The Demon And I

The demon and i episode 7 – 8

🌷 AND I 🌷
{Melting his cold heart}

Written by 🌺 Mayor Chapter 7💕8



“Two cups of chocolate drink please” A man who look around his 40’s ordered then faced the woman before her.

“You okay?” He asked since her face look disturbed since they got there.

“I’m just worried” she replied looking outside.

“Marisa if this is about our wedding next week.. I told you I’ll take care of it. Don’t you trust me?” George said holding her hand. His finger caressed the ring in her middle finger.

“I know.. th.. this isn’t about the wedding George” she shook her head lightly.

“Then what?”

“It’s about my daughter.. she still haven’t agreed to our marriage yet and I’m so worried.. she is living alone and she hardly talk to me these days” she replied forcing a smile.

“Yea.. mine too. Ever since I broke the news to her she started acting strange.. but they both goes to the same school. I’m sure they are going to like each other sooner or later” George said with a smile.

Marisa body relaxed a bit and she chuckled.

“I hope so” She muttered.

“So how’s my daughter?” George said. He sometimes referred Diana as his daughter.

“She’s good. I’ll visit her soon. Because of her health and I’ve missed her” She said.

“Should I come with you?” He asked.

“No.. not yet. I hope you understand”

“Sure no problem”


Scott was just coming out from the bathroom when he met Sofia.

“Hey Scott” she said but he ignored her.

“I’m sorry!” She blurted out and he stopped his track to look at her.

He felt her arm wrapped his waist and his eyes widen.

“Sorry with the way I treated you that day.. I do have mood swings sometimes. Please forgive me babe” She said.

Scott rolled his eyes and slowly removed her arm from her waist and turned to face her.

“My friend doesn’t like you” He said blankly and walked out on her.

“Huh? His friend?” Sofia muttered confusedly.

Scott got away from her completely and sigh.

“What was that I said earlier?” He asked himself.

He shrugged then bought out his phone to check on Draco. His face turned paled seeing the screen. The room was empty with no sign of Draco.

“Did he got out again? But we locked the door.. How the fuck..” He muttered and ran to find Diana but he met a shocking scene instead.

“You touch her again and I’ll make sure to burn you alive”

Came a cold warning from a strange guy.

Bianca blinked several times just to make sure she wasn’t seeing things.

The guy in front of her is freaking handsome and cold but who is he to Diana?

Diana mind flooded with so many questions. How did he find her? How did he get into the school?.. She stared at the guy in front of her and her heart began to flutter.

Jason and his friend also saw the scene and he frown.

Ciara and Viola also saw the scene too.

Dracula dropped Bianca’s hand harshly and turned to Diana.

“Are you alright?” He ask. His voice calm.

Back when he was unconscious, he suddenly felt a sudden urge to see her. Thanks to the recent memories he accessed, he was able to get where she might be.

“Uh.. y..yes I guess” she stuttered.

“Who’s he?” Jason asked Kingsley.

“Maybe a newbie in school” he responded.

Draco dragged her out of the scene and faced her. The black shirt and and jean suit his so good.

‘He look hot’ She thought then shook her head and noticed him smirk.

“Why are you smiling?” She frowned.

“You just called me hot” he smirked wider.

“No I didn’t” She blinked. She was sure she didn’t say that loud. Can he probably hear her thoughts?

“Yes I can hear your nasty thoughts little woman” He answered and her eyes almost poped out.

He can hear thoughts whenever he wants to.

“Huh?.. can hear my thoughts?” She remembered thinking of him kissing her. Did he hear that too?

“Yes I did.. can’t believe you actually thought I would kiss you”

“I don’t know what your talking about.. How did you find me?” She asked.

“I accessed part of your recent memories so I just teleported here to find you” He replied casually.

“You can access my recent memories too?” She asked curiously.


He needs to get close to this little lady in front of him so he can get to remember who he is and why she looks exactly like Martha.

