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The devil episode 14


the devil
episode 14

*** Revenge is better served cold ***

I dropped Chantelle off at the border the next day. She sulked althrough the short drive, i pleaded with her to give me time. I don’t understand it myself, how could my d*ck betray me in that shameful manner. She rejected the money i gave her. It was a terrible idea inviting her to come.

As for the president. I had converted all his loyal men to myself, they all owe me one way or the other. The last person i need to help me to kick of my plan is the ‘ Don’. He is also a sworn enemy of the president. He has the weapons and the layouts of the president’ s villa. I dressed in black slacks, black shirt , i will also be riding my black jaguar tonight. Tonight my boys and i are meeting with the Don in an underground club.

My convoy and i drove out at 10.30 pm. The N*ked is an underground club owned by the Don for his many shady deals. Rumour had it the Don was planning a coup well that’s just grand because my enemy’ s enemy is my friend. I wore my bullet proof vest under my shirt because i knew i was going into a lion’ s Liar. Lion and Tiger led the way into the smoky dark underground club house. Some unclad ladies danced towards us immediately we entered, Lion raised a hand up and they danced back. We entered a VIP section and ordered for a crate of Ciroc.

” Where is he?” I whispered.

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” Chill boss” Lion whispered back to me.

A Latina lady walked to us in a miniskirt and bra. She had long black hair, her b00bs were so luscious and i felt my d*ck rear up its ugly head. D–n! So what happened with Chantelle?.

” Hi gentlemen am Alicia” She said in a heavy Mexican accent. ” Don will see you now”

We followed her into a well furnished office. Don sat backing us in a big swiveling chair puffing on a big roll of Tobacco.

” Don Your guests are here” Alicia winked at me before breazing out of the room. Don whirled his seat around and our eyes met in astonishment.

” Mensah”!

He got up and enveloped me in a big bear hug.

” Kojo ! Good to see you man! Long time”

Lion and Tiger Went out of the room. We gisted about life. Don or Mensah was evasive about how he came to possess so much power and wealth. It was cool with me because i wasn’t about to reveal my source of wealth too.

” What of Ama, my sister?”

I looked down at my fingers. How do i tell him i got her pregnant and left her for dead in a pool of her own blood.

” Talk to me man! did….did something happen to her?”

” She died bro. She died of fever. ”

I sneaked a look at Mensah, his were suddenly bloodshot. He let out a heart piercing yowl and bowed his heads into his hands in pain. My heart pounded. This Mensah (Don) is ruthless. If he ever finds out the truth i will be a goner.

Don and i made plans to hit the President when he least expected it. First we started with his farmlands, our boys sprayed chemicals on the entire farmland, he lost two fifty thousand heads of cattles, some of his workers lost their lives too. Instead of feeling a surge of joy when i watched it on the news, i felt depressed as i saw innocent dead women and children who were living in the vicinity. Don also had his boys burn down the President’ s resort to the ground. His daughter_in law lost her seven months old pregnancy while trying to escape from the inferno. The president’ s favorite legal son also had severe burns on his chest. He was in the intensive unit. So why don’t i feel complete? the president had somehow escaped unscathed.

That night i went to the Town under the sea and i felt my heart stir in pity at the men working under the scorching sun, i saw a very tall dark man whiping them mercilessly. What had these men done to suffer like this? I Went to the warehouse and placed an order for my goods. I transferred some money into Chantelle’ s account when i got back home. She deserved it. Even though she no longer picks my call.

On a Friday evening, i went to see Don at his club, he was having a fu*ckfest in his private domain. I went back to the VIP section where i shagged two blonde girls till i felt certain my Fluid had dried up in my balls. Don sent for me when he was done. The room smelled of s£x and booze but he was alone. I made myself comfortable in the seat opposite him.

” Kojo! Are you seeing our hand work? ”

I felt a bile rose in my throat. ” Yes bro, i saw the Havocs we wrecked on him”

” Listen to me well bro, before you bring a powerful man down you will have to eliminate all that he holds dear to him.”

I nodded. The president’ s other passion is his herds of cattles and farmlands.

” His favorite legal son is in the intensive unit while his wife is in another ward crying over her miscarriage. ” He laughed evily.

Is this what hatred does to a man? Don has lost all traces of his humanity.

” Should we pay the daughter_ in law a little visit at the hospital?”

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” Let’s focus on the president for now ” i said.


The next day i took a flight to Togo. There werent much changes because the government never lifted a finger to do anything. I took a cab to the cemetary, it was an eye sore. The graves had caved in. I saw a squirrel going into one of them, i picked a stone and chased it away. I cried when i saw Albert’ s grave. It had broken in, it was surrounded by weeds and tall grasses. Rats were having an open day in it. I fell on my knees and weeped. My brother! My eyes caught an epitaph on a grave beside Albert’ s. My God! my God! Afine! she died five years after i left on my quest. If Afine had died Five years after i left then who had looked after Pam?

I called some young boys playing ball on the street adjacent to the cemetary. I gave them some bills to remove all grasses. I walked back to my father’ s compound, Nma’ s hut had collapsed, only my father’ s was standing but it had cracks. I saw a petite old woman grinding pepper on a stone. My heart squeezed. Mami!

She looked up. I didn’t know i had said that loud.

” Bonjour Monsieur ( Good morning mister) She called cheerfully in her usual fast tune.

I laughed and hugged her tightly.
My father came out of his hut with his walking stick. He peered at me squinting his eyes like an albino. ” Mami Serwa! Who is there?”

She hurried to his side and helped him to his seat.

” A young man has come to pay us a visit”

” Hey young man! Where have you come from?”

I laughed. My father! See what age has reduced my father to.

