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The Diamonds – S2 Episode 16


(He’s Cold – hearted, but he’s mine)

Episode 16

By: Faith Lucky

Cali’s Pov:

I opened my eyes blearily and they met with the rays from the morning sun on the window.

I itched my eyes and laid flat so I could stare up at the ceiling.

My hands were spread apart on the bed and I wondered; where was Miquel?

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I sighed feebly and left the bed so I could get ready for school. But first, I decided to check up on Miquel.

I checked the balcony, he wasn’t there.
I checked the kitchen, still wasn’t there.

the bathroom, nothing.
Huh? Where the heck did he go so early?

I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and as I faced the mirror, my mind kept reflecting on the story Miquel had told me the previous night.
Why do I have a feeling it wasn’t just a story? But it was actually about him?
Huh? Why?

I mean….I could read the emotions in his eyes as he narrated. And he mentioned the bridge…

Doesn’t it explain why he always gets so angry whenever the bridge is mentioned?
Because that was the place he’d lost his parents?

And Mykel’s message the previous day – *Your anger killed your parents*

*You’re the King of darkeness*

Oh God!

What if…..

No; I didn’t want to think about it. It wasn’t possible. There’s no way Miquel can….


I washed my mouth and went into the bathtub afterwards to take my bath.
When I was done, I decided to fry some eggs in the kitchen for breakfast and to my amusement, Miquel didn’t show up till I was done.
Where the heck was he, huh?

I ate the eggs with bread, dressed up and finally left with my bag for classes.
On my way, I kept looking around if I’d see Miquel.

I was so worried, huh. Where could he be? Why would he leave the house so early without dropping a note or not?

Could he have gone for a meeting? But why do early? Is that even possible?


I bumped into Nina and Diane who were on their way to meet me and felt a little relieved. I needed someone to talk to.

“Hey, barbie” Diane teased with a smile.

“Hi. Good morning” I said under my breath and adjusted the books I held in my arms.

“Aww. Why’s your face like a rotten beans? What’s wrong?” She asked and touched my hair and I rolled my eyes.

“I’m fine, okay? And stop calling me names” I snapped.

“Good morning, Cali” Nina said with a light smile.

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“Yeah…good morning”.

“Come on, Cali. We’re running late for training” Diana said and tried walking away, but I called back her attention.

“Training? What training?” I asked.

“What’re you talking about, Cali? The mission is tomorrow and today’s the final day we’ve got for training” Diane replied and I mouthed an *Oh!*

The mission.

“Well…..I won’t be going” I told her and she scoffed.

“And what’re you talking about? A banshee is needed, right?” She asked.

“Yeah…..but Miquel doesn’t want me to go” I replied with a shrug and watched the surprise that crept into her face.

“And…..why would Miquel be against you going? What’re his reasons?”

“Well….I’ve got no idea. But I have to obey him” I replied.

She rolled her eyes and sighed.

“I can’t believe I’ll be left alone. Nina isn’t going. And same with you. Gosh” she mumbled.

“Anyway, see you later. I need to go”.

“Bye” I waved at her and she scurried off.

Nina and I were the only ones left and we left for classes together.
🌠Coordinates From Korea🌠
“We need to send the message to the priest”,one of them said.

“Let him know we’ve found Miquel”.

“Yes. I’ll send the message right away. But, how do we get him to come with us? You’d seen the way he ignored us when he’d seen us. He acted like we were ghosts. I’m not so sure he’d want to come with us willingly” the second replied.

“Of course, he wouldn’t want to come willingly. He’s definitely running away from the throne the same way his father did. But as long as he’s alive, he can’t run forever.

“We already know where he’s staying. So, we’ll keep track of him. As soon as he leaves the institute, we’ll go after him and grab him”.
Cali’s Pov:
The class was damn boring to me, probably because I kept thinking about Miquel. Where ever he was, I just prayed he was fine

Finally, it was time for lunch and Nina and I decided to eat in the cafeteria together.

On our way there, we got interrupted by Naomi.

“I want to have a word with you”, she demanded as she stood in front of us.
She was actually referring to me.


“Why?” I asked and she glared.

“When I ask for something, Cali, you don’t question me” she snapped.

Woah! Really?

The many students around were already stealing glances at us.

“Well, you don’t own me, Naomi. So, if you want to speak with me, I have the right to decide” I replied and tried walking away, but she gripped me by the hand and pushed me into the pool closeby.


I shrieked as I felt myself flying into the water,my bag, books, everything going along with me.

Oh my gawwwwd!!!

The students around and in the swimming pool also screamed and I gasped for air as I finally landed in the water and tried to keep my head out of it.

I panted and slapped my hand against the wall, then looked at Naomi, only to see a smirk on her face.

But….I saw something else – someone behind her.

Oh my God!


Isn’t that Miquel???
And that was how Naomi “deaded”😂

I wonder how Miquel would treat Cali in front of the students😱

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