The Demon And I

The demon and i episode 5 – 6

{Melting his cold heart}

Written by 🌺 Mayor 🌺

Chapter 5💕6


Dracula observed the girl under him. Her face so much look like that of Martha’s.

When she passed out in front of him, he manipulated her recent memories and found out the place she lives. He teleported immediately and placed her on the bed while staring at her.

He looked at the wounds on her body and healed her with his magic.

“I will be back.. I promise” Martha’s last words rang in his head. But sadly that was all he could remember, other memories seems blurr.

Her eyes, lips, nose, her body and even her smell was the same. She seems different and yet the same. It was just so confusing.

Even when she woke up. Her voice sounds the same.

Just then, the girl closes her eyes and he frowned.

“What are you doing?” He asked and her eyes flew back opened.

“Huh?..” Diana eyes widened and she snapped out of her crazy thought of kissing him before pushing him away. What the fuck is wrong with her?

“Who the hell are you?” She asked trying to get away but Dracula pulled her down again.

“Martha?” He called.

“I’m not Martha.. I’m Diana. You’re are mistaking me for somebody else. How did you even get in here?” She asked and he released her.

“You don’t remember about last night?” Dracula frowned.

Diana gasps loudly covering her lips. “What did you do to me? Did you rape me. Oh my God! Did I sleep walk and bought a drunk guy who look like a wizard into my house? I must be out of my fucking mind…”

“Wizard?” Dracula twisted his lips watching the girl in front of him gibbering rubbish.

She grabbed a metal pole beside her and faced him.

“Hey! Sucker.. I don’t know what happened last night but all I know is that you’re not welcome here so get out of my house!..”

Dracula lips curved up to a smirk seeing her shaky hand. The girl is somehow interesting though. He got on his feet and walk closer to her.

“You want to hit me?” He smirked wider while walking closer.

“I will.. now stay back!” She yell taking a step backwards.

“Hit me” He said calmly but then Diana hit him on the face with the pole and his eyes widened.

Her eyes widen too and she dropped the pole staring at the bloody cut on his face.

Dracula head snapped towards her and his eyes turned angry.

“I’m.. s..sorry.. I was so scared. I didn…” She stopped her words when she noticed the wound slowly disappeared. The memories of last night came in and her eyes widened the more.


The door flew opened and their head snapped towards the door and Scott stormed in.

“Scott?” Diana frowned.

“Diana!” Scott sighed in relief and made to hug her but an invisible force pushed him back causing him to hit his back on the wall.

“What the hell are you doing? That’s my friend!” She yelled and ran to Scott.

“Argh!” Scott yelped in pain holding his back.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“Yeah I think so.. you?” Scott asked observing her body.


“Are you sure? I was so worried last night when that thing took you.. I was looking for you everywhere but couldn’t find you so I decided to wait at your doorstep. I came in when I heard your voice.. I’m glad you’re alright” Scott said quickly.

“You slept at my doorstep?” She asked.

“Yeah I couldn’t go home. I was filled with guilt”

“So we really went into the woods.. I thought that was a nightmare” She blinked.

Scott look behind her.

“By the way.. where is the guy standing with you earlier?” He asked.

“Huh?.. where did he go?” She asked herself. He was just here a moment ago and they didn’t hear him leave.

“Where is he?”

A frown appeared on Dracula’s face seeing the changes in the environment. People passing by were looking at him.

“Why is he dressed like that?”

“It’s not yet Halloween”

“Is he an homeless dude?”

“He look handsome.. but who the hell dress like this in this century”

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Dracula could hear all of them but he didn’t care. How long was he trapped?

A car passed before him and he jerked almost using his power.

“What kind of magic made the thing moves? Is that an animal or something?” He asked himself.

Wait he is not seeing any horses or carts. Each house look big and was built with blocks.

His eyes kept on darting around while he continued walking.

He spot a lady talking to herself while holding a rectangular thing on her ear.

“I told you not to call me anymore!! Don’t you get it? It’s over!!!” The lady screamed on top of her lungs.