” Kojo! Kojo” he said on hearing my voice.

I knelt down in front of him while he touched my face with his hands crying.

After we had eaten the watery soup which Mami made with Akume ( Tuwo) i asked of Pam.
My father sighed heavily and i knew it was bad news.

” Afine and i had a fight one night. She was heavily pregnant then.”

His hands searched for a cup of water, i handed it to him. He took a big swallow and continued.

” In the middle of the night Afine packed her bags saying she was going back to her father’ s house. She took Pam with her, i had it was one of those silly things women do. I became worried when i didn’t see them for three days.”

I closed my eyes in pain.

” We found Afine’ s body at the outskirt of town, she had miscarried and died due to excess loss of blood.

” What of Pam Npa ( Father)?”
He started crying. ” We never saw her again ”

Mami asked me quietly ” What of Ama? i heard you left with my Ama. How is she?”

” She is fine Mami” I lied.

I gave them some money and went in search of a hotel to spend the night. Now that i am wealthy why don’t i feel complete? What is the essence of wealth if there are no love ones to spend it on. What happened to my Pam?


I was jolted awake by Mama ‘ s screams. Is she having one of her nightly nightmares again?. I felt heavy footsteps coming closer to my door. An intruder! My mind screamed. My Mama has soft femine footsteps, no this is definitely an intruder. I jumped out of my bed in fright, where is my phone? Oh my God! i had removed my Move Sim and flung the phone yesterday in anger after waiting for Kojo’ s calls that never comes in again and i didn’t want to answer the President’ s calls anymore. Kojo had changed something in me, i want to own my life, i no longer want any stinking old man with two pennies ramming his d*ck into me. Did the president send assassins after me? Oh my God!

” I don’t want to see you lose your life”

Oh my God! that lady from the resort warned me! my door was viciously kicked open. Some muscled men wearing mask marched into my room. One of them held Mama by her hair. They slapped her across the face and flung her against the wall. She lay still blood oozing out of her nose. I made to reach for her but one of the men held me by my nightie rendering the flimsy material in two. Oh my poor mother. One of the men slung me across his shoulder and out they marched with me like i was a sack of potatoes. God please let my Mama be alright. i clawed at his back and he dropped me on the floor, i hit my head against the hard pavement and i yelped in pain. They blindfolded me and pushed me into the booth of their car.


*** Kojo ***

I gave my father enough money to build a good house and have a new tombstone for my late love ones. I took a night flight back to Ghana. I met Don’ s boys waiting for me in front of my gate, Lion and Tiger had gone to Ivory cost to seal some deals. I entered their car and off we went to the N*ked club. I walked into Don’ s lair and immediately became uneasy.

” Kojo! My man!. Where have you been?”

” Mensah…..”

” Its Don now!” He spat out

I pulled out a chair. ” Apologies man, You sent for me”

He stood up and began pacing puffing on his tobacco.

” I have worked hard to be where i am now, i have also come too far to give up now.”

I wondered where he was going with this.

” I feel you are too soft Kojo”

I stood up. ” What are you saying man. Am with you on this”

” Am glad to hear that but you have to prove yourself to me.”

His boys dragged in a girl with a black hood over her head. Her hands were tied to the back, her mouth was covered with a tape. She groaned in pain as she was made to kneel in front of us. Don laughed and clapped congratulating his boys for a job well done.

” This biatch here has been f*ucking our sworn enemy!” He gave the girl a fierce kick and she fell on the floor groaning.

” Don……” I began.
He raised up a hand and i became silent.

” Right from the beginning of mankind women has been the downfall of men. Even Samson had fallen a victim for a mere woman! Delilah!”

He carried the girl to his desk and tore her panties exposing her bald puffy puvssy. He yanked her legs apart.

” Don”

” You see this right here can bring any man to his doom!” He said pointing to her exposed womanhood. This biatch will be our tool to bring down the president! ”

he yanked away the black hood and i stared into Chantelle ‘ s big brown eye now red and puffy from crying.

” Awww D–n! Don no!”
He whirled around and stared at me viciously.

” What do you mean by no?”

” Don i know this girl….. She’s….”

” Good! that makes it easier for us”

” No Don! not this one!”

” I see. You are just like your brother! whimpering over a little pvussy”

He made to slap Chantelle and i held him back.

” You are just like Albert! i should have killed him in a more painful way”

My jaws dropped. ” What do you mean”

He laughed. ” You think it was Seyram that recruited him? i did! He ( Albert) made me tell him our secrets and at the last minute he wanted to pull out!”

The ground swam across my face.

” He started worrying about his ugly poor mother, his drunk father, his weakling of a brother! So what did i do? i invited Kofa out one day knowing what a sick pervert he was! i made him realize how much fun it was peeping at a hot milf because i know what it would mean for your poor mother!” He laughed.” But that fool Kofa was a chicken, he was still deliberating if he should d–n the consequences and satisfy his fetish or not and i knew i had to act fast. Albert never made it to the March! he chickened out and ran to the Catholique mission church. Luckily for me, i had my gun with me, just a bullet or two from behind brought him down”

I lurched for him but his boys held me back.

He went on. ” You think i don’t know what you did to my sister?! do you think i was so foolish to believe she died of fever? you murdered my sister! ”

He signalled to his boys and they blindfolded me while i struggled with them.i could hear Chantelle whimpering and groaning in pain as they dragged me out. They pushed me into the booth and drove off with me. They dragged me on the beach sand and pummeled the living day light out of me. Their blows and punches landed on my ribs and face. I heard a single shot rang out and i prepared myself for the pain. I closed my eyes drifting into darkness, waiting patiently for death.

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