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The devil episode 11


the devil
episode 11

” I don’t know” I wiped sweat away from my brows. Although we were on the beach and the evening was cool i was sweating like a goat about to be slaughtered.

” How could you not know bro!” King shouted at me.” You didn’t follow my instructions? ”

I looked away. The pompous ass, i bet he was gloating within himself. How could i have told him that i didn’t know how to use something as simple as a condom. After that akward first day, Ama and i made love several times with no artificial barrier between us. I thought i was very careful not to spill my seed in her but life has a way of pulling a fast one on you. Lion and Tiger oblivious to my predicament were playing on the beach sand.

” I don’t know how it happened king!”

” Well let me tell you exactly how it happened, lover boy got excited and decided ‘ What the heck?’ ” he said throwing an imaginary thing away. ” and he forgot to take the champagne bottle out of the fridge before popping it.”

I moved back and landed a punch square on his jaw. He staggered back and slammed his upper body into me knocking me to the ground. We rolled on the sand slugging each other. Lion and Tiger tried to separate us but they couldn’t .Some guys pushed us apart asking what the problem was. They left muttering under their breath when we all remained mute.

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” Is figthing the best way to settle differences?” Tiger asked.

” What happened to us being brothers forever? ” Lion asked.

I walked away not looking back. It wasn’t anybody’s fault that i failed to protect my woman but does he have to rub it in? I was too proud to ask king to show me how to ‘ wear’ a tiny condom. Instinctively, i always pulled out when i felt my release coming but some days i lose my head and pop it in. D–n! What a fine fix i have gotten us into. We having been making love for almost four weeks now begining from December,the previous year. I am sixteen years old now and i have just gotten my fifteen year old girl friend pregnant. What a way to start the new year.

I could hear Ama retching in the bathroom. My heart squeezed tightly, how could i have been so careless! The boys and i had made plans to go to Ghana. After the yuletide season, the beaches became deserted and pickings were no longer good.We heard Ghana is still bubbling and we had hoped to find our pots of gold there. King also mentioned that a powerful native man who is there could make wealth for us. What do i do with a pregnant girlfriend now? i thought selfishly and guilt washed all over me.

” You are back” Ama said coming out of the bathroom.

I forced a smile. ” How are you princess?”

” Not okay ” she sat beside me and laid her head against my cheek.

My Ama. What do i do now? ” what is wrong? ”

” Am scared Kojo.”

I kissed her shoulders softly. “Don’t be Cherie ( Sweetheart). I love you”

I lowered her to the bed and we drowned our worries in an ocean of passion.

Ama and i were seated on the beach sand, the sound of the waves was like a melodious tune to my ears. It has been two weeks since i had the fight with king. I found myself missing them, somehow the trio had found a way to sneak into my heart. Pickings has been so slow that i was getting angry at everything and everyone. Ama was the only bright spot in my life, at night we would cling to each. Our passionate joining somehow made the world seems right for us again.

” Your friends are here”

” I saw them”

They walked up to us and greeted Ama.

” Frere ( bro) i want to see you” King stood wearing shorts and a polo, his eyes were bloodshot. ” In private”

” If you have something to say to me, spit it out now”

He nodded at Ama, indicating that he didn’t want her to hear whatever it was he had to say. I excused my self and followed him towards the waves. We stopped few feets from the water.

” Am sorry bro, i shouldn’t have made fun of you”

” Am sorry too” I forced myself to say.

” Good! We have missed you”
I laughed. ” What’s up”

” Nothing much bro, am getting testy. I want to leave this country ”

” Okay” i said.

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” So have you taken care of the little problem?” He wanted to know.

” Which problem “? I asked stupidly.

” The popped champagne of course”

I glared at him and swallowed my pride ” I dont know what to do”

” Good ” King beamed at me. ” You will get rid of it fast so we can all hightail it out of this country.”

” Get rid of what? did you just tell me to kill my own baby?” I wanted to punch him again but I held myself back.

” Baby?” That thing is not a baby yet! its just blood clot”

” Am not killing my child” i said vehemently.