“Who is she talking to?” He muttered to himself.

“I’m so sorry baby? Please forgive me.. I swear it’s not what you think.. girlfriend”

He gasps hearing the rectangular thing speaking.

“What kind of magic is that?” He asked himself walking closer to the lady.

“Don’t call me anymore! I hate you cheater!! You can go and…” The lady stop sensing someone behind her.

“What are you looking at?” She asked the strange man wearing an old cloak staring at her phone.

“What do you mean” a voice comes from the phone and Dracula eyes widened the more.

That thing spoke again.

“What’s that?” He asked the lady.

“A phone..” The lady frowned.

“Phone” He said after her.

“Who are you freak?.. are you some drunken guys on the street who is a phone snatcher? You better not come close to me or I’ll smack your head!” She snapped then left.

“Did I say something wrong?” He muttered.

He looked around and started walking again until he was in the middle of the road without him knowing.

“Should I just go back to that weird girl?” He asked himself.

A loud horn interrupt him and his eyes widen seeing a large vehicle coming towards him.

It hit him with full force, threw him several feets away and he rolled on the floor several times.

His eyes glowed red immediately and his claws began to come out.

An old man got down from the truck with a worried look. He didn’t see Dracula on the road on time so he stepped on the brake late. He sure hit him pretty hard.

“Holy Mary!.. Mister are you okay?” He asked in his old voice.

Dracula growled trying to push his demon back in. He grit his teeth, his canines are getting longer. He buried his face on the ground still trying to control himself.




That is the only thing ringing in his head.

“Mister.. let me take you to the hospital” The old man walked closer thinking Dracula was in pain.

Dracula clinch his fist and blood sipped of his palm.

“Dracula!!!” A tiny voice called behind him and he felt himself getting calm. His claws sipped backed in, his eyes turned back to pitch and his canines returned back to normal.

But just then he passed out on his spot.


“Here” Scott said handing a bowl of water to Diana.

Dracula’s body had been hot like fire since they bought him back to Diana’s home. They had refused to take him to the hospital.

She placed a wet towel on Dracula’s forehead. They had changed his cloths after they bought him in thanks to Scott.

“He is really burning up.. I can fry an egg on him” Scott muttered and Diana glared at him.

“He seems different from what I thought” She said.

“How?” Scott asked.

“I don’t know he seems different from the story” she said.

“That’s because you haven’t seen his bad side yet.. Did you forget how he dragged you back into the cave with his powers? You saw his red eyes back in the cave.. He’s dangerous, don’t let him deceive you” he said.

“So what are we going to do about him?” She asked.

“I’ll tell my mom about him”



“I mean.. we can’t let people find out about him” she said.

“Why?” He asked obviously surprised.

“It’s dangerous” she said.

“How would you know” He asked.

“I just knew.. just don’t let your mom know about him.. not yet” She said observing the unconscious guy in front of her.

“Okay.. Do you think there are other demons like him out there?” Scott asked.

“How would I know!.. you can go to school.. I’ll stay with him” she said.

“No way.. I can’t leave you with a demon”

“We’ve got test in school and I don’t want you to miss it…”

“We are in this together. In fact all of these are my fault.. Gosh I can’t believe he’s real” He muttered staring at Draco whose face seems peaceful at the moment.

“I have an idea. We should both leave for school together. We’ll place your camera here to watch him. The test is just an hour. I don’t think he would be up by then” he said.

“Okay..” she nodded and they set a camera then connected it to Scott’s phone.



A room filled with intense smoke. The sound of a slow hip-hop music booms the room.

“Yea.. just like that… Fuck” Jason groan grabbing the hair of the girl having her lips around his length. He is sitting on the couch while the bitch before him was pleasuring him.

She skillfully used her tongue to lick the cap of his rod in circle before dipping his length inside his mouth fully. It hit her throat and a choking sound escape her lips.

“Oh.. heaven” Jason groaned louder feeling her lips moving up and down.

