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The devil episode 13


the devil
episode 13

*** Chantelle ***

I walked down the stairs in my hot pant and bra. I was chatting with my best friend, i was so engrossed in our chat i didn’t hear the voices before i walked down the stairs. I looked up and saw a young woman glaring at me, she was a petite young woman in her late twenties. She was heavily pregnant, she carried a beautiful two year old girl in her arms. Something about the little girl troubled me. She looked so much like me when i was that age. I guess all little girls look alike in their cute pink gowns and pigtails braid. Maybe this angry woman is one of the president’ s concubines.

” Who is this child father?” A young handsome man i hadn’t taken noticed of asked. Who is this buffoon calling me a child.

” Go back to your room” said President Amuzu.

I walked back the stairs wiggling my killer a$$. I looked back and saw the woman purse her lips in anger. I went back into the spacious and luxurious room that had been assigned to me. I have been in the president resort for a week now, a week full of dirty and vile s£xual acts. The old man is naughty and dirty. I was told by my not so subtle envious friends that a week is the longest time President Amuzu has kept a girl. I heard the door creak and in comes the devil himself.

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” Chantelle please next you plan on coming down the stairs inform me first”.

” Oh daddy!” I pouted. ” Am real sorry about that.” I unbuttoned my hot pant letting it drop on the ground. He suddenly looked like a dog waiting to be handed a bone by his master. ” Come play with me daddy” i crooned.

Rumour has it that the president sleeps with one of his numerous daughters. Maybe she was the one staring daggers at me. I know how to make a man eat from my hands, i know how to reduce a grown man into a panting dog. I know moves that will make Eve proud of me. She is my role model, imagine her tricking Adam like that. Just like Eve, i can make you lose your garden of Eden. Am only 20 years old but i learned from the best.

” Get down on your knees you dirty old man ” i commanded. The president drops on his knees in front of me. Imagine the President of a nation kneeling before a wh0re’ s daughter.

” Worship my feet”

” Yes mistress”

I left the President’ s resort on monday morning, with more money than i could spend in a year. My friends were all envious of me but who gives a rats ass about them? I have missed a whole week of school so i went to pay a visit to the head of my department.

” Who’s there?”

” Chantelle sir” I entered his office, shutting the door.

” Young lady where have you been?”

” Have been to London to see the queen ” I said in my sultry voice. My head of department likes it hot and fast. I shimmied out of my gown standing unclad before him like my role model Eve was before the snake came into the picture.

” No…..no, not here girl” he panted.

I moved closer to him rubbing my beautiful tips together, he stood up hurriedly fumbling with his belt buckle. Yet another fish hooked.

” Crawl to me” I whispered into his ears, nibbling on them.

” Awwww, Chan baby please”

He bent me over his desk, grabbing a condom from his drawers. He sheathed his sword in it and rammed it into me. I closed my eyes envisioning myself some where else,i saw myself running in the sunlight on a beach, why do i keep doing this to my body? i lack for nothing but you see once the Devil has gotten hold of your soul even a plier can’t loosen his grips on you. I felt him go limp in me. I wore my gown after spraying my ever so expensive perfume generously all over my body.

” Fix any problems i have with my results” with that i walked out of his office while he sat dazed, the aftermath of his release no doubt. Although i schooled in Lome, am always in Ghana. Ghana and Nigeria are my favorite country, i decided to head to Ghana to find out what has been happening the whole week i was holed up at the president’ s resort. A black Prado jeep with tinted glasses parked beside me. I Am not a cheap s–t or a wh0re, i don’t accept lifts. I am a professional pleasure giver.

The door opened and out stepped the beautiful woman from the President ‘ s resort. Isn’t this just my luck!

” Hello young woman”

Her voice was so soft and femine like she was whispering.

” Hi”

” Can i have few seconds of your time?”

” No you won’nt ” I said saucily. ” first i don’t know you, secondly am in a haste”.

