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The Diamonds – S2 Episode 25


(He’s Cold – hearted, but he’s mine)

Episode 25

By: Faith Lucky

Miquel’s Pov:
My jaws dropped in shock as I listened to what she said.

Cali? Nowhere in the institute? Then, where could she be?

“Wh….What’re you talking about? Did you look for her?” I asked, confused. Referring to no one in particular.

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“Well, we know how close you are to her. And when you went missing, we decided to send for her if she could, perhaps, have any idea of your whereabouts. We asked the guards to get her, but none of them could. She’s nowhere in the institute” Lisa replied and I felt a sharp pain I my chest.

No; Cali.

I asked her to stay indoors. Where could she be? She wouldn’t leave for any reason, right?

And stay out to this time.

“I assigned some guards at her doorpost. They should…”

“We didn’t find any guard. There was no trace at all” one of directors replied.

No; no. Mykel.

Immediately, I fred from their grasp and turned to open the car.

“Miquel. Hey; where are you going?” Lisa asked, but I didn’t reply her as I got into the car and ignited the engines.

It started without stress and took off, driving on the highest speed.
Cali’s Pov:
I jumped out of the bed immediately, rage eating me up.

The b***h! How dare she show her face to me.

“You animal!” I gnashed my teeth.
“How dare you? How dare you show your ugly face to me?”

I made to grab her hair, but she moved away from me.

“Calm down, Cali. Its me. Its Diane. This isn’t Nina, okay?” She said in a whispering tone and I flinched.

She closed her eyes and instantly, transformed to Diane.

“D….Diane?” I called.

“Yes,,Cali. Its me and we don’t have much time. I just got to know about Nina being the spy less than an hour ago. I overheard her making a phone call and got to know she aided the Black Diãmônds in your abduction.

“She tried to confess me, but I didn’t make it easy for her as we got involved in a heavy fight. Luckily, I was able to knock her out, leaving her really unconscious.

“A truck for picking up trash was meant to carry her along when they arrive, and knowing all these, I decided to use it and come here so I could save you.

“I’d left her phone with her so, just in case someone finds her, she’d be implicated with it and be held prisoner. We don’t have much time, Cali. We need to leave. Now. Look into my eyes and you’ll see I’m telling the truth” she narrated enthusiastically and in a hurry, and all I could do was stare like a bloated goat.
The shock was just excess for me already.

But somehow, I believed her.

“I’m not so sure if I’m a good actress, but..I really hope the guards believed me when I acted like Nina. How’re you Cali? Were you severely hurt?” She asked and I felt a sharp pain in my chest.

I lowered my head and released a tear.

“Oh my God! Cali…” She hushed.
“What happened to you?”

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I couldn’t say a word as I just wept silently.
The pains came driving in again

“Please, Diane. Just get me out of here if its possible” I said tearfully and she pulled me in a very brief hug.

We unlocked from the hug and headed for the door.

“Wait” she halted.
“I need to change to Nina. For safety purpose” .

I nodded and she closed her eyes and transformed to Nina again.

“Make sure you stay behind me, okay? And move when I tell you to” she said and I just nodded in agreement.
It wasn’t like I had a choice.

She opened the door slowly and creepily, looked left and right, then turned back to me.

“Come on” she whispered and I followed her out of the room.

I gasped when I found two boys lying on the floor, unconscious.
Huh? Did she really knock them out?

Aside them, the passage was clean and empty and we both started scuttling away, taking fast short steps.

Oh God! Is it really possible to get out of here?

It got to a place where we heard footsteps and we quickly ran and hid behind some cartoons.

I could feel my heart beating rapidly.

The foot sounds died off and we proceeded.

“Do you even know the way out of here?” I whispered.

“Well, I think so. One of the boys had led me to the room” she replied and I kept mute.

We continued running but finally, got busted.

“Nina?” We heard her name from behind and both stop walking.

Oh my God!

“Don’t turn around, Cali” she whispered only to my hearing as the footsteps came closer

I breathed heavily and she turned around to face the person.

“Nina?” He called again.
“When did you arrive?”

“Uh….just a while ago. What’s up?” She replied, trying so hard to be calm.

“Yeah..I’m cool. Who’s that with you, huh?” He asked and I felt my entire system turn.

Holy Molly! I wish this was a dream.
The whole time, my back was turned against the boy.

“She….she’s one of the maids. Come on, maids. We don’t have much time” she said quickly and signalled me to follow her.

“Nina!” His cold voice stopped us again.

We both stopped walking but didn’t turn to look at him.

“I really want to see the maid”.


I hyperventilated as I felt him coming closer.

He walked and finally got to where I was and right there, I felt his hand on my shoulder.

Immediately, I turned to look at him with a heavy punch landing on his nose.

“Urgh!!” I groaned as I felt the effect of the punch on my fist.

He m0aned and held his nose and I kicked him right there – betwixt his thighs.

“Come on, Cali!” Diane yelled and we started running.

Yeah – this time around, we ran.
“The banshee has escaped!!” The animal yelled from behind and Diane and I fastened our pace.

We ran pass so many passages, taking different corners and before you knew it, uncountable guards started chasing after us from different angles.

“Hurry, Cali!” Diane said as she ran ahead of me.

And I tried my best to do same.

Suddenly, there was a gunshot and I froze when I saw Diane tripping to the floor.

Oh my God!

My eyes dilated in shock and looked like they were gonna pop out of their sockets.

My mouth dropped open and I ran to her immediately, just before she’d reach the floor.

“Diane??” I called, placing her head on my legs.

More gun shots filled the air and I felt an uncontrollable pile occupy my chest.

With an angry force, I looked up at the ceiling and screamed.


I couldn’t differentiate the sounds, but instantly, I felt the walls and ceilings crumble.

They all collapsed.
Cali’s powers are back in a different way😱
Pray for Diane😔Diane😔

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