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The devil’s mate episode 19


The Devil’s Mate

Alpha’s Wyrd Mate

Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦

🔶🔷♦ Book nineteen ♦🔷🔶

¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶

Mystified, stupefied, thunderstruck, flabbergasted, dumbfounded, awestruck… What other words should I use to exaggerate my shock?! I stared at him slack-jawed, unable to comprehend what he had said. Kale asked me to marry him just like that?! How come? Who does that?! We teased each other once and he is thinking of marriage, we haven’t even finished our war yet and he wants me to marry him? Is he okay?

Wow, just wow… Lona said with as much shock as mine.

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This is unbelievable!

‘Kawee, I’m waiting here,’ I snapped out of it, frowning at him. ‘What? Do you want me to go on one knee and propose with a ring? Sorry, I can’t kneel for a woman.’

‘No,’ I snapped my hand away from his. ‘You can’t just ask me to marry you when I haven’t forgiven you or when our war haven’t been settled, that is impossible!’

‘Why is that? I am willing to call it a truce,’

‘No, I want you to surrender completely, stop acting like an asshole, like you are doing now.’ I insisted stubbornly.

‘But I apologised, what else do you want from me?!’

‘You apologised doesn’t mean you have changed, prove that you have before we can think of marriage,’

‘I’m trying to help you here Makawee! By getting married before mother and the other gods watching, our bond would be stronger and you won’t have to feel like you sinned by sleeping with me.’

‘Did I complain?! You are already making me regret my decision!’ I inhaled and frowned deeper. ‘Forget about it, this thing will never work, ever. You better not come close to my room or I’ll kill you!’

‘You will not reject me tonight, even if you do, you will never spit my proposal back to my face,’ he snarled. I scoffed and cocked my hips.

‘Oh yeah, I just did, goodnight Kale.’ I threw my head and walked away, heading back to the field to continue my wonderful night.

‘You will not walk out on me Makawee, don’t make me use my powers on you,’ he threatened. I didn’t listen. ‘Kawee, accept to marry me in five…’

‘fvck off!’ I shouted, glaring at him over my shoulder.

‘Four…’ I looked straight ahead. ‘Three…’ I started humming as my stomach churned for no reason. ‘Two…’ Okay, why am I scared? ‘One…’ He left his words hanging, I was too afraid to turn back to him. He was silent, completely silent. I had to look, curiosity killed me. I turned, be wasn’t there.

‘Where’d he go?’ He mused. I shook my head and slowly turned around, a scream left my mouth when I saw him standing in front of me, only that this time, he wasn’t just Kale. Like the moonlight, his hair had gone white and his eyes such mysterious and welcoming blue colours.

‘Don’t move,’ he spoke softly, like the whisper of the gentlest melody. I froze, I completely froze. Every single muscles in my body stiffened, left me standing paralysed, not even my eyes moved. His eyes was a well of compulsion; hypnotical imprisonment. A white crescent moon dwelled in the middle of his eyes, glowing like a little moon. ‘I really hate to do this Makawee… Oh wait, I love doing it, if it wouldn’t kill me, I would do it all the time to put a stop to your stubbornness. This would affect me but it is for your own good.’

I can’t break free! Lona!

Me neither, concentrate, anything!

‘You are going to follow me to that alter and say your vows, we are getting married Makawee and you will smile and laugh like you want it. Kapish?’

No! He can’t do this to me! He can’t take a one time experience away from me!

‘Please,’ I cried through our link.

‘No, follow me, now.’ I moved, I moved because he told me to. He took my hand and pulled me towards the direction of the field, I was smiling like he said to.

‘Kale please, don’t do this to me,’ I pleaded telepathically.

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‘I’m sorry, I can have you reject me a lot of times but not spit my proposal back at my face, it is an insult not just to an alpha but a god.’

At least he said sorry again.

Not helping!… Wait, he did?


‘Kale, I will let you touch me, kiss me, do whatever you want as long as you don’t force me to marry you, please.’ I pleaded again. He didn’t reply, kept pulling me to the field. He walked into the field and straight to the oldest werewolf, smiling like he was happy that I agreed.

‘Wed us,’

‘Wed?’ He asked shockingly.

‘Yes, we have decided to get married today, right love?’ He looked at me with a sweet smile.

‘Yes, please.’ The knife that stabbed my heart belonged to a giant’s.

‘Very well,’ I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. Kale had all the power, the puppeteer and the puppet. He pulled me to the alter and held my hand tightly.

‘Hey, listen!’ He shouted, gaining everyone’s attention. ‘Please, I’m doing the ritual with my mate, please pay attention or don’t, that’s your own business.’ He turned us back to the old wolf and growled at him.

