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The devil’s mate episode 23


The Devil’s Mate

•••••••••••••••••••• Alpha’s Wyrd Mate •••••••••••••••

Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦

🔶🔷♦ Book twenty three ♦🔷🔶

¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶

I inhaled and exhaled as I meditated, I was worried about something I wasn’t sure of. Kale leaving was a bad omen and I knew the bad omen was for me, not him. Something was wrong somewhere, somebody somewhere is planning against me. Luna had been turning inside me for days, not that she cared about the ominous feeling, she just cared about having her mate inside her. Luna was frustrated, she hadn’t been with her mate since she returned. It wasn’t entirely my fault, we had been sneaking out to the oasis to train everyday, it was important my wolf was well trained. Luna had all the training, she just had to remember them. When she was fighting, she completely took over, I knew nothing about fighting as a wolf you see.

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Let’s go find our mate… She suggested.

No, I think it would be better if I stay here, just in case.

What could probably go wrong?

The curtains flew open as wind pushed the windows apart. I gasped at the coldness of the wind, the chill ran down my spine, causing me to shiver. I gritted my teeth together and placed my feet on the cold floor. I gently slipped my feet into my slippers and stood up. I walked to the windows with my hands around my body. I closed the windows and then pinned the curtains. The hair at the back of my neck stood up, someone was here. I whirled around sharply to see the person, my heart sank into my stomach, the shock reeling me back to lean on the window and hold the curtains for support. Before me was the woman I called mother, the woman I was so curious about.

She was clothed in white, pure white with a laurel on her head. She looked better than I ever expected her to be. ‘Mom,’ I gasped out.

‘My daughter, my beautiful daughter,’ she said sadly. ‘I have been waiting for the day I would be permitted to see you again. It was sad that I couldn’t tell you the truth as you grew up, I was afraid.’

‘Mom,’ I sobbed. ‘What happened to my father? My mother, who was after her?’

‘I don’t know,’ she shook her head. ‘I was never told but all I know is that after I saved you, The Lady of Avalon appeared to me in a dream and made me her priestess, she made me your keeper and guidance.’

‘Why?’ I asked. ‘What concerns me with her?’

‘I don’t know, but I think she is a friend of Selene, she must be helping Selene. Selene wanted to protect you so much and the only way to do that was through the Lady of Avalon. Once you were under her coat, no other god could see you, see the reason for your birth or who you are. Whenever they checked, they would see mist, as long as Avalon remains lost.’

‘Who is the Lady?’

‘She is a goddess, not a Greek or Roman, a god of her own power and light. Her name is believed to be Nolava, the goddess of love, beauty, compassion and wisdom, a queen of light and of darkness">darkness, she reigns in the space between the worlds. She is the one goddess who expresses herself through the seasons of her nature as maiden, lover, mother and crone, as lady of earth, water, fire, air and space. Nolava is the spiral goddess of birth, healing, death and rebirth. She is the mother of transformation. Her body contours form the sacred land and her energies radiate outwards from Avalon through all the worlds. She is life itself.

Now the Lady is not a goddess that mingles, she keeps to herself and that is why it is impossible to get to her. Selene however was able to do that, by putting me under her, I was able to take care of you. I do not know much but I do know that the answer or clue to what you seek is back at the Blessed Isle,’

‘The island has been burnt to the ground, nothing is left.’

‘The grotto is a fountain that will never run dry or be destroyed as long as you are yet to uncover the truth, that is where you might find out the truth. I don’t know, I am not permitted to see what is there, I could never find it when I tried. The spell has been placed out for only you, go back to the grotto and find it.’

‘Okay mother,’ I wiped my tears. ‘I am guessing you lost your baby in the woods so when father came back, you pretended like I was yours, right?’ She nodded.

‘I want you to know without any doubt that I love you very much Makawee, I treasure you like I would have treasured my own. Don’t ever feel…’

‘I don’t, I just have three questions to ask.’

‘Go ahead,’

‘Did you know I would meet Kale?’

‘The mark of Moon appeared on your back immediately after you crossed into womanhood, you never saw it because I covered it for your sake.’

‘Do you know anything about my parents?’

‘I know your mother’s name was Alva Lionel, and your father was a king named Ambrose. I do not know what king he is, but I know he was a powerful one. Your mother was from Winter White Pack, far into the south pole. Alva was the chief warrior’s only daughter, rogued after she mysteriously disappeared. No other records of her is in existence.’


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‘No other record from after she left, not much was written of her,’

‘Does she have any sibling?’