” What do you know about being a father? do you want to see your child on the streets like us? do you have the means to care for a child?”

” Am thinking of sending her back home” I hadn’t thought of that, it suddenly popped into my head. .
King laughed ” What will your precious baby and the mother feed on when you send them back?” He brought out a little envelop and threw it at my feet. ” I knew i would hear you spurt out these nonsense when i get here ”

I retrieved the envelop from the ground ” What is this?”

” Tablets! Give her one of each, today, when your so called baby drops out, give her two of the big yellow one.” He whistled and his pet dogs, lion and Tiger came running.

I watched them go holding the envelop. I mentally willed my legs to move but they stood rooted to the spot. Should i go ahead with it or throw the envelop into the water?

I tossed and turned on the bed. It was sopping w€t. i remembered what some parents do to their children who still bedw€t. Some over zealous parents catch frogs and tie it to the child’ s thigh while he slept. There’s no way you can sleep peacefully with a croaking squirming creature tied to your thigh or even bedw€t again. I smiled in my sleep, absentmindedly, my hand touched the w€t spot on the bed. I brought the hand to my nose to sniff it. What is this smell? My eyes flew open in alarm. I switched on the bulb. The bed was soaked with blood. God what have I done? Ama!

“Where is she?” My eyes followed the trail of blood leading to the bathroom. Ama, my Ama was in a pool of blood groaning on the floor. I carried her into the baththub, i washed the blood coated on her thighs. What to do now? i was confused. Hospital! Yes hospital. I carried her back to the room and laid her on the bed. I hurried out of the room, locking the door behind me and pocketing the key.

I ran to where the boys were likely to be. I saw them playing on the beach, on seeing me from afar they ran towards me.

” Ama, Ama is bleeding ” i need some money to take her to the hospital”

” Relax bro, she is supposed to bleed. That is how the medicine works” King said.

” Why didn’t you tell me! Oh God! she is losing too much blood” i shouted.

Ama had insisted on using the drugs when i showed them to her. She understood that a baby would only complicate things for us. I followed King’ s instructions, giving her one of each of the five tablets except the big yellow one.

” Come let’s go see her. Lion and Tiger go and buy hot gin mixed with ginger. ” He handed Tiger some bills ” Buy hot pap and chicken pepper soup too”

The boys raced away to do his bidding.

” Come Kojo”

I opened the door and we entered the room. Ama was unconscious on the bed, her life blood slowly draining out of her. I rushed to the bed side gathering her into my arms. King checked her pulse looking at me in alarm.

” What is it?” i cried.

” We have to leave here now! Oh God”

” Why? Why? ” i sobbed. ” We have to take her to the hospital”

” Did you follow my instructions this time around? ”

” Yes! Yes i did! Am taking her to the hospital now”

” Too late bro, she is dead”

” Shut up! Shut up your filthy mouth! ” I placed my ear against Ama’ s chest, her heartbeat was faint. ” She’s not dead!”

” Kojo, Kojo listen to me! if you take her to the hospital you will surely be arrested! the doctors will find out what we did and alert the police”

” God! God! I can’t leave her here like this! how about we take her to the hospital and leave her at the gate” i continued sobbing. What do i do now? life was much easier when i kept my manhood in my pant. I brought out the bastard ( manhood) for few minutes of pleasure, now see where it has landed me. My poor Ama. My beautiful Ama.

” How do we carry her out of this room without the receptionist seeing us and alerting the police?. Bro she’s dead anyway, no point in us going to jail. Ama won’t want us to go to jail too. I say we run now and leave the country tonight “.

I held Ama and sobbed. I cursed my father for spilling his seed in my mother ‘ s womb and bringing me into this world. I blamed Mensah for entrusting his sister in to my care. I blamed myself for my foolishness and pride. I cursed God for being wicked. Why me? Why Ama? Oh Ama!

” Let’s go” King pulled on my hand. ” Let’s go bro”

I cut some strands of Ama‘s hair and tucked it into my pocket. We left the door ajar so the hotel cleaners could discover her body on time.


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