The elder’s daughter episode 33

The Elder’s Daughter

Episode 33

Elder Barnabas had become hysterical. He tried to figure out how he could get the money to pay off the debt. He had tried to go to the department of pensions to request for his benefits but he was told they could only be ready after about six months. He was getting devastated. “Please bring my black coat over here. It’s almost 8 am and we are late for church service. Mtcheww!” Elder Barnabas shouted at his son Daniel. He had refrained from talking to his wife the way he used to. Only on rare occasions did he speak a few words to her. His wife was not bothered at all. She knew that it was just a phase and that it would soon pass and things would go back to normal. They all hurried and walked to the church, as it was not very far.

As they entered the church auditorium, they all sat in the congregation. Elder was feeling terrible and ashamed because of the situation. He looked at his fellow elders seated behind the Reverend. The Chief Elder looked at him and quickly turned his face to the altar. Jacob was also seated behind the elders. After a few minutes, he climbed the altar and led the congregation in the reading of the call to worship. Esther’s mother looked at him in anger. Seated a few pews from them was Clara, the Chief Elder’s daughter and her friends. As the service was going on, Esther’s mother noticed that Clara was pointing at them. She seemed to be whispering something to her friend and they both laughed to scorn. Esther’s mother did not mind. She listened carefully to the teachings. At the end of the service, Elder Barnabas went to greet the other elders, but most of them seemed to be ignoring him. One of them said to him “Elder, you know that you are not supposed to come near these seats. If you truly wanted to greet us, you should have waited until we come to the congregation seats. This is an abomination.” Elder was shocked. “Has it gotten to this?” he said, with his hands on his waist. The elder did not respond. He just looked at Elder Barnabas and turned back. Elder Barnabas left the elders’ pews and went to meet his wife and son who were waiting for him outside. Meanwhile, Clara and her friend passed near Esther’s mother. Clara clapped her hands and laughed “That’s what happens when you think you are holier than anyone in church. Haha. Nothing is hidden under the sun. Eventually the truth always comes out. Some girls pretend as if they are holy and yet they are opening their legs for any man that passes by” she said. Esther’s mother was hurt by these words. She pulled Clara by her dress and warned her “If you ever try to talk nonsense about my daughter, I will personally beat you and throw you on the road. Silly girl!” she said. Some worshippers who were watching came to separate them. “What is going on here Mama Esther?” the man said. Esther’s mother refused to respond. Elder Barnabas and Daniel pulled her by the hand and drew her out of the church premises. Clara shouted, shedding fake tears “I don’t know what I have done to her. I was just discussing with my friend here. Instead of disciplining her daughter, she thinks she can pounce on me. Remove the log in your own eye before you can remove the speck in another man’s eye” she cried.

Elder Barnabas was furious “What is wrong with you? How can you be fighting with such a small girl? Now people will think that we are a useless family!” he said to her. Esther’s mother kept quiet. She wanted to answer him back, back because of the respect she had for him, she decided to keep quiet. Daniel was shocked by everything that was happening in his family. Elder Barnabas arrived home and went straight to lie on his bed.

“Esther I wish to speak to you for a minute please” Brian said to Esther as they left the class in the evening. “Sure, let’s sit over there” Esther said pointing to some benches outside. Angela went back to the hostel.

Brian: Esther I know that we have discussed this issue before but I just want to encourage you to think about it again. It’s about David.

Esther: Oh Brian please leave this matter. I have told you several times that I don’t want to have anything to do with that guy.

Brian: He’s not just a guy; he is the father of your unborn child. You can’t leave him in the open air just like that. He deserves to know what is going on. For the past five days now, ever since he gave his life to Christ, he has been coming to my room every evening to have a Bible study with me. I cannot say that he is perfect, but my spirit tells me that he is a good man. He is a few years older than me but I have never seen such humility in a man like the one he has. He literally listens to everything I tell him and is always ready to take up any task I ask him to do.

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Esther: People can pretend. I know that he only came to the fellowship simply because he wanted to see me and since he knows that you and I are friends, he wants to use you to get to me. His salvation is not genuine

Brian: God forbid! Esther how can you even say such a thing? Who are you to judge another man’s salvation? Instead of thanking God for the salvation of a soul, you are busy condemning this guy. That’s not what the Lord asks us to do. Can you imagine if we all had to be judged based on things we have done in the past?

Esther was quiet for a moment. She regretted her words and felt bad.

Esther: You are right. I have no right to say such a thing. But Brian, you need to put yourself in my shoes. How do you expect me to just bring him back in my life after everything that has happened?