‘A sister, Sabrina Wolf, married into White Flake pack, south pole.’

‘Is that all you know?’ She nodded. ‘Thank you mother, hope you are resting well?’

‘Until you are safe, I can never rest.’

‘Phew,’ I sank to the floor. ‘I miss you,’ I whispered.

‘I know, I do too. Just remember that no one else in this world is to be trusted, none except your mate. Do not listen to Eris, do not let your mate get into any war, try your best to stop him, okay?’

‘Okay mother, goodbye.’

‘Goodbye my dear, until we meet again.’ She smiled as her spirit faded away.

‘Love you mom,’ I wiped my tears again, just as Kale burst into the room. ‘Kale? You came back?’

‘Kawee,’ he was kneeling beside me before I could blink. Kale cupped my cheeks and furrowed his brows. ‘What happened?’

‘Why did you come back?’

‘I couldn’t step into the restaurant, my mind was all you so I came back.’ He smiled.

‘Thank you,’ I pushed him down to his butt with a hug. ‘Thank you for coming back, I can rest now.’

‘Can you tell me what is going on?’

‘I will tell you tomorrow, I promise but for now, let’s just be like this or…?’ I raised myself up to my knees and threw my leg over his, caging his legs between mine. ‘Make love to me Kale,’

Yes!… Luna whooped.

Kale’s eyes widened. ‘I know what I’m saying, I’m ready to try it again.’

‘You might get hurt again…’ He protested.

‘I won’t, that was just for the first time and I know the second would be good, please?’ I pouted. Kale licked his lip, contemplating the offer.

He is going to refuse!

Taking matters into my own hands, again, I seductively grabbed the hem of his shirt which I slipped into and pulled it over my head. I smirked as his eyes fell on my [email protected] chest, desire already burning through his gaze. ‘Do you really want to reject me Kale?’ He kept his eyes there, mentally fighting with himself to reject. His hand reached forward and grabbed the band of his boxers which I also wore, his hand were trembling badly. ‘Come on Kale, I know you want me…’

‘Kawee, I don’t want to hurt you,’ he cried. ‘After the pain you went through the last time, I can’t let it happen again…’

‘I have decided to try, it won’t happen again…’

‘I can’t, I’m sorry Kawee.’ He held my hips to push me down. I quickly grabbed his hands, bent it and sat on his already hard er£ction. Kale groaned, throwing his head back with pleasure.

‘And you think you don’t want me?’ I smirked.

‘Kawee, please, don’t… Oh goddess,’ he m0aned as I began to grind myself on him. It wasn’t like the real deal but his hardness rubbing against me through his loose briefs was enough to set my pleasure on fire. Kale grabbed my hips once more but this time he didn’t push me, he instead guided me on how to rock him perfectly, I wasn’t doing much of a good job.

We m0aned in unison at our little play, I could feel him getting bigger and bigger, more unsatisfied. The slow pace wasn’t working out for him so he guided me to go faster and faster and faster, the s£x through clothing thing wasn’t doing us any good than frustrating us. ‘I hate this,’ Kale barked at no one in particular. I yelped when he suddenly grabbed my thighs and threw me down on the floor, my back and head hitting the wooden floor but not hard. He spread my legs further, his legs at each side of my body as mine bend upward.

‘Kale, what are you doing?’ I panicked. He gave me a look I couldn’t read before he tore his boxers off me. Luna purred in me, the sound coming out of my own mouth. ‘Kale?’ I questioned curiously, straining my neck to see why his head was lowering down so close.

‘Relax, you’ll enjoy this…’ He whispered huskily, his breath fanning down on me.

‘Are you going to bite me?!’

‘Bite you?’ He chuckled.

‘Mark me?’

‘On your cunt? Really Kawee?’

‘What then are you going to do?’

‘This…’ A loud gasp left my mouth as his lips came down upon me. I blinked in shock, my mouth falling open. The irresistible urge to m0an came as his teeth gently grazed on my bud, his tongue taking control afterwords.

