sheriff in town.

Mrs Tiana was busy observing the accident scene in front of her.

“Mom!!” She turned when she heard her son’s voice.

“Mom! Glad I found you.. Diana was attacked!” Scott yelled. His heart is beating in a fast way ever.

“Diana? Attacked by who?” Tiana asked his son with a doubt on her face.

“She was attack by a demon!” Scott blurted out.

Tiana scoffed and shook her head. She knew her son was going to say something like this.

“What did I tell you about watching some horror movie at night. Don’t see I’m busy here huh? Why do you always piss me off!” Tiana said almost yelling.

“This isn’t about horror movie.. urgh!.. you’ve got believe me she was attacked just now! You need to save her mom or I’ll have a corpse on my head!!” Scott yelled.

Seeing the serious look on his face, she decided to follow him with two more cops.

“What the hell were you two doing here in the woods anyways?” Tiana asked.

“School assignment” Scott shrugged.

“In the woods?”

“Yes in the woods. Now can you just stop asking questions and help me find Diana?” Scott said obviously annoyed with the way his mom was asking a lot of questions.

They got to the cave and Scott stopped.

“Here” He pointed his finger towards the cave.

“Okay” Tiana said and was about to go in when Scott stopped her.

“Be careful” He muttered remembering the red eyes he saw. It scared the hell out of him.

Tiana shrugged and went in with the cops behind her while Scott followed afterwards.

Getting there, Scott eyes widened. There are no sign of Diana or the Demon anywhere.

Tiana took a deep breath before facing her son.

“Really? Where’s Diana and the so called Demon you mentioned”

“I swear mom.. it was real. I saw it myself, it dragged Diana into the cave. I’m not lying, you have to believe..”

“That’s enough.. I’m out of here” Tiana said walking out with her fellow cops.

Scott eyes darted around in confusion and his gaze landed on the stone shaped like a coffin which is now opened. His eyes widened the more. Did that thing took her?

“You’re leaving?” He asked.

“Yes of course there’s nothing here.. and if you didn’t notice. I was busy when you came up running to me” Tiana said.

“Dad would have believed me” He said taking a sharp breath.

“What?” Tiana mutter.

“You’ve never believe me even for once. You always think I’m your crazy son who doesn’t know what his saying” Scott said and Tiana stopped her track.

“That’s not true” She shook her head.

“Then help me find Diana” He said seriously.


“Ahhh!! Easy!!” A naked lady screamed under Aaron as he kept slamming his length into her giving her pain instead of pleasure.

Aaron dipped his claws into her back and blood began to stream down.

“Go easy.. My Lord! Ahh!! Ple..!”

“Shut your mouth!” Aaron covered her mouth with his hand dragging her head backwards almost breaking her neck.

“Fuck yeah” He groaned as his eyes shone the deepest shade of gold. He pulled out of her then turned her around.

The girl eyes was on tears already. Aaron widen her leg and began to give her a massive thrust while the girl could only hold her painful scream.

They had been on it for hours and the girl was about to faint but she dares not because that would be the end of her.

Aaron; The well known rich bastard also a Demon. He was feared, dangerous and calculative. Fucking girls is one of his favorite hubby.

After releasing into her he finally pull out his length.

“Get out” He ordered dangerously and the girl scurried away in fear.

He put on his trouser and poured himself a drink before staring outside. The sky seems different he wondered why.

He suddenly felt and electric shock built inside him and he groaned loudly hitting his hand on the glass table beside him. The table shattered into pieces immediately.

“Arghhh!!!!!” I groaned loudly as the pain increased. His golden eyes shone brighter. His fang and claws grew while he trembles.

The pain suddenly stopped, he felt his body relaxing. His fangs and claws sipped back in and he began to laugh like a maniac standing on his feet.

“Finally.. He’s back” he muttered.


A maid could be been seen carrying a bottle of wine and a glass cup placed neatly on a tray. Her step was so careful. She had her head facing downward as she takes each steps carefully.

The sound of a slow music could heard in a big elegant room.

Mara lay calmly in a warm tub with her eyes closed. One of her maid was combing her black long hair gently while another was busy massaging her leg. She is a definition of beauty. No man can ever resist her.

The maid with the tray of wine appeared before her.

“Here it is.. Mistress” she stuttered with her head low.

Mara raised her hand and ordered her to come closer. She moved closer not noticing the wet soapy floor causing her to slip. The bottle of wine and the glass cup fell and broke.

The maid eyes widened like never before and went on her knee immediately.

Mara eyes slowly opened.

“I’m so sorry Mistress. I.. I didn’t notice the wet flo..or.. please forgive me. It would never happen.. I’m deeply sorry..” she whimper with head low shaking terribly. Maybe this is the end for her.

Without emotion Mara raised her left hand and the piece of glass on the floor began to float in the air. Knowing her fate the maid cried and plead harder.

“I hate noise” Mara said calmly and she folded are fist. The pieces of glass sped to stab the maid. Some of them pierced her eyes, ear, neck and stomach.

She lay flat on the floor and died instantly while her blood wet the floor. The other maid in the room began to tremble in fear.

“Get out” Mara ordered coldly and they left instantly.

Her gaze moved to the lifeless body on the floor and she smirked. She stepped out naked from the tub slowly but suddenly felt a strange sensation.

Just like Aaron her body felt an electric shock all over. Her eyes turned purple and she screamed out her lungs. Her black long hair floats in the air. Her finger grew longer and her head throbbed in pain.

It stopped after a while and her eyes widened. She knows this feeling.

“What?” She muttered as her lips curved up. Her laughter boomed through the room.

She grabbed her phone immediately and made to call someone.

“Look who’s calling after 17 years” A voice sounded through the phone.