” I see. If you want it rough, then so be it!.Stay away from the President! You are nothing but a child! how could you do that to yourself!”

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I laughed. So the b*tch is jealous. ” Who are you?”

She looked surprised. ” Am his daughter_ in law, i don’t want to see you lose your life just like thousands of silly girls before you did! ” she marched back into her jeep as if her mission had been accomplished. I was sure she was shagging the president too if not why the rants. ” Stay away from the president” spoken like a jealous woman.

*** Kojo ***

* Continues*

Money truly makes the world go round, within six months i had purchased a big mansion in Ghana, my goods and brands were in every store. I am now moving in high societies, Mother’s sing their daughters praises whenever am in a place, i know their game too well. I have been arranging my boys underground, young and hungry boys who would help me bring the president down. I invested in so many business, loaned out huge amounts of money to many ministers and people who matters in the society. Within six months i had become a household name. Now i can go in search of my family, i only hope I will meet them in good health. Lion and Tiger are back in my lair. Those two are just too loyal.

I have gone to the Town under the sea six times so far, Allen had gone back to America but we kept in touch. I knew the secret password to the Town so i could go anytime i wanted. I still don’t know what was in the brief case but i no longer care. It was a bright sunny day, too bright a day to be watching Spartacus on my laptop. I decided to go grocery shopping, although i now have maids at my beck and call i love doing some things myself like driving and shopping. I showered and pulled on my designers slacks and shirt. Allen had given me his Rolex watch as a gift before his departure.

I droved into the mall parking space blasting Kakie’ s song at top volume. I parked my baby as i like to call my sleek red Ferrari car, i felt all eyes on me as I got down. Will i ever get tired of the constant attention? I just so love it. I walked into the mall with ladies calling hi’s to me but I ignored them. I don’t like ladies, none of them could ever hold a candle to Ama. I don’t even do ladies anymore, i like them luscious and hot and ready to get down with no strings attached. I took a shopping cart at the entrance of shoprite and began my shopping. I picked up a shaving kit in a navy blue pack. I saw a big assed lady backing me perusing through the row of toiletries. I stared at the shaving kit in my hand and felt foolish. I couldn’t read what was written on it. D–n! It was in English.

” Hello Ma’am, I forgot my reading glasses at home please could you help me read this?” I called to the lady backing me. She turned around and I frozed in shock.

” Pam!”

She walked up to me smiling. She took the pack from my frozen fingers.

” Sure. Its a PACs shaving kit for men. Made in Italy”

” Pam”

” Pardon? am Chantelle ” She extend her manicured beautiful hand towards me.

” Kojo” I shook her soft feminine hands. She looked like a beautiful doll with her big bosoms, flat tummy and tiny waist.How could such a tiny waist support that massive a$$. She reminded me so much of Pam. Her big brown eyes, her love shaped lips. I tried to imagine what a grown up Pam would look like. I was sure she would look exactly like this angel in front of me. She made to leave and i quickly thought of what to say.

” Chantelle i got carried away watching Spartacus so i missed breakfast. Am sort of famished now, mind having an early lunch with me?”

She laughed. Pam. This must be Pam i thought.

” That’s quiet a line mister, i love Spartacus too but have not seen the new season. I will agree to lunch if you promise to tell me how the season 2 is.”

” Alright Ma’ am. ”

We strolled to the cashier and i covered her bills. I carried both our shopping bags while she protested but i wasn’t about to let a lady carry a heavy bag while i was present. We went to a chic Chinese restaurant in the mall. We placed our order, nursing cold flutes of white wine while waiting.

” So you are a kind of guy who eats Chinese for lunch?” She asked.

I couldn’t help laughing. ” Yea, what do you eat for lunch?”

She smiled revealing a set of perfect white teeth ” I eat whatever i could lay my hands on”

” Interesting. Tell me something weird about Chantelle…..” I trailed of.

” John. Chantelle John. Hmmn something weird you say, i love to dip cookies in my tea. How about you?”

