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The devil episode 12


the devil
episode 12

King arranged for some guys to smuggle us into Ghana that very night. We took a cab to a beach at Afloa ( Town in Ghana) where we spent the night under the sky. I buried my face in the cool beach sand crying. In the middle of the night, i jumped into the sea water trying to drown myself. King and some guys pulled me out and dumped me on the sand. The next day, King arranged for some new classy wears for us. We told Lion and Tiger to wait for us and off we went in search of the powerful man in Agate( A village in Ghana). The old man took one long look at me and said i had been called to a greater path, this wasn’t my way. I pleaded with him to help me but he said he is not ready to battle with the Lord. Whatever that means, King was asked to come back alone.

All that happened 20 years ago. After King became rich he cut us off, i and the younger boys continued with our picking. We rented a small room where we retired to every night. Looking back now, i am not happy about how my life has turned out. I haven’t set my eyes on Pam for twenty years now, President Amuzu is still destroying innocent lives. Ama, my Ama has been gone for twenty years now but my love for her is still fresh in my heart like it was years ago. I couldn’t go back to Togo, what do i tell them happened to Ama? how do i defeat President Amuzu? What will i tell Mensah if i ever see him again?

” Hey you there”

He was a handsome man in his fifties, his blond hair was sleeked to the back. He had on shorts and a loose beach shirt. He was five foot five or thereabout, the only thing that interested me about him was the briefcase in his hands. This year i turn 35, all my life i had been looking for the devil, unknown to me i just met him.

” Hello, need help?” i called casually walking up to him.

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” Yea buddy”.

American or British i was mentally trying to guess.

” American ” he said.

I was surprised but acted cool. ” So how can i help you?”

” Am new in this country so i need a tour guide” he smiled.

This one is so dumb and easy. I eyed the brief case he held. ” Sure i could be of help but it will cost you”

” No problem buddy. Am Allen” He held out his hand.

” Kojo” i shook his palm and felt a jolt of electrical bolt run through my body. ” Where first?”

” I want to have a taste of the big a$$ ebony beauties first! Lead the way bro!”

I wondered how long it will take me to relieve him of the brief case. ” Need help with that?”

” No buddy, am cool, just lead the way” he laughed.

I took him to a popular night club where big a$$ girls dance Unclad. I whistled for some girls, they cat walked to where we stood in the smoke filled club house. I whispered something into their ears, the three girls led us to a private room.

” Am summer” the tallest of them said to Allen ” I was told you would like a private dance”

She pushed Allen into the sofa in the room.

” Come on big guy” The other girl said to me.

” No am fine, thanks”

” Come on buddy, let’s have fun” Allen said his voice filled with lust.
(+18 contents were skipped here )


After our little party with the girls we went to the bar, I made sure Allen got roaring drunk as i ordered for bottles after bottles of strong alcoholic drinks but Allen was still standing on his feet. Who is this white man? I almost shouted out in frustration. I decided to call it a night, Allen followed me out of the bar. I took him to a very expensive hotel where he checked in. I promised to call on him the next day. On getting home i made plans with Lion and Tiger on how to relieve the white man of his briefcase.


***** Chantelle *****

I looked at myself in the mirror, my Jane Norman black dress clung tightly to my body, my d cup size b00bs were desperately trying to escape from the transparent sheer black dress. My six inches pencil heels shoes accentuated my height. I turned back and stared at the reflection of my a$$ in the mirror. My thong was visible in the black dress. I loved the way i looked. My beauty is the only asset i have and i know how to use it. My blackberry phone rang on my dresser. I glanced at the screen and sighed in anger, i snatched up the phone.

” Hello Mama!”

I listened to her silently seething in anger, she asked how studies were going. Studies bah! I hate school, i loathed studying but i have to attend classes so the b*tch could give me some rest of mind. What does she expect from me? I grew up in a wh0re house, i grew up seeing my mother’ s legs wide in the air while some man ram their dirty d* ck into her. She always said she was doing it for me, to give me a better life! now am also doing it to give myself a better life and here she is complaining.

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” Someone said they saw you in Nigeria, is it true Chantelle”

Oh it was so true. I and some couple of girls from my department had gone to meet a very important man in Abuja, Nigeria. He was a governor or so. We took turns satisfying his dirty fetish and fantasies. I felt myself w€t, as i remembered the dirty things he did to us.