“What else can you do?” She asked like a curious kid.

Draco frowned inwardly. It seemed he had heard those words before.

“I can paralysis someone” He glanced over to Scott walking towards them in haste.

Scott suddenly tripped and fall flat on the floor. He tried to stand but he couldn’t move a muscle.

“Chameleon!!.. what hell did you do?” Diana walked towards him and tried to help him.

Draco released him immediately and he stand on his feet with dirt on his face.

“Did you.. Did you do that?” Scott asked in anger.

Draco’s lips curved up into a smile. He looked at Diana and his smile disappeared seeing her angry look.

“Since you’re fine.. you can leave. There’s no need to keep following us” She said.

“Leave to where? Didn’t know you were this ungrateful” Draco said.

“U.. ungrateful” she stuttered. This is the first time someone called her ungrateful and it’s somehow hurt her.

“Diana!” Someone called and they all looked at Fiona.

“You’re being called” she said worriedly.

‘sigh I guess I’m in trouble’ she thought then look at Draco and Scott.

“Everything is fine.. don’t worry. I’ll come see you soon” Scott assured and she left with Fiona.

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He turned his angry face to Draco. He was still upset with way he treated him.

“Hey! I need to tell you something demon Dracula.. First I’m not afraid of you..” he said.

Hearing this, Draco turned his cold gaze at him.

“O…Or m..maybe I am..” He stuttered moving back a little.

“But that doesn’t mean you should treat me like that. You threw me with your damn power.. my back still hurt. Then you made me fall flat on my face.. that’s not cool dude” Scott said angrily.

“I’m sorry” Draco said surprising him.

“That was what you expected me to say? Keep dreaming. A king doesn’t apologize” he add.

“You little..” Scott tried to go closer but Draco growled and he stopped.

“Better not try to hurt me or Diana or you’ll face my wrath” Scott said stubbornly but deep down, he is scared as fuck!

Draco scoffed. “What can you do?”

“My Dad is a very rich business man and my mom is a Sheriff in this town. So if you dare hurt Diana, I’ll make sure my mom put you in jail where you’re going to spend the rest of your life..” Scott said making sure he is not to close to him.

‘He is so protective over her’ Draco thought.

“So you think your mom can catch me?” He smirked.

“Yea sure.. why not!” he replied.

“How about this.. you leave to call your mom, I’ll Slash Diana’s throat before you come back, when you momma comes I’ll burn her alive right in front of you. And you on the other hand, I’ll slowly dip my claws into your chest and bring out your still beating heart…” He said coldly.

Scott swallowed nothing and blinked several times. ‘How cruel’ He thought.

“Shall we try it?” He asked moving closer. His eyes flashed red and Scott cringed.

“Ha..ha.. that was just a joke. I.. I was just teasing you buddy” Scott wanted to asked so many questions but this guy in front of him is so cold.

“Good.. by the way I don’t like this cloth.. you should buy me another one” Draco said.

“Why? It looks so good on you” he replied.

“It smells like you..” He said.

‘What does he mean. Do I not smell good?’ Scott asked himself inwardly.

“Buy me that” Draco pointed at the billboard in front of them having a picture of a guy wearing a black and red suit.

“That?.. it would be expensive but I’ll buy it for you once you say the word PLEASE” Scott said.

Without a word Draco showed him his claws.

“Just kidding.. let’s go. I’ll buy you all the cloths you want”.


“So tell me.. which one of you started the fight?” Mrs Ella asked looking at the two girls in front of her. She is one of the school authorities.

“She did”

Diana and Bianca both said at once pointing at each other.

“That’s a lie.. you just came from nowhere and slapped me across the face!” Diana glared.

“Bianca.. you can leave” Mrs Ella said. Diana frowned while Bianca smirked before leaving the office.

“What was that?” She asked.

Mrs Ella removed her eye glasses before speaking.

