The Diamonds

The Diamonds – Episode 33

(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted)
Episode 33
By: Faith Lucky
Cali’s Pov:
A muscle in my jaws ticked as soon as I heard those words. What…..what’s he talking about??
“Will you do it?” He asked again, his voice coming out so soft like I’d never heard him speak since I met him.
His eyes were beginning to develop little crinkles.
He played with the tip of my hair, making it coil round his finger.
“S….S…sir” I stuttered and gulped nervously.
How do I get away from this?
Oh God!
“I…can make you experience things…you never thought you’d experience” he whispered and moved his hand from my hair down to my neck.
Oh my God! I’m dead.
Finally, I’ve met someone who’d kill me. I’m dead.
How do I get out of this?
My breath wavered as I felt him trail his hand to my tummy and teased the tip of my shirt.
“Sir, I….I want to go now” I said with anxiety, my forehead occupied with sweats already.
“Why?” He muttered.
“I thought you said you could be of help?”
I already had a crazy urge to pee on my p*nt. I felt like bursting into tears. What do I do?
He slided his hand into my shirt and touched my bare tummy.
Oh my God!
What if I push him away?
Would it be offensive? What have I gotten myself into?
He brought his hand from my tummy and moved them to my legs.
Holy Christ!
Is this really what he wants? Has….Has he always been this lustful?
My eyes got locked into his as I felt all the muscles in my body shake. I felt my lungs become dry and my veins ached.
Having the King Of the Institute standing so close to me was something I never expected and couldn’t explain.
His mere breath on my face made me shiver that I felt like melting.
“Sir….” I wavered as he moved his hand into my skirt, touching my bare skin.
Oh God!
I’m dead.
Is this really want he wants? To have s*x?
But I can’t.
I can’t do it .
“Don’t you want to know how it feels?” He whispered into my ears and touched my p*nt.
I gasped and tried moving away but he didn’t let me.
Oh, God!
He blocked my way and didn’t let me leave the wall.
“Are you sure you don’t want to know how it feels?” He asked and touched my honey put from outside.
“No…” I shook my head and tried moving him with my hand but instead, he made me hug him, wrapping my hands around him.
“Please….I don’t want to” I shivered as he teased the part of my p*nt covering the special area.
Before I knew what was going on, he pushed it aside slightly and gained a little access to my v.
I whimpered on his shoulders as he teased it, rubbing it gently.
Oh God!
A guy was touching me!!!!!
The thought dawned on me but I couldn’t do anything. But why haven’t I made any serious effort to push him away?
“You can help me, Cali” he muttered into my ears and slided a finger into my p***y.
What’s that??
I flinched and tried pulling away, but it was impossible.
“Uh….” I released a little mo-n as I felt something strange.
What’s happening to me?
What’s he doing?
He moved the finger into me and I gripped his shoulders tight.
“Sir…” I said in deep breaths, my heart racing heavily.
He breathed on my ear and bit my earlobe and I felt a crazy s-nsation.
I closed my eyes and threw my head back on the wall, ephemeral pleasures taking over me.
It was bitter – sweet.
Then, he slipped the finger out and moved away from me.
IMy eyes were already hot and my legs weak.
“Happy birthday” he finally muttered and walked into the bathroom.
Throughout the night, I found it 99% impossible falling asleep.
I laid quietly on the bed, my eyes glued to the ceiling and the wh0le time, Miquel’s image kept replaying in my head.
Remembering what he did to me – touch me in ways no one else had ever done….. just added to my restlessness and made me reminisce on it all night.
I couldn’t believe he touched my special area and I couldn’t even stop him.
His cold voice still replayed in my head:
“I can make you experience things you never thought you’d experience”.
Gosh! He’d sounded like a real flirt. Like a bad ass.
Well, what do I expect? For someone like him, I was pretty sure he was a master at it.
Gosh! I couldn’t believe he fingered me. He made me mo-n!! Miquel of all people touched me that way. What would he think of me now?
Oh! Cali. If I’d known, I wouldn’t have left him. I’d have struggled more so he’d let me go.
What have I done?
I woke up the next morning to Nina tapping me.
“Hey Cali. Wake up” she tapped my legs repeatedly till I’d forced my eyes open.
“Awwww! What is it?” I grumbled and turned angrily at her.
“Do you know what the time is? You’re already late for Miquel’s room. Isn’t this your last day working as his maid?” She asked and I huffed and threw my face away.
“I’m not going” I said gruffly and covered myself up with the duvet.
I wasn’t ready to face the shame.
Miquel’s Pov:
The time read 7 a.m.
I stood in front of the table as I stirred the cup of coffee in my hand.
I sipped a little from it and stirred again.
Shortly, I heard a knock on the door and ushered them in, knowing it was my guards.
“Boss” Zack called.
“You sent for us”.
I didn’t bother looking at them as I sipped from my coffee again.
“Do you know where the banshee stays?” I asked and even without looking at them, I could tell the surprise they felt.
“Y…Yes. We actually know her block” Abel replied and I took another sip before passing out the instruction:
“Go get her”.
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