We both laughed. It has been long that i have had a reason to laugh.
” I love to visit the beach at night”
She laughed and sipped her wine. ” So tell me what do you want from me?”

I like that. This babe does not play silly women games. ” Friendship”
She momentarily looked shocked but covered it up with a false cough.

” Hmmn, have never had a male friend before”

” Glad to be the first”.

Our lunch was placed in front of us, i watched her dig into the meal ravenously. Any other lady would have seem like a glutton but she looked so delectable eating with gusto and licking her lips. My heart fluttered and i felt butter flies in my tummy. Am a grown man for God’ s sake! This girl is doing something to my heart. I felt like enveloping her into my arms and never letting go.I felt drops of water on my face.

” You are staring” She said.

Jeez she had sprinkled water on me. ” Does it bother you? ”

” No it doesn’t, your meal is getting cold. What do you do friend?”

” Am an exporter.” I resumed eating my grilled lobster and stir fried noodles. ” How about you Channie?”.

She laughed. ” Channie? that’s a first, I am a 300 level economic student at uni Lome”

I Frowned. ” Why are you not in school? ditching classes? that’s not good” i reprimanded her softly.
She looked down at her food.” You sound so much like my mother ”

” Promise me you will go back to school today. I can give you a lift to the border”.

She looked up sharply. ” Why do u care!”

” Because you are now my friends and friends look out for each other.”

We finished our lunch and i drove her back to her lodge where she picked up her belongings. Instead of dropping her at the border separating Ghana from Togo, i drove her to her school. She rejected the money i offered her. She gave me a light peck on the cheek before alighting. I watched her slip into her school gate before i drove back to Ghana.

*** Chantelle ***

For the first time since i entered uni i attended classes and read my notes. Who is this Kojo? he makes me want to curb all my bad habits, he calls me every single day. I haven’t attended a single party since he dropped me off at school last week. I couldn’t help falling for him, he is loving and caring. I love his deep masculine voice, his packs, oh his lips…

” Chantelle! Where is your head at girl? ”

I looked up and sighed. I decided to go home too at the end of the week, something i hadn’t done for a whole year. My mother stood in front of my room arms akimbo.She is a beautiful woman but she made the wrong choices in life and somehow i hold it against her for how i grew up. She has since quit ‘ working’ but somehow i just can’t seem to forgive her.

” What is it Mama?”

” Dinner is served” Mama said looking at me.

My Blackberry rang and i jumped on my bed snatching up the phone.

” Hey” i said into the mouth piece. I waved mama away with my hand, Mama left without a word.

“We are on break now, mind hosting me?”


***** Kojo *****

Chantelle is coming to visit. I have never brought any girl home, i was a bit nervous about her coming. I had my housekeeper stock up my fridge, i ordered for cognacs and white wines. I felt like a boy again. I was so excited, i picked her up at Afloa motor pack and i drove down to my house in Tema. She wore a long flowing gown that clung to her hour glass figure. She had on a long brunette brazilliain weave and her lips were rosy red.I still haven’t sorted out my feelings for her, yes she reminds me of Pam but this is not Pam. This is Chantelle John.

” You are unusually quiet”

” Sorry had a lot on my mind” i said as i navigate my way through the roads.

” Want to talk about it?” She asked in a little voice.

I sighed. ” You remind me of my sister, her name is Pam. I miss her”

” Okay. Why don’t you call her or go see her?”

” Its a long story”.

We continued the rest of the three hours journey in silence until Chantelle turned on the car radio and began twisting in her seat.


I was in the bed room while she showered. She came out of the bathroom looking like she just stepped off the cover of a play boy magazine. She dropped her towel and stood in her glorious skin before me. Something weird happened then. My d* ck remained in it flaccid state in my trouser. I picked the towel and handed it back to her while she stared at me like i was an alien from outer space. I don’t understand it too. I left the room quietly shutting the door behind me. What the hell just happened? I placed my hand on my crrottch, have i gone impotent?


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