“You see Diana.. You entered the school through scholarship. Everyone else in this school are so powerful and rich even your friend scott so I’ll advice you not to challenge any of them or you’ll get yourself into trouble…”

“Are you saying that I’m poor?” Diana cut in.

“Allow me to finish.. Bianca’s father is a really powerful person. His share in this school is high. You can’t mess with his daughter cus that would put this School into trouble..”

“Wait what!!”

“You’re suspended for two weeks please accept your punishment and don’t make this hard for us”

“No way! She hit me first!”

“She wouldn’t have hit you if you hadn’t done something to trigger her..”

“What the hell is wrong with this school!! You don’t even care about your students.. all you care about is money!!”

“Three weeks then.. wanna go for four” Mrs Ella warned.

Diana lips parted while she breaths in anger. Tears threatened to fall out of her eyes.

The door flew open and a guy walked in.

“Jason” she whispered. Her heart started it’s craziness again. He is just too handsome.

“Hey Diana” He gave her a smile.

Mrs Ella was surprised seeing him so she asked with a bright smile. “How may I help you Mr Jason”

“Diana is not getting punished. It should be Bianca” He said shocking the two of them. He heard everything Mrs Ella said to her.

“Why.. if I may ask”

“Diana did nothing wrong. I saw what happened” He said calmly.

“But Jason..”

“If this is because of Bianca’s father.. then you should not forget that my Dad is more scary and richer than him. Diana did nothing wrong and if she is getting punished then I’m leaving this school”

Diana lips parted in surprise. He is defending her.

‘So cool!!’ She squeal inside of her and a smile formed in her lips.

“I bet you don’t know that the woman Mr George is getting married to next week is Diana’s mother” He added.

Mrs Ella was dumbstruck as she looked back at Diana.

Diana smile disappeared. She didn’t want anyone to know about her mother yet but she guess that would save her now. Thanks to Jason.

“Oh my.. I’m so sorry Diana. I have no idea she is your mother” she tried to hold her hand but Diana pulled her hand away.

“How come people like you don’t have concience at all. I thought this school is discipline and fair but I guess I’m wrong. All you care about is money and not your students. You should really change Mrs Ella.. you disgust me” Diana gritted her teeth in anger before leaving with Jason.

Mrs Ella could only sighed. She might not last in this school anymore.

“Thanks for what you did back there” Diana said with a smile burying her gaze to the floor.

“Yea.. I hope you don’t mind. I just revealed your secret” he said.

“No I don’t. Revealing the secret would actually make her not bully me anymore.. but how did you know?” She asked.

“I did some researches on you when I met you in the bus” he replied.

“Oh.. that’s surprising” She blushed a bit.

He stepped closer and held her chin up to look at him. His closeness was affecting her.

“You look beautiful Diana” He muttered.

Her heart skipped a beat hearing him say that. Did she hear him call her beautiful? This is just what she had been craving for since she entered this school.

He tucked the hair behind her ear and smile handsomely.

“You know that right?” He asked softly tucking her brown her behind her ear.

She nodded her head slowly. Her heart was beating like crazy waiting for what he would do next.

‘She so innocent’ Jason thought to himself staring at the girl in front of him. She is wearing a blue big shirt and and a deep blue jean. No wonder Bianca calls her a blue freak.

He slowly lean down to her face and captured her lips into his.

Diana felt her heart was about to burst when his lips met hers. She felt him sucked in her lower lips and nibble it gentle with his teeth. This is just so new to her and she likes it. Her eyes stayed opened with shock not knowing what to do.

Jason stopped seeing she was not responding and look at her flushed face.

“What’s wrong?” he asked lightly.

“I.. I haven’t.. kissed.. b.. before” she said blinking cutely. Jason was more than surprise.

‘will he still like an inexperienced girl like me’ Diana thought seeing his shocked face.

“I’ll teach you someday” he said and she nodded slowly.

The next thing he said made her heart beat faster again.

“Go out with me Diana”


To be continued…😶

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