I had no idea what he was doing to me, but I loved it, I enjoyed every single bit of it as it left me m0aning with back arched and lips begging for more. My heart was set on bliss, my stomach fluttering like the sudden flight of a flock of wild macaws. I held his hair, grabbing fists full of them and pushing his head down more, so he wouldn’t stop the beautiful feeling. The feeling took me higher, burning my thoughts and filling it with nothing else than the desire to climb up to that peak he was lifting me to. Kale grinned in satisfaction, his grin spreading out on me. His tongue returned to it job, darting in and out of my tightness, his fingers rubbing my cl!t in a frenzied circle. In no time, I was screaming his name as I creamed into his mouth, my entire quim throbbing. Once he had wrung every last tremor out of my orgasm, he climbed up my body and kissed me, his tongue stroking mine so I could taste myself. It was such odd thing to do but yet so s£xually exciting. He straddled my waist, never letting my lips go as his fingers nipped and captured my cl!t again. Too much to handle, too much.

Kale removed his lips from mine, gave my mark one teasing bite before he travelled south and captured my n!pole with his teeth, causing me to m0an out loud as my back arched once more. The increase of the onslaught of pleasure made my body quake terribly, my hands shivering like I was cold. Kale gurled and held me in place so I won’t shake too much. He continued feasting on my [email protected], switching from one to the other so none would feel left out, causing havoc to my senses.

Mark him!… Luna shouted. I had never actually thought about that, the fact that I could mark him now. Kale could have my mark permanently printed on him.

Kale raised his head to lock his eyes with mine, a boyish smile on his face with a n!pole still in his mouth. I had seen him smile, but not a boyish one, not the one that showed me the baby he had been hiding. He heard it, he heard what Luna said and he wanted it. Neither of us even thought about that before, how would my mark look like? Kale climbed back up my body so his face would be just a few itches from mine. His hands left every other part of my body and came to my head, caging me between his thick muscular arms. ‘You are so beautiful Makawee,’

‘Tell me something I don’t already know,’ I said drily. A chuckle vibrated from his chest, a deep s£xy – if possible – chuckle.

‘What about I adore you? Know that?’

‘Never heard it before, shine some light on that topic, can you?’ His lashes gave my cheek butterfly kisses, his breath hitting my skin and causing my stomach to stir once more.

‘You are not just my beautiful mate, you are the woman I adore,’ he kissed my cheek. ‘The woman I respect,’ he kissed my other cheek. ‘The woman that mesmerise and leaves me daze,’ he kissed my forehead. I giggled at the ticklish action. ‘The woman whose defiance arouse me,’ he kissed my nose. ‘The woman whose smile makes my heart skip,’

‘Oh really?’ I teased, he chuckled and kissed my lips. I greedily held on to his face so he wouldn’t leave without me kissing him deeper. I felt us move sightly before I felt my back on the hard mattress. Not too hard but definitely too hard for me. The kiss took a new passionate turn, an intense passionate turn that got me m0aning and purring in pleasure. I was so damn into the kiss I didn’t know when Kale removed his clothing and piled it on the ground. I only knew that when he once again glided into me, his slow torturous sliding. ‘Gosh Kale…’ I m0aned louder, arching my back up.

With his lips separated from mine, Kale showered kisses on my body, every part his lips could reach, leaving small bites allover my torso. He showered kisses on me as he praised me, telling me how much he adored me. Honestly, his words went right over my head as all I was thinking about was reaching the peak of that mountain one more time. Kale’s hands came to my hair as he picked up the pace, I got to know he liked touching my hair and I loved it when he did that. I embraced the feelings, there was a small noticeable sting at every thrust he took, but bearable, not enough to cover the pleasure filling my entire system. My body ached for more, there was something unseen I wanted to touch, wanted Kale to push me to. It is hard to explain but it was there, it was calling out to me but so so far away, too far.

Kale placed my legs on his shoulders, it narrowed my vadge and helped target my G-spot, I knew what that was now. He rocked me in a side-to-side and up-and-down motion. Giving him direct contact with my G-spot. We continued in that position for minutes before be flipped us around so I would straddle him. I knelt on top, pushing off his chest and sliding up and down the thighs. Kale guided me, holding onto my hip and thigh while he rose to meet each thrust. I followed my instinct by alternating between shallow and deep thrusting to stimulate different parts of my vadge. Kale was energetic, took me on different positions on my feet, against the walls, at the edge of the bed and even on the bed again until I was unable to move as little as my pinky finger.

‘What was I thinking fvcking Mabel when I could have just dragged you to my bed,’ he gasped as he threw his hand around me. ‘You are amazing Makawee, I’m glad I stayed back,’ I was laying on my stomach, hugging the pillow where I placed my head. I glared at him. ‘What?’ He laughed.

You haven’t marked him yet… Luna whined.


Mark him!

Sighing heavily, I forced my head up, leaning my weight on my hands. ‘I thought you were tired?’