The girl smirk looking up at him sexily, she could feel his rod getting fatter in her mouth. He’s about to cum.

“Shit!… Go faster.. babe” He groan sexily squeezing his handsome face. His hand held her hair tighter and guide her to move faster.

Soon, he shot his wetness into her mouth. She made sure she took in every liquid and smile.

Jason tried to catch his breath while closing her eyes.

The door suddenly opened and a girl stormed in with anger written all over her face.

“Bianca?” Jason said blankly.

“What the fuck Jason!! Cheating behind my back!!” Bianca screamed.

“Calm down babe she was just helping me.. it’s not like you met us fucking on the couch” he said putting on his trouser.

Bianca eyes widened the more and she moved to the bitch near him dragging her hair.

“Fuck you bitch.. how dare you come near my man!!” She yelled.

“Let go off me!!” The girl tried to get away from her grasp but Bianca was stronger.

She dragged her hair outside and kicked her out naked before turning to Jason.

“Fuck you!!!!” She screamed going towards him.

Jason grabbed her before she could hit him on the face and they both landed on the couch together and he smashed his lip on hers at once.

She tried to get away from him but feeling the sweetness of his lips she stopped. She responded immediately and their tongue rolled in sync.

He pulled away from her and stared at her.

“Wanna fuck? I’ve missed you baby” Jason said.

Bianca suddenly woke up in her trance and pushed him away.

“I’m not gonna forgive you this time!” She yelled and stormed out.

Jason chuckled and rested on his couch.

“You’ll come back running to me” He muttered.

Kingsley and Hudson entered the room afterward. They are his best friends.

“What’s up homie!” Kingsley said as they walked in.

“What are you up to?” Hudson said and they both sat in the couch.

“Nothing.. I just need pussy that’s all” Jason groaned covering his face.

“I saw Bianca on our way here.. didn’t you fuck her?” Kingsley asked.

“She didn’t allow me.. I’m so hard right now” Jason groaned.

“Hudson better get away from him before he decides to turn into a gay” Kingsley said and Hudson moved away from him.

“Fuck you both!” He glared at them at they both laugh.

“By the way.. I saw you with that weird girl.. Di..” Kingsley stopped and ask Hudson.

“Diana” Hudson completes.

“Yea Diana.. what are you planning bro.. Are you now into her?” Kingsley asked.

“Mind your business” Jason said and walked out of the room.

“I hope he is not planning to play with her heart.. poor girl” Kingsley muttered.


Bianca chest is still moving up and down I’m anger. This is not the first, second, third or even fifth time she had seen another bitch with Jason.

No wonder he asked her not to announce their relationship. He kept telling her it’s not time yet.

“Does he think I’m his fuck buddy?” She gritted her teeth then spotted Diana talking to someone.

She smirked as something clicked her mind.

“Thank you so much for help there.. I thought I was going to fail the course, you literally saved my life” Fiona thanked Diana.

“It’s nothing.. just try and study more next time okay” Diana said restlessly. Her mind had been on Draco since.

“Yeah.. I hardly get to study because of work. I’ll talk to my mom about it” she said. Her smile disappeared seeing Bianca walking towards them with an angry face.

Diana followed her gaze and look back.

Immediately Bianca got to her, she slapped her across the face.

Just then, back at Diana’s home. Dracula’s eyes flew opened.

Diana’s eyes widened with shock and glared at Bianca who now have a smirk on her face.

“What the hell was that for!!” She screamed.

“Oops my hand slipped.. I just wanna get my anger out and you’re the perfect person for…”

She couldn’t finish as Diana have her a slap in return. As if it wasn’t enough she gave her two more slaps on the same cheek.

Bianca was shocked to her bones. She never Diana to retaliate. She just gave her three slaps.

“Oops my hand slipped” Diana smirked.

“I’ll kill you!” She glared and made to hurt her again when a large hand stopped her. She raised her head just to see who held her and her lips part.

Diana was also shocked to see him.

“You touch her again and I’ll make sure to burn you alive”


To be continued…😱

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