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The devil episode 8


the devil
episode 8

Now more than ever i want to be rich, this time around nothing and no one will stop me. I want to beat the sick man ( President Komla Amuzu) at his sick game. I want to bring him down on his knees in pain and shame, most of all i want to see him die a horrible and shameful death. I want him to pay for what he did to Albert, Bella, Lyon’ s family, My triplet cousins and for the thousands of lives he has destroyed. But am ready to wait, am ready to run today if his armies attack for he who runs today lives to fight another day. President Amuzu’ s name is forever stamped in the vile, dark part of my mind.

After the funeral, i found time to visit Ama. Mensah has been sneaking to see her, even though the soldiers has been called off, they were still on the lookout for the wanted men. She handed a letter to me as she followed it with a tight hug.

” What is this Ama”?

” My brother asked me to give it to you. By the way where have you been?”

Apparently she had no idea of what had happened. I opened the letter and scanned through it.

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” leaving town tonight with Lyon and some Yoto boys.

Am entrusting my sister into your care. Please keep her safe.”

I folded the letter and put it in my pocket ” Am famished, what should i get for us”?

” What does the letter say? he was acting real weird when he came to see me. Is everything alright?” She asked.

No,nothing was right, i doubt if they will ever be right again but i said ” Yes Ama, everything is alright. Now what do i get for us to eat?”

” You can get us anything but make sure you buy turkey ass too”

” OK madam, copy that! ” i gave a mock salute and walked out of the room.

She was discharged the next morning, as we were packing her belongings in the hospital room she suddenly faced me, staring into my eyes. ” Kojo, you know you can tell me anything. If anything has happened i will prefer hearing it from you”.

I sat on the bed and she did same. She sat in stony silence while i told her all that has taken place in the last few days. She hugged me tightly when i was done and i wiped the tears from her eyes. We went to the motor pack and boarded a bus to our town. I was surprised to see life go back to the way it was before that tragic day. The world didnt come to an end because my brother died, the sun still rose and set everyday. Little Pam resumed school, Kofa continued with his escapades, Npa ( Father) once again turned to the bottles, what a life! i have learnt a new lesson in life : ‘No matter what happens, life goes on’

Josey was taken to a psychiatric hospital, Nma has gone so quiet i often find myself wondering what was going on in her head. Ama, now living with us refused to go back to school, i started going to the market place once again, now that the ‘ God sent’ are no more, i have to hustle for our daily bread.

I would carry bag after bags of rice until my back and knees begged for mercy.

On Wednesdays i take Ama to the hospital for treatment, the eye is still covered with plaster, i
sit in the waiting room until the doctors are done with her and we would go home in silence. What is there to talk about? Life has gone sour for the both of us. Kofa started his weird behaviors again, i paid him no heed until Ama pointed it out to me one evening.

” Don’t you think it is weird of Kofa saying he wants to use the convenience whenever Nma is in the bathroom?”

The convenience not that it gives any convinces any way is close to the bathroom. Both the bathroom and convenience was built at the back of our rooms with bamboo woods. The convenience was a pit latrine, but Nma kept it so clean you will think its one of those fancy toilets i see in movies while the bathroom was also built with bamboo woods and it had a rusty old zinc for a door.

” What is weird in him using the convenience? ” i asked.

” There’s nothing wrong with him using the convenience!” She snapped at me and that was the end of the convenience discussion but deep down i felt uncomfortable.


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