‘Ahem, the goblet please,’

‘You aren’t to use that goblet for me,’ he dashed out of the field only to return in ten seconds. He came back to us with a strange looking goblet, like it was made of glass and something else. I knew without asking that the goblet wasn’t an ordinary one, it was made of pure magic. ‘Use this one,’ he gave the goblet to him and a white mini chain.

‘Chain sir?’

‘Yes, chain,’ he smirked. My stomach knotted, he was up to something. The – let me call him priest – took the goblet, chain and white knife shaped like a moon, a beautiful knife.

‘Do you have the ri…’ Kale brought out a rectangular box, opened it to reveal two wedding rings, ones I knew weren’t ordinary either. The rings matched the goblet which matched the writings and markings in the knife and chain. They were all connected, Kale was going to tie our souls together so I would never be able to leave him, wherever he went, I would follow. ‘You are prepared, where is your beta?’ Andre stepped out, the priest gave him the box of rings. Everyone was smiling because they thought I was happy, I wasn’t. ‘Luna, who do you want to stand by your side?’

‘Carina,’ she was my first friend, the one who was always there for me since Giselle was mostly away. We were closer, I loved her more, she and her craziness. She made me feel better during my torture period, who comforted me and sometimes did the work for me. I never mentioned it but my eyes would have been gorged out one period by a guard, he was mad and wanted to take it out on me. Carina blocked his attack by jumping in front of me and using her forearms as shield to blow his strike. She lost a lot of blood but she survived, Jeremy made sure she get the best treatment after he locked the wolf up. That was what made me love her most and never wanted Kale to hurt her, Rina was ready to risk her life for me.

‘Who’s Carina?’

‘She left, she was exhausted so Gamma Jeremy took her back to their room,’ Rhoda replied.

‘Who then do you want?’ I didn’t want to choose Giselle, I loved her but I knew she couldn’t stand staying so close to Kale, she would collapse. I looked at her, she pouted, pleading with me not to think about it. I averted my eyes to Rick, my second saviour.

‘Rick, will you help me?’ He blinked in shock, he wasn’t expecting that as he was busy stealing from his father’s pocket. He grinned, knowing he had been caught and he was in serious trouble. ‘Rick?’

‘Can I mom?’

‘Go ahead,’ Riley smiled. He squeaked and ran to me, intentionally ignoring his father’s glare.

‘Here, hold these,’ the goblet and chain were passed to him. He held it with such excitement, he was one of the few children still awake and he was feeling proud to be a big part of my miserable wedding. ‘Now, please hold your mate’s hands, Alpha Kale,’ the priest instructed. Kale gently entwined our fingers, looking into my eyes apologetically… Nay, Kale will never be sorry, he is a heartless thing. ‘Many years ago, the moon goddess, the beautiful Selena created the first werewolf on this day, the alpha of all alphas. He gained his pack by biting the strong humans of old times, strong powerful warriors and turning them to werewolves just like him. Legend has it that his venom which could kill, could as well heal and transform a body strong enough to take it, to a werewolf. Three years, he grew his packs, those changed warriors married one another and bore children after children. In the fourth year of his existence, he cried out to the moon goddess, many wolves couldn’t bare children and those who did later broke out for there were mistakes in choosing one’s soulmate. That was when the moon goddess created the mate bond and gave the alpha his mate on this same day, the first full blooded female alpha, a Luna like none…’ Did he have to say this story again? He said it at Giselle’s and Carina’s, we know already.

‘Please, quit the history that I know way too well and go to the vow part,’ Kale sighed.

‘But repeating the history is a long traditional practice,’ the priest protested.

‘The alphas mated, children and blah blah, we have heard it,’ I said this time.


‘Kirk,’ Kale growled warningly.

‘Very well,’ he adjusted his white scarf. ‘I call upon the moon goddess as the oldest werewolf alive, the oldest wolf of my time. Hear my call dear goddess of our creation, stand witness to the union of your children, two who you have destined to breathe their last loving each other with all of their hearts…’ I rolled my eyes, Kale frowned at that. ‘Two who would bear more pups and rule this pack together as one…’ Enemies for life. ‘Two powerful souls you have tied together at birth or by age, all to your favour. Before you is Alpha Kale Kane of Silver Moon Pack, your most blessed pack with the strongest and smartest alpha as you made him. Alpha Kale stands with the mate you have chosen for him…?’

‘Princess Makawee Istas Tycee of The Blessed Isle.’

‘Princess Makawee Istas Tycee of The Blessed Isle, a lady with powers only the gods can detail, a woman of humility, endurance, forgiveness and compassion. Today they have come to honour your choice by sealing their mating before you and the rest of your kind that is witnessing this. With this sacred and unused knife, their palms they shall cut to mix their blood together…’ Kale took the knife and places it above my left palm. ‘Do you, Alpha Kale agree to cut your mate’s palm to complete the final mating ritual?’