‘Just hold still,’ I whispered out my command. He held still, watching me with curiosity, what I was going to do. I scooched closed to him and placed my face in the crook of his neck. He thought I wanted to cuddle him, not until I brushed my tongue on his sweaty neck. ‘Kawee, are you sure about this? You having my mark…’ I extended my fangs and sank it into his neck, the edible soft skin between my teeth spilled blood into my mouth. I drank only a little before brushing my tongue over the wound to clean it.

Kale held me tighter to himself, m0aning softly. Our already strong bond completely tied itself together, no single space left for anything to pass through. Kale and I were one for life.

★★★ Kale’s standpoint ★★★

The only thing I could think of was how beautiful my mate looked like while she slept. The light of dawn luminated on her face and silky skin, the goldenness of it colour making her beautiful skin look like a chess of gold under water. Her hair laid sprawled on the bed, over the pillow, down the bed and piled on the floor and finally some stretched on the ground like a little river. Since that day we mated, the day her wolf came out, her hair grew longer, ten times longer. The only good thing was that her white hair moved on their own so therefore fold up whenever she wants them to.

Again Makawee gave herself to me, didn’t complain when I stretched her to heights she wasn’t used to, didn’t whine when I made her uncomfortable with what I did to her body. The blanket scantily covered her body, only her chest and butt. I was rough with her, my bites designed her body, a little of my claw marks on her shoulders. Her hair covered the rest of my view, but I knew my bites were there. I turned with a smile and walked to the full-length mirror and stood there. I had just finished taking my bath, my hair w€t and sticking to me, my skin hair smoothened down. I wore just a white cargo pants and flip-flops.

I turned my back to view it, Makawee’s claws decorated my back, I didn’t even notice until now. I turned and looked at my neck to observe my new mark, I had a mark. My mark was a diamond star on the tip of a thin sword, a sword with a weird crest, one I had seen somewhere. I shrugged and looked at the mirror again. A frown came upon my face as I saw her in the mirror, looking at me sadly.

‘What do you want here?’

‘I just came to see you,’

‘The last time I checked, we have nothing to do with each other…’

‘Moon, I know you are still mad but…’

‘Mad,’ I gurled. I whirled around to face her. ‘You caused the death of so many werewolves and other creatures because you couldn’t contain your anger! You didn’t consider the fact that the same creatures were mine, you didn’t think about the poor woman you killed!’

‘Moon, I risked something to be here, I haven’t come to fight you but to bless your mate, she needs it.’

‘Artemis, please leave my house.’ I snapped. Kawee stirred on the bed.

‘Kosumi wants your mate,’ she blunted out. ‘He knows about her blessing and wants to use her as a means to get back to his throne, I want to bless her so the animals of earth would protect her when she needs them the most. Makawee wouldn’t always been strong, even if I don’t know who she is. This is the only thing I can do to reduce my guilt a little.’ She said pleadingly.

‘Artemis, leave,’ I thundered. She frowned.

‘Remember who you are talking to,’ she snapped.

‘Kale, turn off the television, I need to sleep,’ Kawee m0aned. I inhaled sharply and smiled sardonically.

‘Please leave,’

‘Not until I bless her,’ she turned stubbornly and walked to Makawee. I knew she wouldn’t hurt her but I still hated her for all she did. Artemis took Kawee’s left wrist and slipped a golden spiral bracelet on, the bracelet had the head of a snake. The bracelet spiralled around her wrist to her forearm. It was beautiful. ‘This will keep her s… What’s this?’ She asked, pointing at the ring of song at the back of Kawee’s hand. ‘I don’t remember her people having such a mark, Kale?’

‘She is also a werewolf, in case you have forgotten, mother placed it on her,’ I lied.

‘Oh, okay, goodbye Moon and do keep her safe.’ She disappeared. Kawee jolted up, the sheet falling off her body.

‘Who touched me?’

‘I did,’ she looked at her wrist. ‘Do you like it?’

‘It’s beautiful but…but…I can swear I heard someone else, someone powerful touched me… Kale, are you lying to me?’

‘Yes,’ I grinned.

‘Do you not want to tell me the truth?’

‘No,’ she raised her hand and waved it. ‘It won’t hurt you, at least I hope it doesn’t.’

‘Why did Artemis give me this?’ I chuckled, she knew. ‘My people have serve her enough for me to know the kind of jewel she wears, why?’

‘For now, just rest, we have a big day ahead of us.’

‘Alright, no question asked.’

Trustie, I like that.





To be continued.

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