Brian: I am not asking you to bring him back into your life. I am only asking you to inform him about the pregnancy. And anyway, what wrong did David commit? You had a fiancé and you were even seen with another man. David only moved on with his life. Did you expect him to put his life on hold simply because he was in love with you? And anyway, all those things are in the past now. He is a new creature. Old things have passed away and everything has become new.

Esther: Nothing has become new. Do you know that the same day he came to the fellowship, I met Betty who was boasting of a date she had with him that night?

Brian: What? Are you serious?

Esther: Of course! And you expect me to believe him! I am not a fool

Brian: Hmm. Anyway, only God knows the truth. I cannot say that the lady was lying but one thing I know is that David is ready for change. I have seen it in his eyes. I can only ask you to continue praying for him to be established in the faith because God has great plans for him

Esther: Ok!

Esther walked to her hostel convinced that David was just trying to play games with her. She was determined to hide the information from him. Meanwhile, David attended the next fellowship meeting with them. Esther was trying to ignore him and thought he would try to talk to her. However, David seemed so carried away by the prayers that he hardly even looked at Esther. Immediately after the meeting, he came rushing to where Esther and Angela were standing and greeted them with a smile “Ok, great. I will see you guys later. I need to rush to my shop. God bless” he said and quickly left the class, waving to Brian. “Hmm. Someone is trying to play hard to get again” Angela said. Esther smiled “Maybe it’s his new strategy, but I won’t fall for it” she said. Much to Esther’s surprise, this situation continued even during the next meeting days. David was always focused on prayers and the Bible study and rarely had time to even talk to Esther and Angela.

Esther was becoming restless because of this situation. She wondered what was going on. “I am sure he has decided to focus on his relationship with Betty. May God grant them favor. As for you my baby, don’t worry about anything. God is here for us and will definitely take good care of us” she said to herself, placing her hands on her tummy. It was Friday afternoon and she was revising as exams were to start the following Monday. She was also scheduled to lead the Bible study that evening. Suddenly, she started feeling some sharp pains in her stomach. They were quite painful that she shouted “Ouch! Ouch! That hurts!” She took her phone and called Angela who came running. She found Esther lying on the bed with hands on her stomach. ‘Esther, what is it?” she asked in fear as she sat next to her. “I am having some sharp pains in my tummy. I think I need to go to the hospital” Esther said. Angela helped her to get up and helped her to put on her shoes. “Let’s go to the dispensary now” Angela said. Esther said firmly “No, I don’t want to go to the dispensary. Let’s go to the general hospital. I don’t want anyone at the dispensary to know that I am pregnant” she said. They both walked out of the hostel slowly. Esther tried to be strong.

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“Oh there is nothing to worry about. These are just normal physical changes your body goes through as it gears up for carrying your baby. They will eventually disappear with time. Just make sure you don’t involve yourself in heavy physical exercise, have enough rest and drink a lot of fluids especially water. You can try to take a walk from time to time and also ask your husband to give your lower back a gentle rub” the Doctor said to Esther after the tests. Esther looked at Angela and smiled ‘Husband indeed” she said. She stood up, thanked the doctor and they left. Throughout the day, she was not feeling very well, so she decided to send a message to Brian to inform him about it and excuse herself from not being able to attend the prayer meeting that evening. Brian called her and prayed with her on the phone. In the evening after the meeting, Brian who was rushing to come and pay Esther a visit was called by David. ‘Hey bro. Where are you rushing to?” he asked. “I am going to see Esther. I was told that she is not feeling very well today. That is why she couldn’t make it this evening and Angela said she also had to be absent in order to keep an eye on her” Brian answered. “Do you know what is wrong?” David asked. Brian hesitated for a while and then said “Hmm. I am not very sure yet”

David insisted that he would go with Brian. When they arrived, they found Esther lying on her bed, covering herself with a blanket. She was surprised to see David. She trembled in fear as she thought that Brian had told him the truth. David greeted her and gave her a warm hug “Hello Esther. What are you doing on the bed and who told you that you are sick? Come on get up and show the world that you are strong!” he said jokingly. Esther and everyone in the room laughed. “I am feeling much better thanks David” she answered. “So madam, have you taken any medication?” Brian asked. He was trying to avoid so many questions as he did not want David to suspect anything. “Yes I have. The doctor prescribed some medicine for me. I am actually feeling much better now” she said. David kept starring at her with admiration. The feeling was stronger than him. They discussed and David made them laugh so hard with his jokes. Esther remembered how she used to laugh with him. Her heart felt the pain of losing him. She wished that things could work out again between them, but she was not ready to force him especially with Betty on the scene.