“Shut up.. Did you felt it too?” She ask licking her lips.

“Yeah.. yeah can’t believe it took more than two thousand years” Aaron replied on the other side.

“There are 195 countries.. How are we gonna find him?” She asked.

“That shouldn’t be a problem”.

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It’s raining non-stop in the city of Ginza. The thunder clap furiously as if it hasn’t rained for a year.

“Stop!! That hurts!!.. ahh!!” A girl’s scream could be heard at a dark corner of the street.

Her scream couldn’t be heard by other people because of the heavy rain.

“Let me go!!” She screamed again as she was being abused by three guys. The first one suddenly torn her high school uniform showing her bra. The second pulled her skirt down and grabbed her ass. The last one was busy holding her in place.

“C’mon calm down girl.. you’re gonna enjoy this” The first one grab her right boob and press it harshly. She turned her head and bit him furiously.

“Fuck! This bitch bit me!!” He cursed then slapped her hard on her face. Her cheek redden immediately and she cried harder.

“Please let me go” she whimpered trying to get herself away from them. They all looked scary, drunk and lustful.

The third one grabbed her hand and hold it behind her. He placed his wet lips on her neck and sucked on it harshly. The second one began unbuckle his trouser when he heard a noise behind him.

He turned his head just to see the shadow of strange person wearing a suit. His hand is tucked into his pocket as he stared at them blankly.

“Guys!” He called the others and they all stopped and faced the strange man.

“Hey fuck off!! Don’t you see we are busy here!!” The first one yell.

Thunder struck just after his words. The three guys could feel fear growing inside them but they tried to hide it.

Cassiel bought a cigar and light it in front of them before dipping it inside his mouth. He puff out a cloud of smoke from his lips and his eyes goes to the lady behind them who was busy trying to cover herself.

“If you wanna smoke.. Go somewhere else if you still love yourself!” The first one yell bringing out his knife slowly.

“You know it rude to treat a lady like that” Cassiel said walking closer to them. His cloth soaking wet because of the heavy rain.

“How is that your business? You better fuck off bastard or I’ll stab you!” The first one yell again. He seems to be their leader

“You can try” Cassiel said calmly still walking closer.

“What are you waiting for!!.. Show him what you’ve got!” He yell at the others.

The other two glance at each other before moving towards Cassiel with a knife.

A smirk formed on his lips.

Just as they were about to stab him the halted their track and stood like a status unable to move.

“What’s wrong with you two?” Their leader ask.

“I.. can’t.. m..move” one of them manage to speak.

“ t..oo” the other one also said.

Cassiel raised his head and his eyes shone green.

“A..are you.. human?” Their leader asked trembling in fear.

Cassiel grabbed the one on his right side and sank his fangs into his neck sucking his blood. The guy body turned lean and his body changed color before he falls dead.

He did the same to the other one on his left and wipe the blood on his lips.

Even the girl was so shock to her bones seeing the scene.

“W…what?” The leader eyes widened. With the speed of light Cassiel stood in front of him with his hand holding his neck.

“I hate when someone calls me bastard.. it really pisses me off. Maybe you’ll remember that in your next life” Cassiel whispered against his ear.

“P..please for..give…” He couldn’t finished his word as Cassiel broke his neck with his hand.

He watched him fell dead on the floor then turned to the girl.

“Ahhh!!!!!” The girl screamed running pass Cassiel but was pull back with and invisible force.

“Please don’t kill me” She whimpered staring at him.

“I just need you to say two words.. then I’ll let you go” Cassiel said calmly.

The girl tried hard to think and finally opened her mouth.

“Thank you” She whispered.

Just after her words he released her and ran away as fast as she could.

“Humans are getting smarter these days” he muttered. He would have killed the girl if she hadn’t said those words.

Mara and Aaron appeared afterwards. They actually witnessed the whole scene.

“Saving humans huh?” Mara scoffed.

“What are you two doing here?” He asked without looking at them.

“You know why we came” Aaron replied.

“It’s useless.. even if you find him. I don’t think he’ll remember who he is” Cassiel said.

“We’ll remind him” Mara refuted.

“The world is changed now.. Don’t you get it? I don’t know how he got released but It’s been two thousand years.. Doing this would only cause chaos”

“Are you going to help us find him or you are just going to continue staying here living in your boring life?” Aaron asked.



Diana woke up from her sleep and shifted on her bed lazily. A strange strong scent hits her sensitive nose and her eyes flew open.

A view of a strange man wearing an old dirty cloak comes before her. He is sitting across her staring at her. His face is cold but he looks so damn handsome. He look like he is in his early twenties.

Hot but cold.

Diana smiled to herself and close her eyes again. She is having another crazy guys dream again? How can an handsome guy that look like a demi god be in her room.

How hilarious.

She opened her eyes again and he was gone.

‘Just like I thought.. it was a crazy dream’ She said inwardly and turned to face the other side of the bed but the guy appeared in front of her again.

“Ahh!!!!!” She jerked and spranged up but the guy dragged her down and climbed on top of her.

“Let go off me!” She began to struggle.

“Stay still”

His voice was cold, deep and captive at the same time. Diana found her body getting calm under him and she stayed still.

Their eyes locked, Diana could feel butterflies in her stomach as he observed his handsome face.

Perfect jaw line, pointed nose, kissable full lips, thick eye brows that gave him a hot look.

She shook her head and blink several time.

What was she thinking. A strange guy is currently in her room.. why isn’t she chasing him out already.

But why is he staring at her like that?

Before she knew it, his beautiful face started coming close.

‘Is he going to kiss me!’ she screamed inwardly.

Within seconds his lips met with hers and she closed her eyes.

To be continued…😋

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