” Oops am late for night class Mama, bye” .i disconnected the call.

I picked up my expensive chanel bag. This is an important night for me, the president had visited my school last week. Of all the girls he choose me Chantelle……..well you see i dont have a last name. In primary school i was teased and taunted about it, i cried pestering my mom about it, how could she not know my father’ s surname? we both decided on John. My father had died in a car accident before my birth, my mother found herself destitute when his family sent her away. A kind woman found her on the streets, she took my pregnant mother to work in her brothel and the rest is history.

It has been a whole week of one disappointment after the other. I made plans with my boys to attack Allen on several occasions but at the last minute the bastard would suggest we go to another place other than the one We had decided on. Sometimes he would suggest we relax in a cool spot. I was already fed up, what is so important about the briefcase anyway? Allen never goes anywhere without it. Today marks the end of a week.

” Meet me on the beach at 12.am midnight ” Allen sipped his beer and belched loudly.

Disgusting man. ” Why?”

” just meet me here at 12am tonight.”

” Okay. Here at the beach?”

” Yes buddy.” He winked at me and continued sipping from his beer mug.

Maybe he wants to give me something i thought. Lion and Tiger had left for Gabon sometime that week. They heard pickings were good there. I would have gone with them if not for this crazy white man. I was certain the briefcase contained dollars and i was willing to do anything to lay my hands on them. I will miss my boys, they have been there for me through thick and thin.

” Why are you sad?” Allen broke into my train of thoughts.

” Nothing man, nothing.”

I left my little room some minutes to 12 midnight, the roads were almost deserted save for one or two night crawlers and the women who worked the night. I arrived at the beach few minutes to 12 am. The beach was so silent, the waves were unusually tuburlent. I saw Allen from afar, still clutching his d–n briefcase.

” I thought you had stood me up” he said looking at his Rolex wrist watch.

” What’s going on?. Why this nocturnal meeting”

” I thought you wanted to meet the Devil” he laughed.

I suddenly felt goosebumps on my body, the hair on my back stood up. I wondered how he knew about that ” Yea what about it?”

” You are looking at him” he said. ” You see there are seven of us, some operate in the wind, some under the sea, some on earth, some operate from the underworld, some work with witches and wizards as their messengers, some work with the rulers of the sea and some just go about destroying lives and recruiting people into our kingdom” He no longer sound like Allen, this voice is sweet and alluring like the voice of a wh0re beckoning to her customers.

” What….what do you want from me” i shivered as the air suddenly became chilled.

” To each of us belong the seven keys of the world. The keys to wealth , come along now ” he walked towards the sea.

I followed him. We walked into the cool sea water, we walked further into the sea. The water got to our knee and before i realized it, we were both walking on the sea water. We walked into a town. It was day time in this unknown Town,i saw some men chained from the waist to their ankles, the men were sweating and working hard digging a big hole.we walked further into the street. There were boats, and yatchs of every sizes along the streets. I saw some beautiful girls walking on the streets unclad. Some men were walking hard constructing the roads, some where either repairing or doing some streneuos job. Nobody was idle. We got to a big ware house filled with various goods. We both entered the open warehouse. Able bodied men were moving goods in and out of the ware house.

” Listen up everybody” Allen shouted in a commanding tone.

The men all stopped working and gathered around. These men were like zombies, they all looked normal but their behavior was so docile like they had been wired to take commands and not issue any question.

” From today, this man here, is our new manager, he will come as often as he could for goods. Make sure his goods are always ready for him. Now everybody back to work!”

We moved around the ware house, i saw canned foods, noodles, weaves and a whole lot of things.

” Who are these men?”

” They are our workers.we will leave tonight with your first goods.”

We walked out of the warehouse down the streets. My mind was reeling with questions but i was excited. We found ourselves walking on the waters again. When we got to the sea shore i couldn’t believe what i was seeing. I almost leapt up with joy. There were goods after goods by the sea shore. Just this first sale would make me a millionaire. It seems as if two containers of goods had been offloaded. Yes! Yes! i have finally hit the jackpot thanks to the Devil.

Question : Would you have gone ahead with the white man if you were the one? Opinions pls.


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