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The Diamonds – S2 Episode 18


(He’s Cold – hearted, but he’s mine)

Episode 18

By: Faith Lucky

Cali’s Pov:
My eyes widened in shock.


Blow what????

I scoffed and looked at him in disbelief.

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“I……I can’t” I stuttered nervously.
“I mean….I don’t think I know what It is” I shook my head and tried standing up, but he pinned me down.

“Come on, Cali. Seriously?” He scoffed and I felt my tummy become hot.

Oh! Geez.

What do I do?
Why’s this guy trying to corrupt me by all means?

Although….I’d seen people do bl0w j0b on TV. Yeah….I’ve watched it. But I seriously never thought I would do it. I mean, not anytime soon.

I looked into his face and caught him staring at me with pleading eyes.

“Stop being such a doll, will you?” He rolled his eyes and I felt my jaws tick.

What??? Did he just call me…..

H*ell no. No way.

I took in a deep breath and set out to work.
Okay Cali. You can do this. After all, he’s my boyfriend.

I reached for his belt and slowly, started unh0oking it.

Oh God!! I’m so dead!

My hands shook a little as I separated it and z!pped down the tr0user.


My lungs felt so dry and my tummy rumbled as I gradually brought the tr0user, revealing his b0xer.

Oh gawwwd!!
The shape of his [email protected] could clearly be seen, resting in the b0xer.

I paused and looked into his face before proceeding. I dragged the b0xer down a little bit and his r0d came bouncing out to my face.

Holy Molly!!

I think I wanna pee!!!

I swallowed a heavy lump as I wrapped my hand around it. I noticed he j*erked a little.

Practicalising what I’d watched from the movies, I str0ke it gently before sliding it into my m0uth.

Oh my gee!!! I had a guy’s dck in my mouth!!!

I noticed he m0aned silently as I stroke and sucked from it. Tho, I was only but a learner.

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His s*men spilled into my m0uth and I quickly gulped it down to avoid choking.

“Come on, Cali” he groaned and held my head.
He pushed me closer, forcing me to take his full s!ze.

At some point, I almost ch0ked as a result of his dck reaching the depth of my thr0at. He made me [email protected] for air.

He finally pulled out and I coughed vigorously. But thank goodness it was a clean cough.

I mean, unlike the other movies I watched, there was no s*men coming out of my mouth.

“I thought you said you’ve never done this before, huh?” He asked with a smirk and made me hold the dck again.

I fixed it into my m0uth again and started str0king and scking. And this time around, I did it better. Yes, I could tell I was better.
Well, to be sincere, I kinda enjoyed it.

I mean…the fragrance, having a taste of him inside my mouth -what made him a man.
It tasted great.

At a point, he brought my hands down from his dck and started throat – fcking me himself.


I held my breath as he did his work and finally, he released inside my fcking m0uth!!!

Oh my gee!!!

I didn’t want to fill the floor with s*men gushing from my mouth. So, I just swallowed it down.

Yes, I did🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

“Come on” he hushed and lifted me from the floor.

He took me to the bed and made me lie upwards. He [email protected] my l*egs so wide, t0re off my [email protected] and bent towards it!

Oh God!

I shut my eyes and folded my lips as I anticipated the moment.

Slowly, I felt his tongue there.

“Hah!” I gasped as the sensation drove me wild.

Oh my geeeee

“Miquel” I groaned his name and grabbed the sheets beside me.

[email protected] it! What was he doing to me??

He rummaged the entire place with his t0ngue, biting my cltor!s at intervals.

Oh my gawwwwd!! I felt my p0t become completely w€t.

He fixed his t0ngue into one of the lines of the v and….Oh my God!

“What’re you doing?” I found myself asking in my m0ans.

He didn’t stop and almost immediately, pushed fnger into my h0le.

“Ah!” I winced as it hurt a bit.

What the h*ell???

He increased it to two fngers and the whole time, his t0ngue was still swimming there.

“Miquel…..” I shut my eyes and m0aned out as he fngered and scked me at the same time.

The feeling….I couldn’t explain.
It was bittersweet.

He continued that way for sometime and by the time he pulled out ta me, I was wishing he didn’t stop.

He took off his clothes completely and nobody told me to do same.

I tried laying back on the bed, but he stopped me and laid instead.


“Get on” he said and my eyes dimmed.


Does he……

Oh my gawd!
I’ve never done this before!

I swallowed hard and gently got on his legs.

I squatted above him and got hold of his er*ected dck.

My hands itched as I lifted it to my h0ney p0t and pushed it in.

“Oh my God..” I m0aned whisperingly as the tip got in from below.

Slowly and carefully, I started adjusting to the full size and soon, he was completely inside of me.

“Come here” he hushed and pulled me close by the waist,making me lean towards his chest.

I made a little sound as I felt so full with his dck inside of me.

“Know how to ride?” He asked and I shook my head negatively.

He chuckled and moved his hands from my [email protected] down to my a$$, grabbing both sides.

He squeezed them a little and slowly, started moving them up and down in his hands.
He made me ride him.

“Awn…” I m0aned deeply with my eyes shut.
I’d never felt this way.

He moved my a$$ up and down and made me ride his shaft which was still stuck into my h0ney p0t.

“Miquel, you……

“Oh my God…”
I groaned with a little pleasure and pain and immediately, he let go of my a$$ and I understood he wanted me to do it myself.

I placed my hands on both sides of his head for support as I started moving up and down, rhythmically, giving him what seemed like a perfect ride to me.

“Yeah. Come on, Cali. Come on” he grunted and grabbed my b*0obs which had been b0uncing helplessly the whole time.

He cupped and squeezed them in his hands as I bounced on him.




“Oh my God….”

I m0aned in great [email protected], unable to explain the feeling.

After a few minutes, he turned me over and made me place my leg on his shoulders.

Holy Molly!!

He came into me from that position and continued drilling me.

My m0ans almost increased to screams when he increased his pace, acting like he wanted to damage my v.

He panted and sweats fell from his head to my face, but I didn’t care.

I felt my v expanding as his full size was taking over.

G0sh! It was so…

“Miquel…” I called breathlessly and panted.

He gripped my hair and got a little worst, but thankfully, my semi – screams pulled him back to his senses as he suddenly pulled out of me.

“Hah” I gasped for air as he fell tiredly on the bed beside me.

Holy Mary!

We both stared up at the ceiling and panted heavily, breathing like lizards that’d just fallen off a *tomatoes tree*

“That was damn good, wasn’t it?” He turned to me and asked and I felt like punching his cute nose.

“Yeah, it was” I rolled my eyes and turned to back him.

G0sh! This guy’s definitely gonna kill me with this one day.

I heard him chuckle behind me.

He pulled the duvet to cover me properly. Then, he kissed me.

“Sleep tight” he whispered into my ears and kissed me.

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