Esther had made the decision to stay a while before going back home. She was thinking of getting a job as Angela who had already spoken to her dad, was ready to host her in their house.

David: Bro. I am planning to talk to Esther after the exams

Brian: Really? About what?

David: I want to tell her how much I love her and how willing I am to make things right between us. I heard that she will not be going back to her hometown after the results. I want to use that opportunity to spend quality time with her. I am even ready to rent a room for her here in town.

Brian: Wow, that sounds great. You go for it bro!

David: Sure. I am not ready to lose this girl. I love her so much and she is the only person that has ever made me happy.

Exams were over. The students awaited their results with impatience. Angela received a message from one of their fellow students to announce to them that the results had come out. Esther and Angela rushed out to check them out. A crowd had gathered outside their department, reading the results. Esther and Angela pushed their way through. Brian shouted “We have all made it my ladies!” Angela screamed “Are you serious or you are joking?” Esther had already made it halfway through the crowd. She came out screaming “Yes Angie we made it. Our names are there!” Angela was quite short so she had to go to the front in order to see clearly. When she saw her name she screamed with joy “Yes! Yes! We did it!” she hugged Esther and Brian. They were filled with excitement. Angela took her phone and called her father to inform him. Esther also decided to call her mother on Daniel’s phone but it was not going through “Oh I forgot that he no longer has a phone.

I’ll need to call dad’s line then because mom said he has started using his old phone” she said to herself. She was hesitant to call her father’s line as she was not sure if he would answer. But she gathered her courage and called him. It rang for a few seconds without an answer. Just when Esther was about to cut the line thinking that he had refused to pick it up, her mother answered in a low tone “Hi Esther. Good day my dear.” She said. “Mom I made it. I passed my exams with flying colors!” she shouted. “Praise to our God who is the giver of wisdom and knowledge” her mother said gently. Esther wondered why she spoke in such a low voice “Mom, are you alright? Why are you speaking so low? Is everything okay there?” she asked. Her mother started crying. “It’s your father…” she said. Esther screamed “Mother, what is it? What is happening to my father?” Esther shouted. “He just had a stroke and is in a coma right now” her mother answered. Esther sat on a nearby bench. She could feel her stomach rumbling already.

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Esther” Mummy, what happened?

Esther’s mother: He has been so depressed of late. He keeps thinking about how he will pay off the debt. He doesn’t eat much no matter how much I force him. This morning, he woke up complaining of a severe headache. I made breakfast for him and even gave him some painkillers, but around 10:30am, he just collapsed. We took him to the hospital and I was told he had a stroke. One part of his body is paralyzed and his mouth is crooked.

Esther: Oh my God! Oh my God! Father, no!

Esther’s mother: God is in control. The doctor said he is out of danger, but he is still in a coma. Your brother and I are at the hospital right now, waiting for him to wake up. God is in control

Esther: I need to leave this evening. I need to be there

Esther’s mother: No my daughter. Finish what you have to do there. Your brother and I are here and God is on our side too. He will be fine

Esther: No mom. I have already finished my exams. I can always ask them to send me the statement of results by post. I can’t stay here knowing that my father’s life is in danger. I am going to pack my things now. Please keep the phone by your side. I will be calling you from time to time.

Brian and Angela had come to hear what was happening. Esther narrated to them what her mother had said. They held her hands to comfort her as Brian prayed for Elder Barnabas’ healing. They both agreed to the fact that Esther needed to travel back to her hometown to be with her family. Brian rushed to the nearest restaurant and bought her a lot of food to carry on her journey. He also gave her a fair amount of money to use. “I will send you more money to help foot the hospital bills by tomorrow” he said to Esther as they helped her to pack her luggage that evening. Angela was in tears “I am so sad. I was looking forward to spending time with you at home as planned. May God bring healing to your dad” she said. Esther shed tears too. “Amen. I will definitely come back after a month or so. I am sure by that time, my father would have recovered” she said. Brian kept singing songs of worship and praying. “Aren’t you going to inform David about your trip?” Brian asked. “No. I do not think it is necessary” Esther said. “Ok.

I understand. I will let him know once you have gone because I know that he will ask me about you” Brian said. Esther nodded her head. They took her to the car park and when the bus was full, they hugged her goodbye and left. Esther cried as they left. She would miss them. She also thought of her father and sorrow filled her heart “Dear God, please save my father. Heal him and make him whole” she said to herself. The bus started off and another long journey began.