‘I agree,’

‘Rick, put the goblet under their hands,’ Rick did as told. ‘Do you accept the choice of the moon goddess with all your heart?’

‘I accept,’ and he cut my palm. I was raised not to flinch at pain, but the knife was something else. The fire spread from the knife to my entire body. I hissed in pain, squeezing my eyes shut. He squeezed my palm to pump blood out, I could hear it dropping into the goblet. I opened my teary eyes and took the knife.

‘Do you, Princess Makawee, agree to cut your mate’s palm to complete the final mating ritual?’

‘I agree,’

‘Do you accept the choice of the moon goddess with all your heart?’

‘I accept,’ I intentionally shoved the knife into his left palm to hurt him more than he hurt me. He smiled away the pain but I knew he felt it.

‘Very good, please clasp your palms together,’ Kale clasped our palms together, my legs wobbled from the surge of energy and flow of electric current that coursed through me. He tied the chain around our left hands, locking them tightly against one another. ‘Take the rings,’ Andre gave us the rings, we held them with our right hands. ‘Do you, Alpha Kale vow to honour and treat your mate like one? To love and adore her, respect and be with her until your last breath? Do you vow before the goddess that your bond shall never break even in death, sickness and obesity? In hard times and good?’

‘I do, I promise to love you with all of my heart, treat you like a mate and honour the mate bond.’ Do you want to know the most bitter thing? He pronounced each words with so much difficulty, an obvious one that was making him sweat. I knew no one would be surprise, he’s Kale after all. He quickly slipped the ring onto my finger like it was burning him.

‘Do you, Princess Makawee vow to honour and treat your mate like one? To love and adore him, respect and be with him until your last breath? Do you vow before the goddess that your bond shall never break even in death, sickness and obesity? In hard times and good?’

I fought his command enough to give a sassy reply, to show him that his control might work this time, but not again. ‘I will if he keeps to his own vows,’ Kale frowned disapprovingly.

‘I don’t plan on doing otherwise Kawee,’

‘Time will prove that,’ I said sneeringly. ‘But I do. I promise to serve my alpha, adore my mate, pamper the boy in him, love him with his many, many, many, many, goddess so many many…’

‘Yes, we get it, I have to work on my character,’ he snapped while everyone chuckled.

‘Many flaws,’ I completed. ‘I will be a Luna when he wants me to, a mate when it is needed, a mother to the baby in him which I’m sure he buried with his own hands,’ everyone laughed shortly. ‘The mother to his pups, his sister, the best friend that would be there to listen to him lament and whine…’

‘I don’t whine,’

‘Whine and grumble to whatever he wants to. Love him like my brother, best friend, father, mother, stupid arrogant son, alpha and mate…’

‘Stupid? You didn’t have to add that.’

‘And although I still don’t understand our mating or if he would ever be a romantic mate like every female wants… In fact I believe he would only be romantic when the sun and moon switch positions or when an elephant learn to yodel…’ They laughed again, Kale just rolled his eyes. ‘But I will love him if he keeps to his vow. Thank goodness I don’t care about romance since I never wanted a mate… Oh, that obesity part, remove it because I will not be with a fat mate that will compress me at night with his heavyweight. Please, I still love my life.’

‘Do I look like someone who will ever get fat?’

‘Do you look like someone who isn’t capable of change? You will get fat when you carry our children because I want them to call you mommy, not I.’ That was it, I had forgiven him for what he was doing to me. Sometimes I wonder where I got my heart from.

‘Just put the stupid ring on me,’ he said huffily.

‘Beg me,’ he glared at me, his eyes flashing blue and restrengthening the spell he had on me. I wore him the ring instantly, feeling my muscles get imprisoned again.

‘Then with the power bestowed on me as the eldest wolf, before the goddess of the moon, spirits in the sky, spirits on land and water, and even the creatures and all who witness this, I hereby proclaim you both moon bonded mates, you may both drink from the goblet.’

We never got to drink, a white fire erupted from the goblet suddenly, burning up with such power it rose to the sky above us. Rick dropped the goblet with fear, the cup fell but still stood, burning up with our hands between the fire. It felt like nothing, I could feel nothing until the fire burnt down. It all came like a planet on my head and fifteen houses on both shoulders. The weight was too much, I collapsed onto the ground, overwhelmed by power. I felt it, his powers mixed with mine, our souls connecting as mental, spiritual and emotional wires snapped into place. I saw things; his memories, his past lives as a god, saw how he resurrected Killian, how he was rebore. I saw his earthly father, his godly father, his sisters and brothers, saw blurry memories I couldn’t fathom. I felt our hearts merging together and then I understood what he did, he did it for me. Kale knew he couldn’t continue fighting me, fighting his affection because if he kept doing so, his stubbornness would win and he would ruin something beautiful before it ever started. So to avoid breaking my heart, ruining everything after I would give him my love, he merged us together for life. He had no choice than to love me because he loves himself, the more he love himself, the more he loves me. The more I love him, the more he loves me. It was a situation where he would have no choice than to love me.

If I ever hated him, it changed that moment because for once in his life, he sincerely did something to make me happy, something without a selfish interest. I knew he wouldn’t admit it, but I could feel him, he didn’t have to speak now to tell me how he felt. He knew admitting things and using words was hard, so this was a way to communicate without words. It was more than enough for me.

I m0aned in pain, it was finally over, the bonding had been completed. I sighed heavily and opened my eyes, I was quick to register my environment. Kale laid on the bed too, his hand supporting his head as he looked at me with complete adoration and love like he would do himself. The speck of gold and amethyst in his irises had spread, almost shadowing his beautiful amber eyes and the hunter green highlight roaming around in lovely flashes. His strawberry blonde, wine and darker red highlighted scarlet hair was glistering with perfection, sprawled across his face and framing his well sculpted face, glinting like the mix of red colours it was. Once again, he reminded me that I had the most gorgeous mate of them all.

‘Good morning,’ he greeted with a smooth voice, smoother than what I expected from someone who just woke up. ‘I woke up earlier,’ he explained. ‘I was asleep for a day and half, yours is going to three,’ was I that weak? ‘No, you woke up earlier than I expected, you are strong Makawee, I admire that about you.’

‘Thank you,’ I blushed, my mate complicating me felt better than I dreamt it would be. I already drowned my thoughts in imagination of him treating me like Lyle or Jeremy treats my friends.

‘I don’t know if I can be the mate you want me to be, but I will try,’ he leaned closer and kissed my nose, I inhaled sharply. Coming from Kale, it meant everything to me.

‘You hear my thoughts better now?’

‘Yeah, and so can you but you can block me because you are stubborn,’

‘Just like you,’ I smiled. He smiled back, a true Kale smile. My cheeks, heart and stomach was a mess. ‘Thank you, for forcefully bonding us for my sake.’

‘If I die, you follow and you shall come with me to my celestial home, we are mates forever and always, hope you don’t mind?’

‘And if I die first?’

‘You die, I die, you still follow me, my permanent spouse,’ he kissed my nose again, sliding his hand along my waist this time. I felt conscious, I hadn’t brushed my teeth for days and I needed a bath. I nervously coughed and shifted away from him. ‘Is everything okay?’ He asked with concern. ‘If you are not comfortable, I can stop touching you until you are ready.’ It was a good thing be didn’t hear that, that would have been embarrassing.

I can get use to this Kale.

‘No, nothing is wrong, I need to use…’ I coughed nervously again. ‘…the bathroom for a while so…?’

‘Oh, do you need help?’

Am in love!

‘No, I’ll be fine on my own,’ I said while getting out of bed. I ran to the bathroom and frantically brushed my teeth and took a bath. It was amusing the way I was acting because of him. I nervously dragged my towel down and walked out, holding on to it. Kale still remained on the bed, stomach down and eyes closed. ‘Kale,’ I called softly. ‘I’m back.’

‘Uhm, are you hungry?’ My eyes widened, his veins were grey, pale grey and gold. It was then I realised I could barely feel Killian, I couldn’t feel him!

‘Kale, what’s wrong with my rock?!’

‘Nothing,’ he replied weakly. ‘He is only exhausted from me using my powers at the festival, it took a lot out of us to subdue your stubborn spirit and also the mating ritual. Killian is okay, just tired.’

Lying! I could feel it, he was too afraid to tell me the truth.

‘Kale, what is wrong with Killian?’ I sobbed. ‘Talk to me, tell me, what else did you use your powers for? Tell me?!’

‘You are strong Makawee, but the powers were overwhelming you, dragging you away, we had to do something. It’s not easy to heal someone with your kind of light so…’ He trailed off, like he fell asleep.

‘Kale!’ I shook him.

‘Uhm?’ He sat up, a little bit flustered. ‘What happened?’

‘Your wolf, what happened to him?!’ I yelled panickingly, crying? Yes, I was.

‘Nothing, he’s tired like I am.’ He lied again. I held his shoulders roughly, shaking him violently.

‘Tell me!!!’

‘Fine! Kale is unconscious inside of me, I don’t know if he will ever wake up or slowly slip into a coma from there. Right now, I can’t shift, can’t hear his voice or use my wolf abilities. I am sick myself because the deeper he falls, the more I doze off every time.’

No, no, no, not Killian, not Kale when everything is about to get better.

‘Kale, do you have enough strength in you to finish the mate bond?’


‘Yes Kale, I want to surrender my purity to you now, take it.’





To be continued.

Finally! Book twenty is next!

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